Richland County Personal Property Taxes:  Springfield Township, 1828

Richland Co., Ohio


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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1834

Springfield Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1834

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Atwood, Alpheus Arthur, Henry Armstrong, James Arter, George
Aaram, John Andrew, William Atwood, Perry Buckingham, Ezekiel
Bayley, Joseph Beach, A.G. Barr, Jacob Barnes, Abraham
Bowers, Jeremiah Burrow, Edward Beach, Jonathan Beach, Joshua
Buckingham, Esau Buckingham, Joshua Bowers, Henry Boyce, William
Clowner, John Clowner, Gotlip Chrispin, John Coffinberry, W.L.
Chambers, John Coldwell, Francis Chambers, Andrew Carter, Robert
Church, William Culver, John Condon, Richard Esq. Condon, Richard Jr.
Coffinberry, George Casebier, Nathan Casebier, John Caldwell, James
Carson, John Crabs, Henry Crispin, Jerusha Coldwell, David
Condon, Elisha Carter, John Dille, Isaac Dille, Amos
Dannels, George Douglass, William Dougal, John Douglass, Michael
Day, Marcus Dille, Israel Douglass, John C. Edsal, Samuel H.
Edsal, Henry Edgington, Isaac Edsal, John Edsal, Charles
Edgington, Jesse Edgington, Thomas Edgington, Margaret Edgington, John
Edgington, Aron Edgington, John 2nd. Edgington, Jesse Jr. Fulton, John Jr.
Forbes, Libbeus Fried, Joseph Ferguson, Isaac Ferguson, Thomas
Finney, John Fulton, John Fry, Peter & Jacob Frownfelter, John
Goldsmith, Ebenetus Guthrie, John Sr. Griffith, Samuel Graham, Robert
Gillespie, William Georg, Jacob Highstreet, Henry Hershey, John
He_l, Joseph Hall, Caleb Hartipee, William Huffmire, Thomas
Harshfield, David Hibbs, Joseph Hoover, George Handley, James
Hershey, Jacob Hershey, Jacob Jr. Jolly, Absalom Johnston, ____ (widow)
Kunts, Abraham Leppo, John Lewis, John Lewis, Jacob
Lindley, Israel Logan, Wm. Lindley, Byram C. Lewis, Samuel
Laeroane, John P. Leppo, Samuel McConnel, Hugh Martin, Joseph
Marlow, James Mitchel, Ephraim Mitchel, Margaret Mitchel, Samuel Sr.
Mitchel, Robert Mitchel, Samuel Jr. Mitchel, Adam Milikin, John H.
McCormack, Wm. McColley, Wm. Mitchel, Matthew McBride, John
Marshal, David Marshal, John S. Martin, John Mock, Adam
McColley, Samuel Meik, William Marlow, Jeremiah McCormack, John
Marshall, James McCormack, James Mitchel, Robert Marshall, John
Manifold, Joseph Moore, Elijah Murphy, Robert Nazor, Isaac
Needs, John Nazor, Jacob Overland, John Orson, Finch
Pollock, Robert Proctor, Richard Pool, William Pitts, Wm. Sr.
Purdy, Jane Post, William Pitts, David Pitts, Wm. Jr.
Post, David Post, Jeremiah Patterson, John Pearce, Thomas
Paramor, John Preston, William Purdy, Archibald Post, Jehiel
Pool, Ira Rusk, John Reid, John Roseberry, William
Richey, Samuel Esq. Rice, John C. Ralston, William Reed, Duncan
Stonestreet, Henry Shuller, William Stewart, John Sooter, Charles
Stewart, Charles Swinney, John Smith, Joseph Stonestreet, Ashford
Swinney, Margaret Sherman, Henry Stewart, Silas Taylor, Asher
Taylor, Darius Taylor, Frederick Taylor, John Tompkins, Nathaniel
Vanmarter, John Williams, J. & R. Williams, John Webster, William
Wood, Andrew Welch, Joseph Jr. Williams, Thomas Wylee, George
Welch, John Williams, Philip Williams, Jacob Williams, Jesse
Woods, James C. Welch, Joseph Sr. Walker, Robert -

reference number = 1834 / 8878-8891

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