Richland County Personal Property Taxes:  Monroe Township, 1828

Richland Co., Ohio


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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1828

Monroe Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1828

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Archer, George Archer, James Andrews, James Applegate, Jospeh
Applegate, Isaac Ahlafel & Rhinehart Akeright, John Brezils, Martin
Baughman, Jacob Byres, David Bolyat, David Bretz, Martin
Baughman, George Baughman, Abraham Berry, Peter Bigler, Manuel
Beghler, John Culler, Jacob Chew, William Crawford, David
Coulter, David Crowner, William Coulter, Milzer Carle, Jacob
Coe, Joseph Coe, Silas Conner, Michael Chambers, John
Close, Philip Chew, James Dent, Aquilla Douglass, John
Day, James H. Deter, Philip Echelman, Jacob Furguson, William
Furley, Benjamin Fisher, Thomas Guthrie, Samuel Gladden, Soloman
Good, John Hayden, Charles Hogan, Michael Hossinger, Samuel
Hacket, Peter Huffman, Henry Hays, Thomas Harris, Moses
Huston, John Harsh, Abraham Hossinger, Abraham Iler, John
Irwin, James Irwin, Charles Irwin, William Johnson, Francis
Kastator, John Kerr, Alexander King, Michael Ketiler, John
Low, Catherine Lafferty, Samuel Lambright, John Larew, Lambert
McDermit, Robert McBride, Archibald McBride, Samuel Miller, John M.
More, James McBride, Alexander 2d. Myers, Samuel Mitchell, Matthew C.
Mosier, Henry McDonal, William McBride, Alexander III McBride, Alexander
Miller, Jacob McCollister, Wallace Ohler, Jacob Oster, George
Pope, William Peterson, John G. Pope, Thomas Reubendoll, Meshack
Noss, Natcher Reed, Andrew Ray, William Rider, Henry
Richey, Samuel Richey, Joseph Stewart, David Swan, Jesse
Slater, Thomas Shambaugh, Georgw Snurr, John C. Schlosser, Andrew
Switzer, Jacob Switzer, Frederick Smart, Jeremiah Smith, David
Shenebarger, Michael Shenebarger, Henry Shenebarger, John Swigart, John
Shue, David Shelenbarger, Philip Schrack, David Schrack, Charles
Stophel, Joseph Stewart, Samuel Stewart, Samuel Jr. Stewart, William
Stewart, Robert Stewart, Alexander Smith, Thomas Esq. Smith, Ebenezer
Smith, Samuel Stout, John Sackman, Daniel Stage, Cornelius
Tucker, John Tucker, Ezra Tucker, Cyrus Tanneyhill, Basil
Weirick, Henry Wigton, William Williams, Mordecai Watkins, John
Williams, Jacob Williams, William Wolfe, Adam Wolfe, John
Wolfe, Robert White, Samuel Workman, Benjamin Wolfe, William
Wilson, Mary Yunst, John Zerby, Peter -

reference number = 1828 / 9192-9205

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