Early Marriage Records, 1868 (partial)

Richland Co., Ohio


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Early Marriage Records, 1868 (partial)





The records on this page were transcribed in 1883-1884 by the newspaper (source listed above) from the original docket books at the courthouse.  Some inconsistencies in spelling could be the result of misinterpretation of the handwriting found on the original records - or - typing errors on the part of the newspaper staff at the time of publication.


* Thanks to Elizabeth for helping to type up this data (10/10)

X = No certification of this marriage is on file.


George W. Darling and Delnorte S. Severns

Cyrus A. Wilson and Martha Smith

Benedict Green and Harriet Robinson

Reuben H. Foster and Sarah E. Shade

William A. Dillon and Mary F. Newlon

Charles H. Benson and Josephine Miblock

Samuel L. Balliet and Catherin Lenhart

Jeremiah Bierly and Amanda McCready

George Hess and Louisa A. Painter

John W. Gates and Elizabeth C. Henry

Orin Hart and M.E. Shiffler

Christian Rife and Mary E. Houston

James Huston and Dorcas Zigler

Robert Bowen and Rebecca J. Cline

George Roush and Sarah C. Holtz

Isaac A. Morrill and Martha a. Valentine

A.P. Baughman and H.A. McDanel

Henry Cotter and E.M. Hout

William Fulton and Eliza Kooker

Philo Steward and Amelia Bradley

William H. Lewis and Sarah M. Bell

Leander M. Alger and Mary Faulk

Wesley Hollabaugh and Leah Burns

A.J. Gilbert and S. Delia Whitney

H.M. Burgan and Margaret Markley

Elbert M. Ellis and Mary J. Paul

Isaac Adams and Angeline Beelman

Peter  Busch and Mary Klaner

Abner D. Mercer and Mary A. Starrett

John A. Craig and Elizabeth B. Bowman

S.H. Morrison and Mary A. Piles

John Ross and E.J. Huntsman

Edward Stewart and Statira McKinley

Albert Getting and Sophronia Ward

Levi Dewitt and Emma Bodley

J.B. Strock and Artemia Stewert

Charles Grotz and Hattie Anderson



Ezra S. McDonel and Martha Ruhl

David Snyder and Catherin E. Roush

George Martin and Mary A. Kendall

A.J. Creigh and Cettie Palm

William H. Palmer and Nancy A. Post

Charles Ford and Jennie M. Freeman

William Hummerich and Minnie Snook

William H. Beckwith and Arminda S. Disbro

William Boals and Nancy Bricker

Peter Davidson and Elsie Beattie

Lemuel O. Pittenger and Cornelia C. Swineford

William Sherer and Sarah E. Figher

Francis J. Ridenour and Nannie Butterbaugh

John McKee and Priscilla C. McConnell

John A. White and Mary E. Ward

Daniel J. Long and Lue Merrill

Samuel S. Bollman and Sarah Hughes

X  Thomas Foust and Mary Denig

X  Henry Gutzwiler and Agnes Dolan

X  John B.D. Kline and Mary Clark

Samuel Bricker and Lydia Briner

Elmore Y. Nelson and Mary Osborn

J.T. Poole and Mary Waring

Nathaniel Kochenderfer and Elizabeth Fackler

George B. Souder and Sarah M. Adams

Henry A. Shatzer and Sarah A. Snyder

Peter Kuhn and Sarah Kirkpatrick

Robert Carter and Margaret Courtney

Lewis Theist and Phebe Christman

George W. Miller and Louisa A. Fish

Nathan L. Tyler and Mary E. Reed


MARCH 1868

Robert Hacket and Sarah a. Mohn

Jacob F. Thrush and Jennie Boals

Israel McCoy and Sarah M. Dutton

William Weaver and Nancy Bowser

Leonard Tressel and Fannie Rebman

John Beckwith and Mary Mace

