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Richland Co., Ohio


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Whissemore Photograph Collection

Index created by Thomas Stephen Neel - Library Director, Ohio Genealogical Society (9/08)

In 1876 at the Centennial celebration in Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio, local photographer, A. Whissemore, offered to take a free picture of every person over age 60 who had been a resident of the county at least 50 years. 

The 1,194 item collection was purchased by the Richland County Historical Society in 1903, according to an article appearing in the Ohio Archaeological & Historical Society Publications, Vol. XIII, p. 90.. The photographs remained in the Soldiers & Sailors Building on Park Avenue West, Mansfield, for many years, but were given to the Ohio Genealogical Society Library by its curator, Mr. Wilkinson, when the former organization was inactive. Active again today as the Mansfield Memorial Museum, the Ohio Genealogical Society provided Scott Schaut, the present curator, with color photocopies of the Whissemore Collection which are now displayed in the original cases. The original photographs remain in the manuscript collection of the Ohio Genealogical Society in archival sleeves and boxes.

Only 653 identified portraits and 239 unidentified portraits survive, for a total of 892.  It is not known what happened to the other 302 pictures, including surnames beginning with the letters "A" and "C".  The cards, each measuring 2 1/4 x 4 inches, are sepia tone, and in excellent condition.  In some cases, the name has faded away, but the pencil impression may often be discerned. 

Ninety percent of the photographs have the following inscription on the reverse side: "A. Whissemore, Photographer, Northwest Corner Public Park, Over Blymyer's Stove Store, Mansfield, Ohio, Negatives Preserved".  Additionally, some images were taken by Whissemore & Johnston (opposite the Opera House) and Campbell & Camp. 

Not all the pioneers were over age 60 and many were not 50-year residents, despite the photographer's initial request.  Many photographs may have been labeled at a somewhat later date, because the same names identify some obviously different images.  Many times, a note "see ----" appears; perhaps a step in the identification process. 

Copies of a photograph in this collection may be obtained from the Ohio Genealogical Society in Bellville, Ohio, through the copy service procedures [see Copy Service section of the OGS website]

This index database to the Whissemore Photograph Collection was created 27 Oct 1992 by Thomas Stephen Neel, Library Director, Ohio Genealogical Society, and was submitted to the OGS web site on 14 Dec 2005. The index was previously published in The Report (quarterly of the Ohio Genealogical Society) and was also provided to the USGenWeb site for Richland County by the author in the 1990s. A selection of images from this collection was submitted by OGS to the Ohio Memory Project.


