Vinton County Ohio Queries - Archive 9

Vinton County Ohio Queries - December 2001 thru December 2002

DATE: 12/27/2002 SUBMITTER: Michael H. Bethke
I am looking for any information on a woman named Nellie NOBLE. She was born in Hamden Junction, OH. in either 1903 or 1904. This is the only information I can provide.
DATE: 12/27/2002 SUBMITTER: Phillip S. Smith
I'm searching for children OR a death place and date for William WELLS, son of Zemariah (Zimri) WELLS and Sally (or Sarah) (Sarjent) WELLS of the Wilkesville area. William was born in 1817, and I'm guessing he died around 1880, but I can't find any census information on him past 1870. (And I only have his name from the 1870 census, no list of children.)
DATE: 12/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Pamela Haynes Blasingim
Does anyone have information on how to contact Ceceila IMBODEN? She is descended from Lucretia HAYNES and I have recently made the discovery that we are cousins. I am interested in locating the family history. My line is: Plummer HAYNES was my father, his was Nelson, his was Samuel, his was Henry and his was Frederick and Juliana STRAWSER HAYNES and Frederick's father was John and Regina SCHUSTER HAYNES.
DATE: 12/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Timothy Summers
Info on Charles A. SUMMERS born in Hamden in 1891 or 1893. I would like info on his parents or any brothers or sisters.
DATE: 12/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Kathy Taylor
Looking for 1880 Vinton Co. census information on George OILER, born 1840 in OH. Info from Family indicates family history on library film 1255074, NA Film # T9-1074, Page 163D. Does anyone out there have access to this information?
DATE: 12/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Loretta McCarty
Looking for any newspaper articles from 1940's thru 1950's pertaining to MCCARTY. Any kind of article including obituaries would be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 12/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Carol Hinson Allen
I am searching for information on the family of George Washington STEWART he was born around 1800. He brought his family to Eagle Township, Vinton Co. before 1870, that is when they first how up on the cenus for Vinton Co. He married a Mary SHUSTER, I believe that she is the daughter of Abraham SHUSTER Morgan Co., Ohio. I know little about them before they came to Vinton Co. Only that George had been married once before and had a son Micheal who married Abigail GOODRICH Dec. 12, 1844 in Morgan Co. Ohio. When they arrived in Vinton Co. they had Susan b. abt. 1851, William b. bet. 1853-1854, Manley b. 1854 in Trumbull Co., Ohio, Charles E. b.1861, and James b. May 17, 1860. Manley married Mary RALPH.
DATE: 12/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Glenn Davis
Looking for descendants of the men of the 18th Ohio Volunteers (1861-1864). Researching the unit for a possible book. Looking for photos, documents, or any other memborabilia connected to the unit.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Don W. Huggins
I am seeking information on the parents of Andrew HUGGINS or HIGGINS. Andrew's Iowa marriage certificate states he was born in Vinton County, Ohio in 1848 (I realize Vinton become a county in 1850). Andrew's mother's given name was Peninah, Pervina, or a similar spelling. Two sisters were born about 1839 and 1841. There was possibly a connection with a BARNES or BARNS family.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: M. Doles
Looking for children of John WHITING and Mary (CARDWELL) WHITING. Formerly lived in Chillicothe and then in Ray, OH. Last address I have is Wilkesville, OH.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Dennis Johns
I am looking for information on Laura M. SCANLAN. She probably was in high school from 1972/3 thru 1976/7. Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone have an old yearbook showing her picture? I'd be willing to drive to Vinton County (or anywhere in Ohio) to read any articles or look at any photos that you can find. Also looking for information on her family.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Marianne Nave
I came across papers that talk about a William DIXON whose family enlarged in Vinton Co. OH. If you connect I can give you a little information. Now if I could just find my DIXON's.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Shelby Napper-Shipley
Looking for info on Elmer Napper married Lucy FREEMAN. I am thinking both were from the Vinton County Ohio area. Elmer and Lucy children are....1.Wilber 2.Edna 3.Mary 4.Marvin 5.Shallotte 6.Geomantia 7.Harold 8.Dave 9.Clarence 10.Joseph (my grandfather) 11.Maggie. I don't have much information on them. Would like to hear from anyone who may have info.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Vikki Rodgers
It seems all my family ties come back to Vinton. I need help with Jackson GRAHAM and w/Rachel/Sarah/Mary BROWN. William GRAHAM and Lillian NORTH, John WYATT w/Jeanetta CLAYPOOL and ?North and Mary BODKINS. Also Stephen BURGOON w/Elizabeth WYATT, and Charles E. GRAHAM and Eliza BURGOON.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Pam Blasingim
Looking for parents of Frederick HAYNES 1788-1870 who was married to Juliana STRAWSER 1788-1870, both born in Berks Co., Pa. They raised their children in Eagle Township.
DATE: 12/09/2002 SUBMITTER: Elaine Joyce Day
I need a look up....I am trying to establish when Phelena Alvena (CHUTE) THORN divorced Cyrus Lincoln THORN. I know that Phelena was remarried to John W. TIGNER in 1924. Problem is I do not know when and why she divorced Cyrus.
