Richland County Personal Property Taxes:  Milton Township, 1828

Richland Co., Ohio


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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1828

Milton Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1828

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Andrews, James Arnold, Joseph Anderson, John Aten, Cornelius
Albert, George Beach, George Brewbaker, Peter Jr. Brewbaker, Peter
Braden, Thomas Barr, Richard Black, Matthew Brink, Johana
Brink, Thomas Sr. Burget, Joseph Burchard, John Burget, Boston
Brewbaker, Benjamin Burnes, Andrew Bisecomer, Matthias Callin, George
Callin, John Cantwell, Thomas Charles, john Charles, Isaac
Crabb, John Callin, Thomas Conley, Thomas Charles, Ann
Curtis, Joseph Crawford, James Church, James Clay, John
Callen, Mary Callen, James Callen, Hugh Crabb, Moses
Cring, Henry Casto, Andrew Courtney, Thomas Crum, Peter
Dickson, John Dickey, William Dougherty, Daniel Doty, Abraham
Dobbs, William Dana, Aziel Forbes, William Ferrell, John (West)
Ferrall, Ami Ferrall, Obadiah Ferrall, William Ferrall, John (East)
Gunsaulis, James Grimes, John Giesler, Jacob Griffin, Robert
Gardner, Jacob Hillbourn, Samuel Huffman, Philip Hamilton, James
Houston, William Houston, Nottingham Houston, Robert Houston, Leonard
Hillbourn, Amos Huffman, John Hall, George Hall, John
Howard, John Howey, John Hoover, John Hilky, George
Irvin, David Jolly, Peter Keever, Henry Kane, John
Kelly, James Lee, Nobert Rev. Lance, Christopher Lance, Samuel
Lance, Peter Lance, Jacob Link, Adam Lockheart, Allen
Leighlightner, Anthony McMillan, John McGuire, James Matthews, John
McLaughlin, James Montgomery, Abel Montgomery, Jacob Montgomery, Caleb
Montgomery, Thomas McCartney, Robert McCrory, Robert Mercer, Levi
Morgan, Simon Myers, John (north) Myers, Abraham Myers, John (south)
Nelson, James Neel, Henry Nelson, Robert Neagley, Stephen
Pollock, Joseph Pollock, David Palmer, John E. Park, David
Perrine, Nicholas Reddick, John Rutan, Nicholas Ryall, George
Short, James (Capt.) Seaton, William Sulcer, Fredrick Smith, Thomas
Sprout, James Simmons, Cyrus Stephenson, Mary Smeltzer, Michael
Sproat, William Short, James Taylor, Samuel Tucker, William
Teel, David Taylor, Isaac Urie, Samuel Vantilburgh, Peter
Williams, Ezra Williams, Isaac Williams, Ebenezer Webster, Abel A.
Williamson, Bartholomew Woodburn, John Ward, Joseph Williams, Joseph

reference number = 1828 / 9250-9261

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