HONOR TO OUR FALLEN HEROES:  Programme of Exercises for Decoration Day, Friday, May 30th., 1884

Richland Co., Ohio


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Source:  THE OHIO LIBERAL, 28 May 1884, Vol. 12, No. 7


Programme of Exercises for Decoration Day, Friday, May 30th., 1884

President of the Day -- W.D. Harter

Orator -- Hon. George W. Geddes

Chaplains -- Rev. Frank Russell and Comrade Elder Kemp

 Grand Marshal -- William Ackerman

Ass't Marshals -- A.C. Cummins and John Niman

        The exercises of the day will be held as heretofore.  The procession will form at the Park and at 1:30 P.M. will move to the cemetery in the following order:

                First Division:  Police, Drum Corps, Grand Marshal and Orderlies, Wagon containing Flowers for Decoration, G.A.R., all Ex-Soldiers, Sons of Veterans under command of Comrades Crawford and Bradford, carriages containing Disabled Soldiers, Ladies Auxiliary Society.

                Second Division:  American Band, A.C. Cummins, Assistant Marshal, President of the Day, Orator and Chaplain, Knights of Pythias, Uniformed Rank of Odd Fellows, Robert Emmet Society, M.M. Works Association, A-T. Benevolent Association, Citizens on foot.

                Third Division:  J.B. Niman, Assistant Marshal, and Orderly, City Officials in carriages, Fire Department, Citizens in carriages.


1.  Decoration of Soldiers' Graves by G.A.R. at sound of bugle

2.  Assembly of the Soldiers at the calling of the long roll.  Dirge by the Band.

3.  Prayer by Rev. Frank Russell

4.  Solders' Requiem by entire Post

5.  Music by American Band

6.  Remarks by Elder G.M. Kemp

7.  Longfellow's Ship of State by Relief Corps and Post

8.  Oration by Hon. G.W. Geddes

9.  America by audience

10.  Singing of the Long Metre Doxology

11. Benediction by Elder G.M. Kemp

        After exercises return to Park;  when opposite the Soldiers' Monument the G.A.R. and sons of veterans will open order and salute the different societies that have participated as they pass through their lines.  The Post will then form around the monument and sing a dirge, "Peace to the Brave", while flowers are deposited to the memory of those resting in unknown graves.



Wm. McLaughlin D. Carpenter
J. Cairns J. Barton
H. McFall M. Loyd
C.P. Meredith John Carson
J. Cook E. Moores
W. Patterson S. Pollock
F. Harding J.C. Blackston
J. Crall F. Fahnestock
A. Moore G.F. Summers
W. Wharff B.F. Price
G. Well W. Cornelius
J. Shannon J. Kling
E. Allen Robert Davy
H. Miller E. Carter
J. Miller L. Sipe
J.G. Pittman J. Brown
R. Moore J.M. Beiesfield
S.J.D. Burns J. Bristor
H.Q. Nail J.A. Stevens
H. Nail V.N. Hine
H.P. Reed J.S. Reed
J. Cronister J. Cromer
H. Shouster S. Taylor
P. Cain J.F. Potter
A. Heckman Hezekiah Potter
M. Stambaugh H. Potter
Wm. Gilkinson J. Christofell
E. Geiseman M.W. Worden
F. Kemler J. Reinhart Jr.
E. Goshard F. Maine
P. Cook S.J. Kennedy
James Campbell Augustus McIlvain
D. Henry Alex McIlvain
F.A. Wise J. Payne
J. Roberts C. McCombs
H. Sims A.G. Phillips
O.P. Crouse R.J. Barr
W. Crouse C. Brill
J. Arnold W. McCormick
T. Etzwiler J.G. Michelfelter
F.H. Wise A. Beucher
T. Ferguson J. Hauntie
David Shelton J. Allcock
O. Munnell V. Bineroth
Wm. Morrow G. Lemon
N.C. Dickey J. Lemon
Thomas Ehlers P. Drackert
James Ehlers G.E. Winters
J. Hedges G. Ulich
J.A. Hedges J. Reisinger
W. Thompson David Newlon
D. Kennedy Samuel Laird
J. Cantwell F.A. Coates
T. Finney J.H. Downs
H. Waring J.B. Downs
Thomas Croft J. Longshore
H. Downs W.R. Johnson
J.H. Downs T.H. Ford
J.C. Gilkinson J.B. McCullough
R.M. Shreffler W.H. Weldon
O. Chapman G.H. Bowman
G. Schambs R.L. Avery
J.D. Mercer A. Endley
W. McAtte J. Purdy
John Hildebidle Sr. J.B. Purdy
John Hildlebidle Jr. F. Wigle
F. Cromer J.E. Dennison
J. Harroun Edwin Farmer
Isaac Gass John Lash Sr.
J.S. White James Larimor Sr.
T. Bloor E.P. Sturges Jr.
H.P. Anderson Isaac Millner
J.B. Loder Noble Calhoon
A. McFarland I.C. Fair
W.W. Carter William Kennedy
E.W. Dunn Thos. Scott
A. Marshall Dr. J.Y. Cantwell
W. Wilson Dr. Sutherland
W.H. Shreffler Sam'l. M. Wolf
James S. Crall Lee S. Comin
S. Thompson Sam'l M. Muscroft
Adam Gault Dan'l Sullivan
James M. Cochran Barnabas Burns


Wm. Langan Aaron Crop
J. Costin Pat Phalon
J. Leahy John Straub
M. Redding Patrick Costin

WAR OF 1776

Henry Nail Sr. --

WAR OF 1812

Jabez Cook Wm. McCormick
Thomas McCormick William Smith
John C. Gilkison James Hedges
Henry Nail Jr. Patrick Purdy
Samuel Taylor Frederick Weigle
J.S. White Frederick Maines
Joseph Cairns John Leech Sr.
James Shea of 1812 Geo. Armentrout of 1812


John Crall John H. Downs
Jacob Reisinger Capt. Thomas H. Ford

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