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List of Luxemborgers in Seneca County


John Webber

1850 Seneca Co. Census


Marc Archer

*Seneca County, Ohio History and Families", 1998 (indexed)

Seneca Co. Gen. Soc.

Deb Freedman

**Seneca County, Ohio, Cemetery Inscriptions

Seneca Co. Gen. Soc.

Deb Freedman

**Marriages of Seneca County, Ohio, 1841-1899

Seneca Co. Gen Soc.

Deb Freedman

Tiffin Mayor's Docket #22, Oct. 25, 1944 - Sep. 14, 1946

City of Tiffin, Allan B. Kernan, Mayor

Stephen J. Hartzell

Minutes of the Sandusky Valley Holstein Club 1948 - 1969

The Sandusky Valley Holstein Club

Stephen J. Hartzell

Calender of the United Bible Class 1913 - 1914

Harmony Methodist Episcopal Church

Stephen J. Hartzell

1820-1900 Censuses


Alice Allen


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**Permission to use granted by Bill Brashares, 2000 President of the Seneca Co. Genealogical Society

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