DATE: 10/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Elizabeth Harkless
Looking for info on James Phillip HARKLESS, his wife, and all children. (James Marion HARKLESS was one of them). Also, Phillip HARKLESS, his wife, and all children. James Phillip HARKLESS was definately one of his children. Possibly Clarence Eugene, John, Hester, Jane, Mary, & Ottie.
DATE: 10/30/2002 SUBMITTER: W. Victorson
SURNAMES: Athens Lime And Coal Company
Do you have any information regarding the business history of the Athens Lime And Coal Company, McArthur around 1942-1944?
DATE: 10/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Jimmie Wood
I am trying to find out about my Great Grand-Mother, her name was Nancy A HUGHES. She ended up married to Lewis Tude MEDORS in Mason Co. WV. Her father was George HUGHES born in Vinton Co. My Great-Grand Mother was born Dec 7, 1873, her Dad I do not know. Any help would be appreciated.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Ronda Griffith-Grubb
I am looking for information on an artist born in Vinton County around 1901, died in Columbus in 1936. He was born Lucius BROWN, son of Hattie BRATTON and Americus Lee BROWN. After mother's death, he moved to Columbus and was informally "adopted" by Mrs. Emma Louise KUTCHIN, and was then known as Lucius KUTCHIN. Works displayed in Columbus Museum of Art and Capital University's Schumacher Gallery.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Wilda Reeves
I'm looking for the Parents of Henry FRY born around 1807. He married Sithey DARBY. They lived in Allensville, Richland Twp. Parents may have been from Pa.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Linda Barker
Philip and Jacob RHODES. Would like any information on the mill that used to be on Mill Street in Wilkesville. I really wish there were some pictures but all were burned in the fire that took the mill. Any information would be appreciated as my great uncle and grandfather owned it.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Pamela Blasingim
Searching for the children of Samuel and Mary J. KARSHNER. I know one was Nelson and one was John. Info gathered suggests there were eight more. Samuel was described as a large land owner and a very prominent man in his community.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Bobbie Pricher
Looking for any information on Pearl Juanita HARRIS, born abt. 1907 in Vinton Co., married name KNOX.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Gerald McLaughlin
Do you know where I can get this publication: The McGlaughlin Family : Early Settlers of Meigs, Vinton, and Athens Counties, Ohio Stmnt.Resp. by Barbara Snyder Colton, Authors Colton, Barbara Snyder , 1941-. (Main Author). Notes Family history and genealogical information about the descendants of James MCGLAUGHLIN who was born ca. 1750 in Ireland. He married WEISE (given name unknown) sometime prior to the year 1777. They immigrated to America, settled in Virginia and became the parents of three sons and six daughters. Descendants lived in Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, California and elsewhere. Includes information on the COTTRILL, HENNESS, JORDAN, RAY, SNYDER and VANDIVER families.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Sharon Chuvalas
I am researching Phineas TOMLINSON. Would like to contact relatives of his son Jacob TOMLINSON who lived in McArthur in 1877 and worked in the Steam Mill or his son John Tomlinson who was a blacksmith in Adelphi in 1877.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Barbara Hammond
Am looking for info on Lewis[Luke] STEWART who married Lynda PARKER. Luke passed away in 1946 in Vinton Co. at age 90. Lydia was still alive at that time. Would appreciate any info on either or both.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Madge
If someone could please find an obit for me of a Minnie Alice ELLINGTON, died August 7, 1913 in Elk Township, I would appreciate it alot. And a Clara Ellington who died between 1900 and 1908.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Carolyn Elliott Kelly
I found 2 Hamden Cemeteries when checking The info I have on some of my family members say they are buried in Hamden Cemetery, Vinton Co., OH. I do not have their death dates. Their names Mary BURNS (Born Nov 15, 1880) and George BURNS (Born Feb 22, 1882) they are the children of Gabriel BURNS and Melissa LOVING BURNS. It is believed that Mary had a son, Howard BEATTY, when she was very young and unmarried. Gabriel and Melissa adopted Howard (I have the adoption records). I have lost Mary and have very little info on the other children of Gabriel and Melissa. Would like more info on the cemetery if someone is familiar with it or it there is a roster of the graves at each cemetery. The family was living mostly in the Wellston area before sons Harry and James moved to IN. Howard later moved to Indiana. Howard was my maternal grandfather. Thank any who may have some guidance on the cemetery info or family info.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Steve Sparks
Looking for information on a John WEST born in 1810, Muskingum Co., and his two sons, William Henry WEST b: 1842, and Robert WEST b: 1844. There was a Martha WEST living with them in Vinton Co. in 1850.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Elaine Joyce Day
I have found Isaac MORRISON died July 22,1853 in the Old McArthur Cemetary next to him is John (no dates) and Sarah (no Dates). I believe this is his wife and son. They lived in either Jackson or Vinton and I am trying to find out who their parents were or if anyone knows of a flu or measle outbreak in that time period.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Jeanie Gabriel
I have a photo of Gladyes BREWER, 1921 and noticed that there is a Gladyes A. BREWER on the Vinton County Death Records as: 0438a 4-129 Brewer, Gladyes A. 1935 Apr 16 35y1m25d Madison Tp. Can anyone tell me about Gladyes? This photo was found amoung the photo's belonging to the family of Frank GABRIEL SR 56, Rt 1 New Plymouth. Would like to have info and find out what the connection was to my family.
