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This page consists of an alphabetical list of Ohio townships and the county they are from. We hope that it is helpfoul to your research.

Adams twp, Champaign county
Adams twp, Clinton county
Adams twp, Coshocton county
Adams twp, Darke county
Adams twp, Defiance county
Adams twp, Guernsey county
Adams twp, Lucas county
Adams twp, Monroe county
Adams twp, Muskingum county
Adams twp, Seneca county
Adams twp, Washington county
Addison twp, Gallia county
Aid twp, Lawrence county
Alexander twp, Athens county
Allen twp, Darke county
Allen twp, Hancock county
Allen twp, Ottawa county
Allen twp, Union county
Amanda twp, Allen county
Amanda twp, Fairfield county
Amanda twp, Hancock county
Amboy twp, Fulton county
American twp, Allen county
Ames twp, Athens county
Amherst twp, Lorain county
Anderson twp, Hamilton county
Andover twp, Ashtabula county
Antrim twp, Wyandot county
Archer twp, Harrison county
Ashtabula twp, Ashtabula county
Athens twp, Athens county
Athens twp, Harrison county
Atwater twp, Portage county
Auburn twp, Crawford county
Auburn twp, Geauga county
Auburn twp, Tuscarawas county
Auglaize twp, Allen county
Auglaize twp, Paulding county
Augusta twp, Carroll county
Aurelius twp, Washington county
Aurora twp, Portage county
Austinburg twp, Ashtabula county
Austintown twp, Mahoning county
Avon twp, Lorain county
Bainbridge twp, Geauga county
Ballville twp, Sandusky county
Barlow twp, Washington county
Bartlow twp, Henry county
Batavia trwp, Clermont county
Bath twp, Allen county
Bath twp, Greene county
Bath twp, Summit county
Baughman twp, Wayne county
Bay twp, Ottawa county
Bazetta twp, Trumbull county
Bearfield twp, Perry county
Beaver twp, Mahoning county
Beaver twp, Noble county
Beaver twp, Pike county
Beaver_Creek twp, Greene county
Bedford twp, Coshocton county
Bedford twp, Cuyahoga county
Bedford twp, Meigs county
Belpre twp, Washington county
Bennington twp, Licking county
Bennington twp, Morrow county
Benton twp, Hocking county
Benton twp, Monroe county
Benton twp, Ottawa county
Benton twp, Paulding county
Benton twp, Pike county
Berkshire twp, Delaware county
Berlin twp, Delaware county
Berlin twp, Erie county
Berlin twp, Holmes county
Berlin twp, Knox  county
Berlin twp, Mahoning county
Bern twp, Athens county
Berne twp, Fairfield county
Bethel twp, Clark county
Bethel twp, Miami county
Bethel twp, Monroe county
Bethlehelm twp, Stark county
Bethlehem twp, Coshocton county
Big_Island twp, Marion county
Big_Spring twp, Seneca county
Biglick twp. Hancock county
Black_Creek twp, Mercer county
Black_River twp, Lorain county
Blanchard twp, Hancock county
Blanchard twp, Hardin county
Blanchard twp, Putnam county
Blendon twp, Franklin county
Bloom twp, Fairfield county
Bloom twp, Morgan county
Bloom twp, Scioto county
Bloom twp, seneca county
Bloom twp, Wood county
Bloomfield twp, Jackson county
Bloomfield twp, Logan county
Bloomfield twp, Trumbull county
Blooming Grove twp, Richland county
Blue_Creek twp, Paulding county
Blue_Rock twp, Muskingum county
Boardman twp, Mahoning county
Bokes_Creek twp, Logan county
Boston twp, Summit county
Bowling_Green twp, Licking county
Bowling_Green twp, Marion county
Braceville twp, Trumbull county
Brady twp, Williams county
Bratton twp, Adams county
Brecksville twp, Cuyahoga county
Bridgewater twp, Williams county
Brighton twp, Lorain county
Brimfield twp, Portage county
Bristol twp, Morgan county
Bristol twp, Trumbull county
Bronson twp, Huron county
Brookfield twp, Noble county
Brookfield twp, Trumbull county
Brooklyn twp, Cuyahoga county
Brown twp, Carroll county
Brown twp, Darke county
Brown twp, Delaware county
Brown twp, Franklin county
Brown twp, Knox county
Brown twp, Miami county
Brown twp, Paulding county
Brown twp, Vinton county
Brownhelm twp, Lorain county
Brunswick Hills twp, Medina county
Brush_Creek twp, Adams county
Brush_Creek twp, Highland  county
Brush_Creek twp, Jeffrerson county
Brush_Creek twp, Muskingum county
Brush_Creek twp, Scioto county
Buck twp, Hardin countyh
Bucks twp, Tuscarawas county
Buckskin twp, Ross county
Bucyrus twp, Crawford county
Buffalo twp, Noble county
Burlington twp, Licking county
Burton twp, Geauga county
Butler twp, Columbiana county
Butler twp, Darke county
Butler twp, Knox county
Butler twp, Mercer county
Butler twp, Montgomery county
Butler twp, Richland county
Byrd twp, Brown county
Cadiz twp, harrison county
Caesar_Creek twp, Greene county
Cambridge twp, Guernsey county
Camden twp, Lorain county
Camp_Creek twp, Pike county
Canaan twp, Athens county
Canaan twp, Madison coutny
Canaan twp, Morrow county
Canaan twp, Wayne  county
Canfield twp, Mahoning county
Canton twp, Stark county
