St. Joseph's Cemetery / Crestline Catholic Cemetery (Sandusky Twp.)

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St. Joseph's Cemetery O

Alternate Names:  Crestline Catholic Cemetery

Township / Section:  Sandusky Twp.

Latitude:  ----

Longitude:  ----

Elevation:  ----

(these coordinates are accurate to within 29 feet)

Location Description:   On the south side of US Rte. 30, east of State Rte. 181

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Only select records have been submitted to our site at this time.

AEA - 5/23/07

Name Born Died Misc. Submitter/Source
- - - -
Cattoo, Carl 9/21/1889 1/18/1954 Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp. (heart attack);  Born at Rochester, NY;  h/o Myrtle MNJ 1/19/1954
Frye, Mary Ann 9/9/1883 9/6/1955 72Y;  Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp.;  b. Crestline;  w/o Charles J. MNJ 9/7/1955
Giampietro, Consiglio A. - 6/1956 52Y;  Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp.;  h/o Pauline MNJ 6/4/1956
Gosser, Francis Xavier - 4/11/1958 68Y;  Died at Toledo, O.; Crestline native MNJ 4/13/1958
Gush, William - 12/14/1956 67Y;  Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp.;  h/o Mellie MNJ 12/16/1956
Hayes, Norah - 11/27/1957 81Y;  Died at Crestline Mem. Hosp. MNJ 11/27/1957
Klopfenstein, Edmund - 6/1956 42Y;  Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp.;  h/o Irene MNJ 6/26/1956
Kurtzman, Matilda 5/29/1888 7/8/1955 Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp.;  Born at Hinesville;  w/o Louis MNJ 7/8/1955
McMahon, Bernard - 8/14/1958 75Y;  Died at Galion Comm. Hosp.;  Crestline resident MNJ 8/14/1958
McMahon, Charles T. 9/3/1875 4/5/1955 Died at Mercy Hosp., Tiffin, OH;  Born at Vernon Twp. MNJ 4/6/1955
Zink, Maude - 12/17/1956 81Y;  Died at Crestline Emerg. Hosp.;  wid/o Spencer MNJ 12/18/1956

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