DATE: 10/24/2002 SUBMITTER: John Cornell
Looking for information on children of Ida Coretta MOORE 1871-1948. She married John NORTH some time around 1895-1897, they had I think 3 sons Clye, Harry and Authur. Any info you have on children before her marriage to John NORTH or after would be appreciated.
DATE: 09/17/2002 SUBMITTER: Paula Vessels
Looking for the burial place of Melicent SIX, daughter of Nathaniel SIMONTON and Mary LOWRY. Melicent died 25 Aug 1884 in Hope Furnace, Brown Township, Vinton County, Ohio.
DATE: 09/17/2002 SUBMITTER: Jane Boucher
I am looking for inf. on Lewis RIFFLE and Charity GREGORY, I believe they were in the 1880 census records of Vinton Co. OH.
DATE: 09/17/2002 SUBMITTER: Malcolm Swan
Can any one help me find the location of the burial of an ancestor in Vinton County about 1864. Her name was Juliann Gustin PORTER (b. 1803 - d.abt 1864) She was the wife of Isaac PORTER and mother of Hannah Jane (b. 1830), Margaret (b. 1837), James Washington (b. 1834), Susan (b. 1835) and Clarinda (ab. 1842). The family shows up in the Elk Township census for 1860 - and after Juliann's death is believed to have moved to Wayne County, Iowa. I am trying to nail anything I can on her date of death, burial, and the like.
DATE: 09/17/2002 SUBMITTER: Elaine Day
I am searching for any information on a Franis/Frank/Franklin THORN who married Sarah MCKIBBEN in Vinton in 1857. Who were their parents?
DATE: 09/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Tom Carey
I am searching for family descendants of Edwin S. MORGAN, formerly of Zaleski, Ohio---and then later from Chillicothe , Ohio. Edwin S. MORGAN was a Major in the Civil War , after the War , he lived in Zaleski, and he and his wife Harriet Hyson had 8 children there.
DATE: 09/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Joann Baumgartner
I am looking for info on the FINNEY families that settled in Vinton County. I an related to the FINNEY families of Fairfield County and am trying to connect both families if possible. I need any info on a Henry FINNEY son of Harvey FINNEY. Henry was born early 1800's.
DATE: 09/04/2002 SUBMITTER: judymims
Census record 1870 Liberty Twp list Irvine, Ortha A, Maldon, Winnie, Luetta and Luella as being listed under Thomas L. HUMPHREY. I believe they have the last name of DIXON. Did they live with Mr. HUMPHREYS at that time? Trying to find the parents of the DIXON children also found a brother Lyman in another township. Irvin DIXON was my great grandfather.
DATE: 09/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Danielle Olivera
Looking for information on John J. COZAD's geneology; was there a possible name change? Also looking for information on Henry COZAD, would like to know anything you got. My COZADs last resided in Franklin, PA; but my great great grandmother informed my family long ago that John J. COZAD is a relative. Now that she is gone we are not sure what kind of relative- all I know is that there is a definate link to Henry COZAD.
DATE: 08/18/2002 SUBMITTER: Ira Sharp (Tootie) Dennis
I have many pictures of Vinton and close county, cemeteries and gravestones. Can you put me in touch with whomever might be posting this type of material to a website for Ohio.
DATE: 08/18/2002 SUBMITTER: Karen Bellmer
I am searching for information on my 3ggrandparents, John GANNAN and Maranda Jane JUSTUS. She was born in March, 1828, and they were married in 1845. They later migrated to Harrison County Missouri (before 1863). Her parents were John and Nancy JUSTUS. Any additional information would be appreciated.
DATE: 08/18/2002 SUBMITTER: Kathy Harris
I really would like to obtain a copy of my ggrandfather's birth record. He was born in Zaleski, Vinton County, in 1867. His name was William David FITZPATRICK. Parents listed on death certificate as Jackson FITZPATRICK and Dahlia COOPER. Both parents born in Ireland. Can someone lead me in the right direction?
DATE: 08/18/2002 SUBMITTER: Linda
Laura Bennett Myers' e-mail address isn't working on lookup. Need to see if Rosanna PERRY in buried in Hamden Cem. in Hamden, Ohio. Need to see if her husband is there also. Also Effie NUTT her daughter.
DATE: 08/18/2002 SUBMITTER: Tanya Smith
I am looking for a book on "The Stout House" in Oreton, Vinton County Ohio. My grandmother used to live in this house and at one time owned a copy of the book. She has told all of our family about how the house was haunted. My grandmas name is Ossa WISEMAN. If you have any information please contact me it would be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 07/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Caroline Schoch
Could someone check and see if there are burial records for Hamden Cemetery? I mean the one close to Wellseton. I am looking for the burial site of James O. BAKER and his wife Elizabeth BAKER.
DATE: 07/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Sarah Steel
Caroline NUNNEMAKER born 1857 married 8 Aug 1880 Jonas GEER born 1849. Their children: Curra born 1882, Lizza born 1884, Charley born 1887, Marion born 1890, Minnie born 1892, John born 1895, Hazel born 1898. all the children born in Vinton County Ohio. Arthur MCCLASKEY born 1880 married Flora NUNNEMAKER born 1898, their children: Alice born 1920, Bessie born 1921, John born 1924, Mary born 1925, Maggie born 1929. Who was the parent of Arthur MCCLASKY.? Who did the GEER and the MCCLASKEY children married?
