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Vinton County Ohio - 1850 Mortality Schedule

All data was copied from the National Archives Microcopy T1159 Roll 15, Call number 929.3771Fe
Mortality Schedules - Ohio 1850, Medina Co. - Wyandot Co.
This is Schedule 3 of the 1850 Federal Census. It consists of three pages of information about people who died in the year preceeding the census. Therefore this is a list of people who died during the year ending 1 June 1850.
In addition, the compiler of the Mortality Schedule included comments about the minerals and farming conditions of the county. I have included these comments in a separate file which is at this link.

Columns shown with a number here are:
4- color (assume white if no entry; M=mulatto)
5- free or slave (all in Vinton County have no entry, therefore assume Free)
6- married or widowed (M or W, if no entry assume single)

Cause of death:
Some of the diseases mentioned are:
The names in this list are in the order in which they occured in schedule 3, which may possibly be used to determine in which family they occured in the population census if schedule 3 was filled out at the same time. However if it was created from doctor's records, the deaths would not be in the same order.
The following group of people are on two pages headed as "District 148 in the County of Vinton, state of Ohio enumerated by me. David Jones, ass't. Marshal.

name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or      	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death  	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Colvin, Eliza J.      	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	          	unknown         	sudden  
Winters, Ann M.       	72   	F	 	 	M	Pa.        	Feb  	          	dropsy          	3 mo.   
Stevens, Mary E.      	3/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jan  	          	lung fever      	1 mo.   
Colvin, William       	38   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Sep  	Farmer    	consumption     	3 mo.   
Appleman, Hester      	08   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Dec  	          	measles         	25      
Bobo, Lambert         	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	lung fever      	5       
Ullum, Elizabeth      	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	cholera infantum	50      
Morey, Alfred?        	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	lung fever      	14      
Faulkner, Lucinda     	02   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jan  	          	unknown         	20      
Brown, Maria          	6/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	teething        	10      
Elrick, Annetta       	1/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	unknown         	10      
Barker, Sally A.      	34   	F	 	 	W	Ohio       	May  	          	consumption     	12      
Martin, Joseph        	45   	M	 	 	M	Va         	Dec  	Farmer    	dispepsy?       	C       
Rice, Ethalinda       	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	dropsy Brain    	7       
Brewer, infant        	1/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jan  	          	unknown         	9       
Canny?, Sarah         	30   	F	 	 	M	Pa         	Sep  	          	flux            	15      
Canny?, Samuel        	06?  	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	flux            	5       
Robinet, Sarah        	17   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	flux            	5       
Robinet, Ann E.       	07   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	cancer          	C       
Dickson, Jane         	08   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	flux            	11      
Wilson, Melinda       	09   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	flux            	5       
Wilson, Levi          	06   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	flux            	11      
Wilson, William W.    	04   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	flux            	14      
Martin, Susannah      	27   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Dec  	          	inflam. Brain   	5       
Martin, Frances       	02   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	flux            	4       
Stephens, Rachel A.   	3/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jan  	          	unknown         	3 wks.  
Shry, Clarissa        	4/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	chol. infant.   	4       
Shry, Sarah L.        	4/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	chol. infant.   	4       
Stull, Rovannah       	27   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Jan  	          	unknown         	sudden  
Leech, Robert         	28   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Feb  	Blacksmith	consumption     	16 wks. 
Yeager, George        	41   	M	 	 	M	Pa         	Apr  	Tanner    	consumption     	C       
Champlain, Arminda    	19   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	          	lung fever      	6 wks.  
Arbaugh, Elizabeth    	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	flux            	18      
Peck, Emily           	31   	F	 	 	M	Va         	Jun  	          	consumption     	C       
Cummings, James M.    	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	flux            	28      


