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Misc. Shelby News

source:  Shelby Daily Globe, 24 April 1950


Submitted by Terry W.


"OPENS DENTIST OFFICE -- Dr. F. H. Hagerman who has been engaged in the dental business in Shelby for a number of years, today sold his office to Dr. F. H. Williams who comes to Shelby from Gallipolis.  The office is located in the Brickley block."  The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio, 6 Oct 1906."

"DANIEL MARVIN DIES -- Daniel S. Marvin, pioneer, lawyer, gold seeker, veteran and philanthropist dies at 85 years of age.  He was born Nov. 15, 1825 in a little log cabin built by his father, Stephen Marvin in the midst of the forest where he and his wife, Sarah, in 1818 emigrated here from Connecticut.  Admitted to law practice in 1847, Daniel joined the gold rush in 1850 and went through mountain passes to Park Barr.  He joined (the) army during the Civil War, was wounded at Stone River battle and discharged.  He promoted the Marvin Memorial library which still bears his name."  Republished from the 23 August 1910 Daily Globe.

"TO LEAVE FOR CANADA -- N. H. Aumend and Raymond Clark will leave next week to attend the annual outing of the Charles C. Higgins Co.  The affair this year will be held at Victoria Park in Canada, just across from Niagara Falls."  Republished from the 11 Jul 1912 Daily Globe.

"Married by Dr. N. H. Loose at his residence were John B. Smith and Mary E. Neal, both of Shelby."  Republished from the 15 Sep 1900 Daily Globe.

"NOTICE -- In order to make more room in my barbershop I will sell my circulating library consisting of 1150 volumes at the low price of one book cloth bound 5 cents, 1 book paper bound 3 cents.  E. C. Boenau, 45 West Main street.  Come early and get your choice."  Republished from the 2 Jul 1900 Daily Globe.

"MANAGES HARDWARE -- George Armstrong will be in charge of the Armstrong and Morton Hardware store."  Republished from 23 Mar 1904 The Daily Globe.

OLD CARRIAGE WORKS ANOTHER CASUALTY OF THE NEW CENTURY  -- A master of the wagon and carriage-making craft, Samuel Shreffler, founder of the Shreffler Carriage works, died with the belief that the automobile would never take the place of "Old Dobbin" and the buggy.  The Shreffler Carriage Works was an outstanding example of the change in industry as the result of the new mechanical age that swept in with the new century.  Mr. Shreffler started his manufacture in 1872 in an old defunct woolen mill he purchased. The '80's found the carriage works at the height of its activity on the banks of the Blackfork on Whitney avenue where part of the remodeled building still stands.  Thirty-five mechanics worked in that factory, turning out wagons and carriages.  The Shreffler wagons were productions of pride and skill in craftsmanship that ran many years and gained a wide reputation.  The Shreffler industry continued until 1937, but in the later years under the management of two sons, Robert and Halmer.  Robert is now employed with the local U. S. post office and Hal, as he is better known, operates the Castamba theater.  As the new century grew out of its infancy, a new industry sprang up in the old Shreffler works.  It was a natural transition from the buggy to the horseless carriage and soon there rose up an auto repair establishment.  There was a blacksmithing department to do structural auto work and other departments to look after general auto trim and furniture upholstery.  Later on, the Cline Body Repair and Paint shop occupied the building." 

LOCAL RIB PLANT SOLD: TO BE PART  OF NATIONAL FRAME -- Col. D. L. Cockley, operator, announced the sale of the Rib Manufacturing company, makers of umbrella ribs with a reported $100,000 capitalization, to the National Frame Umbrella company for $77,000.  The machinery is being shipped to Philadelphia.  The sale of the rib works was termed the best deal Col. Cockley ever made, surpassing his sale of the Shelby mill and at the tube works.  The local rib factory has operated at a loss from the start and six rib factories in the nation have been consolidated by the national company.  17,000 dozen ribs are used a week and the six factories have a combined capacity of 35,000.  Republished from 7 Aug 1901 Daily Globe.

"MARRIED -- Walter Mott of this city was united in marriage today at Mt. Vernon to Miss Verona Parish and the newly married couple will arrive home on Monday evening.  The groom will enter the employ of his father, Morris Mott."  Republished from 17 Sep 1900 The Daily Globe. 

Charles French made a stop at the fire station while on his way through town to fill his steam-driven racing automobile with water."  Republished from 12 Aug 1902, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio.

"ICE COMPANY TO INCREASE OUTPUT -- The Shelby Ice Co. plans to operate their plant night and day to take care of additional out-of-town business.  Fred Mayer, of Continental, will be night engineer and George Koch, of the firm Koch and Price, will have charge of the plant in the day time.  The company shipped a carload of ice to Galion yesterday and will ship another carload next Monday."  Republished from 31 Jul 1903, The Daily Globe

"SELL LAUNDRY -- W. B. Horner has sold his laundry on East Whitney avenue to Floyd Brown and will move on a farm he has purchased in Jackson township."  Republished from 15 Nov 1917, The Daily Globe. 


"A marriage license has been issued to William Perman of Crestline and Bertha Laser of Shelby."  Republished from 2 Mar 1901, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"A marriage license was applied for at Probate Court, Mansfield by John L. Yetzer of Shelby and Helen Faust of Mansfield."
Republished 25 Apr 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio
"Harry Lisle and Miss Millie Yetzer were married last evening at the priest's residence by the Rev. Graham.  They have gone to housekeeping on Auburn street."  Republished 6 Jun 1900, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"GROCERY DESTROYED -- An explosion followed by a fire destroyed the grocery of Schwab and Clark on Auburn street last night about 9 o'clock.  Albert Clark who was in the store at the time of the explosion was blown up to the ceiling and badly injured."  Republished 26 Jul 1906, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

"BOOM SHELBY CLUB -- City Clerk Tucker organized 'Boom Shelby' club that held its first meeting last night.  C. W. Brightman, elected president; J. K. Vance, vice president; H. A. Tucker, secretary; and H. O. Hildebrant, treasurer.  B. F. Long, W. W. VanHorn and A. C. Morse named to draw up constitution and by-laws."  Republished 29 Mar 1904, The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio

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