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PRICE posted by Kenneth Fawley on Friday, March 2, 2001
Would like to find information concerning Susannah Price, wife of Samuel Price. Samuel Price died in Seneca County, Ohio in 1859, and his widow was still living. Susan was born about 1803. When she married Samuel in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1830, her name was Susannah Shaver, but it is not known if this was her maiden name or not. She was still living in Seneca County, Ohio in the 1860's

HAGERMAN posted by Marg Hunter on Monday, March 5, 2001
Seeking info on a Hagerman family in Seneca Co. Ohio.. The only information I have is from a slip of paper found among my late father's Genealogy papers... simply says..(not written in his handwriting) "James Hagerman Father Alzon Hagerman (might be Alonzo?) Tiffin, Ohio Grandfather Lewis Hagerman Tiffin Ohio Great Grandfather Richard Hagerman Family here in 1735" Appears to have possibly be written by a "James Hagerman 213 W Barnes St. Napoleon Ohio" Guessing this was written in the 1960's (could be wrong on that count though) Anyone connect with this Hagerman family? Any information really appreciated! Thanks Marg (Hagerman) Hunter

KEMP posted by Sandy Carter on Sunday, March 11, 2001
I am looking for information on the KEMP family. Charles Nicholas KEMP was born at Tiffin, January 20, 1846 the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan KEMP. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

HARGER, WICKERHAM posted by G. Stevens on Thursday, March 15, 2001
I am seeking information on Samuel Harger and Elizabeth Wickerham who were found in the 1850 Census in Big Springs Twp. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. G. Stevens

CAVEN, SNEATH posted by Selma Bonewald on Monday, March 19, 2001
Looking for info on the SNEATH family who came to Seneca Co. Ohio by the early 1830's. Robert SNEATH is the s/o Richard and Sarah (CAVEN)SNEATH.

COLE, FAIRSON posted by Tamara Bennett on Monday, March 19, 2001
I am looking for birth, death or marriage records for: Cora Bell Fairson b. 1 December 1871 ?County Jacob Fairson (her Dad) Mary Cole (herMoM) If you have any details please let me know Thank you Tamara Bennett

HAFFEY, OHAFFEY posted by Alice Goodson Woodby on Friday, March 30, 2001
Alice Mary (or Mary Alice) Haffey was born in Tiffin on July 30 1905 to James Haffey (or O'Haffey) and his wife Dorinda. They moved to Toledo. I need more information about this family. Thank you, Alice

ENGLER, RUSH posted by Deb Rush on Saturday, March 31, 2001
I am looking for information on Jacob Rush that married Sarah Ann Engler in Seneca Co. Ohio. They were married in 1844.

HILE posted by Jimi Vernie on Sunday, April 1, 2001
Looking for George Hile, Seneca County,early 1900s first wife, Christena Tawney, second, Matilda (last name unknown) Children: Harley Hope, Hazel, Adam Leroy & George Deloss- most interested in Deloss and what happened to farm owned by George and where this Hile clan came from in Germany and when.

NOON, ODAY posted by Charlene on Monday, April 2, 2001
Looking for information on Bridget Noon O'Day and her husband, John. They were married August 9, 1852 in Seneca County. Can someone look up a marriage record or see if there is a reference to a death certificate for either one? Thanks.

HILE, TAWNEY posted by Jimi Vernie on Wednesday, April 4, 2001
George Hile and Christena Tawney owned farm in Seneca Co in early 1900's found in 1900 and 1910 census. But, by 1910 George married to Matilda ? son, Deloss living at home. children include: Harley Hope, Hazel jane, Adam Leroy and George Deloss. What happened to Matilda? Why did Adam and Deloss go to Oklahoma - by 1920, in Oklahoma City? When did George die? what happened to farm??