DATE: 06/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Jacqueline R Ford
My ggfather was supposedly born in Wilkesville, Ohio (looks like Willsville on the hand written death record). His name was George Washington RIFFLE. The best I can figure is that he was born around 1871 or 1872? His father was Will RIFFLE. He later lived in Mason County West Virginia and died in Charleston, WV. I would also like to know who his parents and 3 brothers and 2 sisters were. He had a son named John Franklin RIFFLE in 1889. Don't know if he married Mary SNYDER in Ohio or WV or if they weren't married. He remarried in 1897, so I thought she might have died or divorced him. She had two daughters before she married George named Mae and Effye or Evvie or ??? Snyder. I thought Mary Robinson SNYDER might have also gotten married to George in Ohio. That is all the info I have on them.
DATE: 06/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Steve
I'm looking for info on James E. BARRETT born- 1861 died 1902. I have a picture taken in Hamden Junction. Ohio. Any info would be appreciated.
DATE: 06/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Patty Ward
Pearl and Finley CARTEE. I am searching for information and pictures about the town of Oreton in Vinton County. My Mother, Margie CARTEE lived there in the 30's and 40's. I am interested in trying to have a reunion with anyone who lived there during that time and has memories or pictures to share. Or if you remember my mother. She will be 78 in August, and I would like to plan a reunion for her at that time if I can find any survivors of that place and time.
DATE: 06/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Janice Covel
My grandfather, Christopher MASON lived in Vinton County for many years. He had at least 10 kids while living there. One was my father, Walter MASON. Walter married Myrta Bell HAYBRON in 1906. I am looking for information about the time they lived in Vinton County. They are buried in Starr Cemetary in Vinton County, Ohio.
DATE: 06/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Amber
My father Larry Leon HUNTER passed away before I really got to know anything about him. He lived in Vinton County his whole life. I believe he was in the Mason brotherhood. He has a twin sister who is still living but is ill. Anyone with any information about him please contact me. good or bad. I want to know everything.
DATE: 06/13/2002 SUBMITTER: Chester T. Stafford
Request names of parents of James K. STAFFORD born in Vinton County, OH Jan 24, 1855.
DATE: 06/13/2002 SUBMITTER: Marilyn Browder
Looking for information on a George W. MCKINNISS who married a Martha THACKER on Feb. 2, 1877. These are my ggrandparents and would like to know their parents name and where they are buried.
DATE: 06/06/2002 SUBMITTER: Sheryl
Please contact me if you have information on the following Vinton County residents from the 1800's The DILLONs, William born in 1808, his wife Sarah DILLON nee SCOTT? born in 1807, James DILLON born ca 1806-7? brother of William. James's wife Rachel MCQUEEN born in 1805-6, Jane DILLON , & Martha DILLON sisters of James and William. Jane DILLON married Amon MCQUEEN then married E. OGAN. Also need information on their father Henry DILLON ca. 1770-1870 and his wife Anne LEEPER-DILLON. I will be happy to share the information I have in exchange for your information.
DATE: 05/31/2002 SUBMITTER: Tracy Newman
I have from a Vinton Co., History and Families (Copyright 1996) "...Margaretha EBERTS (16 August 1839- 10 May 1926) married John NEWMAN 25 September 1864 in Vinton County. They had eight children in their Tarr Farm Home. (George, Henry J., John August, Margaret Susan, Emma M., William F, Charles Agustus, and Clifford Oscar). Margaret died of hear failure. ..." I have been able to locate information on all the children accept William F and Margaret Susan. I have also been able to find Death Certificates on all but those two. Most of their tombstones have also been accounted for as well. I have looked for William and Margaret Susan near their parents tombstones and not finding them there, nor finding any record of their death or birth can only make this assumption based on the info above, that if the names were listed in order, Margaret Susan was born between 1867-1873, and William was born between 1874-1878. Has anyone run across them in their research that can point me in the right direction? I have information I am willing to share about this family.
DATE: 05/31/2002 SUBMITTER: Debora Smith
Looking for any info on descendents of Hiram J. PECK and Samantha TATHUM. Hiram's parents were John PECK and Jane LITTLE. These are anscestors of mine who came from Vinton Co. and lived in Licking county. Would be happy to find some long-lost relatives!
DATE: 05/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Ann C. Hill
HILL, John (Jonathan) wife: HAILSTOCK, Elizabeth. Children: Noah, Isaiah, Benjamin w. Nancy, Jonathan, James, Mary, Effie, Lucinda, Sara (Sarah), b. 1846 Vinton Co. Ohio d.1930 Green Twp Clark Co Ohio h. Jeremiah Harris III.
DATE: 05/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Sarah Steel
David RUTHERFORD married 21 May 1868 Susan NUNNEMAKER, belived they was living in Vinton county 1870. Rachel NUNNEMAKER married 28 April 1878 John Ripley COTTRILL in Vinton County.
