Richland County Personal Property Taxes:  Troy Township, 1827

Richland Co., Ohio


Tax Records

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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1827

Troy Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1827

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Alban, Aaron Acton, Henry Ayres, Zebulon Bell, John
Brownlee, Thomas Boggs, Reuben Black, John Blair, William
Barr, William Barr, John Baird, Thomas Boggs, Hannah
Boggs, James Brown, James Bale, Phineas Carrothers, George
Clark, Thomas Cremer, Henry Culp, George Coleman, Jacob
Coleman, Nathaniel Coleman, Adna Coleman, George O. Cook, Jacob
Cleland, Samuel Cook, William Cook, Noah Chambers, James
Cracroft, ____ Clark, Ichabod Cunningham, Robt. Clink, Christian
Cramer, Christian Damsell, William Day, Lewis Deele, Aaron
Davis, Samuel Dye, Daniel Dille, Cyrus Day, Joseph
Edwards, John Enos, Alescander Enos, Burrell P. Foster, Elijah
Flack, Jacob Fox, Julius Gatton, Benjamin Graves, Starling
Goldsmith, Richard Goldsmith, Ebenetus Guthrie, Samuel Guthrie, William
Gass, James R. Gass, William Gass, William Jr. Gass, John
Gass, Benjamin Hopkins, Daniel Hunter, Andrew Hunter, Robert
Hunter, William Harris, James Harris, Jonathan Halderman, Jacob
Haldeman, John Harley, Jacob Johnston, Samuel Johnston, Eli
Lindley, Eliab Laughlin, James Logan, Thomas Logan, Daniel
Line, Abram Laughrige, Poultney Maenor, John McCluer, Samuel
Mitchel, Joseph McIntire, Daniel McCollum, Alexander McClung, Charles
Miller, John Miller, Isaac McClung, John Moore, William
Moore, John Mitchel, Francis Markey, John Morgan, Jacob
Mitchel, George Mitchel, John McHilliman, Samuel McHilliman, Wm.
Matthews, William McFee, James McEwen, John Nelson, William
Pendry, Robert Pott, Benjamin Proctor, James Phelp, John
Paramore, David Ross, William Ross, John Robins, Elisha
Swallam, George Slater, Isaac Stainer, John Stainer, Jacob
Singry, Jacob Singry, Thomas Thompson, James Thompson, David
Thompson, Manessah Thompson, Joseph Wyrick, John Wyrick, Peter
Wyrick, Peter Jr. Woods, John Weyrick, George Wintersteen, Wm.
Webster, Amos G. Watson, Amariah Watson, Samuel Watson, Titus
Wolff, Jacob Willson, James Young, aaron Young, John
Zent, John - - -

reference number = 1827 / 8741-8750

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