DUNDORE, FEASEL, HOY, LYNCH posted by Cheryl Rogers on Saturday, April 7, 2001
I am looking for anyone who is working on the Hoy Family. Samuel Henry Hoy was born in Henry County Ohio abt 1857 and died April 23, 1942 in Seneca County. Was married to Clara Elizabeth Jacobus on November 2, 1881 in Henry County Ohio. Clara was born March 1, 1862 in Henry County Ohio, and died Dec. 22, 1937 in Adams Township, Seneca County. They had eight children. Chalmer Edward Hoy born November 1882 died December 1, 1960. Married to Fern Etta Collins January 4, 1913 Alma May Hoy born July 23, 1885 died February 11, 1977 Married to Franklin Ralph Saunders abt 1920 Mable Mary Hoy born June 1888 died November 30, 1968 Married to Jack Albert Hughes March 18, 1906 Frank Eugene Hoy born November 18, 1892 died May 3, 1963. Married to Katheryne C. Lynch Abt 1916 Ralph W. Hoy born September 1893 and died January 19, 1919 in Michigan John Wesley Hoy born December 1896 and died April 16, 1897 Nina Dorcas Hoy born November 27, 1898 died December 17, 1980 in Florida. Married John Tanner Robert J. Hoy born April 13, 1907 died November 27,, 1962. Married to Audra Elizabeth Growel November 28,1935

NESSELRODT, PRICE posted by Kenneth Fawley on Sunday, April 8, 2001
Seeking information on the family of Samuel NESSELRODT and his wife Elizabeth PRICE. They were married in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1849, and I understand went to Seneca County, Ohio shortly there after. Elizabeth would have been born about 1831. Thank you. Ken Fawley

BRINKMAN, BUTLER posted by Joyce Butler Layman on Thursday, April 12, 2001
JAMES L. BUTLER, b.April 13,1812 in Maryland, d. April 1,1892, Bridgewater, Williams Co, m. (1) SARAH,born Maryland, bef 1838 probably in Maryland or Ohio. Per Ohio census they had six known children: Mary C.,b. bt 1838; Margaret A.,b.Abt 1840; Sarah J.,b.Abt 1842; Rebecca A. b.Abt 1842; Delilah b.Abt1845; and William,b.1850. This is first family of my great grandfather, James L. Butler. Interested in parents of James and Sarah,Sarah's burial location,and any desscendants of their children. James married (2) Catharine BRINKMAN , b. Baden, Germany, in Seneca Co., February 25, 1855. James and Catharine subsequently relocated to Williams County without any of the first family, and had 10 children, 8 of whom lived to adulthood. These are Charles Ellsworth, Thomas J., William, Martin, Benjamin, George A., Lewis, and John E. Information on this second family also welcomed.

WYMER posted by Sharon Smith on Friday, April 27, 2001
Looking for info on my gg grandfather, Adam Wymer. He was living in your Seneca Co., Jackson Twp. in 1870, according to the census. Do not know if he died there, who his family (mom, dad, & siblings) were? His wife was Jane, children:Jane, Elizabeth,Mary, Joseph,Sarah, Louiza, and Ella. Thanks for any info. Sharon

BUCHANAN, COFFMAN posted by Linda Rigsby on Sunday, April 29, 2001
I am looking for information on Rhedas Coffman who was born in Virginia but spent some time in Seneca County, Ohio. He was married to Lille Catherine Buchanan.