DATE: 05/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Sarah Steel
Mary Jane VOWELL died 1910 her sister Harriete died Mar 1908. Andy LOWE was the grandson of Mary Jane VOWELL. What was her maiden names? What was her parent? Henry LOWE; James McGEE; Lucina McGEE; Henry McGEE; Henry LOWE; John LOWE of Plain City and James LOWE of Waverly, all are related to William LOWE. How are they all related?
DATE: 05/24/2002 SUBMITTER: Leroy Truesdell
Does any one know where Ural is or was? What was there?
DATE: 05/02/2002 SUBMITTER: Gary Radcliffe
Seeking spouses and children of Lewis RADCLIFF and Cora RADCLIFF, born 1876 and 1878 respectively. They were children of John RADCLIFF and Ellen B. (Copeland) RADCLIFF of Wilkesville Twp., Vinton County, Ohio.
DATE: 04/23/2002 SUBMITTER: Sarah Steel
Jonas GEER married 8 aug 1880 Caroline NUNNEMAKER. Anna Marie NUNNEMAKER married John H. ALEXANDER, their children Rebecca ALEXANDER born 1831 and Caleb ALEXANDER. Caleb ALEXANDER children were: Rebecca; Sarah; G.T and J.W. ALEXANDER.
DATE: 04/23/2002 SUBMITTER: Gwen Whitten
Searching for information of a James SCULLY who died in Byers Station April 10, 1877. Anyone have a cemetery book to search for me? what cemeteries are located near, possibly Catholic?
DATE: 04/23/2002 SUBMITTER: Pete Vanbibber
Still trying to locate Evan and Anita ARBAUGH DAVIS. Remember me from Sweetwater Express.
DATE: 04/23/2002 SUBMITTER: Polly
I am looking for the ABELE that married a BURKE. Some how Judge Homer ABELE and William ABELE are related to me, I think one of the Abele's married my Grandfather's sister. I do know that Homer's widow lives somewhere in Vinton Co., Ohio. Would like to be contacted.
DATE: 04/23/2002 SUBMITTER: Polly
Looking for information on the ABELE family that is related to the BURKE family. I understand there are a lot of Abele's in the Vinton Co., area, they also had a resturant in Wellston. Any information would be appreciated.The one I am looking for I think is Margaret BURKE who married an Abele and had a son named Arthur.
DATE: 04/23/2002 SUBMITTER: Marlene Fout
I am looking for more information on my Grandmother's parents. Erma Marie MILLER b. 1919 d. 1982 married Dale Stanley FOUT. This is my grandparents. Grandma Erma's parents were George MILLER b. 1884 d. 1942 and Mae BROWN b. 1886 d.1950. George and Mae lived in Ray, Ohio where the Ray Post Office now sits today. Their other children include Otto MILLER, son named Meredith MILLER; Mary MILLER, married Joe TRUMAN; and Ines MILLER, married Hobert GEORGE. George MILLER also had a brother named Herb MILLER. My dad told me all this. He said that Herb had a daughter, Ruth, who married Charlie RINEHART, and Herb had a son named Leo MILLER.
DATE: 04/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Max A. Geyer
I am a Great Grandson of Stephen (Eleven) Might, whom I believe died in Vinton County (possibly in Wilkesville), Ohio, on 23 August 1910. Stephen Might's birth date is 2 April 1843. I believe Stephen may have lived earlier in Meigs County, OH. I am trying to determine the parents (grandparents, etc.) of Stephen Might. Stephen Might is known to have married Rebecca (Eliza) Davis (1844-1925) on 15 September 1864. According to the 1880 Wilkesville, Vinton County, OH, census, the following persons lived in the household of Stephen Might: Stephen; Eliza (his wife); Lucy (born ca 1865); Cassius (born ca 1866); Lillie (born ca 1868); Nellie M., my Grandmother, (born 22 January 1871 - died in Marion, IN, 15 September 1951); Harriet (born ca 1873); Mary (born ca 1878); Charles (born ca 1880); Blair; Viola; and George. Stephen is believed to have had a brother Samuel Might. I found a Samuel Might (age 68) who was listed as (Head of Family) in the 1910, Meigs County, OH, census. Living with Samuel Might were his wife, Olive M., age 68. (Her maiden name is believed to have been (Davis,) and she was probably a sister of Stephen Might's wife, Eliza); Samuel's daughter, Mary (age 46); and his niece, Delia O'Connor (age 24). I would really appreciate if someone could research newspaper obituaries, death records, etc., to help me determine the parents, siblings, birthplace, and burial place of Stephen Might. I would be very happy to provide reimbursement for any expenses incurred.
DATE: 04/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Jean Peters
Looking for any connections to the families of Lizanna VALENTINE who m. Mitchell McCLOUD. They were living in Vinton Co., OH in the 1850 census. Mitchell was born in Muskingum Co., OH 1814, they later moved back to Muskingum Co., OH by the 1860 census. There was a Thomas VALENTINE who was living in the same areas at the same time. I'm looking for information on this VALENTINE family. Lizanna and Thomas may have been born in PA. Have not been able to find a marriage for Lizanna and Mitchell, apparently before 1850 census. First son born Oct. 1851. Have info on McCLOUD family that I am willing to share.
