Arvilla Waterman Bell
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Arvilla Waterman Bell
Mrs. Bell taught the Chicksasw and Choctaw Indians at Burney Academy outside of Woodville, I.T.


On January 19th 1906, Mrs. Arvilla Bell died of pneumonia in Woodville, I.T.. She was the widow of the Rev. R.S. Bell, deceased, who was twenty years a missionary in the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations for twenty years; she was the mother of the editor of this paper; she came with her husband and family to the Chickasaw nation in the year 1860, and has resided here ever since, she was born in New York state in the year 1817, which made her age at the time of death eighty eight years, two months and nineteen days; she suffered very much in her latter years from diseases incidents to old age but never murmured or complained; was always cheerful and resigned; she had many friends, especially among the Chickasaws; she professed faith in Christ early in life, which faith never wavered, but was always a source of great consolation especially in her declining years; dear mother farewell, but only for a short while, I know that your Redeemer and mine too, liveth, and in that bright resurrection morning, when the trumpet sounds - and it will sound, and be heard in every part of this earth - your glorified body, freed forever from pain will arise and we will then and there meet each other together with all other loved ones whom we have known and loved here on earth; until that glad day, farewell.

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