posted by Harry Myers on Monday, April 30, 2001
My Myers were born in Perry Co.Pa.and my gfather moved to Clyde Sandusky Co. 1898. I'm now searching the counties around Sandusky Co. for any others that may have moved to this area of Ohio.When I checked in Seneca Co.queries I found some of the married names such as Hartzell. That is why I wanted to list my Query here in Seneca Co. below is info I have to this time. If you see any names that might match contact me. Harry Philip Myers b: Sept 15 1790 d: Sept 14 1864 m: Magdalena [last name ukn.] b;Aug. 12 1787 d: June 10 1864 1. Philip b:May 18 1822 d:Dec. 6 1871 1st. marriage: Philip Myers Jr. m: to Sarah J.[last name unknown] Philip and Sarah J. had the following children: 1. Edward b: 1844-45 d: March 27 1904 m: Elizabeth ? b;12/8/1842 d:3/6/1910 c/o Edward and Elizabeth a. Charles E. b: 1867 d: 9/15/1886 b. Jno [John] c.Mary d. Sarah 2. Lucette b: 1846 m: ? Hartzell 3. Mary E. b: 9/3/1848 d:2/15/1923 m:George Miller c/o Mary and George a. Charles b. Forest c. daughter ? m: A.G. Gillespie 4. Catherine A. b:8/27/1850 d;11/2/1906 m: Amos Rhoades c/o Catherine and Amos a. Annie Florence b:3/4/1894 d. 1912 b. Olive Blanche b.7/4/1875 d.2/16/1880 2nd. marriage: Philip Myers Jr. m: to Catherine Long. Philip and Catherine had the following children: 1.Mary [ Sarah] Jane [aka: Aunt Jennie Myers] b:1/25/1852 d:3/20/1912 2. Angeline b: 1853 3. Fianna b: 1855 m: George Foley 4. Levi b: 4/11/1857 d: 4/14/1929 m: Catherine Hackenburg b:8/16/1848 d:12/10/1912 c/o Levi and Catherine a.Jay a. b. 12/23/1889 d. 7/8/1964 m: Blanche Krebs [Crebs] 2/22/1910 c/o Jay and Blanche a. Katherine b. Gordan c. Warren 5. Daniel b: 1859 6. Nancy Elmira b: 7/8/1861 d. 9/28/1863 7. Malinda b: 1863 m: Thompson W. Crossley 1/6/1886 8. Emma b: 1866 9. William Henry b:9/24/1868 d:4/11/1944 m: 10/20/1903 Jessie Dora[Smith] b:8/25/1867 d:1/14/1921 c/o William and Jessie a. Jay Lester b:2/12/1925 d:12/28/1960 b: son unk: died in infancy 10. Frank A. [My Grandfather] b: 12/28/1870 d:8/14/1924 m: 1st 12/21/1894 Mary Jane [Favinger] b:4/12/1873 d: 2/13/1908 c/o Frank and Mary a.Mabel Irene b:(abt.)May 3 1895 d: 8/3/1899 b.Catherine Elizabeth b:(abt.)Dec.12 1897 d:7/27/1899 c.Harry Arthur [My Father] b: 7/19/1900 (note*) d:2/18/1984 When Harry filed for birth record for S.S. none could be found.The information he gathered they came up with 7/12/1900.During my quest for my Grandfather and Grandmother. I came across his birth date in Sandusky County Probate Courts Records Vol. 3 Pg. 153 as Myerer. m:2nd 4/7/1909 Ella [Shaffer] b:11/12/1872 d:9/25/1945 no children

BUCHANAN, COFFMAN posted by Linda Rigsby on Monday, April 30, 2001
Seeking information on Floyd Coffman, son of Rhedas Coffman and Lillie Catherine Buchanan Coffman.

MAHLER, MORGAN, SMITH posted by Elwood R. Flanagan on Wednesday, May 2, 2001
Looking for information on Edward Neal SMITH, born in Tiffin OH. on 18April1937. Married Donna Mahler. Father, Richard Smith married Mae E. Morgan.

CONNOR, KING posted by James Perry on Friday, May 4, 2001
Mrs. John King and Mrs Jerry King (both of Tiffin) attended the funeral of Margaret (O'Connor) O'Connell in May of 1894. I suspect that these women were sisters of Margaret (i.e., maiden name O'Connor). I am seeking information to confirm this hunch. John Connor and Steven Connor(both of Tiffin) also attended the above referenced funeral. Any information on any of these individuals will be greatly appreciated above