DATE: 04/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Phyllis Arnett Vines
Mary E. ARNETT md. Charles MORROW on 10/30/1889 in Vinton Co. OH; her sister Emma I. md. Vance MORROW on 9/2/1881, same county. Eliza M. ARNETT md. Andrew J. MARTINDILL 6/30/1889. They were d/o John A. ARNETT and his wife Mary Ann HIGGS who came to Vinton Co. about 1866/67 from Virginia. John ARNETT died 21 Oct 1895 in Clinton Twp., Vinton Co. Any information re these people will be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 04/11/2002 SUBMITTER: CNawrocki
I'm looking for a gravesite, perhaps in McArthur, for Edens KIRKENDALL. Any suggestions, even just locations of any cemetery in McArthur, would be helpful.
DATE: 04/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Brent S. Hider
Researching : Peter HIDER, Charlotte CULLEN married 16 Dec. 1855 Richland Ohio , Reply To : e-mail address or Brent S. Hider 2147 Venetia Rd. Mobile Al. 36605 (251) 476-5256 H
DATE: 03/25/2002 SUBMITTER: Jackie
Looking for info on Suvernia FLOWERS d.1915 Aug 27 age: 36y10m4d Eagle Tp. There is also a Clevy Francis FLOWERS d.1915 Sep 22 age: 2m6d Eagle Tp. and a Sophrona FLOWERS d.1914 Sep 28 age: 14y6m8d Eagle Tp. Any info on this family is very much appreciated. (I believe them to be Mother, son and dau.)
DATE: 03/20/2002 SUBMITTER: Janet Sheets
Seeking any information on a Robert MAGEE who died in 1839. Wife may have been named Elizabeth. She was in Vinton County 1850 census. Are they the parents of James MAGEE born ca 1806 Ireland who married Nancy LEECH born ca 1810 Pa? All attended a Presbyterian Church near New Plymouth, Ohio in 1838.
DATE: 03/20/2002 SUBMITTER: D. Ross
William Weston ROSS b: 1863 to Silas and Mary (HAINES) ROSS. Vinton area. W.W. married (1888) to Linnia Mae HAYNES b: 1870 of Hocking Cty., Saltcreek . Parents, Henry O. and Sarah Marrila (SMITH) HAYNES. Two children born while in Ohio, Charles Denver abt 1890 and Robert R. ROSS l892. Any family history or pictures of family being sought.
DATE: 03/20/2002 SUBMITTER: Richard D. Morgan
I've just aquired two badly damaged bibles from my late Uncle's estate. One is for the ZERVIS family including Rollie, Millie John and others from the Zervis family. The other bible is for the George and Sarah MURDOCK family. Both include birth, deaths and marriges plus many papers, photos and obituaries between the pages. I will gladly scan and send papers.
DATE: 03/20/2002 SUBMITTER: Roberta
Looking for information on Timothy and Elijah HIXON. Elijah was born in Vinton Co., Ohio.
DATE: 03/20/2002 SUBMITTER: S. Scott Smith
Am looking for info on William WISEMAN. He was born Sept. 6 1885 and died in Dec. 1969 in Hamden, Vinton county. His wifes name was Bertha Mae (ALLEN). Any info is appreciated. He was a farmer and was also involved with the Civilian Conservation Corps. His sons Floyd and Virgil worked in the coal mine.
DATE: 03/20/2002 SUBMITTER: Sarah Steel
Laura NUNNEMAKER had son Edgar NUNNAMKER born 1873 born in Vinton County, Laura NUNNEMAKER married some time before 1880 to Henry COLLIER, they left Vinton county moved to Clay County Indiana. Need date of this marriage.
DATE: 03/07/2002 SUBMITTER: Alice Maureen Evans
I am researching information on my Great Grandfather's (Abraham M. KIRKENDALL, b. October 15, 1832 in Ohio & d. June 17, 1910 in Centerville, Appanoose County, Iowa) first marriage to Rose Ann LEACH. Rose Ann LEACH died in Hamden, Vinton County, Ohio prior to October, 1875. Looking for record of her death and of their marriage. They might have owned property in Hamden also?
DATE: 03/07/2002 SUBMITTER: Sally Andrews Neely
I am interested in corresponding with anyone having information about any VENTERS descendants. William A VENTERS, his wife Mary, and children Irean, Lester and Paulina were in the Vinton Co 1880 census. Bunnelle VENTERS graduated from Akron high school in 1919. Bunnelle was the son of Lester and Minnie VENTERS. Lester and my Grandfather Ross Carroll VENTERS were first cousins. I will gladly share information with anyone connected to this family.
DATE: 02/28/2002 SUBMITTER: Cindy S.
I am looking for the cemetery name and location, that Robert HENTHORN 1928-1988 and Jane HENTHORN 1930-2001 are buried in.
DATE: 02/28/2002 SUBMITTER: Paula-Jean Cassels
Who married Henry House MOORE on 20 SEP 1850 in Vinton Co., Ohio. Her name was Mary ???????? Who were her parents? This has been the topic of research for 4 or more years. Was this the first marriage for Mary?
