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source:  Shelby Daily Globe


Submitted by Terry W.


ELECT DIRECTORS TO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE -- At a meeting held in the First Lutheran church, the following men were elected to be the directors on the newly-organized Shelby Chamber of Commerce.  W. W. Van Horn, C. C. Wood, and C. S. Huber, representing the manufacturers; Don McGaw, A. J. Ellery and H. H. Knapp, representing the retail merchants; R. C. Skiles and G. W. Marriott, representing the professional men; C. C. Bloomfield for the bankers; I. L. Sipes representing labor and Sam Stroup representing agriculture."  Published 18 Dec 1920, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"Dr. and Mrs. M. T. Love leave this evening for New Jersey to attend a meeting of the Association of B. and O. Surgeons June 1 and 2 and the American Medical Association meeting."  Published 30 May 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"The new Citizens bank building has been dedicated.  'The interior is as chaste as a maiden's kiss.'"
Published 14 Oct 1911, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

H. W. Hildebrant, John Bushey and F. Brucker have solicited and have the pledges of a large amount of stock for the organization of a shovel company here with a capital stock of $80,000,"  Published 7 May 1902, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"REMODELLED OLD TEN CENT BARN FOR AUTO BUSINESS -- John Seltzer, who has been connected with the firm of Morris and Seltzer for the past several years, has sold his interest in that company to J. C. Morris and will engage in business on West Main street.  Mr. Seltzer has taken over the large building on Wall street which was formerly operated as a ten cent barn and plans to remodel it for a model automobile paint shop.  Published 13 Nov 1923, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"Walter Sotzen went to Put-in-Bay this morning for a fishing trip of a few days."  Published 6 Jun 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio. 

"WEDDING -- At four o'clock this afternoon at the home of the bride on Sharon street, Miss Bertha Sotzen and Walter Van Horn will be married.  The ceremony will be performed by Rev. Page of the Presbyterian church.  The young couple will live with bride's parents for a time."
Published 8 Aug 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"MARRIED -- At four o'clock this afternoon, W. D. Turner of Wheeling, W.Va. and Miss Ada Morris of this city were married at the Presbyterian church by Rev. Fisher of Bellaire.  The couple will leave tomorrow for a wedding trip to Niagara Falls.  They will reside in this city, where Mr. Turner has been elected principal of the Shelby high school."  Published 11 Jul 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"Married by Rev. N. H. Loose at his residence Mar. 28, S. Jay Bloom of Shiloh and Miss Coy Jane Hammond of Jackson township."  Published 29 Mar 1901, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"ORGANIZE DRUM CORPS AT ENGINE HOUSE -- About 25 young men met last night at the engine house and organized a drum corps.  Lazelle White was elected president; Ream Kuhn, vice president; Walter Wilson, secretary, Frank Schiffer, Jr., treasurer and E. L. Kirkpatrick, business manager.

The corps includes: Fifes - Wilson, Art Ward, George Dever, C. Laser, Frank Kubs; Bugles - Archie Curtis, M. Hanna, Schiffer, Roy Kirkpatrick; Snare Drums - Orlie See, Carl Sutter, Frank St. John, Charles Caywood, George Heath, William Wilson, Kuhn, John Weiser and White; Bass Drum - Bert Heath and E. L. Kirkpatrick.  Published 6 Aug 1902, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"At 4 o'clock this afternoon at their new house on East Main street, Jeff Morris and Miss Sadie Roberts were married by rev. Fisher of Bellaire in the presence of their families and a few friends.  They will go to housekeeping in the house where they were married."  Published 14 Jun 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"Announcements were received by several hundred people today of the wedding of Miss Lida Marie Wolfe and Henry E. Sheets which occured July 4 at Gambier, Ohio.  Invitations for a reception were also enclosed announcing an event at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe on Whitney avenue, July 24.  Published 17 Jul 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"COUPLE IS WED -- At noon wednesday (Aug. 29) Prof. Thurman Black and Miss Margaret McIntire were united in marriage by Rev. L. K. Warner, pastor of the Gay Street M. E. Church of Mt. Vernon.  the couple left for Shelby where they will make their home.  Published 31 Aug 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"George Koch, Jr. and Miss Grace Mack will be married Sunday (Aug. 26) at the home of Rev. Page.  They will leave for a brief visit with the bride's parents at Maysville, Ind."  Published 22 Aug 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"A marriage license has been issued to Jefferson Adams of Plymouth township and Gertrude Brokaw of Plymouth.  Rev. Bagley will be the officiating minister."  Published 19 Sep 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

The following Directors, Officers and Employees list was extracted from an ad in The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio published 24 Apr 1950:

C. R. Daugherty
R. S. Daugherty
G. S. Dennis
R. E. Dudenhaver
C. C. Fish
E. D. Hildebrant
H. G. Hildebrant
W. B.Kuhn
F. C. Long
L. A. Smith
J. C. Morris
E. W. McNeill
Walter Sotzen
H. G. Hildebrant, Chairman of the Board
F. C. Long, president
W. B. Kuhn, executive vice president
E. D. Hildebrant, cashier
Lillian Madden, assistant cashier
H. T. Heitzman, assistant cashier
M. D. Lowmiller, assistant cashier
D. A. Horner, assistant cashier
Virginia Tindale, clerk-stenographer
Mrs. Dwight Somerville, bookkeeper
Mrs. Gertrude Simon, bookkeeper
Mrs. James Herbert, bookkeeper
Charles Thomas, custodian


"CLOSES MARKET -- S. R. Bloom closed his meat market after a quarter of a century in business.  He has rented the room to C. W. Sipe who will move his music store from the Masonic Temple."  Published 14 Feb 1906, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"CHEAT DEATH -- Dave Bushey, one of the best men on the Shelby A. C. football team, and his wife narrowly missed death at the Whitney avenue crossing of the B. and O."  Published 30 Oct 1903, the Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"Miss Bessie Behler has returned home from Findlay where two days this week she attended the 17th annual convention of the Ohio Luther League."  Published 29 Jun 1912, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Myers have moved from Earl Avenue to rooms over the Estabrook Candy store on West Main street."  Published 5 Apr 1910, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"Faustin Boenau, who made a trip to Duluth, Minn. on a freighter, has returned home and reports a very pleasant trip."  Published 2 Sep 1913, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"Harry Brubaker, who has been holding a position in the office of the Steel Tube Co., has been transferred to the Cleveland office."  Published 24 Sep 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"Harry Houpt has moved his residence on Washington street back 20 feet and will put a new stone wall under it.  An addition will also be built."  Published 9 Sep 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"PROMOTES CHICKS  -- H. H. Knapp, of Shelby, was named chairman of a committee during a convention of eastern United States hatcherymen last month at New York to head up a four-year publicity program in the interest of the baby chick industry."  Published 13 Mar 1928, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"RATS CHEW BILLS  -- Cashier H. O. Hildebrant of the Citizens bank was given a pack of bills which had been chewed up by rats to be sent to the treasury department to be redeemed.  Among them was a 100 dollar bill and a twenty.  Several hundred dollars were represented and it is believed the farmer won't get over 25 cents on the dollar."  Published 2 Oct 1905, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


Following is a list of The First National Bank, Shelby, Ohio Director, Officers, and employees extracted from ad in the 24 Apr 1954 edition of The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio:
DIRECTORS: L. D. Malone, F. K. Hall, J. J. Crum, F. B. Stevens, H. C. Mayer, F. L. Bricker, and J. S. Seltzer.
OFFICERS AND EMPLOYES: L. D. Malone, president; F. K. Hall, executive vice president; W. L. Morton, cashier; W. L. Workman and L. D. Reynolds, assistant cashiers; Martha L. Wetz, teller; J. D. McBride, teller; Eileen Wetz, bookkeeper; Donna Smith, stenographer; J. V. Will, attorney, and Otto Metz, custodian.

"ENTERTAIN AT DINNER AND SLUMBER PARTY  -- Mrs. Henry Sheets and Mrs. George Williams gave a six o'clock dinner and slumber party at the former's home for the pleasure of their daughters, Misses Helen and Dorothy Williams and Miss Zorayda Sheets.  The following were present: Marion Love, Harriet Morris, Louise Morris, Martha Morrow, Winifred Ott, Hazel Hetrick, Gertrude Tracht, Esther Sanger, Dorothy Armstrong, Mildred Smith, Naomi Stull and Amy Butterworth."  Published 30 Aug 1913, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