Cardington twp, Morrow county
Carlisle twp, Lorain county
Carroll twp, Ottawa county
Carryall Twp, Paulding county
Carthage twp, Athens county
Cass twp, Hancock county
Cass twp, Muskingum county
Cass twp, Richland county
Cedarville twp, Greene county
Center twp, Carroll county
Center twp, Columbiana county
Center twp, Guernsey county
Center twp, Mercer county
Center twp, Monroe county
Center twp, Morgan county
Center twp, Noble county
Center twp, Williams county
Center twp, Wood county
Cessna twp, Hardin county
Champion twp, Trumbull county
Chardon twp, Geauga county
Chargrin Falls twp, Cuyahoga county
Charlestown twp, Portage county
Chatfield twp, Crawford county
Chatham twp, Medina county
Cherry_Valley twp, Ashtabula county
Cheshire twp, Gallia county
Chester twp, Clinton county
Chester twp, Geauga, county
Chester twp, Knox county
Chester twp, Meigs county
Chester twp, Morrow county
Chester twp, Wayne county
Chesterfiled twp, Fulton county
Circleville twp, Pickaway county
Claibourne twp, Union county
Claridon twp, Geauga county
Claridon twp, Marion county
Clark twp, Brown county
Clark twp, Clinton county
Clark twp, Coshocton county
Clark twp, Holmes county
Clarksfield twp, Huron county
Clay twp, Auglaize county
Clay twp, Gallia county
Clay twp, Highland county
Clay twp, Knox county
Clay twp, Montgomery county
Clay twp, Muskingum county
Clay twp, Ottawa county
Clay twp, Scioto county
Clay twp, Tuscarawas county
Clayton twp, Perry county
Clear_Creek twp, Fairfield county
Clear_Creek twp, Warren county
Cleqar_Creek twp, Ashland county
Clinton twp, Franklin county
Clinton twp, Fulton county
Clinton twp, Knox county
Clinton twp, Seneca county
Clinton twp, Shelby county
Clinton twp, Vinton county
Clinton twp, Wayne county
Coal twp, Jackson county
Coal twp, Perry county
Coitsville twp, Mahoning county
Colebrook twp, Ashtabula county
Colerain twp, Flushing county
Colerain twp, Hamilton county
College twp, Knox county
Columbia twp, Hamilton county
Columbia twp, Lorain county
Columbia twp, Meigs county
Comcord twp, Miami county
Concord twp, Champaign county
Concord twp, Delaware county
Concord twp, Fayette county
Concord twp, Highland county
Concord twp. Lake county
Concord twp, Ross county
Congress twp, Morrow county
Congress twp, Wayne county
Conneaut twp, Ashtabula county
Copley twp, Summit county
Coventry twp. Summit county
Cranberry twp, Crawford county
Crane twp, Paulding county
Crane twp, Wyandot county
Crawford twp, Coshocton county
Crawford twp, Wyandot county
Crosby twp, Hamilton county
Cross_Creek twp, Jefferson county
Cynthian twp, Shelby county
Dallas twp, Crawford county
Damascus twp, Henry county
Danbury twp, Ottawa county
Darby twp, Madison county
Darby twp, Pickaway county
Decatur twp, Lawrence county
Decatur twp, Washington  county
Deer_Creek twp, Madison county
Deer_Creek twp, Pickaway county
Deerfield twp, Morgan county
Deerfield twp, Portage county
Deerfield twp, Ross county
Deerfield twp, Warren county
Defiance twp, Defiance county
Delaware twp, Defiance county
Delaware twp, Delaware county
Delaware twp, Hancock county
Delhi twp, Hamilton county
Denmark twp, Ashtabula county
Dinsmore twp, Shelby county
Dixon twp, Preble county
Dodson twp, Highland county
Dorset twp, Ashtabula county
Dover twp, Athens county
Dover twp, Cuyahoga county
Dover twp, Fulton county
Dover twp, Tuscarawas county
Dover twp, Union county
Dublin twp, Mercer county
Duchouquet twp, Auglaize county
Dudley twp, Hardin county
Durham twp, Washington county
Eagle twp, Brown county
Eagle twp, Hancock county
Eagle twp, Vinton county
East twp, Carroll county
East_Cleveland twp, Cuyahoga county
East_Union twp, Wayne county
Eaton twp, Lorain county
Eden twp, Licking county
Eden twp, Seneca county
Eden twp, Wyandot county
Edinburg twp, Portage county
Elizabeth twp, Lawrence county
Elizabeth twp, Miami county
Elk twp, Noble county
Elk twp, Vinton county
 Elk_Run twp, Columbiana county
Ellsworth twp, Mahoning county
Elyria twp, Lorain county
Emerald twp, Paulding county
Enoch twp, Noble county
Erie twp, Ottawa county
Etna twp, Licking county
Euclid twp, Cuyahoga county
Fairfield twp, Butler county
Fairfield twp, Highland county
Fairfield twp, Huron county
Fairfield twp, Madison county
Fairfield twp, Tuscarawas county
Fairfield twp, Washington county 
Fairtfield twp, Columbiana county
Falls twp, Hocking county
Falls twp, Muskingum county
Falls_Gore twp, Hocking county
Fallsbury twp, Licking  county
Farmer twp, Defiance county
Farmington twp, Trumbull county
Fayette twp, Lawrence county
Fearing twp, Washington county
Fitchville twp, Huron county
Flatrock twp, Henry county
Florence twp, Erie county
Florence twp, Williams county
Flushing twp, Belmont county
Fowler twp, Trumbull county
