Jane Irwin's index to her obituary collection

Obituary collection:

Index includes full and partial obituaries and funeral notices collected during research, from various publications, primarily: Daily Chief, Chief-Union, and Wyandot Republican, Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co.; Kenton Times, Kenton, Hardin Co.; Advertiser-Tribune, Tiffin, Seneca Co; Commercial Review, Portland, IN; and other random Ohio and Indiana newspapers. Numerous time frames, but including complete issues of Daily Chief Jan. thru Feb. 1925.

Contact Jane for full information on obituaries you are interested in. jane226@hotmail.com  

Jane says: "in doing this for myself, I had included obituaries from any source, related to my families, or partials that were on the same page. So while some of these are from Indiana, etc., most if not all have a connection to this area of Ohio."

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