John B. Dishong and Catherine Kaiser

William Morse and Lavine Roeder

Richard Kirkpatrick and Bell McDonald

Elmore Y. Rose and Dorcas Backensto

Frederick Smith and Mary M. Strausbaugh

William Kern and Catherine Gerisch

W.A. Ferree and Lydia A. Stoner

John Saringer and Elizabeth Messenger

Isaac S. Hacker and Jennie Curtis

Henry Wetzler and Mary A. Beckwith

William J. Geddes and Martha Oldfield

John R. Carson and Callie E. Ringer

Levi W. Higgins and Elizabeth J. Pool

Melvin Osbun and Amelia C. Hilton

Hiram Landis and Ann E. Patterson

Robert R. Moysey and Susan Snyder

John W. Foltz and Elizabeth K. Smith

Harley Bartholomew and Mary M. Broadman

John L. Lafferty and Alvina E. Armstrong

Johnson Taylor and Ella Cole

Milo Huston and Sarah J. Hersh

Edward E. Nash and Hannah Wilhelm


APRIL 1868

J.D. Constance and L.A. Ropp

George Tarris and Elizabeth A. Rummel

X  P.C. Devore and Margaret Sutch

James P. Mason and Mary E. Golladay

Peter S. Kirkendall and Catherine Lamer

Jacob P. Ebersole and Maria Baldwin

Jacob Solinger and Louisa C. Steinbaugh

James M. Hester and Irene E. Brink

David H. Earnest and Jennie Pocock

Malachal Angle and Alice Crawshaw

George W. Silver and Dora Marshall

Israel S. Rinehart and Maggie A. Cole

X  Thomas Davis and Bridget Malone

D.C. McMillen and Sue R. Lawyer

Matthias Heiser and Rebecca Benrod

Daniel B. Crozier and Verda Sloane

Levi Sheely and Mary Kirkendall

David Zeiters and Dianna Briner

James Marshall and Hattie Patterson

Hezekiah Sweet and A.E. Evers

Andrew M. Rumer and Susan J. Rohrer

L.D. Bayes and Phebe M. Bayes


MAY 1868

Jonathan Kramer and Sarah C. Niman

James F. Paul and Sarah A. Rhodes

Archibald Owens and Loretta France

P.S. Gilmore and Rosa Lane

X  Lawrence Shaub and Margaret Graber

Joseph B. Cooper and Abigail E. Abbott

J.C. Lorow and Rachel Heyser

X  John Carr and Bridget Mee

Simon Birkenruth and Malchen Bachruch

Austin E. Shupe and Eliza Hewitt

Joseph M. Dando and Jennie Harmon

Thomas J. Keller and Ann C. McClelland

James Terman and Mary A. Armstrong

R.B. Palmer and Julia Bliss

John McLaughlin and Jane McGuire

Feliz Metzgar and Mary Keeler

Levi S. Dent and Lucretia E. Foglesong

Henry Shuster and Nancy Hase

John W. Jenner and Emma A. Mack

Philip Koerper and Mary Arting

Lawrence Miller and Minnie Faust

Franklin Saltzgaber and Lucetta Bollman

J.T. Martin and Elizabeth Daniels

Jacob Cook and Adaline Toony

Philip Walters and Sarah Scantling

X  David Danig and Catherine Bingert

George B. Spencer and Sarah K. Strong

Robert L. Jacob and Emma Fair


JUNE 1868

John R. Ellis and M.J. Viers

William Cromer and Maggie Schisler

Michael W. Daugherty and Mahala C. Sharp

Christian Ward and Mary R. Clearnahan

J.H. Pitman and Sarah Campbell

Ira G. Bascom and Mary J. Fanning

Joseph J. Bruger and Sade E. Rummel

John W. Powers and Sarah M. Gilkison

Paul S. Baughman and Rebecca A. Peterson

Calvin Morehead and Josephine Walters

Thomas L. Barr and Sarah J. Fenner

Christian Schwert and Catherine Baker

L.A. Rooks and Julia A. Swineford

George B. Fleming and Rule G. Ganony

Joe L. Hott and Hettie McIlvanine

C.R. Chew and S. Fessler

John Bell and Elizabeth Lipsit

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