Early Marriage Records, 1864

Richland Co., Ohio


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Early Marriage Records, 1864





The records on this page were transcribed in 1883-1884 by the newspaper (source listed above) from the original docket books at the courthouse.  Some inconsistencies in spelling could be the result of misinterpretation of the handwriting found on the original records - or - typing errors on the part of the newspaper staff at the time of publication.


* Thanks to Nancy F. for helping to type up this data (10/10)

X = No certification of this marriage is on file.

June 1864

John Wilson and Susan Hubley

William R. Thomas and Elenor Smith

J.W. Hughes and Mary E. Ditwiler

Wallace W. Pollock and A.E. Alger

Fredrick Joder and Verena Mihm

Thomas Riley and Sarah S. Gates

Samuel Andrews and Amanda C. Wiles

Benjamin Fidler and Mrs. Mary A. Hipsley

Frederick Ackerman and Barbara Gotner

Eben Reed and Catharine Yancker

Philip Daum and Catharine Pfifer

James Dice and Amanda Tressel

George W. Blymyer and Carrie Cook

Moses Black and Lizzie Blymyer

Henry Cline and Martha C. Baker

Jacob Swartz and Sarah Balliet

John P. Elland and M.C. Paul

Charles Brill and Cudelia Klein

James M. Lazier and Ella Beelman

Joseph B. Klotz and Mary A. Marks

James D. Pittman and Sarah A. Cosner


July 1864

Abraham H. Risser and Catharine A. Wolfe

Henry Moyer and Angelina Garber

Richard Porter and Louisa A. Au

Charles Newcomb and Anne Iler

James W. Hudson and Sarah A. Speece

Samuel Spohn and Elizabeth Wise

C.R. Ansley and Clara M__er

X  C. McCahill and Ann Gilraine

X William B. Hall and Rebecca Snyder

Benjamin Orton and Mrs. Eliza Raymond

George S. Niman and Nancy A. Kilpatrick

X James McCue and Mary Dorlen

John Herbert and Margaret A. Buckingham

Samuel Simmerman and Sarah J. Davidson

George Fraim and Elizabeth Donald

W.B. Hall and Rebecca J. Snyder

John Lyons and Mary Walsh


August 1864

Joseph Resh and Leah C. Hull

Isaac N. Rush and Mary J. Wilson

Wesley Emerson and Sarah E. Rusk

Wesley H. Race and Mary L. Deighan

Lewis Bowers and Elenora McCullough

James J. Finney and Mary M. McKee

Joseph Shrods and Mary Neely

James Pierce and Hannah H. Haislet

George W. Myers and Caroline Keller

J.E. Kirk and Sarah M. Ford.


September 1864

James McNeal and Elizabeth C. Steward

Robert Glenna nd Susan Kaylor

Henry Wertz, Jr. and Mary Frank

Edmund Case and Margaret Bassett

William Shafer and Amanda M. Rowland

B.F. Miller and Mary E. Murray

X  Wlliam Caldwell and Rebecca Calvett

John A. Myers and Hattie L. Foulks

Leonard Lotz and Elizabeth Heldman

Jacob E. Miller and Susannah Miller

Michael Orter and Amanda A. Cole

David A. Johns and Mary A. Hunt

Joseph K. Bennett and Nancy A. Houston

Michael Stambaugh and Eliza Cassey

William F. Ebans and Harriet Williams

William B. Snyder and Elizabeth Rice

Isaac Masden and Elizabeth Harmon

Nathaniel F. Bell and Elizabeth Newman

P. Bahl and Lavlna R. Hoffman

George W. Snyder and Mattie J. Billow


October 1864

William Ruhl and Sarah McNeil

William E. Osborn and Naomi H. North

Samuel E. Wise and Frances A. Traxler

John Branstetter and Sarah Gregg

Jacob Lahman and Elizabeth A. Robinson

William H. Farquhar and Rebecca A. Gregg

Henry H. Freeman and Barbara A. Rummel

A.M. Burns and Anna L. Milier

Henry H. Mowers and Malinda Culler

A.C. Cummins and Mary S. Newman

John  Kern and Mary Gault

Israel Bachrach and Rosa Bilstine

Jeremiah Snyder and Harriet C. Berry

Hiram E. Kingsberry and Mary A. Gettle

W.F. Curtis and F.A. Palmer

William Kerr, Jr. and Sarah Seaton

John E. Smith and Louisa J. Benschoter

Charles H. Childs and Laura V. Glessner

William Shively and Jane Simmons

Frank Irwin and Ann Eastgate

H.G. Lane and A.E. Claudy

Daniel M. Snider and Mary C. Losh

X  Herman A. Thomas and Jennie M. Young

John Hebelea and Katy Shreve

Isaac N. Alexander and Sophia Sheffler

William Knoff and Elizabeth Alleman

Daniel Linn and Ellen Moynahan

David Palm and Martha J. Mix


November 1864

David B. Leiter and Maria McConnaha

William M. Charles and Malinda Bricker

David F. Tucker and Mary Welty

Joseph H. Balderman and Mary A. Ferver

I.W. Ferree and Susan Osburn

S.F. Tucker and J.B. Cline

Smith R. Ralston and Cornelius J. Burger

Adam Myers and Sarah E. Anderson

Martin Spohn and Sarah Harsh

Louis H. Dain and Louisa S. Cook

William A. Ferree and Eliza Dickerson

Christopher Buckingham and Batheieh Bell

Hugh Cox and Nettie Metcalf

Thomas T. Keating and Jennie Hedges

John Q. McIlvaine and Elizabeth Snyder

William S. Brandt and Sarah E. Cassel

Abe Shaffer and Hanna Burkholder


December 1864

Simon Leedy and Elizabeth Martin

John Gries and Louisa Wherry

F.C. Stimmel and Elizabeth A. Andrews

Obediah Roberts and Susan Martin

C.W. Beard and Charity Baker

Lycurgus W. Severns and Mary J. Lefever

Abraham Nausbaum and Anna Cotner

Fred M. Miller and Wilhelmina Smith

Peter McLaughlin and Amelia Knapp

John Culp and Caroline Markley

Dennis Kough and Amanda Church

George Klusman and Anna Simmons

William D. Holland and Louisa Evans

Abraham Snider and Amanda Slater

Stewart Miller and Lizzie McCoy

Isaac Lance and Ellen Finicle

Abraham M. Jones and Mary J. Duff

Thomas W. Logan and Marry E. Barrack

William G. Blymyer and Susan A. Sheets

Jeremiah Yingling and Elizabeth Williams

George Uhlich and Abigail Whetrow

John P. Richey and Mary E. Seaman

J.M. Shorb and Sally A. Edwards

Alfred W. Beardsley and Eliza R. McKenzie

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