Fox twp, Carroll county
Franklin twp, Adams county
Franklin twp, Brown county
Franklin twp, Clermont county
Franklin twp, Columbiana county
Franklin twp, Coshocton county
Franklin twp, Darke county
Franklin twp, Fulton county
Franklin twp, Harrison county
Franklin twp, Jackson county
Franklin twp, Licking county
Franklin twp, Mercer county
Franklin twp, Monroe county
Franklin twp, Morrow county
Franklin twp, Portage county
Franklin twp, Richland county
Franklin twp, Ross county
Franklin twp, Shelby county
Franklin twp, Summit county
Franklin twp, Tuscarawas county
Franklin twp, Warren county
Franklin twp, Wayne  county
Freedom twp, Henry county
Freedom twp, Portage county
Freedom twp, Wood county
Freeport twp, Harrison county
Fulton twp, Fulton county
Gallipolis twp, Gallia county
Gasper twp, Preble county
Geneva twp, Ashtabula county
Genoa twp, Delaware county
German twp, Auglaize county
German twp, Clark county
German twp, Fulton county
German twp, Harrison county
German twp, Montgomery county
Gibson twp, Mercer county
Gilead twp, Morrow county
Good_Hope twp, Hocking county
Gorham twp, Fulton county
Goshen twp, Auglaize county
Goshen twp, Champaign county
Goshen twp, Clermont county
Goshen twp, Flushing county
Goshen twp, Hardin county
Goshen twp, Mahoning county
Goshen twp, Tuscarawas county
Grafton twp, Lorain county
Grand twp, Marion county
Grand_Prairie twp, Marion county
Grand_Rapids twp, Wood county
Grandview twp, Waashington county
Granger twp, Medina county
Granville twp, Licking county
Granville twp, Mercer county
Gratis twp, Preble county
Green twp, Adams county
Green twp, Ashland county
Green twp, Brown county
Green twp, Summit c ounty
Green twp, Clinton county
Green twp, Fayette county
Green twp, Gallia county
Green twp, Hamilton county
Green twp, Harrison county
Green twp, Hocking county
Green twp, Mahoning county
Green twp, Monroe county
Green twp, Ross county
Green twp, Scioto county
Green twp, Shelby county
Green twp, Wayne county
Green_Camp twp, Marion county
Green_Creek twp, Sandusky county
Greene twp, Clark county
Greene twp, Trumbull county
Greenfield twp, Fairfield county
Greenfield twp, Gallia county
Greenfield twp, Huron county
Greensburg twp, Putnam county
Greenville twp, Darke county
Greenwich twp, Huron county
Groton twp, Erie county
Guilford twp, Medina county
Gustavus twp, Trumbull county
Guyan twp, Gallia county
Hale twp, Hardin county
Hambden twp, Geauga county
Hamer twp, Highland county
Hamilton twp, Jackson county
Hamilton twp, Lawrence county
Hamilton twp, Warren county
Hanoveer twp, Butler county
Hanover twp, Ashland county
Hanover twp, Columbiana county
Hanover twp, Licking county
Harding twp, Lucas county
Hardy twp, Holmes county
Harlan twp, Warren county
Harlem twp, Delaware county
Harmony twp, Clark county
Harmony twp, Morrow county
Harpersfield twp, Ashtabula county
Harris twp, Ottawa county
Harrison twp, Carroll county
Harrison twp, Champaign county
Harrison twp, Darke county
Harrison twp, Gallia county
Harrison twp, Hamilton county
Harrison twp, Henry county
Harrison twp, Knox county
Harrison twp, Licking county
Harrison twp, Logan county
Harrison twp, Montgomery county
Harrison twp, Muskingum county
Harrison twp, Paulding county
Harrison twp, Perry county
Harrison twp, Pickaway county
Harrison twp, Preble county
Harrison twp, Ross county
Harrison twp, Scioto county
Harrison twp, Vanwert county
Harrison twp, Vinton county
Harrisville twp, Medina coiunty
Hartford twp, Licking county
Hartford twp, Trumbull county
Hartland twp, Huron county
Hartsgrove twp, Ashtabula county
Henrietta twp, Lorain county
Henry twp, Wood county
Hicksville twp, Defiance county
Highland twp, Defiance county
Highland twp, Muskingum county
Hilliar twp, Knox county
Hinckley twp, Medina county
Hiram twp, Portage county
Hoaglin twp, Vanwert county
Hocking twp, Fairfield county
Holmes twp, Crawford county
Homer twp, Medina county
Homer twp, Morgan county
Hopewell twp, Licking county
Hopewell twp, Mercer county
Hopewell twp, Muskingum county
Hopewell twp, Perry county
Hopewell twp, Seneca county
Howard twp, Knox county
Howland twp, Trumbull county
Hubbard twp, Trumbull  county
Hudson twp, Summit county
Huntington twp, Brown county
Huntington twp, Gallia county
Huntington twp, Lorain county
Huntington twp, Ross county
Huntsburg twp, Geauga county
Huron twp, Erie county
Independence twp, Cuyahoga county
Independence twp, Washington county
Island_Creek twp, Jefferson county
Israel twp, Preble county
Jackosn twp, Sandusky county
Jackson twp, Allen county
Jackson twp, Ashland county
Jackson twp, Auglaize county
Jackson twp, Brown county
Jackson twp, Champaign county
Jackson twp, Clermont county
Jackson twp, Coshocton county
