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Misc. Shelby News Items (Part 6)

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THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Thursday, 1 October 1903, page 1  
"REPORT - OF RECEIVER OF THE SHELBY MOTOR CAR COMPANY FILED - J. C. Fish, receiver of the Shelby Motor Car company, has filed in common pleas court, his final report.   Receiver's receipts $8,505.51, expenditures $8,502.86, balance $2.65.  Liabilities: Amount due receiver $5,789.36.  The receiver states that he believes the business under the receiver would have been profitable were it not for the fact that the marketing of products was greatly interfered with by the company being in the hands of a receiver.  The receiver reports in addition to the $5,789.36 due him, $860.16 for other machines partially completed, etc., making the amount to balance $6,649.52.  The receiver asks for authority to adjust the claim of Leppo Bros. and Hall."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, 11 June 1921.  
"SPANISH WAR VETERANS - ORGANIZED IN SHELBY LASY NIGHT; OFFICERS CHOSEN AND CHARTER APPLIED FOR - A meeting was held last night in the I.O.O.F. hall at 7:30 to organize a camp of the Spanish-American war veterans.  Chairman Fulton called the meeting to order and Rev. Hackenberg gave the address of the evening.  He gave a splendid patriotic talk to the veterans of the Spanish war and urged them to join this organization as a tie that would bind these men of former common trials and present like interests together.  The membership fee was fixed at $1.00 and the dues at $2.00 per year, to be paid quarterly.  The name decided upon was Shelby Camp United Spanish War Veterans.  The number will be given them by the headquarters office when the charter is sent.  Following this officers were elected as follows: Commander, W. J. Fulton; Senior Vice Commander, Freeman Conley; Junior Vice Commander, Clyde Conley; Officer of the Day, Joseph Wert; Officer of the Guard, Guy Wooley; Trustee for one year, Frank Hannrahan; Trustee for two years, Charles McGregor; Trustee for three years, Fred Stiles.  The following officers were appointed by the Commander: Adjutant, Charles McGregor; Quartermaster, Herb Beth; Chaplain, J. C. Prewitt; Historian, Guy Frankfather; Sergeant Major, Frank Bender; Quartermaster Sergeant, Sam Moffatt; Color Sergeants, S. L. Sellers and William Karg; Musician, Charles Lannert.  A committee composed of the following was appointed to arrange for the institution of the camp: Clyde Conley, Chas. McGregor and Guy Wooley.  It was decided that the camp meet the third Tuesday in each month.  Here are the charter members of the Shelby Camp U. S. W. V.; W. J. Fulton, F. E. Conley, Guy Frankfather, Clyde Conley, Fred Stiles, Chas. McGregor, Guy Wooley, E. L. Eckis, J. E. Wert, S. L. Sellers, Frank Hannrahan, Herb Beth, J. C. Prewitt, J. M. Stewart, C. H. Lennart, Frank Bender, S. L. Moffatt, and George W. Heiser.  David Young was made an honorary member of the camp, he being on the point of death and unable to attend the meeting but signified his willingness to enter as a member.  At 10:30 o'clock lunch was served and the meeting adjourned until the third Tuesday in next month.  The entire minutes and charter application will be sent to A. F. Rupnow, the Department Commander in Cleveland who will be here at the next meeting to muster the local camp into the organization.  Now that the Spanish War Veterans are organized in Shelby a new military remnant is formed and another movement for better government and better laws.  It has taken Shelby Spanish War Veterans a long time to get together on this subject and now that they are organized a few of them will have to be mustered out of the camps they formerly belonged to before they are recognized as a member of the Shelby camp.  The local camp expects to increase their membership to over 30 within two meetings."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby Ohio, 24 April 1950  
"A.F.L. NO. 603 - The American Federation of Labor, No. 603 was founded in Shelby Aug. 20, 1943 with Perry Hall, John Molder, Clayton Schull, H. Lester Brock, Andrew Glasgow, Harry Wilcox, George S. Zeiters, Carl Clark, Paul L. Jones, E. E. Leonhardt, Dooley Roberts and Urban Yetzer the surviving charter members.  Ralph Vaughn served as the first president; Urban Yetzer, vice president; Paul L. Jones, recording and corresponding secretary; George Zeiters, financial secretary and Lester Brock, treasurer.  The present membership numbers 43 with Joseph Yetzer, the current president; George Swanger, vice-president; Paul Jones, recording and corresponding secretary; George Zeiters, financial secretary and A. C. Elliott, treasurer.  The meetings are held once a month at the line office."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, 24 April 1950.  
"GRANT P.T.A. - Outstanding projects of Grant School P.T.A. which was formed Oct. 4, 1944 have been the furnishing of a health room, the installation of heat in this room and the purchasing of a movie projector.  Mrs. J. F. Winans was the first president; Mrs. Chester Troxell, vice president; Mrs. Kenneth Light, secretary and Mrs. Charles Nothacker, treasurer.  The present officers are John R. Warden, president; Mrs. Russell Pittenger, vice president; Mrs. David Close, secretary and Mrs. Byron Wagoner, treasurer.  Membership is 36.  The P. T. A. meets once a month at the Grant building."
