Troy Township Meeting Notes (Partial)

A Transcription of Troy Township Meeting Notes (partial entries, not all pages transcribed)

Richland County, Ohio


At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Township of Troy the first after the Incorporation thereof held on the 11th day of October 1814 the following officers were elected, that is ---- Amariah Watson - Town Clerk, Calvin Culver - Constable, John Young, Jacob Mitchel and Solomon Culver - Trustees, Wesley Spratt - Treasurer.

I hereby certify that the above officers have been qualified as the Law directs Amariah Watson.


At a meeting of the Trustees of the Township of Troy on the 6th day of March 1815 the following business was then settled, viz.

The treasurer received a note against Solomon Lee for forty four dollars payable on the 31st day of July 1815. Said Lee is to have redacted from the above Note pay for keeping a horse this sum allowed by law for a year.


An order granted John Young for 45 cts for his services on the 6th day of March 1815.

An order granted Jacob Mitchell for 75 cts for services on the 6th day of March 1815.

An order granted Amariah Watson for 75 service on the 6th day of March 1815.


At the second Election held in the Township of Troy May 19th the Trustees viz. Daniel McMichael Township Clerk, Solomon Culver, John Young, and Jacob Mitchel Trustees. Wesley Spratt treasurer, John Van Dorn Constable, Ichabod Clark and Andrew Perkins -ence via Samuel Watson Appraiser, Jacob Cook Lister Amariah Watson & Samuel McClure Overseers of the Poor. Aron Young, Wm. Gass Alex Mahr & Amariah Watson Supervisors.


We or Either of us do hold ourselves bound in the penel sum of four hundred dollars for the good and fair performance of the office of township treasurer for the township of Troy given under our hands at New Lexington this 3rd Aprile 1815 --

Attest treasurer Wesley Spratt

Danl. McMichael security Amariah Watson


We the under signed being appointed to value the keeping and expences of taking up an stray creature take up by Solomon Lee, do under non Corporeal Oaths allow Nineteen dollars and fifty cents. April 3rd 1815

Saml McClure

Saml Watson

Alex Mann


John Young to enquire into the (page cut off) of poor children that are said to be abused by John Fortner.


At a meeting of the trustees of Troy Township on the 16th of Decb. 1815 a tax was Laid the same as the County tax.

Attest Danl. McMichael

John Young

Jacob Mitchel present


March 4th 1816 one trustee & one supervisor viz. Jacob Mitchel & Wm. Gass met at Jacob Cooks according to Law.

Attest Danl. McMichael T.C.


John Young Commission for Magistrate is dated the third day of May 1816


At a meeting of the trustees of Troy Township on 7th Sept. 1816 ordered that James Harris be Constable and that John Mitchel be Supervisor, the 4th district Ordered that a Road tax be laid equel to the County tax for the year 1816 which is thereby cts for horse creatures an ten for horned cattle each.

Isaac Miller

trustees Wm. Gass

Andrew Perkins

John Miller


March the 5th 1817 the trustees of Troy Township bought a blank Book, for the use of Sd. Township, the price of it four dollars.

March 3rd 1817 Received of the trustees of troy township nineteen dollars. Township money received by me.

John Miller Saml. McClure


July 7th 1817 the trustees of Troy Township met according to law and done the following business.

First agreed that their had to be a road tax laid equal to the County tax (viz.) thirty cents for each horse creature and ten cents for each cow creature and one half percent for other taxable property.

Likewise for each stud horse the amount by the Season of Said horse.

Wm. Webster

John Miller Cyrus Langsworthy

Jacob Cook


March 3rd 1817 the trustees Allowed John Miller Isaac Miller and andrews Perkins three dollars each for Township Services and paid by Samuel McClure and left ten dollars in the Treasury of Township of Troy.


March 2nd 1818 Two trustees viz. Jacob Cook Cyrus Langworthy met according to Law and done the following business Viz. Appointed Jury men Advertised township Election and allowed John Miller $4.75 Cts. and Lanworthy & Cook three dollars each for township Services.


Aprile 6th 1818 the trustees Settled with the supervisors all but John Stout (text in parentheses lined out -- Arthur McClane 137 1/2 cts. in debt and John Young 50 and James Harris 80 cts. in debt) and granted James Harris a township order for 150 Cents.


Aprile 6th 1818 there was an election held in the township Troy and town of Lexington where the following officers were elected viz. Cyrus Langworthy Justice of the Peace Isaac Miller Joseph Cracraft and Amariah Watson Trustees. John Day and Andrews Perkins Constables John Miller T.C. James Harris John Young Wm. Gass Saml. Watson and Saml. McWilliams Supervisors, Saml. McClure treasurer. Saml. Watson appraiser Benjamin Gass Lister Joseph Jennings Noah Cook o.seer the Poor. Tom Miller Wm. Harris fence Viewers. Saml. Watson Saml. McClure & Wm. Welisher? Were judges of the above Election and John Mitchel and John Miller.