Jackson twp, Crawford county
Jackson twp, Darke county
Jackson twp, Guernsey county
Jackson twp, Hardin county
Jackson twp, Highland county
Jackson twp, Jackson county
Jackson twp, Knox county
Jackson twp, Mahoning county
Jackson twp, Monroe county
Jackson twp, Montgomerty county
Jackson twp, Muskingum county
Jackson twp, Noble county
Jackson twp, Paulding county
Jackson twp, Pickaway county
Jackson twp, Pike county
Jackson twp, Preble county
Jackson twp, Putnam county
Jackson twp, Richland county
Jackson twp, Seneca county
Jackson twp, Shelby county
Jackson twp, Stark county
Jackson twp, Union county
Jackson twp, Vanwert county
Jackson twp, Vinton county
Jackson twp, Wood county
Jackson twp, Wyandot county
Jasper twp, Fayette county
Jefferson twp, Adams county
Jefferson twp. Ashtabula county
Jefferson twp, Brown county
Jefferson twp, Clinton county
Jefferson twp, Coshocton county
Jefferson twp, Crawford county
Jefferson twp, Fayette county
Jefferson twp, Franklin county
Jefferson twp, Greene county
Jefferson twp, Guernsey county
Jefferson twp, Jackson county
Jefferson twp, Knox county
Jefferson twp, Logan county
Jefferson twp, Madison county
Jefferson twp, Mercer county
Jefferson twp, Montgomery county
Jefferson twp, Muskingum county
Jefferson twp, Noble county
Jefferson twp, Preble county
Jefferson twp, Richland county
Jefferson twp, Ross county
Jefferson twp, Scioto county
Jefferson twp, Tuscarawas county
Jefferson twp, Williams county
Jennings twp, Putnam county
Jennings twp, Vanwert county
Jerome twp, Union county
Jersey twp, Licking county
Jerusalem twp, Lucas county
Johnson twp. Champaign county
Johnston twp, Trumbull county
Jsckson twp, Perry county
Keene twp, Coshocton county
Killbuck twp, Holmes county
Kingston twp, Delaware county
Kingsville twp. Ashtabula county
Kinsman twp, Trumbull county
Kirkland twp, Lake county
Kirkwood twp, Flushing county
Knox twp, Columbiana county
Knox twp, Guernsey county
Knox twp, Holmes county
Knox twp, Jefferson county
Knox twp, Vinton county
Lafayette twp, Coshocton county
Lafayette twp, Medina county
Lagrange twp, Lorain county
Lake twp, Ashland county
Lake twp, Logan county
Lake twp, Stark county
Lake twp, Wood county
Lanier twp, Preble county
Latty twp, Paulding county
Laurel twp, Hocking county
Lawrence twp, Lawrence county
Lawrence twp, Stark county
Lawrence twp, Tuscarawas county
Lawrence twp, Washington county
Lebanon twp, Meigs county
Lee twp, Athens county
Lee twp, Carroll county
Lee twp, Monroe county
Leesburg twp, Union county
Lemon twp, Butler county
Lenox twp, Ashtabula county
Leroy twp, Lake county
Letart twp, Meigs county
Lewis twp, Brown county
Lexington twp, Stark county
Liberty twp, Adams county
Liberty twp, Butler county
Liberty twp, Clinton county
Liberty twp, Crawford county
Liberty twp, Darke county
Liberty twp, Delaware county
Liberty twp, Fairfield county
Liberty twp, Guernsey county
Liberty twp, Hancock county
Liberty twp, Hardin county
Liberty twp, Henry county
Liberty twp, Highland county
Liberty twp, Jackson county
Liberty twp, Knox county
Liberty twp, Licking county
Liberty twp, Logan county
Liberty twp, Mercer county
Liberty twp, Putnam county
Liberty twp, Ross county
Liberty twp, Seneca county
Liberty twp, Trumbull county
Liberty twp, Union county
Liberty twp, Vanwert county
Liberty twp, Washington county
Liberty twp, Wood county
Lick twp, Jackson county
Licking twp, Licking county
Licking twp, Muskingum county
Lima twp, Licking county
Lincoln twp, Morrow county
Linton twp, Coshocton county
Litchfield twp, Medina county
Liverpool twp, Columbiana county
Liverpool twp, Medina county
Lodi twp, Athens county
Logan twp, Auglaize county
Londonderry twp, Guernsey county
Loramie twp, Shelby county
Lordstown twp, Trumbull county
Lostcreek twp, Miami county
Loudon twp, Carroll county
Loudon twp, Seneca county
Ludlow twp, Washington county
Lykens twp, Crawford county
Lyme twp, Huron county
Lynn twp, Hardin county
Macedonia twp, Summit county
Mad_River twp, Champaign county
Mad_River twp, Clark county
Mad_River twp, Montgomery county
Madison twp, Butler county
Madison twp, Clark county
Madison twp, Columbiana county
Madison twp, Fairfield county
Madison twp, Fayette county
Madison twp, Guernsey county
Madison twp, Hancock county
Madison twp, Highland county
Madison twp, Jackson county
Madison twp, Lake county
Madison twp, Licking county
Madison twp, Montgomery county
Madison twp, Muskingum county
Madison twp, Perry county
Madison twp, Pickaway county
Madison twp, Richland county
Madison twp, Sandusky county
Madison twp, Scioto county
Madison twp, Vinton county
Madison twp, Williams county
Malaga twp, Monroe county
Malta twp, Morgan county
Manchester twp, Adams county
