Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Teachers' Certificates Issued - Summer, 1891


source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  18 July 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 9

One-Year Shelby Esther Bricker, Boyd Fackler, Lucy Taylor
- Corsica J.C. Harding
= Plymouth Mary E. Kirkpatrick, Esther M. Opdyke
- Spring Mills Lottie Cairns, Anna Cairns
0 Mansfield N.B. Johnson
- Levering [Knox Co.] T.W. Zulauf
- Shiloh Perry Noble
Two-Year Galion J.L. Stevens
- Steam Corners Mary Meckley
- Butler E.D. Meckley
0 Barnes P.O. D.H. Charles

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