SHELBY TIMES, Shelby, Ohio, February 28, 1891.  
"C. P. Leiter                   Mayor
W. F. Sonnanstine          Clerk
Frank A. Abbott              Treasurer
J. F. Brougher                 Marshal
J. L. Bloom                     Street Commissioner
George Waite                  Village Council
M. H. Davis                     Village Council
J. H. Phillips                   Village Council
J. Freese                        Village Council
W. H. Morris                   Village Council
J. C. Sutter                     Village Council"
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio Tuesday, August 4, 1903.  
"FRED HOLLENBAUGH SHOT IN THE FOOT BY A RIFLE BALL LAST SATURDAY - Fred Hollenbaugh, the son of Henry Hollenbaugh of North Broadway, and aged about 16 years, is at home with a serious wound to his foot.  Last Saturday he and a brother went hunting.  In the woods they met a youngman whom they did not know.  The young man had a rifle.  The three boys sat down on a log and were talking about their prowess as dead shots.  The young man with the rifle after telling how good he could shoot aimed at a piece of a stick and was about to fire at it.  As he pulled the trigger he closed his eyes and the gun was pulled out of its true aim at the mark.  It pointed at the foot of Fred Hollenbaugh and was discharged in this position.  The bullet was only a .22 short, but it had sufficient power behind it to bury it in the flesh between the third and fourth toes.  Fred managed to walk back to town and Dr. Love was summoned and extracted the bullet.  It has made a sore foot for the young man, but barring blood poison or tetanus, he will be able to get around in a few days and to go to work a short time later."
Post Office employees in Shelby in 1927 per "1927 Shelby, Ohio Directory":  
Postmaster ... A. H. Anderson
Asst. Postmaster ... L. L. White
Clerks ... William Nail, W. M. Hassler, V. A. Schiffer, A. H. Spangler, L. H.   Summer
Carriers ... George Verbeck, U. S. Trimble, Arvine Kindinger, W. R. Broderick, C. R. Knee, H. F. Ott
Rural Carriers ... B. M. Reese, G. M. Donnenwirth, E. P. May, J. S. Bonecutter, D. D., Spangler, G. W. Payne
THE DAILY GLOBE, 22 April 1925
"CONTINUED ILL HEALTH - CAUSED FRANK L. HOLLENBAUGH TO ATTEMPT TO END HIS LIFE THIS MORNING - Frank L. Hollenbaugh, aged 66 years, living on the Shelby-Plymouth road just north of Marsh Run shot himself this morning about 7 o'clock.  While Mrs. Hollenbaugh was at the barn he secured a revolver and stepping in front of a mirror in the living room he placed the muzzle on the revolver to his temple and pulled the trigger.  The bullet entered his head at the temple and came out above the eye.
He fell to the floor and his daughter who was in an adjoining room hearing the report ran to the living room.  Seeing her father on the floor with the gun in his hand she realized what had happened and ran to the barn for her mother.
When Mrs. Hollenbaugh entered the room Frank was still conscious and told her not to bother about taking him to the hospital.  The Sutter invalid coach was quickly summoned and the injured man was in the hospital receiving attention with half an hour after the accident.  The bullet was found on the floor of the living room having past through his head.
At the hospital he is conscious only a part of the time and there is not a great deal of hope for his recovery.
Mr. Hollenbaugh has lived in and around Shelby practically all his life and was a highly respected citizen with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.  His rash act is due to ill health and being despondent over his condition.  He has been sick since last fall and was at the hospial several weeks for treatment.  He did not improve as he hoped and the work on the farm caused him to worry.  His continued ill health and worry caused him to take this rash step to end it all.
Mr. Hollenbaugh is a member of the Shelby Lodge No. 350 F. & A.M., and served the local lodge as Worshipful Master for several terms. He had many staunch friends in Shelby who realize that his physical condition brought about his attempt to take his life."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Tuesday, March 4, 1930, page 3.  
MERRY TWELVE BRIDGE - On Thursday Mrs. Harry Brubaker will entertain the members of the Merry Twelve Bridge Club at her home with a one o'clock luncheon party.
BIRTHDAY PARTY - Mrs. Wilbur White who celebrated her birthday Sunday was happily surprised when a party of friends gathered at her home for a fine birthday dinner.  The guests brought well filled baskets with them and a wonderful dinner was prepared.
Those present to enjoy the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur White, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stroup, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ackley and son James and Mr. and Mrs. John Burrer of Mansfield.
On Wednesday afternoon the members of the Latona Bridge Club will be entertained by Mrs. Clyde Endslow of West Main Street.
Mrs. Hazel Tucker began on her new duties this morning in the office of the Fenton Dry Cleaning Co., on West Main Street.