Manchester twp, Morgan county
Manchester twp, Noble county
Mantua twp, Portage county
Margaretta twp, Erie county
Marietta twp, Washington county
Marion twp, Allen county
Marion twp, Clinton county
Marion twp, Fayette county
Marion twp, Hancock county
Marion twp, Hardin county
Marion twp, Henry county
Marion twp, Hocking county
Marion twp, Marion county
Marion twp, Mercer county
Marion twp, Morgan county
Marion twp, Noble county
Marion twp, Pike county
Mark twp, Defiance county
Marlboro twp, Delaware county
Marlboro twp, Stark county
Marseilles twp, Wyandot county
Marshall twp, Highland county
Mary_Ann twp, Licking county
Mason twp, Lawrence county
Massie twp, Warren county
Mayfield twp, Cuyahoga county
McArthur twp, Logan county
McDonald twp, Hardin county
McKean twp, Licking county
McLean twp, Shelby county
Mead twp, Flushing county
Mecca twp, Trumbull county
Mechanic twp, Holmes county
Medina twp, Medina county
Meigs twp, Adams county
Meigs twp, Muskingum county
Meigsville twp, Morgan county
Mentoe twp, Lake county
Mesopotamia twp, Trumbull county
Miami twp, Clermont county
Miami twp, Greene county
Miami twp, Hamilton county
Miami twp, Logan county
Miami twp, Montgomery county
Middleburg twp. Cuyahoga county
Middlebury twp, Knox county
Middlefield twp, Geauga county
Middleton twp, Columbiana county
Middleton twp, Wood county
Mifflin twp, Ashland county
Mifflin twp, Franklin county
Mifflin twp, Richland county
Mifflin twp, Wyandot county
Milan twp, Erie county
Milford twp, Butler county
Milford twp, Defiance county
Milford twp, Knox county
Mill twp, Tuscarawas county
Mill_Creek twp, Coshocton county
Mill_Creek twp, Hamilton county
Mill_Creek twp, Union county
Mill_Creek twp, Williams county
Miller twp, Knox county
Millwood twp, Guernsey county
Milton twp, Ashland county
Milton twp, Jackson county
Milton twp, Mahoning county
Milton twp, Wayne county
Milton twp, Wood county
Mississinawa twp, Darke county
Mohican twp, Ashland county
Monclova twp, Lucas county
Monday Creek twp, Perry county
Monroe twp, Adams county
Monroe twp, Allen county
Monroe twp, Ashtabula county
Monroe twp, Carroll county
Monroe twp, Clermont county
Monroe twp, Coshocton county
Monroe twp, Darke county
Monroe twp, Guernsey county
Monroe twp, Harrison county
Monroe twp, Henry county
Monroe twp, Holmes county
Monroe twp, Knox county
Monroe twp, Licking county
Monroe twp, Logan county
Monroe twp, Madison county
Monroe twp, Miami county
Monroe twp, Muskingum county
Monroe twp, Perry county
Monroe twp, Pickaway county
Monroe twp, Preble county
Monroe twp, Putnam county
Monroe twp, Richland county
Monterey twp, Vanwert county
Montgomery twp, Ashland county
Montgomery twp, Marion county
Montgomery twp, Wood county
Montville twp, Geauga county
Montville twp, Medina county
Moorefield twp, Clark county
Moorsfield twp, Harrison county
Morgan twp, Ashtabula county
Morgan twp, Butler county
Morgan twp, Gallia county
Morgan twp, Knox county
Morgan twp, Morgan county
Morgan twp, Scioto county
Morris twp, Knox county
Moulton twp, Auglaize county
Mount_Pleasant twp, Jefferson  county
Muhlenberg twp, Pickaway county
Munson twp, Geauga county
Muskingum twp, Washington county
Napoleon twp, Henry county
Neave twp, Darke county
Nelson twp, Portage county
New_Haven twp, Huron county
New_Jasper twp, Greene county
New_London twp, Huron county
New_Lyme twp, Ashtabula county
New_Market twp, Highland county
Newark twp, Licking county
Newberry twp, Miami county
Newburg twp, Cuyahoga county
Newbury twp, Geauga county
Newcastle twp, Coshocton county
Newport twp, Washington county
Newton twp, Licking  county
Newton twp, Miami county
Newton twp, Muskingum county
Newton twp, Pike county
Newton twp, Trumbull county
Nile twp, Scioto county
Nimishillen twp, Stark county
Noble twp, Auglaize county
Noble twp, Defiance county
Noble twp, Noble county
North twp, Harrison county
North_Bloomfield twp,  Morrow county
Northampton twp, Summit county
Northfield Center twp, Summit county
Northwest twp, Williams county
Norton twp, Summit county
Norwalk twp, Huron county
Norwich twp, Franklin county
Norwich twp, Huron county
Nottingham twp, Harrison county
Oak Run twp, Madison county
Ohio twp, Clermont county
Ohio twp, Gallia county
Ohio twp, Monroe county
Olive twp, Meigs county
Olive twp, Noble county
Oliver twp, Adams county
Olmsted twp, Cuyahoga county
Orange twp, Ashland county
Orange twp, Carroll county
Orange twp, Cuyahoga county
Orange twp, Delaware county
Orange twp, Geauga county
Orange twp, Hancock county
Orange twp, Meigs county
Orange twp, Shelby county
Oregon twp, Lucas county
Orwell twp, Ashtabula county
Osnaburg twp, Stark county
Ottawa twp, Putnam county
Oxford twp, Butler county
Oxford twp, coshocton county
