Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Weller Township School #5 - Pavonia

Grade Report - 11/5/1928 - 11/30/1928

source:  URSRP - Union Rural School Records Project

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Mrs. H.H. Light, Teacher

Ackerman, Robert Kagey, Rosemary
Ayres, Nellie Long, Ralph
Ayres, Mabel Merle, Elizabeth
Buxton, Beth Merle, Jacob
Buxton, Bobby Merle, Katherine
Deshman, Delbert Merle, Lena
Edmonds, Billy Meyer, Ellene
Edmonds, Bobby Myer, Janette
Green, Dolly Ohl, Marjorie
Green, Mary Parsons, Clyde
Groff, Jean Parsons, Thelma
Groff, John Parsons, Wilford
Hale, Clayton Powell, Curtice
Hersh, Russel Powell, Frank
Hershey, Janice Powell, Sarah
Hershey, Marvena Shoup, Dale
Holmes, Francis Stimpert, Violet
Hout, Jack Stirrup, Helen
Hyatt, Genevieve Williams, Phyllis
Hyatt, Kenneth  
Jackson, Willard  

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