name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or      	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death  	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Mace, Charlotte       	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	flux            	3       
Gleeson, Godfrey S.   	07   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	imflam. brain   	30      
Conley, Domany        	93   	M	 	 	M	N.J.       	Dec  	none      	old age         	        
Shepherd, Amelia      	60   	F	 	 	W	N.Y.       	May  	          	hemorage        	1       
Cooper, Elizabeth     	48   	F	 	 	M	Va         	Nov  	          	accident        	sudden  
Young, Mary A.        	06   	F	 	 	 	Maine      	Jul  	          	consumption     	C       
Young, Hannah         	64   	F	 	 	W	Vermont    	Aug  	          	accident        	sudden  
Yarger, Joseph        	19   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	farmer    	lung fever      	8       
Cozad, Abram          	49   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Sep  	farmer    	(unreadable)    	9       
Remy, John            	32   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Apr  	farmer    	typhoid fever   	14      
Wilcox, Mary E.       	02   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	          	inflam. bowels  	21      
Martindill, Moses     	47   	M	 	 	M	Va         	Jun  	          	dyspepsy        	C       
Thompson, Ann         	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	diarhoea?       	3 mo.   
Cox, Elizabeth        	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jun  	          	chola. infantm  	14      
Seymour, Simon       	6/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	lung fever      	28      
Durant, Avira         	1/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jun  	          	croup           	1       
Shepherd, Abner       	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	lung fever      	12      
Wells, Stephen        	27   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	farmer    	(?) swelling    	C       
Williams, Sarah       	40   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Feb  	          	unknown         	sudden  
Tatman, Clarissa      	unk  	F	 	 	M	Md.        	Aug  	          	unknown         	3 mo.   
Ankrom, Solomon       	21   	M	 	 	 	Pa         	Jun  	farmer    	typhus fever    	21      
Ankrom, John          	17   	M	 	 	 	Pa         	Jun  	farmer    	typhus fever    	8       
Lacy, Juli Ann        	38   	F	 	 	M	Md.        	Nov  	          	unknown         	sudden  
Hammond, Minerva J.   	02   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jun  	          	scarlet fever   	10      

males			21
females			38
Total no. deaths	59
Page 3 is headed by a line that appears to read "in 205? of district 148, County of Vinton, state of Ohio, Wes? or (Thos.?) Crune___? (name unreadable), ass't marshal.

name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or      	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death  	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Greean, Eugene?       	2/12 	M	 	 	 	O          	Dec  	          	congestion      	14      
Clark, Isaac? N.      	01   	M	 	 	 	O          	May  	          	S___? fev.      	5       
Crow, Elizabeth       	40  	F	 	 	W	Penn       	Jan  	          	dropsy          	C       
Terner, William       	01  	M	 	 	 	O          	May  	          	croup           	1       
Dunkel, Nancy         	34  	F	 	 	M	O          	Nov  	          	unknown         	47      
Chinoweth, Sarah      	49  	F	 	 	M	Penn       	Mar  	          	fever           	11      
Redfaren, Nancy E.    	1/12	F	 	 	 	O          	May  	          	burn            	14      
Hass, Abraham         	53  	M	 	 	M	Penn       	May  	farmer    	liver complaint 	9       
McManic, Robert M.    	03  	M	 	 	 	O          	Jan  	          	mesels?         	8       
Lee, Hannah           	59  	F	 	 	M	Penn       	Jan  	          	unknown         	C       
Lee, Elizabeth        	26  	F	 	 	M	O          	Mar  	          	consumption     	C       
Finny, Josephus?      	02  	M	 	 	 	O          	Oct  	          	lung fever      	14      
Eagleston, Lucinda    	36  	F	 	 	M	unknown    	Apr  	          	consumption     	C       
Starling, Elizabeth   	79  	F	 	 	M	Penn       	Jun  	          	unknown         	C       
Dalton, Nickils?      	01  	M	 	 	 	O          	Jan  	          	bronkitus       	7       
Ellis, Susan          	41  	F	 	 	M	O          	Jul  	          	lung fever      	39?     
Andrill?, Elizabeth   	75  	F	 	 	M	Virginia   	May  	          	dropsy          	60      
Wal, Adalad           	42  	F	 	 	M	Mass       	Feb  	          	scarlet fever   	14      
Bartlet, Sylvenis?    	51  	M	 	 	M	Mass       	Sep  	farmer    	Br. fever       	14      
Weed, Rachel          	64? 	F	 	 	W	Conn       	Sep  	          	consumption     	C       
Mathena, Delila       	12m 	F	 	 	 	O          	Aug  	          	color.???       	12      

Between Page 1 and Page 3 is this table:

Elk Township free population	1221
McArthur Town Township		 424
Brown Township			 648
Clinton Township		 886
Vinton Township		 460
Harrison Township		 580
Richland Township		1173
Wilkesville Township		1037
Eagle Township			 476
Jackson Township		 835
Total				7760

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