Oxford twp, Delaware county
Oxford twp, Erie county
Oxford twp, Guernsey county
Oxford twp, Tuscarawas county
Painesville twp, Lake county
Paint twp, Fayette county
Paint twp, Highland county
Paint twp, Holmes county
Paint twp, Madison county
Paint twp, Ross county
Paint twp, Wayne county
Palmer twp, Putnam county
Palmer twp, Washington county
Palmyra twp, Portage county
Paris twp, Portage county
Paris twp, Stark county
Paris twp, Union county
Parkman twp, Geauga county
Parma twp, Cuyahoga county
Patterson twp, Darke county
Paulding twp, Paulding county
Paxton twp, Ross county
Peace twp, Flushing  county
Pee_Pee twp, Pike county
Penfield twp, Lorain county
Penn twp, Highland county
Penn twp, Morgan county
Perkins twp, Erie county
Perry twp, Allen county
Perry twp. Ashland county
Perry twp, Brown county
Perry twp, Carroll county
Perry twp, Coshocton county
Perry twp, Fayette county
Perry twp, Franklin county
Perry twp, Gallia county
Perry twp, Hocking county
Perry twp, Lake county
Perry twp, Lawrence county
Perry twp. Licking county
Perry twp, Logan county
Perry twp, Monroe county
Perry twp, Montgomery county
Perry twp, Morrow county
Perry twp, Muskingum county
Perry twp, Pickaway county
Perry twp, Pike count
Perry twp, Putnam county
Perry twp, Richland county
Perry twp, Shelby county
Perry twp, Stark county
Perry twp, Tuscarawas county
Perry twp, Wood county
Perrysburg twp, Wood county
Peru twp, Huron county
Peru twp, Morrow county
Pickaway twp, Pickaway county
Pierce twp, Clermont county
Pierpoint twp, Ashtabula county
Pike twp, Brown county
Pike twp, Clark county
Pike twp, Coshocton county
Pike twp, Fulton county
Pike twp, Knox county
Pike twp, Madison county
Pike twp, Perry county
Pike twp, Stark county
Pitt twp, Wyandot county
Pittsfield twp, Lorain county
Plain twp, Franklin county
Plain twp, Stark county
Plain twp, Wayne county
Plain twp, Wood county
Pleasand twp, Henry county
Pleasant twp, Brown county
Pleasant twp, Fairfield county
Pleasant twp, Hancock county
Pleasant twp, Hardin county
Pleasant twp, Knox county
Pleasant twp, Madison county
Pleasant twp, Marion county
Pleasant twp, Perry county
Pleasant twp, Putnam county
Pleasant twp, Seneca county
Pleasant twp, Vanwert county
Plesasnt twp, Clark county
Plesasnt twp, Logan county
Plymouth twp, Ashtabula county
Plymouth twp, Richland county
Poland twp, Mahoning county
Polk twp, Crawford county
Portage twp, Hancock county
Portage twp, Ottawa county
Portage twp, Summit county
Portage twp, Wood county
Porter twp, Delaware county
Porter twp, Scioto county
Prairie twp, Holmes county
Prospect twp, Marion county
Providence twp, Lucas county
Pulaski twp, Williams county
Pultney twp, Flushing county
Pusheta twp, Auglaize county
Raccoon twp, Gallia county
Radnor twp, Delaware county
Randolph twp, Montgomery county
Randolph twp, Portage county
Range twp, Madison county
Rarden twp, Scioto county
Ravenna twp, Portage county
Reading twp, Perry county
Recovery twp, Mercer county
Reed twp, Seneca county
Reily twp, Butler county
Rice twp, Sandusky county
Rich Hill twp, Muskingum county
Richfield twp, Henry county
Richfield twp, Lucas county
Richfield t3wp, Summit  county
Richland twp, Allen county
Richland twp, Clinton county
Richland twp, Defiance county
Richland twp, Fairfield county\
Richland twp, Flushing county
Richland twp, Guernsey county
Richland twp, Holmes county
Richland twp, Vinton county
Richland twp, Wyandot county
Richlanf twp, Logan county
Richmond twp, Ashtabula county
Richmond twp, Huron county
Rickland twp, Darke county
Rickland twp, Marion county
Ridge twp, Vanwert county
Ridge twp, Wyandot county
Ridgefield twp, Huron county
Ridgeville twp, Henry county
Ridgeville twp, Lorain county
Riley twp, Putnam county
Riley twp, Sandusky county
Ripley twp, Holmes county
Ripley twp, Huron county
Rochester twp, Lorain county
Rockpoint twp, Cuyahoga county
Rome twp, Ashtabula county
Rome twp, Athens county
Rome twp, Lawrence county
Rootstown twp, Portage county
Rose twp, Carroll county
Ross twp, Butler county
Ross twp, Greene county
Ross twp, Jefferson county
Ross twp, Wood county
Roundhead twp, Hardin county
Royalton twp, Cuyahoga county
Royalton twp, Fulton county
Ruggles twp, Ashland c ounty
Rumley twp, Harrison county
Rush twp, Champaign county
Rush twp, Scioto county
Rush twp, Tuscarawas county
Rush_Creek twp, Fairfield county
Rushcreek twp, Logan county
Russell twp, Geauga county
Russia twp, Lorain coounty
Rutland twp, Meigs county
Sagamore Hills twp, Summit county
Salem twp, Auglaize county
Salem twp, Champaign county
Salem twp, Columbiana county
Salem twp, Highland county
Salem twp, Jefferson county
Salem twp, Meigs county
Salem twp, Monroe county
Salem twp, Muskingum county