Last First Note
Banire Mary? faded, says see Conolly
Boggs James -
Boals Joseph, Mrs. -
Boles Charles -
Boles Joseph -
Boles Joseph -
Bollmar Samuel back says Bolman
Booth John -
Booth John, Mrs. -
Bowden John, Mrs. -
Bowers Josephus, Mrs. -
Bowers Samuel -
Boyce Isaiah -
Boyce Isaiah -
Boyce Josiah -
Braden Wm., Rev.? faded, says ask Mr. Braden Neal
Bringman George -
Bringman George, Mrs. -
Brinkerhoff R., Genl. -
Bristelbach John -
Brown Asa, Mrs. back say Cynthia
Brown David? faded, say see Will Dice
Brown James -
Brown James, Mrs. -
Brubaker John -
Bush F. W. -
Bushey Abraham -
Byers John O. -
Buzzard David, Mrs. -
Buzzard M. -
Buzzard M., Mrs. -
Comwill C.W.? faded
Culp Columbus D., Mrs. crossed out
Damback Mr. back says Dambick
Danback Mrs. back says Dambick
Daniels William, Mrs. -
Daniels William B. -
Darling John, Mrs. -
Daugherty Ebenezer -
Davey Lydia back says Davy
Davis H.P. -
Day Amos -
Day Amos, Mrs. -
Day Clem -
Day Marcus -
Delameter Hettie Mrs. Bailey crossed out
Dell Michael -
Dell John, Mrs. -
Dickey Moses R. -
Dickson Elijah, Mrs. -
Dickson Henry -
Dickson Henry, Mrs. -
Dickson J.J. -
Diehl Peter, Mrs. -
Dobbs Harvey -
Dobbs William, Mrs. Johnston crossed out
Donnan Andrew -
Doty D.W. -
Downing James -
Dudley Ezra back says see Dellamater
Dudley Ezra, Mrs. -
Dunkle John -
Dunkle John, Mrs. back says see Mrs. Keiser
Dunlap John -
Dunmire Abner M. -
Dunnan William, Mrs. -
Dutton Mr. -
Eckert Peter -
Ellis Robert, Mrs. back says see Grant Oswalt
Emanger A., Mrs. -
Emminger Abram -
Endly George N. -
Epley David, Mrs. -
Ernsberger Henry -
Ernsberger Luther, Mrs. -
Estill Alva -
Ettinger Benjamin -
Ettinger Jacob -
Etz Philip, Mrs. -
Evarts Reuben -
Eyerly Abraham, Mrs. -
Fackler Henry -
Fackler Henry, Mrs. Mrs. Hugh S. Moore crossed out
Fair Isaac -
Fay Charles B. -
Feldtner John -
Fergueson James -
Fergueson James, Mrs. -
Ferguson John, Mrs. -
Ferguson Samuel, Mrs. -
Ferree William, Mrs. -
Fessler Jacob -
Fickel Henry -
Fickel Henry, Mrs. back has Fickle
Fickes Ralph -
Fickes Ralph -
Fidler Ben -
Fike Reuben -
Fike Reuben, Mrs. -
Fike Tobias -
Finicle David -
Fink S. E. -
Finney James -
Finney James, Mrs. -
Finney James, Mrs. -
Finney Maggie -
Finney William, Mrs. -
Fireoved John -
Fishack Henry, Mrs. -
Flemming D.W. -
Flemming D.W., Mrs. back says Shelby, Park Ave
Floeck L., Mrs. -
Follin Daniel -
Fox Alfred -
Fox Alfred, Mrs. -
Fox George -
Frank Martin -
Franzinger John, Mrs. -
Fritz Mary -
Fronfelter Henry, Mrs. -
Fry Geo. B. -
Fry George V., Rev. back says Cong'l Min., Lexington
Fulton John -
Funk Jacob -
Funk Jacob, Mrs. -
Gamble Charles -
Gandert Conrad -
Gandert John, Mrs. -
Garber Emanuel, Mrs. -
Garber Michael -
Garrett M.M. -
Garrison William -
Garrison William, Mrs. -
Gass Allen -
Gass Benjamin, Mrs. -
Gass William, Mrs. -
Gatham Mary -
Geddes Irwin -
Gerhart John F. -
Giffin Flitcher, Mrs. -
Gilkison Aaron -
Gilkison Mansfield H. -
Gladden Joseph -
Glenn James, Mrs. -
Goladay Henry back says Goliday
Goldsmith Jacob, Mrs. -
Good Johnathan -
Greer Alexander -
Greer John -
Gregg Elias, Capt. -
Greise Rebecca -
Griffith Dr., Mrs. -
Griffith William -
Griffith Wm., Mrs. -
Grimes James -
Groscost Daniel -
Guitshall George back says Gotshall
Hacket Henry -
Hagerman James, Mrs. -
Hagerman William -
Hainer George Rev. Edmonds crossed out
Hainer Henry back says see Wes Hainer
Hainer Henry, Mrs. -
Hammet Joseph -
Hammett William -
Hammon Thomas -
Hammond George, Mrs. -
Harbaugh Ignatius -
Harmon Samuel -
Harnley John -
Hart Thomas back says Porter, Jackson Twp
Harter Emmanuel -
Harter Matthias -
Hartupee G.H., Rev. -
Harvey Mrs. back says W. Third St.
Haverfield Joseph -
Haverfield Joseph, Mrs. back says Louisa
Haynes Kingsbury,. Mrs. -
Heis G.P. -
Heller Jacob? faded
Hendrickson Jane -
Henry Benjamin -
Henry Samuel, Sr. -
Herrick John -
Herring Hannah -
Hershey Henry, Mrs. back says Mrs. Dr.
Hersey John -
Hersheiser Mrs. -
Hershiser Louis -
Hess R. female, back says Rev. Hess
Heston Samuel -
Hetnek A., Mrs. -
Hill John -
Hill John D., Mrs. -
Hill Louis -
Hiltabiddle John, Mrs. back says Mrs. Hahns stepmother
Hiltabiddle John -
Hines Louis back says Philip
Hisey John -
Hixon Timothy -
Hixon Timothy, Mrs. -
Hoffer J.E. -
Hogan Thomas -
Holeywell Fred -
Hollenbaugh Jacob -
Hooker C.R. -
Hoover Samuel two copies
Houpt John, Mrs.? faded, Mrs. Hugh S. Moore crossed out
Hout David -
Hout Peter -
Hughes David -
Hughes David, Mrs. -
Hughes James -
Hughes John, Mrs. -
Hull John back says West
Hunter Andrew, Mrs. -
Hunter Isaac back says Oberlin
Huntsman Amariah -
Husten Ellen -
Husten Robert, Mrs. back says Nancy, see Mrs. Ward
Huston Abraham, Mrs. -
Ink George -
Jameson C. -
Jameson C., Mrs. -
Johnston Daniel, Mrs. -
Jones J.A., Dr. -
Kahlhaber John -
Kanaga John -
Kay James, Mrs. -
Keller Henry, Rev. back says RFD Butler, Ohio
Keller Peter -
Keller Peter, Mrs. Mrs. Celia Weldon crossed out