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Wellington Genealogy Group

Member of GAR post 219

Elias Cooper

Elias L. Cooper

Age: 60
Birthplace: Mt. Vernon, O.
Residence: Wellington, O.
Occupation: Farmer
Entry into the Service
Date: 5/-64
Rank: Corporal
Co.: K
Regiment: 142nd Ohio
Final Discharge
Date: 8/-64
Rank: Corporal
Co.: K
Regiment: 142nd O.
Length of Service: 90 days
Cause of Discharge: Exp. of Term
Date of Muster into the G.A.R.:
When Honorably Discharged:
When Suspended:
When Dropped: His discharge at Ohio SH is in GAR Hall
Where Buried: mt. Vernon, Ohio
Nature of Wounds Received:
When and in what Engagements Wounded:
Remarks: Also a Squirrel Hunter
Remarks: Died Nov. 20/33