Salem twp, Ottawa county
Salem twp, Shelby county
Salem twp, Tuscarawas county
Salem twp, Warren county
Salem twp, Washington county
Salem twp, Wyandot county
Saline twp, Jefferson county
Salisbury twp, Meigs county
Salt_Creek twp, Hocking county
Salt_Creek twp, Holmes county
Salt_Creek twp, Muskingum county
Salt_Creek twp, Pickaway county
Salt_Creek twp, Wayne  county
Salt_Lick twp, Perry county
Salt_Rock twp, Marion county
Sandusky twp, Crawford county
Sandusky twp, Richland county
Sandusky twp, Sandusky county
Sandy twp, Stark county
Sandy twp, Tuscarawas county
Saybrook twp, Ashtabula county
Scioto twp, Delaware county
Scioto twp, Jackson county
Scioto twp, Pickaway county
Scioto twp, Pike county
Scioto twp, Ross county
Scipio twp, Meigs county
Scipio twp, Seneca county
Scott twp, Adams county
Scott twp. Brown county
Scott twp, Marion county
Scott twp, Sandusky county
Seal twp, Pike county
Seneca twp, Monroe county
Seneca twp, Noble county
Seneca twp, Seneca county
Shalersville twp, Portage county
Sharon twp, Franklin county
Sharon twp, Medina county
Sharon twp, Noble county
Sharon twp, Richland county
Shawnee twp, Allen county
Sheffield twp, Ashtabula county
Sheffield twp, Lorain county
Sherman twp, Huron county
Short_Creek twp, Harrison county
Silver_Creek twp, Greene county
Smith twp, Flushing county
Smith twp, Mahoning county
Smithfield twp, Jefferson county
Solon twp, Cuyahoga county
Somerford twp, Madison county
Somers twp, Preble county
Somerset twp, Flushing county
South_Bloomfield twp, Morrow county
Southington twp, Trumbull  county
Spencer twp, Allen county
Spencer twp, Guernsey county
Spencer twp, Lucas county
Spencer twp, Medina county
Sprigg twp, Adams county
Spring Valley twp, Greene county
Springcreek twp, Miami county
Springfield twp, Clark county
Springfield twp, Gallia county
Springfield twp, Hamilton county
Springfield twp, Jefferson county
Springfield twp, Lucas county
Springfield twp, Mahoning county
Springfield twp, Muskingum county
Springfield twp, Richland county
Springfield twp, Ross county
Springfield twp, Summit county
Springfield twp, Williams county
St _Clair twp, Butler county
St._Marys twp, Auglaize county
St_Albans twp, Licking county
St_Clair twp, Columbiana county
St_Joseph twp, Williams county
Starr twp, Hocking county
Staunton twp, Miami county
Sterling twp, Brown county
Steubenville twp, Jefferson county
Stock twp, Harrison county
Stock twp, Noble county
Stokes twp, Logan county
Stokes twp, Madison county
Stonelick twp, Clermont county
Stow twp, Summit county
Streetsboro twp, Portage county
Strongsville twp, Cuyahoga county
Suffield twp, Portage county
Sugar_Creek twp, Allen county
Sugar_Creek twp, Greene county
Sugar_Creek twp, Putnam county
Sugar_Creek twp, Stark county
Sugar_Creek twp, Tuscarawas county
Sugar_Creek twp, Wayne county
Sullivan twp, Ashland county
Summit twp, Monroe county
Sunfish twp, Pike county
Sunsbury twp, Monroe county
Superior twp, Williams county
Sutton twp, Meigs county
Swan twp, Vinton county
Swan_Creek twp, Fulton county
Swanton twp, Lucas county
Switzerland twp, Monroe county
Sycamore twp, Hamilton county
Sycamore twp, Wyandot county
Sylvania twp, Lucas county
Symmes twp, Hamilton county
Symmes twp, Lawrence county
Tallmadge twp, Summit county
Tate twp, Clermont county
Taylor twp, Union county
Taylor_Creek twp, Hardin county
Texas twp, Crawford county
Thompson twp, Delaware county
Thompson twp, Geauga county
Thompson twp, Seneca county
Thorn twp, Perry county
Tiffin twp, Adams county
Tiffin twp, Defiance county
Tiverton twp, Coshocton county
Tod twp, Crawford county
Townsend twp, Huron county
Townsend twp, Sandusky county
Trenton twp, Delaware county
Trimble twp, Athens county
Troy twp, Ashland county
Troy twp, Athens county
Troy twp, Delaware county
Troy twp, Geauga county
Troy twp, Morrow county
Troy twp, Richland county
Troy twp, Wood county
Trumbull twp, Ashtabula county
Tully twp, Marion county
Tully twp, Vanwert county
Turtle_Creek twp, Shelby county
Turtle_Creek  twp, Warren county
Tuscarawas twp, Coshocton county
Tuscarawas twp, Stark county
Twin twp, Darke county
Twin twp, Preble county
Twin twp, Ross county
Twinsburg twp, Summit county
Tymochtee twp, Wyandot county
Union twp, Auglaize county
Union twp, Brown county
Union twp, Butler county
Union twp, Carroll county
Union twp, Champaign county
Union twp, Clermont  county
Union twp, Clinton county
Union twp, Fayette county
Union twp, Flushing county
Union twp, Hancock county
Union twp, Highland county
Union twp, Knox county
Union twp, Lawrence county
Union twp, Licking county
Union twp. Logan county
Union twp, Madison county
Union twp, Mercer county
Union twp, Miami county
Union twp, Morgan county
