Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Weller Township School #4 - Wolford School

Teacher's Grade Report, 9/12/1927 - 10/7/1927

source:  URSRP - Union Rural School Records Project

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Mrs. Dorothy Miller, Teacher

Copeland, Ida Mae Mawhorr, Helen
Gramly, Ralph Mawhorr, Kenneth
Gramly, Wilbur Mawhorr, Mildred
Hyman, Florence Mawhorr, Opal
Jaynes, Ernie McLaughlin, Katherine
Jaynes, Marie Parsons, Clifford
Jaynes, Roy Parsons, Clyde
Jennings, Dora Parsons, Thelma
Jennings, Lois Pittinger, Betty
Jennings, Marie Pittinger, Robert
Jennings, Violet Pugh, Evelyn
Kelley, Lloyd Robinson, Donald
Kelley, Mary Searfos, Dorothy
King, Margaret Searfos, Laurabelle
Kinstle, Bernard Searfos, Viola
Kinstle, Donald Shoffstall, Orlando
Kinstle, Earl Smith, Dorothy
Letts, Edgar Smith, Harold
Letts, Harvey Swartz, Frank
Little, Pauline Swartz, Jack
MacMartin, Clara Tooker, Gladys

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