Marriage License: Cloyd M. Gates and Estella Guthrie, both of Shelby."   Published 17 Jan 1901, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"Charles Miller weds Miss Esther Ashley in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen on High School avenue."
Published 23 Jun 1903, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"At the Catholic church this morning in the presence of a very large assemblage, Miss Gertrude Fisher and Arthur Simon were made man and wife with Rev. Father Graham officiating."  Published 29 Aug 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"SHORT CURRENCY: TO ACCEPT CHECKS -- At a meeting last night, articles of agreement were drawn up whereby merchants were to accept checks issued by the Shelby Steel Tube company to employees, 'as payment for all goods, merchandise and credit upon account at full face of their value.'  The tube company starts this date to issue checks to its employees above 20 per cent of their wages and in amounts of not less than $5.  The plan is to have the checks circulate as a medium until the currency becomes a little more plentiful.  A sudden withdrawal of currency in New York affected the entire country."  Published 9 Nov 1907, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"H. H. Knapp sold his entire stock of goods at the Tiro Dry Goods store to E. H. Arnold and plans to become actively engaged with the Co-Operative Breeding and Hatching company in Tiro."  Published 13 Jan 1911, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"If the weather is agreeable, H. W. Steele will start tomorrow morning to drive to Columbus."  Published 17 May 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"Burton Brickley was absent from school the last few days on account of having tonsillitis."  Published 2 May 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"Stanley, the son of W. H. Knapp of East Whitney avenue, is confined to his bed under the care of Dr. Hyde."
Published 4 Aug 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"The first automobile appeared on the streets of Shelby.  It was from Mansfield."  Published 6 Oct 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"M. Emrich placed a $275 cash register in his clothing store yesterday.  It is a daisy and is thoroughly up to date."  Published 2 Jun 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"Mrs. Walter Cook, Master Dick Cook and Miss Anna Dick have returned from a trip to Atlantic City and Port Royal, Pa."  Published 20 Aug 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"VITAL STATISTICS -- Vital statistics showed 335 persons died in Richland county during the preceding year.  641 born.  Published 19 Aug 1902, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

The following Shelby area men died in World War I:

Carl Ehret
B. J. Hale
Charles Gates
Clarence Broadhead
John Cook
Ray Harriman
George Broderick
Ray Gutchall
Ralph May
Freeborn Kellogg
James O'Brien"
Published 24 Apr 1954, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio from information supplied by the Shelby American Legion Post.

"The Knights of Pythias elected officers last night.  They are: Chancellor Commander, O. D. Landis; prelate, George Verbeck; Master at arms, G. U. Kuhn; inner guard, Bloom Buck; outer guard, C. R. Mann; Master of work, J. A. Brubaker."  Published 9 June 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"Fred, the son of Dr. A. F. Hyde, was kicked by his father's horse and had his nose broken."  Published 10 Sep 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"SPELLING BEE  -- The ladies at the Baptist church held an old fashioned spelling bee last night at the church.  There were fully 125 people present and all enjoyed the occasion.  A free lunch was served consisting of buns, cakes, oranges and pickles.  A collection was taken which amounted to $5.83.  Mrs. Grant Howe proved to be the best speller among the 125 present."  Published 13 May 1901, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"An old fashioned apple paring was held at the home of Marcellus Leiter on Second street last night.
Cider and refreshments were served and everybody enjoyed a great time."  Published 21 Sep 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio


"ARE MARRIED -- At the residence of Rev. Singley yesterday, Sherman Hershiser and Miss Martha C. Ferguson were united in marriage.  They will reside on the old Hershiser farm north of the city."
Published 11 Oct 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"REINHART-BALLIETT VOWS -- At noon today John Reinhart and Miss Verte Balliett of Clark Street were married in the home of the bride, Rev Singley officiating.  The couple left for a wedding trip to Chicago and other points."  Published 12 Sep 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"KARG-BOEHM -- The home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Boehm of Galion was the scene of the wedding Nov. 14 of their daughter.  Miss Anna was united in marriage with William Karg.  The bridegroom is employed at the Shelby Tube Works and the couple will reside here."  Published 17 Nov 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"TO HOLD HAZEL GROVE SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC -- The Hazel Grove Sunday School will hold its annual picnic Saturday, Sept. 6 in John Champion's wood.  To the regular dinner of spring chicken, buns, apple pie, cake and coffee, will be added watermelon, ice cream and lemonade.  All farmers and neighbors are asked to be present and enjoy the festivities of the occasion."  Published 3 Sep 1913, The Daily Globe

"BUSY BEE CLUB -- Mrs. Henry Stover, Mrs. Gail Ewalt, Mrs. S. C. Stover, Mrs. Homer Imhoff and Mrs. Jud Lindsey are surviving charter members of the Busy Bee club which was formed Feb. 5, 1920.  Mrs. S. L. Stroup was the first president; Mrs. Henry Stover, secretary and Mrs. Roy Sipe, treasurer.  The club has 60 members now with Mrs. Wilbur White serving as president; Mrs. Robert Hawk, secretary and Mrs. John Fagan, treasurer.  Projects have been to furnish a room at Memorial Hospital, to contribute to the Red Cross and other worthy organizations and to help the needy. The club motto is 'Look up, not down, out, not in, and lend a hand.  The members meet the first Wednesday in each month in the various homes."  Published 24 Apr 1954, The Daily Globe.

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