DATE: 02/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Pamela Picklesimer
I would like any info I can get on the name of Homer Ellsworth HAAS, my grandfather, his wife was a Margaret Mae (KIRKENDAL) HAAS, they had a daughter, my mother, her name was Rosalie Mae (HAAS) LEE. She was born on 7/11/1918. My father was Evin LEE. Homer's father was a Abraham HAAS. His wife was Tamasie STEELE (I 'm not sure of the spelling. It may have been Tamsom STEELE). Both were buried in the McArthur cemetary. My grandmother's name was Margaret Mae KIRKENDAL. She had one sister I know of. That was Edna COLLIE. She is dead also. I know very little on my mothers side of the family. She was an only child. I know she had cousins but I never met any of them. We are trying to find some info on them.
DATE: 02/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Marilyn Browder
Looking for information on Joseph MCCUNE b. 12-12-1849 who married Martha HAWKE. Any information will be appreciated.
DATE: 02/11/2002 SUBMITTER: Gerald Burkland
William LEWIS and Eleanor (STRAIGHT) LEWIS, supposed to be buried in Wilkesville Cemetery ( Old Section). Looking for documentation of grave sites or burials.
DATE: 02/03/2002 SUBMITTER: James G. Fish
My Great grand mother who died in Vinton County around 1920 was named Angeline BARNETTE. She married my grt grandfather William GRAVES who was born in Vinton County abt 1856, married Angeline Abt 1878, and died in VInton Co abt 1927. Their chidren were FLOYD (my grandfather), Leonard who I think was a half brother, Toy ,who died in Vinton Co in the 1940s and BELLE, their sister. They were all Graves. Any info on Angeline would be my greatest request.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Ruth Tilton Delorenzis
George Moses TILTON lived in Circleville Oh. died sept 30, 1933. Buried in unknown cemetery section 52 grave #126. Married Rachael Margaret STEPHENS aug 17, 1891. Trying to find birthdate, cementery name/location and names of any relatives. Believe parents are John TILTON and Margaret WALTON.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Jennifer Urbina
I am looking for any information on my grandfather Hugh Leslie GIBSON and his parents James GIBSON and Stella Cotton HAMMOND (That is her Maiden Name). Hugh was born on 17 April 1899 in Allensville, Ohio and died in May 1987 in Tucson, AZ. ANY information would be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Joe Kurtz
Looking for any information on the above families. They lived in the area 1898 - 1940.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Sarah Steel
James DEWBERRY aged 47 died January 4th 1865 in Danville Prison in Virginia. He enlisted in defense of his country the 30th of April 1863 immediately following the fall of Fort Somter, as a member of the 12th Ohio Infantry in which regiment he also enlisted in the three year service the 19th of June 1861. He endured all the hardships and trials incident to a soldiers life. In Feb'y 1864 he enlisted the veteran service at a member of the 93 d Ohio Infantry, and was taken prisoner of war the 24th of July 1864 and confined at Danville. Who was the parent of James DEWBERRY and who did James DEWBERRY marry? Rachel NUNEMAKER married some one by the last name of DEWBERRY in the 1860s.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Ruth Davis
Looking for descendants of Creed W. and Jamima Ann [AUSTIN] POWERS they were born in Va. But some of their children move to Vinton Co. OH. I have pictures of Powers and Bennett family reuion taken in Vinton Co. in the late 1930's maybe 1938/39.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Patti
I am looking for more information on William L. DOUGLAS. He was living in Vinton county Ohio around 1880. His first marriage was to a Mertie Belle ? and his second marriage was to Margaret BECK.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Roxanne Steely
Looking for information on Joseph McGAHA & Elizabeth KILLE married in Vinton Co. at McArthur 6 December 1863. I am looking for information primarily on Joseph McGaha. I am looking for information leading to his parents name, etc. Any information would be helpful.
DATE: 01/30/2002 SUBMITTER: Harold McDonald
Seeking any info or help on the family of Henderson JONES, and wife Margaret MCGRAW. Henderson and Margaret had a daughter, Mary Magdalene JONES, born 26 January 1860, place unknown, and died 14 October 1913 in Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio. Mary married Jordan WALTON, 5 September 1878 in Vinton County. I have been unable to find any info on this JONES family, other than Henderson JONES being buried in Puritan Cemetery.
DATE: 01/21/2002 SUBMITTER: Carol
I am looking for information about the old Swan School on St rt 93. Would like to have photos and info of what the school looked like in its prime.
DATE: 01/21/2002 SUBMITTER: Richard D. Morgan
Decendant of Jacob MORGAN, Ruth THOMPSON. Fred MITCHELL, Icy STEELE. Looking for any information. Have info will share with all. If you are looking for current location photographs, or period photos, obits etc of above names, tombstones etc. I'll send them via E-mail. Provided request is within reason and time permits, I can also send pics of tombstone for anyone if you give directions. Grandmother Icy Steele's cousin was Harold Steele killed as Sherriff in 1970. Other cousin LLoyd owned/operated Steele's motel. Icy served as superintendant of Children's home for short period. Hobart Steele operated a country store near Orland and Starr.
DATE: 01/15/2002 SUBMITTER: Michelle
I will greatly appreciate any assistance on any of these names!
DATE: 01/10/2002 SUBMITTER: Don M Drake
In the early 1930's my grandparents operated the central telephone office from their house in Hamden -- I was born there 1931-- Does anyone know the location of this building & does it still exist??
