Bank of Mansfield Stockholders, 1892

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Bank of Mansfield Stockholders, 1892

source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  17 September 1892, Vol. LXXV, No. 17


A meeting of the stockholders of the new "Bank of Mansfield" was held last night in the office of Douglass & Douglass, Hon. W.M. Hahn presided.  The committee on stock reported all the stock taken and the meeting authorized S.M. Douglass to take the necessary steps to secure the incorporation of the institution.  Ten per cent of the stock was ordered paid in by October 1st. and an additional fifty per cent by January 1st., 1893.  S.M. Douglass and John Krause were authorized to receive and receipt for these payments.

It is expected that the bank will begin business January 1st., with a capital stock of $100,000.  This is divided into 2,000 shares of $50 each.  A great deal more of stock could have been disposed of, a number having applied too late, after all the stock was taken.  A proposition to increase the capital to $150,000 was considered, but it was decided inexpedient to do this now, but to defer the question of increase until after the bank goes into business and the matter can then be more intelligently considered.  The permanent organization will be made as soon as the incorporation is completed.

There are 94 stockholders, as follows:

W.M. Hahn, Mansfield C.N. Gaumer, Mansfield Lewis Brucker, Mansfield M.D. Ward, Mansfield S.S. Balliett, Mansfield
J.C. Laser, Mansfield Geo. F. Shuler, Mansfield John Krause, Mansfield W.A. Harbeson, Mansfield Geo. Rhein, Mansfield
E.D. Baxter, Mansfield Alex McElroy, Mansfield S.M. Douglass, Mansfield A.C. Cummins, Mansfield Mart Bevington, Mansfield
Ida M. Pierson, Mansfield Wm. Adrain, Mansfield J.W. Brown, Mansfield Bell & Brinkerhoff, Mansfield Leroy Parsons, Mansfield
John C. Larwill, Mansfield C.L. Irwin, Mansfield Geo. A. Holm & Bros., Mansfield W.H. Delong, Mansfield C.H. Sorg, Mansfield
H. Scattergood, Mansfield J.J. King, Mansfield A. Redrup, Mansfield E.H. Houston, Mansfield C.C. Doran, Mansfield
J.A. Rigby, Mansfield Roy Antibus, Mansfield O.B. Jamison, Mansfield S.M. Dittenhoefer, Mansfield Jerry Sullivan, Mansfield
J.P. Seward, Mansfield W.W. Lemon, Mansfield Monroe Harmon, Mansfield N.M. Wolfe, Mansfield N.S. Reed, Mansfield
John Schantz, Mansfield M.E. Douglas, Mansfield J.G. Bonar, Mansfield Lizzie F. Wood, Mansfield Fannie P. Loughridge, Mansfield
W.E. Loughridge, Mansfield T.T. Dill, Mansfield Boyd Chambers, Mansfield Mary B. Harter, Mansfield L.J. Bonar, Mansfield
D.J. Meese, Mansfield W.S. Cappeller, Mansfield J.F. Seward, Mansfield Lizzie Endly, Mansfield Geo. W. Bricker, Mansfield
M.L. Miller, Mansfield H.G. Ditwiler, Mansfield Homer Dewell, Mansfield Geo. S. Harris, Mansfield L. Hautzenroeder, Mansfield
E. Homberger, Mansfield James E. Boals, Mansfield Geo. Knofflock, Mansfield L.O. Thompson, Mansfield Geo. C. Snell, Mansfield
Wm. Bowers, Mansfield Lewis Bowers, Mansfield R.G. Hancock, Mansfield Wm. Dow, Mansfield Wm. F. Voegele, Mansfield
A.C. Voegele, Mansfield John C. Burns, Mansfield Bowers & Black, Mansfield Chas. Brumfield, Mansfield V.M. Dickson, Mansfield
Herring & Straub, Mansfield S. Smith, Mansfield J.A. Niman, Mansfield Wm. Stoodt, Mansfield F.M. Remy, Mansfield
Wm. Osbun, Mansfield David Cummins, Shelby G.M. Skiles, Shelby W.W. Skiles, Shelby P.J. Wigton, Perrysville, OH
Paul Oliver, Perrysville, OH E.F. Shelley, Perrysville, OH Wm. Norris, Butler D.F. Tucker, Lucas Samuel Stevenson, Epworth
James C. Hale, Pavonia John Hale, Pavonia C. Burt Hines, Bellville C.C. Staman, Mifflin --

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