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Vital Records

Marriage records start with in 1812 while births and deaths weren't registered until 1867; however, not everyone complied. Some births, deaths and marriages were recorded at a townhip level in 1856–57, the state's first attempt to register births and deaths. The Genealogy Section at the Wayne County Public Library has the original copies of those records. The Wayne County Genealogical Society has also published the records in book format. The 1856–57 records contain information that may not be found anyplace else. If you have someone who died in Wayne County during that time period, it would be worth your while to check those records.

Births, marriages and deaths for Wayne County are found in the Probate Court.

The Genealogy Section at the Wayne County Public Library also has microfilm records.

Family Search also has the records and they are searchable. You do need an account to use the site, but it is FREE! The links to the left will take you to the search box for those records.

The Wayne County Cemeetery Preservation Society has transcribed death records on their site.


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