Anchorage, Alaska
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OKbits File Okies That Died In Anchorage, Alaska

Contributed by Sharron Standifer Ashton  

The Anchorge Times

January 15, 1991
Alan S. BOUGHTON, born 26 Nov 1954, Sapulpa. Buried in Sapulpa. Survivors include mother and grandparents.

January 16, 1991
Walton R. MCCLURE, born 25 Dec 1906 in Okla Territory. Survivors include wife, siblings, two sons and daughter.

Alaska Daily News Friday, March 15, 1991
Jack Woodrow YANDELL, born 28 Sep 1917 in Atoka, Okla. Died in Red Bluff,Calif. Survivors include his wife, children and mother of Weed, Calif.

Alaska Daily News Tuesday, April 2, 1991
Ralph 'Rube' CALER, born 22 Jan 1912, Mounds, Okla. Buried in Colorado. Survivors include second wife and 2 sons.

The Anchorge Times Saturday, April 13, 1991
Edward E. "Gene" MURPHY, born 17 Mar 1926 in Monroe, Okla. Survivors include wife, daughters, sister, half-brothers.

The Anchorge Times Saturday, April 20, 1991
Kenneth Howard BUNCH, born 22 July 1929, Colgate, Okla. Survivors include wife,children and siblings.

The Anchorge Times Saturday, June 8, 1991
John "Scott" SMITH, born 22 Mar 1941, Alva, Okla. Survivors include children, mother,and sister.

Alaska Daily News Friday, July 12, 1991
Orville "Jack" D. ARNOLD, born 21 Dec 1925 in Alva, Okla. Marines, WWII. Built the first North Slope Restaurant. Sister-in-law published book based on his adventures, "Alaska Uncle Jim and Me." Survivors include 2 brothers Ottawa, Kansas and Falls Church, Virginia.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, August 28, 1991
Fay J. GORROD born 25 July 1933 in Okla. Veteran. Survivors include wife, children, step-daughter & siblings.

Alaska Daily News Friday, September 13, 1991
George Newman GALLAWAY, born 7 Feb 1933 in Shattuck, Okla. Veteran. His father Glenn GALLAWAY died in 1976. Survivors include mother, of Gridley Calif, wife, children and siblings.

Alaska Daily News Friday, September 20, 1991
Erleen Tommy BUSH, born 16 Aug 1920 in Blocker, Okla. Buried Canadian, Okla. Survivors include husband, children and 2 sisters both of Canadian.

Alaska Daily News Sunday, October 13, 1991
Dr. Elmer E. GAEDE, born 8 Sep 1922 in Collinsville, Okla. Established. medical practice. Survivors include wife , mother and children.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, November 6, 1991
Phyllis A. MCFERREN, born 20 Mar 1928 in Tulsa, Okla. Died in Templeton, Calif. Survivors include her husband and daughter.

Alaska Daily News Friday, November 22, 1991
Ruth "Carol" BACH, born 12 June 1908 in Alva, Okla. Survivors include husband a daughter a son Phillip and a sister.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, December 11, 1991
Frank Herber GAINES, born 23 June 1914 in Fairland, Okla. Army WWII. Survivors include wife of 58 years a brother of Tulsa.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, December 11, 1991
Dove MONTGOMERY, born 1897 in Perry, Okla. Social worker.

Alaska Daily News Tuesday, January 7, 1992
Bettie June LANGWELL, born 23 Sep 1929 in Sky Tooth [?Skiatook?], Okla, daughter of Ted and Evelyn (LAWRENCE) GOFF. She married 3 July 1976 in Nev. Died in Port Angeles, Wash. Survivors include husband.

Alaska Daily News Sunday, February 23, 1992
Charles "Bill" William DOBSON, born 30 May 1921 in Cushing, Okla. Army and Navy W.W.II. Member of Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. Survivors include wife, sons and siblings.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, March 18, 1992
Darrell D. WELLS, born 2 March 1932 in Tonkawa, Okla. son of Emmitt and Rose WELLS. Survivors include wife of 20 years, children, parents-in law, and siblings.

Alaska Daily News Friday, March 20, 1992
June STANFORD TOELKES, born 27 Nov 1934 in Ringold, Okla to Thomas and Allie STANFORD. Married 20 Feb 1967 to William TOELKES in Reno, Nev. Survivors include husband, children, and 2 sisters.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, April 1, 1992
Lawrence E., CAMPBELL, Jr. born 1 Dec 1926 in Ponca City, Okla. USAF pilot. Col. in Alaska National Guard. Married 1952. Survivors include wife, children, his father and brothers.

Alaska Daily News Friday, May 29, 1992
Mary Lou WIRUM, born 7 Dec 1937 in Okla City. Husband Harold. Survivors include relatives in Okla [not named].

Alaska Daily News Sunday, June 28, 1992
S. Orville "Orv" PROCTOR, born 21 Dec 1927 in Atoka, Okla the fourth child of Leonard and Ruth PROCTOR. U.S.N, W.W.II, Married 1969 Bonnie J. HOLMBERG. Survivors include a brother and 3 sisters.

Alaska Daily News Tuesday, July 7, 1992
Ernest Ray EVANS, born 13 Feb 1935 in Pauls Valley, Okla. Army veteran. Survivors include wife, children and siblings. Altha "Darlene" ROBERTSON, born 12 Feb 1930 in Shawnee, Okla. Survivors include husband and children.

Alaska Daily News Tuesday, July 21, 1992
Ruby Ruth TULLIS , born 3 June 1893 in Lincoln, Oklahoma. Survivors include 3 grandchildren.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, July 29, 1992
Frank Calvin BELL, born 22 Sep 1901 in Hitchcock, Okla. Survivors include a daughter of Colorado Springs, Colo; and a sister of Duluth MINN.

Alaska Daily News Saturday, August 29, 1992
Patricia Helen DUQUETT, born 9 July 1914 in Hobart, Okla, daughter of Johanna and John COMSTOCK. A.A.C, W.W.II. Survived by husband of 50 years, Ret. U.S.A.F Col.and daughters.

Alaska Daily News Thursday, September 3, 1992
Jack Walter SNYDER, born 24 Sep 1935 in Bristow, Okla. Survivors include wife and children.

Alaska Daily News Friday, September 4, 1992
Harry Arnold DAVIDSON, Sr., born 8 April 1921 in Beaver County, Okla. Navy, W.W.II. Bachelor's degree from Panhandle A&M. married in 1948. Survivors include wife and children.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, September 9, 1992
Rodney William ANDERSON, Jr., born 3 May 1921 in Okla. W.W.II veteran. Preceded in death by wife Freda and two dau. Survivors include a companion of Palm Springs, children and brother.

Alaska Daily News Wednesday, September 30, 1992
Anna Marlene DUREN, born 27 Dec 1933 in Okla City. Survivors include 2 sons and a brother.

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