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Graves to be decorated on 20 May 1877

source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  19 May 1877

Graves for the following soldiers to be decorated by the Mansfield Memorial Association on 20 May 1877.

Wm. Langan A. Croop Fred Harding G. Weil Jacob Cronister
Wm. Gilkison Isaac Goshard F.A. Wise Harrison Sims F.H. Wise
Thos. Ehlers Wm. Thompson Thos. Croft R.M. Sheffler Geo. Schambs
Thos. Bloor E.W. Dunn G.F. Summers Jas. A. Stevens Jacob Cristofel
Jas. F. Potter F. Maine Alex McIlvain A.G. Philliips J.G. Mitchelfelter
John Hannie J. Lemon Geo. Uhlich Jas. Cromer T.H. Ford
J. Avery J.E. Dennison Isaac Gass Patrick Purds Jos. Cairns
John Costin Wm. McLaughlin John Crall E. Allen Peter Cain
J. Gilkison W.P. Cook Daniel Henry O.P. Crouse Thos. Etzwiler
Jas. Ehlers Chas. A. McAtte Edward Downs Orlin Chapman Jas. Harroun
Francis Cromer Jas Barton John Brown Hiram Potter M.W. Worden
John Payne Chas. McCombs Rufus Barr Andrew Beucher Joseph Alcock
Phillip Drackert Jacob Reisinger J.H. Downs Wm. H. Weldon A. Endly
B.F. Price Fred Kemmler Jas. Arnold John Leahy C.P. Meredith
Albert Moore J. Miller A. Heckman E. Geiseman Joseph Campbell
James Roberts J. Crouse N.C. Dickey Jas. Hedges Jas. Cantwell
J.C. Gilkison Jas. D. Mercer J.S. White Dr. H.P. Anderson Moses Lloyd
Robert Davy J.S. White Hezekiah Potter J.S. Reed J. Reinhart
Aug. McIlvain John Brehl Wm. McCormick Val. Beinroth George Lemon
G.E. Winters F.A. Coats Wm. Johnston R.L. Avery J. Purdy
Edward Moores F. Fahnestock Jabez Cook - -

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