Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio

FREMONT, a city in northern Ohio, the seat of Sandusky Co., situated on the Sandusky River, 30 miles southeast of Toledo and 80 miles southwest of Cleveland. The city is primarily an industrial community, located in a farming area. Known as Lower Sandusky, the name changed to Fremont in 1849 in honor of General John C. Fremont, who had justed blazed a trail to California. Fremont was incorporated as a city in 1867 and has the major-council form of government. During the War of 1812 Fort Stephenson, which was located nearby, was the scene of a memorable engagement. The outnumbered garrison force under Major George Croghan routed an attacking force of British and Indians in 1813 with the aid of a single six-pound field piece. Croghan is buried in Fort Stephenson Park, in the heart of Fremont's present business district. Spiegel Grove Park was once the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes.

The Old Cemetery
Whittlesey Cemetery

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