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  • Caldwell's Wayne County Atlases of 1873 and 1897, reprinted and bound together in one volume, indexed. Shows land owners and lists taxpayers and businesses.
  • Hardesty's Encyclopedia including "Military Record of Wayne County in the Civil War".
  • Atlases for surrounding counties.

Burial Records:

  • Wayne County Ohio Burial Records, 2nd edition, 1980, includes surname index.
  • Wooster Cemetery, Wooster, Ohio 1852-2003, More Than Just Tombstone Readings, includes an all name index as well as a maiden name index.
  • Wooster Cemetery information is available on microfilm and in a volume by Ungerer.

Card File Index:

  • Lists manuscripts and pamphlets in "Family Histories" cabinet. Surname file includes names being searched in Wayne County from the sign-in table and from mail queries. A card catalog lists the books in the department's collection.

Census Records:

  • State indexes for Ohio 1820-1920.
  • Wayne County census available on microfilm for 1820 through 1920, with listings made by township.
  • Indexes available for Wayne County 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880, and 1900.
  • Holmes 1830-1920,
  • Ashland 1850-1920,
  • Stark, Summit, Richland, and others.

Church Histories:

  • Both in bound volumes and in vertical file. 1987 History of Wayne County Churches, hardbound. Some include lists of members.

Clevenet Catalog Terminal:

  • Lists the holding of the 21 public library systems, including Wayne Co., that are members of CLEVNET. Also provides access to other databases such as WorldCat (OCLC) and Pro CD Home (telephone directories.)


  • Wayne County Deed books for 1812-1911 on 101 microfilm rolls with 6-roll index.


  • Wooster City 1859 and 1884-1885
  • Wooster City from 1896 to date and Wayne County from 1955 to date.
  • Rittman City 1961-1989.
  • Orrville City 1958 and 1967-1991.
  • Ashland County 1978-1992.
  • Ashland City 1985-1994.
  • Holmes County 1976-1990.

Family Histories:

  • Over 700 family history packets and over 300 bound books on families having connections with Wayne County.

Histories and Biographies:

  • Wayne County Histories by Ben Douglass (1878)
  • B.F. Bowen & Co. (1910). J.H. Beers' Commemorative Biographical Record of Wayne..., includes sketches of prominent citizens, index.
  • 1987 History of Wayne County, indexed.
  • Histories of a number of other Ohio counties as well as of many Pennsylvania counties.

Immigration Records:

  • Passenger and Immigration Lists Index with annual update.
  • Strassberger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers, indexed, three volumes.

International Genealogical Index:

  • The "I.G.I." from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah, a personal name index to the computer databse of births and marriages listing 210 million names. The Library owns the I.G.I. for the complete U.S. from 1988 and 1992 as well as Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Switzerland from 1988.

Land Grants:

  • Riegel's Early Ohioans' Residences from Land Grants lists first land grants to settlers in Ohio by land grant office where granted. Some dates, some land plats, some places of origin.
  • Dyer's First Ownership of Ohio Lands.
  • Early Ohio Settlers, three volumes, by Berry, lists purchasers of land in Southeastern, Southwestern, East and East Central Ohio, 1800-1840.


  • Picturesque Wayne has indexes to residences and homesteads
  • Historic Heritage of Wayne County lists pioneer and century homes and other historic buildings.

Marriage Records:

  • Seventy-five Years of Wayne County Marriages, 1813-1888, Richard Smith, compiler, contains surnames of both males and female listed alphabetically. Volume 2 of this work by Smith continues to 1898.
  • Index to Marriages of Wayne County, Ohio 1813-1898


  • Microfilm copies of early Wayne County newspapers, incomplete runs from 1837-1870, complete thereafter to date but with issues missing in the 1860's.


  • 1840-1949, 1950-1959, and 1960-1969 bound obituary indexes to Wayne County newspapers
  • Notebooks containing clipped obituaries from The Daily Record, 1970-1991, indexed and with maiden name index; annual index, 1992 to date.

Series Publications:

  • Ohio: Crossroads of our Nation, Records of Pioneer Families, 1960-1991, complete with surname and topical index; 1991 through 1995 complete with yearly indexes.

Ohio Rosters for:

  • the Mexican War (indexed)
  • Civil War (indexed)
  • Spanish-American War (indexed)
  • World War I
  • three large bound notebooks on Spanish-American, World War I and World War II by Gerlach
  • Official Roster of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Ohio, D.A.R., three volumes.
  • DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, D.A.R., three volumes.

Scrapbook Collection:

  • One scrapbook for each of the 16 townships in Wayne County covering old and new events plus notebooks on Wooster, Orrville, and Rittman.
  • Scrapbooks over churches, biographies, obituaries, and historical articles.
  • Also books on surrounding counties.

Telephone Books:

  • On Wooster City, most available since 1950.

Tax Records

  • Six rolls of microfilm cover Wayne County 1816-1938.

Vital Records:

  • Common Pleas Court Records 1812-1852, 16 reels of microfilm, indexed.
  • Abstracts of Naturalization Records, 1812-1903.
  • Wayne County Birth Records 1867-1908, from Probate Court Records, including corrected birth records, compiled by Richard Smith.
  • Wills, Estates & Guardianships, 2 volumes. 1812-1851 and 1952-1900, both on microfilm.
  • Probate Court records 1852-1918.

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