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[Block] Queries of Sandusky County (If you would like to have your Surname or Query added to this page, Visit the Query Page for more information.)
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  • [Block] Kin Hunters of Sandusky County

    [Block] Look Up Volunteers

    [Block] Genealogy Look Up Forum

    [Block] Sandusky County, Ohio Civil War Soldiers Database By Richard L. Manion and Nan Card. This Database Contains "Men who either enlisted from Sandusky County or were credited to the county as soldiers during the Civil War."

    [Block] Cemeteries of Sandusky County (Under construction)

    [Block] Townships of Sandusky County (This includes a map and links to the surrounding OHGenWeb Counties.)

    [Block] Directory of Home Owners, 1934-35 of Sandusky County (This is a work in progress.)

    [Block] A little history on Fremont the county seat.

    [Block] A little history of Sandusky County. (From The Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe.)

  • More About Fremont
  • Clyde, Woodville, Gibsonburg, Lindsey and Townsend
  • [Block] Sandusky County, Ohio Resources (Lists People Willing to Do Lookups in Sandusky County.) If you have a Sandusky County source in your personal library PLEASE think about becoming a lookup Volunteer.

    [Block] If you have Sandusky County surnames or doing Sandusky Co. research be sure to check out the scrapbook that was found by Daniel Potter and donated to the USGenWeb, now in the possession of Gwen Oliver. She has transcribed some of the old newspaper articles in this scrapbook, and found that there are alot of articles pertaining to people from Sandusky Co., Ohio.

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    [Block] Sandusky County Links

    [Block] Join the OHSANDUS mailing list! This list is a mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Sandusky County, Ohio. Mailing address for postings is [email protected]. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to [email protected] (mail mode) or [email protected] (digest mode).

    [Block] My Sandusky County Page (This contains information on the county formation, location, history, addresses to seek information on your ancestors, etc.)

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