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Wayne County, Ohio Death Records 1867 – 1908
Alphabetical List
Including Additions and Corrections to the Original Data

Last Updated--Saturday, 03-Oct-2020 07:07:49 MDT

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I–J | K | L | M | N | O–Q | R | S | T | U–V | W | X | Y–Z

The original Wayne County, Ohio Death Records 1867 – 1908 are presently available on microfilm and on the Internet. WCCPS has made extensive use of this early Probate Court record while using it for the purpose of researching and confirming the names and dates of individuals buried in Wayne County cemeteries.

Comparison of the Death Records and our compiled cemetery lists has shown that both sources contain information that is missing from the other, so WCCPS has decided to provide an updated alphabetical list of the original Wayne County Death Records. The items you see with an (*) asterisk are ones that have been changed or added to. At the top of each list, in the last name column, is a date highlighted in yellow. That is the time of the last update for that file.

We have intentionally left the death dates unchanged, despite conflicts, while adding the conflicting information into the Notes Column so the reader can personally verify which is correct. Additions are entered into the age column, which is commonly incomplete with only a year. Our most common source of age information is found in the tombstone inscription, which nearly always contains the full year, month and day of age.

Also, look for all possible spelling variations of your name.

An explanation of our “updated version” is as follows:

Column A
lists the volume and page number of the original record.
Column B
lists the last name. An * indicates a correction.
Column C
lists the first & middle name. An * indicates a correction or addition of a middle name.
Column D
lists the death date. An * indicates a conflict. The death date from the original source will remain unchanged. The conflicting date obtained from another source, usually a tombstone, will be listed in column L.
Column E
lists the age or in rare cases the birthdate, if entered by the Probate Court. An * shows that the age was incomplete and the whole age has been added. The usual outside source is a tombstone or family history.
Column F
lists the gender, color and marital status of the individual. Male or Female is m or f. White or Black is w or black and Marital Status is Married m, Single s, Widowed w. Infants and children are not usually marked as single.
Column G
lists the occupation.
Column H
lists the cause of death.
Column I
lists the birthplace. An * indicates an addition or correction.
Column J
lists the place of death. Township is Tp, Precinct is pct.
Column K
lists the parents, the spouse or the maiden name – (nee)
Column L
is a notes area for additions, corrections, conflicting data or the burial place.
Please note that this is an incomplete work and it will be frequently updated. The date of the last update can be found at the top of this page. Any additions, corrections or comments are welcomed and can be sent by email to WCGS or to the address on the Contact Us page.