Union twp, Muskingum county
Union twp, Pike county
Union twp, Putnam county
Union twp, Ross county
Union twp, Scioto county
Union twp, Tuscarawas county
Union twp, Union county
Union twp, Vanwert county
Union twp, Warren county
Unity twp, Columbiana county
Upper twp, Lawrence county
Urbana twp, Champaign county
Valley twp, Guernsey county
Valley twp, Scioto county
Van_Buren twp, Darke county
Van_Buren twp, Hancock county
Van_Buren twp, Montgomery county
Van_Buren twp, Putnam county
Van_Buren twp, Shelby county
Venice twp, Seneca county
Vermilion twp, Erie county
Vermillion twp, Ashland county
Vernon twp, Clinton county
Vernon twp, Crawford county
Vernon twp, Scioto county
Vernon twp, Trumbull county
Vienna twp, Trumbull county
Vinton twp, Vinton county
Violet twp, Fairfield county
Virginia twp, Coshocton county
Wabash twp, Darke county
Wadsworth twp, Medina county
Wakeman twp, Huron county
Waldo twp, Marion county
Walnut twp, Fairfield county
Walnut twp, Gallia county
Walnut Creek twp, Holmes county
Walnut twp, Pickaway county
Ward twp, Hocking county
Warren twp, Flushing county
Warren twp, Jefferson county
Warren twp, Trumbull  county
Warren twp, Tuscarawas county
Warren twp, Washington county
Warrensville twp, Cuyahoga county
Warwick twp, Tuscarawas county
Washington twp, Auglaize county
Washington twp, Brown county
Washington twp, Carroll county
Washington twp, Clermont county
Washington twp, Clinton county
Washington twp, Columbiana county
Washington twp, Coshocton county
Washington twp, Darke county
Washington twp, Defiance county
Washington twp, Flushing county
Washington twp, Franklin county
Washington twp, Guernsey county
Washington twtp, Hancock county
Washington twp, Hardin county
Washington twp, harrison county
Washington twp, Henry county
Washington twp, Highland county
Washington twp, Hocking county
Washington twp, Holmes county
Washington twp, Jackson county
Washington twp, Lawrence county
Washington twp, Licking county
Washington twp, Logan county
Washington twp, Mercer county
Washington twp, Miami county
Washington twp, Monroe county
Washington twp, Montgomery county
Washington twp, Morrow county
Washington twp, Muskingum county
Washington twp, Paulding county
Washington twp, Pickaway county
Washington twp, Preble county
Washington twp, Richland county
Washington twp, Sandusky county
Washington twp, Scioto county
Washington twp, Shelby county
Washington twp, Stark county
Washington twp, Tuscarawas county
Washington twp, Union county
Washington twp, Vanwert county
Washington twp, Warren county
Washington twp, Wood county
Waterford twp, Washington county
Waterloo twp, Athens county
Watertown twp, Washington county
Waterville twp, Lucas county
Wayne twp, Adams county
Wayne twp, Ashtabula county
Wayne twp, Auglaize county
Wayne twp, Butler county
Wayne twp, Darke c ounty
Wayne twp, Champaign county
Wayne twp, Clermont county
Wayne twp, Clinton county
Wayne twp, Columbiana county
Wayne twp, Fayette county
Wayne twp, Flushing county
Wayne twp, Jefferson county
Wayne twp, Monroe county
Wayne twp, Montgomery county
Wayne twp, Muskingum county
Wayne twp, Noble county
Wayne twp, Pickaway county
Wayne twp, Tuscarawas county
Wayne twp, Warren county
Wayne twp, Wayne county
Waynesfield twp, Lucas county
Weathersfield twp, Trumbull county
Webster twp, Wood county
Weller twp, Richland county
Wellington twp, Lorain county
Wells twp, Jefferson county
Wesley twp, Washington county
West twp, Columbiana county
West_Park twp, Cuyahoga county
Westfield twp, Medina county
Westfield twp, Morrow county
Westland twp, Guernsey county
Weston twp, Wood county
Wheeling twp, Flushing county
Wheeling twp, Guernsey county
Whetstone twp, Crawford county
White_Eyes twp, Coshocton county
White_Oak twp, Highland county
Whitewater twp, Hamilton county
Wilkesville twp, Vinton county
Williamsburg twp, Clermont county
Williamsfield twp, Ashtabula county
Willoughby twp, Lake county
Wills twp, Guernsey county
Willshire twp, Vanwert county
Wilson twp, Clinton county
Winchester twp, Adams county
Windham twp, Portage county
Windsor twp, Ashtabula county
Windsor twp, Lawrence county
Windsor twp, Morgan county
Woodville twp, Sandusky county
Wooster twp, Wayne county
Worthington twp, Richland county
Xenia twp, Greene county
Yellow_Creek twp, Columbiana county
York twp, Athens county
York twp, Darke county
York twp, Flushing county
York twp, Fulton county
York twp, Medina county
York twp, Morgan county
York twp, Sandusky county
York twp, Tuscarawas county
York twp, Union county
York twp, Vanwert county
Zane twp, Logan county

Grateful thanks are extended to Bobbi Bonetti for entering these township and county names into a file that could be sorted.

© William Neil Oliver August 1998