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July 4th 1818 the trustees of Troy Township met according to law and done the following business viz. Laid a road tax Agreeable to the County Levy which is 30 Cts. for horse creatures each and 10 cts. for horned cattle each and one half Cent ofr all other taxable property.


March 1st 1819 the trustees of Troy Township met according to law and done the following business (viz.) appointed Jurymen for the year 1819.


Ordered that the ensuing Election be held at Saml. McClures in Troy Township on the 5th April.


Ordered that Joseph Cracraft have a township order for 1.50 and Amariah Watson have a township order for 2.05 and Isaac Miller have a Township order for 1.50 and Cyrus Langworthy have an order for 0.50


Aprile 5th 1819 the Trustees of Township met and ordered that Wm. Gass have an order for $06.65 and that Saml. Watson have an order for 0.78 and that Saml. McWilliams have an order for 1.50 and that John Miller have an order for 2.00.

The above orders are all Issued.


Records of the public transactions of Troy Township for

At an Election held Aprile 5th 1819 at Mr. Samuel McCluer's in Troy Township Richland County Ohio

The following officers were elected

Viz. John Young} Justice of the Peace

William Gass

Jacob Singrey } Trustees

Joseph Cracraft


Samuel McCluer

Francis Mitchel

Jacob Cook } Supervisors

William Webster

Elijah Foster

John Young


James R. Gass } Township Clerk

Ichabod Clark } Township Treasurer

Benjamin Gass } Lister and Appraiser

Samuel Watson } Appraiser

John Miller } Fence Viewer

John Husefield } Fence Viewer


John McIntire } Constable

Andrews Perkins } Constable

The above officers were sworn as the Law directs.

Attest James R. Gass T. Clerk


On the 10th Day of Aprile A D 1819 Present Jacob Singrey Joseph Cracraft and William Gass and now that the Supervisor Districts be as retiring to the Clerk and that Samuel McLure former treasurer is hereby breveted ten dollars by?? On the treasury receive

Attest James R. Gass T. Clerk


The Commission of John Young Esq. one of the justices of the peace in said Troy Township is dated April 27th 1819 Ja. R. Gass


At a meeting of the trustees of Troy Township on the 11th day of August 1819 the following business was done Viz. Ordered that a tax of one half percent be laid on town lots

Ordered that any person owing Road tax on lands have privilege to work out the same at the rate of 75 Cents per day under the direction of the Supervisors of their districts and producing his receipt to the trustees on the 1st Monday of September at the house of Saml Mcluer Shall have a certificte as the law directs

Attest Jacob Singrey

James R. Gass Joseph Cracraft

T. Clerk Wm. Gass

Page 14

April 2nd 1832

At an Election holden this day in Troy Township the following officers were Elected Viz. James R. Gass Justice of the Peace

Jacob Singrey Jacob Wolfe & John Gass Trustees

James R. Gass Township Clerk

Jacob Flack John Young Joseph Woods Daniel Dye William McCluer James D. Chambers David Allen James Procter Jacob Harly & Jacob Walter Supervisors of Highways.

James L. Young James Cracraft and William Damsell Fence Viewers

Jacob Baughman & Jonathan Eastman Constables

Samuel McCluer Township Treasurer

William Nelson & John McClung Overseers of the poor

April 11th

As previous to this date all of the above named Township officers were duly sworn before me faithfully impartially to discharge the duties of their respective offices with the Exception of the above named James R. Gass who was sworn before Jacob Flack Esq. Justice of the peace of this Township faithfully & impartial to discharge the duties of his office as Township Clerk

Attest James R. Gass

Township Clerk


Page 61

From the preceding settlement it appears that the Receipts & expenditures of the Township for the year ending 7th of this inst. Are as follows Viz. Receipts

Received the Taxes Coming to this Township $39.68

Expenditures for Township Purchases

Township Treasurers percentage on the above sum $1.18

An order on the Treasury to Jacob Heney for making & setting up Seven Guide boards 1.40

An order to James Harris for taking charge of Elizabeth McKee a pauper & also for his services as overseer of the poor 45.00

Paid for paper for use of the Township 0.25

An order to Thos. Logan for his services a Trustee one year 0.75

An order to Samuel McWilliams for his services do. do. 0.75

An order to Ichabod Clark for do. do. do. 0.75

An order to James R. Gass for his service as T. Clerk one year 1.25

An order to Daniel Logan for his service as constable in a suit Commenced in behalf of the township 0.40

