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Wayne County, Ohio


Wayne County, Ohio

The original Wayne County was established 15 August 1796. This county disappears from Ohio in 1803 when Ohio became a state and ultimately became Wayne County, Michigan.

The present day Wayne County was formed 13 February 1808 and named after Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne, who was an outstanding Indian fighter in Ohio. The county seat is Wooster.

On 11 April 1812, the county was divided into four townships; Sugarcreek, Wooster, Mohican, and Prairie. On the 5th of September 1814, East Union and Lake Townships were formed. Four days after Perry's victory on Lake Erie, 14 September 1814, Mohican Township was changed to Perry.

On 15 June 1815, Springfield Township was formed but later disappears as other townships are formed. Chippewa Township was formed 4 September 1815. Baughman, Salt Creek, Chester, and Paint Townships were formed 5 March 1816.

Wayne Township was formed 12 October 1816 with Greene Township following on 5 February 1817; Congress and Milton on 5 October 1818; Jackson Township came into being 1 February 1819 and Canaan 5 May 1819.

With the formation of Plain Township in early 1817, the north half of Springfield Township was wiped out. On 7 June 1820 the township of Franklin was formed. Pike Township was formed in 1817 and was composed of the exact territory which now constitutes Clinton and eradicated the remaining half of Springfield Township. The last of the present day sixteen townships, Clinton, was formed on 7 June 1825.

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