Richland County Personal Property Taxes:  Bloominggrove Township, 1827

Richland Co., Ohio


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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1827

Bloominggrove Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1827

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Ayres, Samuel Ayres, James N. Baum, James Bell, Robert
Bell, John Bell, Robert Bell, John Crumwell, Benjamin
Cleland, John Chapman, Cyrus Castleman, Henry Cline, Adam
Cummings, Robert Cummings, James Dickerson, Thomas Elliott, William
Eller, Jacob Eller, John Fraker, Thomas Guthrie, William
Gardner, Isaac Hacket, George Herbert, Samuel Hilborn, John
Johns, Evan Kline, George Lybarger, Lewis Latimer, John
Lion, William Latimer, George Matthews, Samuel Magaw, John
Moore, Charles Maring, Peter Moss, Thomas Mitchel, James
McLaughlin, Daniel Nail, John Oerwiler, Adam Park, William
Quin, Daniel Quin, Jacob Reynolds, William Saviers, Charles
Stairs, Robert Stairs, John Sneer, George Stoner, John
Stoner, Henry Slocum, Richard Shurr, William Trucks, William
Trucks, William Jr. Taylor, Charles Trubalt, Thomas Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, William Wolph, John Walker, John Walker, Jacob
Williams, John Wilson, George Walker, George Wolph, John
Williams, Thomas Young, William Young, Henry Zeigler, Samuel
Zeigler, Samuel Jr. - - -

reference number = 1827 / 8707-8712

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