Richland County Personal Property Taxes:  Franklin Township, 1828

Richland Co., Ohio


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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1828

Franklin Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1828

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Akers, William Ayres, George Armstrong, James Ayres, Harry
Boals, James Boyce, John Boyce, Isaiah Bricker, Jacob
Brown, Joseph Bradley, James Bradley, John Boggs, William
Bear, Henry Bigelow, Daniel Bringman, John Jr. Copeland, Wm.
Copeland, George Cook, George Copeland, Jeremiah Clingan, James
Cline, Joseph Cline, William Cline, John Jr. Croll, Matthias
Copeland, John Cline, Jacob Sr. Cline, Jacob Jr. Cline, John Jr.
Crum, Jacob Croll, John Cobean, James Dille, Israel Jr.
Dille, Israel (dec'd.) Donan, David Dille, John Dille, Cephas
Donan, Samuel Fisher, John (south) Ferguson, Elisabeth Fisher, John (north)
Ferguson, James Flora, Joseph Foulks, William Ferguson, Henry
Ferguson, Jane Ferguson, ____ Free, William Grimes, James
Gossage, Thomas Gardner, Morgan Holmes, Obadiah Haymaker, Samuel
Hagarman, James Holmes, Samuel Holmes, Abraham Holmes, Jacob
Hazlett, John Holson, William Holson, Wm. Jr. Hill, Isabelle
Haverfield, James Harvey, Samuel Hengst, Daniel Harnly, Christian
Hoover, Jacob Iggers, Henry Jump, Robert Joues, Ezekiel
Keith, Adam Keith, Lewis Keith, John Kendall, Richard
Kastor, John Kaufman, Benjamin King, Samuel Linn, Samuel
Lee, David Modi, William Martin, Charles Miller, Henry
Miller, Israel McFerson, Solomon McFerson, Stephen Newman, Philip
Newman, Jacob Ogden, Peter Oswalt, Andrew Osburn, Jacob
Orwiler, John Orwiler, Lewis Osburn, Nathaniel Osburn, Samuel Jr.
Osburn, Isaac Esq. Osburn, William Ogden, Amos Osburn, Isaac Jr.
Osbun, Samuel Sr. Pittenger, Henry Pittenger, Henry Price, John
Palmer, Charles Porter, James Pittenger, Peter Prosser, Daniel
Powell, James Prosser, Abraham Price, Thomas Parker, Thomas
Pence, Henry Porter, William Ruark, Shadrach Robinson, Francis
Rudy, Daniel Rolston, Anderson Stoner, John Stewart, Charles
Spidle, John U. Stoner, Jacob (west) Stevenson, Levi Sellery, John
Stoner, Jacob (north) Taylor, Robert Taylor, John Taylor, Thomas
Vanfossen, Levi Whitney, James Williams, Isaac Whetstone, Michael
Whistler, Henry Wycuff, Henry Wilson, James Walding, James
Wiser, Frederick Wells, John - -

reference number = 1828 / 9428-9439

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