Margaret Thompson Biography Madison Township

Margaret Thompson

of Madison Township, Richland County, Ohio


V. MARGARET THOMPSON. She was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania, April 17, 1787. I am in total ignorance as to her life, until her marriage to JOHN STEWART, near Fairview, Ohio, October 5, 1819. He probably lived for a while in Belmont County, but for quite a number of years he had his home on his farm, about three miles southwest of Mansfield, in Richland County, Ohio. He was a man of solid Christian integrity, noted for his intelligence, held for some years the office of "Justice of the Peace," and for many years was a ruling elder in the United Presbyterian Church of Mansfield, Ohio. His death took place very suddenly and unexpectedly, on March 21, 1866. His nephew, Isaac N. Thompson, had just called to see him. Uncle came into the room, sat down on a chair, and remarked that he was not feeling well; said he had the sensation of having eaten too much, would bloat up, and had a shooting pain about his right shoulder. He then said "I suppose you have often felt that way." Then, putting back his left hand to show where it was, he fell off the chair onto the floor, and at once expired. How forcibly this should impress on our minds the command of the Savior, "Therefore be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh." When his death took place he was in his seventy-ninth year. He was laid to rest in the Cemetery at Mansfield.

Aunt Margaret Stewart was noted for her quiet Christian life and for her careful attention to her household and family duties. She was for many years a consistent member of the United Presbyterian Church. She survived her husband a little over seventeen years, her death taking place July 5, 1883, in the ninety-seventh year of her age. Her body was laid in the grave by the side of her husband, at Mansfield, to await the resurrection of the just. Ten children were born to these parents, and committed sacredly to their care.

1. SARAH STEWART. She was born in Belmont County, Ohio, March 12, 1811. She was married to John B. Ramsey December 30, 1830. Mrs. Ramsey now maintains quite a vigorous old age. She is a member of the United Presbyterian Church, and resides at Roscoe, Iowa.

Mr. Ramsey was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, May 12, 1796. He was a farmer. His death took place at Mediapolis, Iowa, September 3, 1876. He was a member of the United Presbyterian Church. Nine children were born to them, as follows:

(1) MARGARET ANN. Born October 27, 1831. Her death took place near Mansfield, Ohio, July 24, 1851.

(2) SUSAN EMELINE. She was born May 20, 1833. Being married to my brother David, a statement will be given concerning her in connection with his history.

(3) SAMANTHA. Her birth took place January 6, 1835. She was married to David Thompson, and lived a number of years near Kirkwood, Ill. He died several years ago. The family now live at Peotone, Kansas. They are members of the United Presbyterian Church. The family is composed of six children.

FRANKLIN. Died when about two years of age.






(4) MARIA. Born April 5, 1837, and was married April 12, 1882, to Fred Goudie, a farmer near Roscoe, Iowa. Mrs. Goudie had a terrible experience in the cyclone at Ellison, Illinois, May 30, 1858. She had her arm broken and badly injured close to the shoulder. Amputation could not safely take place, and it was feared for a time that she would not survive, but she bore the trial, and now has some use of the arm. But in times of storms she is still timid. She was with her sister, Mrs. D.R. Thompson, when the storm occurred. Mr. and Mrs. Goudie are members of the United Presbyterian Church.

(5) MARY JANE. She was born May 15, 1839. She was married to D.L. Tennant, a farmer. His present residence is Moran, Oklahoma. They are members of the Presbyterian Church. Two children have been born to them, Estella and Gertrude.

(6) ALVIRA. Born February 1, 1841. She was married to Joseph Goudie, at Mediapolis, Iowa, February 22, 1877. He was born in Des Moines County, Iowa, in November, 1845. Mr. Goudie is in the grain business at Anthony, Kansas. Four children have been born to them.

SARAH EVA. Born in Sedgwick County, Kansas, February 11, 1878. She graduated in the High School of Anthony, Kansas, in 1896. Her home is with her parents, a helpful, dutiful daughter.

INFANT DAUGHTER. Born June 5, 1880. Died July 7, 1880.

LUCY M. Born Octrober 11, 1881. Died September 28, 1883.

INFANT SON. Born June 28, 1883. Died July 5, 1883.

(7) THOMAS FINDLEY. He was born July 16, 1843. On the 7th of August, 1862, he enlisted in the Army of the United States, for the suppression of the rebellion. He died April 8, 1864, at Mediapolis, Iowa.