DATE: 01/10/2002 SUBMITTER: Audrey Buskirk Read
BUSKIRK, BELFORD, TATMAN, FISHER are family names in Richland Twp, Vinton County in the mid 1800's. Will be appreciative for all who stayed in Ohio. My Grandfather went to Illinois - Hilas Elmer Buskirk.
DATE: 01/10/2002 SUBMITTER: Kelly Nupp
Seeking info on Mary (ROBISON) FELTY. She died July 19, 1888 Dundas, Vinton County. She is the daughter of John and Caroline ROBISON who settled in the Vinton/Jackson County Ohio area prior to 1880. Some of her siblings also lived in Vinton county for a while in the 1880's.
DATE: 01/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Bob Reed
Patrick REED d. 1862, Vinton County in Yeager Cem. cannot locate Cem.. Has anyone knowledge of where it is located?
DATE: 01/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Art Binhack
Looking for information about William CONDRON and Ann SMITH CONDRON.
DATE: 01/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Lowell Comstock
William R COMSTOCK left Meigs county OH in about 1858. I recently located a William COMSTOCK who died in Vinton Twsp on 3/2/1887 and had a will probated on 3/10/1887. The Will was to his wife and for property in Radcliff OH and Meigs county. If I could get info on the Death records and Will perhaps I could determine if this is My great-great Grandfather--William R COMSTOCK. Would like to know who this William was married to and when and from where he relocated to Vinton twsp. No record of him in the 1860 and 1870 census in Vinton twsp.
DATE: 01/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Shirley Friel
Searching for information on Joseph PHILLIPS, b. 1877. Had illegitimate daughter, Beulah PHILLIPS, in 1911 in Vinton Co., Ohio with Myrtie Ann MILLER dau. of John and Alta (CLAY) MILLER.
DATE: 01/04/2002 SUBMITTER: Debbie Hodge
I am looking for info on Peter EMLIGH/EMISH and his first wife Margaret WERNER EMLIGH. They lived in Zaleski during the mid 1860's where their son Frank was born. In 1870 they were living in Carbondale. Peter died in 1911 in Mineral. They had a daughter Anne who was listed in the 1870 census but not the 1880 census. I believe Anne died shortly before Margaret died in 1875. They were originally Catholic so I believe they attended St. Sylvester's. Does St. Sylvester's still exist? Has the cemetery ever been listed? Is there a Madison Township Cemeteries book published and for sale? Is the Ferguson Cemetery close by? What archdiocese does St. Sylvester's fall under? I would greatly appreciate any info possible.
DATE: 12/17/2001 SUBMITTER: Patty
Looking for information on my grandmother, Delma MALONE (b.6/24/07). After her mother's death, she may have went to live with her grandmother/father near McArthur. She was told by the man believed to have been her father, Ed MALONE, that she was not related to him. Don't know the rest of the story, but need to find out. (Medical reasons) Anyone with any info, please let me know. Her mother was Hattie Ellen ALLMAN-MALONE, d. 1916. Hattie's mother, Eliza CALDWELL-ALLMAN.
DATE: 12/17/2001 SUBMITTER: Tracy Newman
I have a copy of a picture that was in a Vinton Co. Newspaper (sorry I don't know which one, but probably the McArthur Democrat Enquirer). It is a picture of what Haburn School (near Puritan) pupils looked like in 1910. It was taken by Rufus H. DYE, the teacher, of his elementary pupils (first thru ninth). He also developed the picture and gave it to Mella POTTS as a reward for getting the most head marks in the spelling class. Listed under a picture that was taken February 8, 1910. Among the pupils listed are: "Ortha POTTS, Leo POTTS, (deceased)Willie HABURN, Mildred POTTS KRIEBEL, Blanche JOLLY ADCOCK, Mella POTTS MURDOCK, Bernice EBERTS FRAZEE, Harley POTTS, Edna POTTS FRAZEE, Eva JOLLY STARK, Faye ROOF KIRKENDALL, Hazel HABURN, Blanche GARRETT, Eva POTTS FRANK, Marie CARR, Raymond EBERTS (deceased), George MALONE, Grace JAYJOHN BETHEL (deceased), Florence POTTS BAKER (deceased), Ella HABURN, Elizabeth JOLLY, Meda HAYBURN, Virgil BOLTON, Levi JOLLY, Guy POTTS." Mella married Lawarence MURDOCK who is the son of my husband's great great Aunt on the Paternal side of his father. Also in the picture is his Great Uncle on the Maternal side of his father. I am trying to untie the Potts in this paticular picture. Are they all related from the same family?? We seem to be related to many of the pupils but haven't been able to sort out the Potts. If you are able to help I would appreciate. I would be happy to scan and send this picture to anyone interested as well.
DATE: 12/17/2001 SUBMITTER: Marilyn Browder
Looking for information on a Maude MCCUNE who married Warren MCKINNIS in Vinton Co. 5-16-1902. Maude died 1917. These are my grandparents. Any information will be appreciated.
DATE: 12/17/2001 SUBMITTER: Ernie Wright
Searching for the burial place and dates of death of Frank HAGER And Bessie BALL HAGER had son Ernest HAGER that was buried in Vinton County. Obituary showed Bessie BALL HAGER still living 1945.

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