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The Old Torrent Fire Company, No. 2

Source:  THE MANSFIELD HERALD:  12 July 1883, Vol. 33, No. 34


Submitted by Amy


The surviving members of the old original Torrent Fire Company, No. 2, convened at the office of Dr. John N. Mowry, No. 6 West Third Street, on Monday evening, July 9th., to consider the condition of the order and devise ways to perpetuate the memory of this, at one time, most formidable water, semi-military organization, of Mansfield.  The original roll was called and eighteen names responded.  Thereupon H.R. Smith was called to the chair and Wm. Ritter appointed secretary.

The motion was carried that a committee of four be appointed to collect the banners, arms, equipments, plug hats, spurs and trophies of many hard-fought battles, and they be the custodians of the same.  The committee is E. McCoy, E. McFall, Jno. B. Netscher and Richmond Smith, and all citizens possessed of such will please report to the committee as they are to be put in a place of safety for future use.

Reminiscences being in order Wm. Ritter was constituted as toast master, and the following responded to:

"In fresh fields and pastures new."  G. McFall, T.B. Dodd, S.B. Sturges, Ed. Buttery, W.M. Patterson.  Responded to by M.L. Miller.  

"The Sash Factory Fire"  All standing.  Responded to by Dr. J.N. Mowry.

"Always With Us" Carpenter, Cook, Burns, Dickson, Miller, Ritter, Hoffer, Roop.  Response by E. McCoy.  

"The Cleveland Excursion"  Response by John B. Netscher.  

"Not Present, Though to Memory Dear" Christophel, Blymyer, Glessner, Krause, Snyder, Reisinger, Phillips, Bowman, Coates, Hedges, Moore, West, Barbour.  

The meeting adjourned.

History of the Company

The Torrent Fire Company, No. 2, was organized in July, 1852, its first officers being as follows:

  • Foreman, H.R. Green

  • First Assistant, E. McFall

  • Second Assistant, J.S. Barbour

  • Secretary, Amos Townsend

  • Treasurer, S.B. Sturges

At subsequent elections up to the breaking out of the war, which took many of its members into the army and virtually disbanded the original company, the officers were as follows:


Foreman, J.H. Cook
First Assistant, E. McFall
Second Assistant, J.S. Barbour
Secretary, Amos Townsen
Treasurer, G. McFall


Foreman, J.S. Barbour
First Assistant, E. McFall
Second Assistant, H.H. Bossler
Secretary, G. McFall
Treasurer,  M.L. Miller


Foreman, J.S. Barbour
First Assistant, I.C. Fair
Second Assistant, J.R. Hooker
Secretary, John C. Blymyer
Treasurer,  M. Keiser


Foreman, S.B. Sturges
First Assistant, W.M. Roop
Second Assistant, B.F. Blymyer
Secretary, T.B. Dodd
Treasurer,  G. McFall


Foreman, S.B. Sturges
First Assistant, W.M. Roop
Second Assistant, B.F. Blymer
Secretary, S.F. Stocking
Treasurer,  W.M. Patterson


Foreman,  G. McFall
First Assistant, B.F. Blymyer
Second Assistant, A.H. Shamp
Secretary, J.S. Crall
Treasurer,  W.M. Patterson


Foreman, G. McFall
First Assistant, B.F. Blymyer
Second Assistant, A.H. Shamp
Secretary, J.S. Crall
Treasurer,  D.C. Connell


Foreman, John E. Ritter
First Assistant, George H. Bowman
Second Assistant, I.B. Hoffer
Secretary, Wm. Ritter
Treasurer,  D.C. Connell


Foreman, I.C. Fair
First Assistant, I.B. Hoffer
Second Assistant, Chancy Keller
Secretary, Henry Shellenbarger
Treasurer,  M.L. Miller

As the years rolled by, the original members dropped one by one from the rolls and new and younger men took their places, the company maintaining an organization until April 4, 1872, when the proceedings of the last meeting were placed on record.  The officers at this time were as follows:

Foreman, Henry Will
First Assistant, T.T. Dill
Second Assistant, G.W. Sams
Secretary, C.C. Clark
Treasurer,  Wm. Carroll

Early Members of Torrent, No. 2

G.F. Carpenter Wm. Ritter
Eckels McCoy Wm. Roop
Barnabas Burns John Krause
M.L.Miller Samuel Snyder
Ephraim McFall Samuel Hoyt
T.B. Dodd F.A. Thomos
J.H. Cook Warner Young
H.R. Smith I.W. Litler
G. McFall James Larimore
J.W. Wiler A.H. Shamp
I.C. Fair H. Sutherland
J. Christofel James S. Crall
James Dickson J.D. Grant
J.Y. Glessner John N. Mowry
John E. Ritter Jacob Reisinger
D.C. Connell George Harding
James Hoy J.A. McKee
S.B. Sturges Wm. W. McBride
Edward Buttery Eph Bitner
A.R. Patterson A.G. Phillips
J.R. Hooker F.A. Coates
W.M. Patterson J.A. Hedges
A.C. Haheck P.W. Goodwin
B.H. McNulty S.B. Witter
N. Pluck Joseph S. Hedges
C.F. Fuller D.P. Miller
B.F. Blymyer T.G. Bristor
H.W. Lentz L.Y. Bartlett
F.W. Remy J.P. Vance
James Hay Frederick Holeywell
Peter Steinbacker S.W. Marshall
Emanuel Keller Geore B. Harmon
Robert Moore A.W. Maxwell
S. Antibus W.S. Maxwell
W.W. McMahon A.M. Burns
N.L. Jeffries George W. Leiter
Peter Sickmiller A.C. Cummins
Abner R. Robinson D. Stambaugh
D. Brubaker G. Bynel
John Moore A.H. Littler
M.B. Bushnell John M. Ryland
Joseph Holmes George W. Cole
J.C. Scherck James P. McElroy
W.W. Smith Charles H. Porch
Wm. Grosvenor B.H. Leyman
S.L. Nash Jas. L. Thayer
C.B. Heraick George Forney
J.A. Cope M.H. Kline
J. Cummins W.S. Rowland
B. Harris J.D. Bell
Christian Stevic George Mitchell
H. Shellenbarger J.H. Dull
Wm. Wharf C. Hall
A. Moorehead J. Kennedy
James Henry E. Allen
M.E. Douglas S. Grove
John Hunt C.L. McEwen
R.C. Hooker H.H. Ford
Thomas E. Douglas T. Redrup
W.B. Wright E.Y. Thayer
Gaylord Thomas S.M. Penn
W. Penrose C.P. Dennison
P.G. Strickler John H. Bristor
Ezra Hetrick John McBride
John K. Shellenbarger C.W. Burger
D.C. Vasbinder I.C. McBride
A.P. Fairbank C.F. Loomis

The above included all who were members prior to January 9, 1862.

Since those early days some of our Torrent boys have won fame and distinction in the army, at the bar, in our legislative halls, and in mercantile business, and the career of each up to the present time, if published, would make another interesting chapter in local history, but space forbids it.

We shall only add that it is the design of the surviving members to maintain the organization, that at no distant day we are promised a parade of the old veterans, and that when oysters become ripe and ready to fall there will be a banquet given under the auspices which will form an epoch from which all subsequent events will ever after be dated.

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