(8) HARRIET. Born April 27, 1846, and died at Mediapolis, Iowa, September 23, 1860. How brief her existence. It had scarce been entered upon, when death came and claimed her as its victim.

(9) WILLIAM FRANKLIN. Born May 8, 1848. He is the youngest member of the family, and was married to Mary E. Thompson, in October, 1870. He is a member of the United Presbyterian Church, and lives at Pender, nebraska.

One child has been born to them, VIOLETTA. Her death took place in 1880, leaving an aching void in the hearts of the parents, but they have trusted in the Lord to be sustained in the severe trial.

2. SUSANNA STEWART was born in Belmont County, Ohio, July 9, 1812. She was married to John Farmer, and lived in Mansfield, Ohio, and on a farm in its vicinity. His death took place in the fall of 1846. She died September 14, 1885. Two children were born to them.

(1) JOHN S. Born June 28, 1844. he studied law, and the last known of him lived some place in West Virginia.

(2) JAMES M. Born December 6, 1845, near Mansfield. He is a farmer. Post-office address, Mansfield, Ohio.

3. SAMUEL STEWART. He was born October 10, 1813, in Belmont County, Ohio, and married Elizabeth Fletcher. They lived for some years in Virginia, where he died August 30, 1863. His wife's death took place later. They had one son and three daugthers.

(1) JOHN.



(4) DAUGHTER. Died in infancy. No name.

4. WILLIAM STEWART. His birth took place in Belmont County, Ohio, May 16, 1815. He engaged in farm work with his father on the old homestead. He was married, after being somewhat advanced in years, to Martha Isabel Law, December 13, 1866, at Mansfield, Ohio. She died January 29, 1880, and was buried in the Mansfield Cemetery. Cousin William Stewart has been quite an invalid for some time. He lives on the old farm, about three miles southeast of Mansfield, Ohio. No children.

5. HARRIET STEWART. She was born near Mansfield, Ohio, March 26, 1817. She entered the marriage relation with ADAM CASE. They lived first in Mansfield, Ohio; later, in Fairfield, Iowa. He followed the carpenter business. In the summer of 1848 I attended a kind of make-shift Academy at Mansfield, boarding with Mr. Case, and have pleasant memories of the family. She died at Fairfield, Iowa, September 24, in or about the year 1857. He died, after a second marriage, in Iowa, several years after the death of his first wife. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They had a large family—eight children, as follows:

(1) MARIA.








6. MARIA STEWART. Born near Mansfield, Ohio, January 20, 1819. She was scarcely developed into womanhood when death came and claimed her as its victim. She died at her father's home, and place of her birth, August 25, 1835. She was buried in the Mansfield Cemetery.

"Leaves have their time to fall,

And flowers to wither at the north-winds breath,

And stars to set—but all,

Thou hast all seasons for thine own, O Death!"

7. ROBERT STEWART. His birth took place near Mansfield, Ohio, January 1, 1821. He married Christina Ihrig. They lived for several years near Mansfield, after which they moved to Iowa. His death is supposed to have taken place at Bentonsport, in the above State. His wife's residence at present is at Des Moines, Iowa. But one child—John F. Nothing is known of his residence or business.

8. MARGARETTA. Born near Mansfield, Ohio, July 27, 1823. She was married to Ephraim Newlan. She died in the State of Iowa, September 8, 1847. There were two children born to them.

(1) LUCY.

(2) JOHN.

Their homes are supposed to be in Iowa.

9. JULIA ANN. She was doomed but to bloom into womanhood, when disease set in, and her death ensued at the paternal home March 10, 1841. her remains were laid at rest in the Mansfield Graveyard.

10. MIRANDA. Born near Mansfield, Ohio, October 6, 1829. She was married to John B. Colwell, in November, 1860. He died August 8, 1894, near Windsor, Ohio, and was buried at Lexington, Ohio. He was by occupation a farmer. They had four children.

Two died when young and no names given.

(1) JENNIE. Born August, 1861, died October 23, 1893.

(2) MAGGIE. Born near Lexington, Ohio, in December, 1862. She lives with her mother near Windsor, Ohio, and is commendably spoken of for her Christian character and her devotion to home interests.

submitted by:
Elizabeth Richardson, Ketchikan, Alaska


SOURCE: Thompson, Rev. Samuel Findley (1828-1912), The Thompson-Given Families; 1898; privately published, Oxford, Ohio. (Available on microfilm at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, FHL # 1402788.)