An order to R. Murphey for his services in said suit 0.40

An order to J. Flack Esq. For his services in said suit 1.12

Sum of expenditures for the purpose $59.75

For Road purposes

Received the Road taxes in this Township $26.56


Treasurers percentage on the above Road tax 0.80

An order to Saml. McCluer Jun. For building the bridge across the Clear Fork of Mohican in Section eleven 17.00

Said Road tax __________________ 3.75

Attest } Sum of Expenditures 21.55

(page cut off) for Road Purposes


1825 Auditor's Tax List (Partial M - Section)

(top of copy cut off, do not know the captions, first three numbers may indicate the section where their land was, fourth letters the directional portion of the aliquot, fifth number perhaps acreage, other numbers some sort of tax assessment)

Residents of County New Resident

McCrady David 16-21-19-NW-220-1925 -825-215

McCormick John 19-21-14-NW-160-140-60-2000-paid

McDermot James 17-23-29-NE-160-896-40-1266-paid

McElroy Alexander 17-23-29-NE-160-896-40-1266-paid

Morrison David 19-21-26-SW-160-896-40-1266-paid

Maccabee Benjamin 19-19-36-SW-40-35-15-50-paid

Mitchell Joseph 18-19-30-NE-8044-20-648-paid

Miller Isaac 19-20-5-W1/2-125-1095-468-1563

Mitchell John 19-20-9-SE-160-896-40-1296-paid

Same 19-20-33-NE-160-140-60-2000 paid

Same 19-20-34-W1/2NW-80-70-30-1000-paid

Mann John Sen.18-20-4-NE-160-896-40-1266-paid

Same 18-21-33-SE-160-896-40-1266-paid

Same 18-20-9-SE-160-896-40-1266-paid

Miller John Sen. 19-20-10-SW-160-140-60-2000-paid

Marshall John 19-21-19-NE-160-140-60-2000-paid

Montgomery Benjamin 17-21-8-NW-113-99-1123-1413-paid

Mitchell George 19-20-8-NW-?0-200-80-2800

McIntire Daniel 19-20-1-NW-181-1585-698-2263-paid

Same 19-20-1-SW-10-88-37-125-paid

Mitchell Francis 19-20-11-SW-160-896-40-1266-paid

Milligan John H. 19-21-33-SE-160-896-40-1296-paid

McCluer Samuel 19-20-15-NE-160-140-60-2000-paid

Moorhead Calvin 17-23-18-SE-160-140-60-2000-paid

McElroy Alexander 18-21-24-NE-160-140-60-2000-paid

McBeth Robert 17-25-25-NE-160-3158-1286-5144-paid

Miller Patrick 17-25-26-SW-160-896-40-1296-

McCrory Robert 17-24-21-SW-160-140-60-2000-paid

McBride Thomas 17-22-15-S1/2-320-1792-80-2592-paid

Mahollum John 16-23-6-SW-160-140-60-2000-paid

Mahollum Thomas 17-25-1-NW-240-2153-922-3075-paid

McConnel George 16-23-11-NE-60-47-28-750

Miller John 16-23-11-E-100-875-375-1250

McGuire James 20-22-12-NW-160-140-60-2000

McWilliams William 19-20-29-S1/2NE-80-70-30-1000-paid

Mitchell Charles 16-23-5-SW-160-140-60-2000

Same 16-23-8-NW-160-140-60-2000

Means James 18-21-18-SE-16-140-60-2000-paid

Morris John 20-19-2-NE-160-140-60-2000-paid

McCune James 17-23-35-NE-160-3158-1386-5144-paid

Maring Phelps 18-19-4-S1/2NW-68.5-601-256-851-paid

Montgomery Abel 17-24-5-NW-76-1784-66-2444-paid

Mitchell Jacob 20-20-14-NW-160-140-60-2000

Marvin Isaac 19-22-3-SW-160-140-60-2000-paid

McFall Hugh 17-22-23-NW-160-140-60-2000-paid

McGibbeny James 16-23-6-E1/2-421-3685-1578-5263-paid

McKinley James 18-23-27-SE-160-140-60-2000-paid

McFee James 19-20-20-SE-160-3158-1386-5144-paid

McConkie James 17-21-13-NW-160-140-60-2000-paid

Meek John 20-20-19-SW-160-140-60-2000-paid charged to Lebaye?

McGuire Patience 20-22-13-NE-160-140-60-2000

Mannahaw David 18-19-28-SW-160-140-60-2000-paid

Mickey Robert 16-23-2-SW-160-14-60-2000-paid

McClure John 20-21-5-W1/2-321-143-275-1032-Delinquent

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