DAVIS, OGDEN, REEP, WEAVER posted by Mary Weaver on Sunday, May 6, 2001
George Washington Weaver (B. 7-13-1816 in PA)and Eliza Jane Davis (B. 6-8-1824)were married about 1840 in Franklin Co.PA (near Hagerstown M In 1849 the family traveled to Seneca County. They were accompanied by two Davis brothers (one probably named James whose wife was probably Elizabeth), their sister Sara and their mother. They settled near Republic. From 1849 to 1861 they lived on the Josiah Reep farm,Geese Pond Farm and Gil Ogden farm.)Their religion was Dunkard. I am researching the family, Josiah Reep, the aforementioned farms and where I might contact a church for any records of these families.E-mail me at

MANN, REILLY posted by Peggy Duckwall on Sunday, May 6, 2001
Looking for info on William C. Mann,lived in Attica in Seneca County 1906.With wife Helen Reilley Mann in same 1909thru 1911.My grandparents.Looking for their parents.New to this please help

BOSTIC, LITTRELL posted by Jim Littrell on Tuesday, May 8, 2001
JAMES WILLIAM & CATHERINE ALMA BOSTIC LITTRELL these are my grandparents whom I know almost nothing about. He was born about 1848 in WVA & she about 1880 in Ohio. Had about 8 kids, Donna, Eva, Emma, Eugene, Ted, Melvin, Juanita. Ted & Melvin lived in the Tiffen area until their deaths in the 1960-1980's. Would appreciate any help in finding out about grandpa & grandmas families Thanks & GOD bless

UNGER/RAMSOWER/CHRISTLEIB/SWIGART/MEEKS/HOLLINGER I am looking for others researching John C. Fremont UNGER 1857 IN- 1905 SEN/OH & S.S.Edna RAMSOWER UNGER 1838-1942 SEN/OH...John C. FREMONT'S siblings : Cyrus, Charles Franklin, Theodore, Arthur, Minnie....Any information is appreciated. Please also email me directly if posting a reply to this query. C. Bryant, please contact me....Thank you,Shar

SWIGART posted by Shar on Wednesday, May 16, 2001
SWIGART/UNGER/SINSENCY I am looking for others researching Joseph SWIGART 1802MD-1882 SEN/OH & Susanna SINSENCY SWIGART 1803MD-1871 SEN/OH, their children who came to Seneca Co.:SWIGART:William, George, Theodore, Amanda, Aaron, Anna P. who married George UNGER. Any information would be appreciated...Please also email me directly if responding to this query...Thank you, Shar

BECK, HUSTON, SHEARER posted by Yvonne Delamater on Thursday, May 17, 2001
I'm looking for information on the descendants of George Thomas HUSTON and Emma SHEARER. George Thomas was born 7 Sep 1873 to Sharp HUSTON, mother's name unknown, in Liteville, Illinois and died 1 Sep 1936 in Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio. He married Emma SHEARER about 1901. Emma was born about 1865/66 in Burton City, Wayne County, Ohio to Mary Ann BECK and Adam SHEARER. Emma was still alive in 1941. I would like to know also when Emma died.

ROOP posted by Mary Weaver on Sunday, May 20, 2001
Dr. J. Roop came to Scipio Twp. in 1843. Josiah Roop & Jonas Roop were subscribers to Butterfield History in 1847. Josiah Roop was a member of DeMolay Comamadery, K.T. organized 8-10-1848. Does anyone know if Josiah Roop may have been a Dunkard minister who owned a farm and a water powered saw- mill in Scipio Twp? Also seeking information on how to contact a Dunkard (Brethren) Church in the Republic area. E-mail: Thanks

DIXON, WEST, WOOD posted by Linda Dietz on Tuesday, May 22, 2001
In 1926 listed in their mother's obit were Turner WEST and Mrs. Charles DIXON. They were the children of Montroville and Doxey WOOD WEST. They were living in Fostoria at this time. Anyone reseaching these names?

WALTERS, WEIDRICH posted by Walter Heidenreich on Wednesday, May 23, 2001
I am looking for any information of names of children of Michael and Margaret Weidrich Walters. I have 2 so far, Henry Walters b. 1847 and Joseph b. 1858. I am sure there were more children

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