Some History of Shelby Schools

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Some History of Shelby Schools


Source:  SHELBY CITY DIRECTORY, 1901-1902.  Compiled and published by A.F. Schiffer & Co., Shelby, Ohio, pp. 21-24.


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The history of the Shelby schools from the time of their organization in 1852 until the present [1901] would make a very interesting book, but as space permits of only a brief sketch we will only mention the more important events.  The first two school houses were destroyed by fire.  These buildings were very similar to the country school houses still in use in some localities.

The life of the teacher then was not as pleasant as that of the teachers today.  The Hon. S.S. Bloom became connected with the schools in their infancy and succeeded in suppressing all acts of violence to teachers which had been in vogue before he assumed the duties of teacher.  It was during his time as instructor that the schools were graded.  At this time the attendance was about 65.  A few years later Mr. Bloom was chosen as a member of the school board.  He has always taken a great interest in the schools as teacher, as member of the board of education, as editor and as a private citizen, and did much to put our schools on the road to success.  The modern buildings that we have today [1901] are models of beauty and convenience and show the progress made in a few years.

The Hayes building was erected in 1897.

Hayes School Building - West Side

The Grant school was built in 1897.

Grant School Building - East Side

The new Central High School building was erected in 1901 and dedicated Sept. 2 of that year.  The dedication was a grand success, and much praise is due Prof. W.S. Lynch, who had charge of the affair.  Prof. Lynch was ably assisted in the work by Hon. W.W. Skiles, T.J. Green, Edwin Mansfield, Hon. S.S. Bloom and B.J. Sawyer of Cleveland, who delivered the principal address of the day.

Central High School Building

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