Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Teachers' Certificates Issued - Spring, 1891


source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  02 May 1891, Vol. LXXIII, No. 50

One-Year Certificates Lucas W.O. Wiles, Wm. A. Culber, Lillie Switzer, Arthur Selter, Henry Gallagher
' Perrysville E.B. Baughman
' Mansfield S.A. Hagerman, C.W. Stentz, O.S. Dent, Grace Palmer, Laura Mentzer, R.B. Kohler, W.S. Roush
' Galion Jay Line, Effie Barr
' Crestline Bertha Kuhn
' Bellville John Cromer
' Epworth Anna Hughes
' Shiloh Geo. W. Miller
' Shelby B.W. Rees
Two-Year Certificates Bellville Una A. Knox, Pearl Leedy
' Shelby Dora Sutter
' Epworth Carrie Hughes
' Lucas Effie Smith
' Shiloh Amanda Guthrie
Three-Year Certificates Perrysville George Balliett
Five-Year Certificates Shiloh H.S. Maring

More results of the examinations held April 25th.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  16 May 1891, Vol. LXXIII, No. 52]

One-Year Certificates Ashland W.W. Scott
  Mansfield Vernon Dent, W.H. Hoover
  Newville C.S. Andrews
  Greenwich O.J. Ringle, Lois R. Mead
  Adario Nellie B. Thomas
  Barnes P.O. John Brandt, D.L. Mahn
  Lucas Mary M. Switzer
  Shiloh Gertie Hake
  Hinesville Ella Smith
Two-Year Certificates Mansfield G.M. Herring
  Ontario Nora Marshall
  Shelby Jessie I. Scott
  Woodview Hattie Craven

More results of the examinations held May 9th.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  23 May 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 1]

One-Year Certificates Savannah Mattie A. Quinn
  Mansfield E.M. Terman
  Ashland P.C. Green
  Lucas Lloyd Arehart
  Butler Mina Andrews
  Hinesville Martin McEsterline
  Shiloh Della Stober
  Shenandoah Otho Powell
  Ganges S.A. Clark
Two-Year Certificates Darlington C.L. McFerron
  Hinesville M.F. Crawford

More results of the examinations held May 23rd.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  30 May 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 2]

One-Year Certificates Perrysville Mary Chambers
  Barnes P.O. Minnie Bowden
  Shiloh Mensie Crouse, Mattie Noble
  Lexington Jessie Snurr [Smurr]
  Bellville J.W. Garber
  Shelby George F. Lee
Three-Year Certificates Ontario Emma Millikin

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