Mrs. Mary Chawford spent the afternoon in Berlin Heights attending the funeral of a friend.
Ralph Williams returned to Cleveland after spending the week-end here with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams.
Rev. A. B. Allison has returned from Wooster where he was a business caller.
Mrs. W. A. Doyle of Plymouth was in the city this morning.
Jake Arnold moved from Whitney Avenue to Mansfield Avenue today.
Mrs. Charles Dix returned from Mansfield where she visited friends and relatives.
E. M. Reese of Cleveland is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bart Reese.
WESTMINSTER GUILD - Mrs. H. C. Muncha(u)sen entertained the girls of the Presbyterian Westminster Guild to dinner on Monday evening.
Eleanor Hope presided at the business meeting.  Harriet Huber reviewed the chapter from 'Blind Spots'.  The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:  Harriet Huber, president;  Helen Barkdull, secretary;  Mary Ann Stimson, treasurer;  Mrs. H. C. Munchausen, counselor.
SHELBY NEWS, Shelby, Ohio, Friday, November 21, 1902, page 1.  
"LANDED IN JAIL - While on her way home from Shiloh Tuesday morning about 9 o'clock, Rose White, the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. N. White, a prominent farmer living about a mile and a half south of the village, was accosted by a tramp who made an indecent exposure of his person and was about to make a criminal assault but was frightened off.  The girl ran home and notified her parents, who telephoned to Shiloh.  The fellow had gone towards town and on arrival there was arrested by Marshal Dickerson.  He was identified by the girl and at first claimed innocence but later changed his plea to guilty.  Squire Pittenger bound him over to the grand jury and the marshal took him to Mansfield the same afternoon.  The fellow gave his name as Charles Morgan."
SHELBY NEWS, Shelby, Ohio, Friday, October 17, 1902.  
"THE AUTOMOBILE - FACTORY WILL DOUBLE ITS CAPACITY AT ONCE - The demand for the Darling automobiles manufactured by the Beardsley & Hubbs company, has been so great, that the company have concluded they would be justified in enlarging their capacity from 2 or 3 per week to 6 per week.  This will necessitate more room and an increase of the force from 40 men to 150.  Our Shelby men have promptly taken enough stock to guarantee the enterprise plenty of cash to swing the business and everything looks exceedingly favorable for a big winter's work.  The factories of Shelby without exception are all very busy.  Orders are plenty and if the coal strike does not compel a shut down, the winter of 1902-03 will be one eminently satisfactory to all our enterprises."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Saturday, November 15, 1902, page 4  
"W. J. LANDIS - OFFERING HIS GOODS AT PUBLIC SALE ON 26th OF NOVEMBER - By sale bills printed at this office today it was announced that W. J. Landis will sell at public auction on Wednesday, November 26th his farming tools and a large amount of farm products.  Mr. Landis will move into his new residence on another part of his farm and holds the sale to dispose of his surplus materials."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Saturday, November 15, 1902, page 4  
"SHELBY MOTOR CAR COMPANY - HAS ALREADY BEGUN THE WORK ON ITS NEW ADDITION AT THE PLANT - The Shelby motor car company has already begun it new addition and expects to have it completed within the next 30 days.  The new addition is to be used in testing out the engines.  The Shelby stove company has already placed its order for lumber and will push the work on its new factory as soon as possible.  The Brubaker lumber company secured the contract for furnishing the lumber for the new addition.  Both factories hope to have the additions ready for occupancy at the earliest possible moment."
Listing of Post Office Employees from "1937 Shelby, Ohio, Directory" as submitted by the Post Office.  
Leo A. McGaw                  Postmaster
L. L. White                       Asst. Postmaster
William Hassler                Clerk
William Nail                      Clerk
Verlen Schiffer                  Clerk
Leon B. Summer              Clerk
Ambrose Spangler            Clerk
Robert Shreffler                Clerk
George K. Clark               City Carrier
Arvine Kindinger               City Carrier
William Broderick             City Carrier
Fred Ott                          City Carrier
Conda R. Knee                City Carrier
Ray Baer                         Substitute Carrier
G. M. Donnenwirth           Rural Carrier, Route 1
Edward P. May                Rural Carrier, Route 2
Jesse Bonecutter             Rural Carrier, Route 3
George W. Payne            Rural Carrier, Route 4
Delbert Hewitt                  Mail Messenger
Myron Shaw                    Mail Messenger
Frank J. Yosick               Janitor
Marion A. Deardoff           Janitor
Shelby Law Directors, 01 January 1970 - Present  
1/1/1970 12/31/1975
Herbert Poland
1/1/1976 12/31/1979
Jon Schaefer
1/1/1980 12/31/1981
Gordon Blackman
1/1/1982 12/31/1989
R. Lee Shepherd
1/1/1990 12/31/1993
Frank G. Long
1/1/1994 Present
R. Lee Shepherd

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