Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Weller Township School #5 - Franklin School

Grade Report - Semester Ending 4/26/1929

source:  URSRP - Union Rural School Records Project

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Miss Saltzgaber, Teacher

Berry, Donna Oswalt, Mervin
Berry, Lois Oswalt, Retha
Berry, Pauline Oswalt, Richard
Bowser, Lawrence Rinehart, Mildred
Clingan, Gene Rinehart, Russel
Clingan, Hugh Scott, Carol
Clingan, Neva Scott, Mervin
Clingan, Winona Varner, Clyde
Hughes, Charlotte Wachs, Donn
Kissel, Leland Young, George
Kissel, Mary Etta Young, Irene
Oswalt, Lee Young, Lewis
Oswalt, Mary Louise --

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