Early Marriage Records, 1863

Richland Co., Ohio


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Early Marriage Records, 1863





The records on this page were transcribed in 1883-1884 by the newspaper (source listed above) from the original docket books at the courthouse.  Some inconsistencies in spelling could be the result of misinterpretation of the handwriting found on the original records - or - typing errors on the part of the newspaper staff at the time of publication.


* Thanks to Kathryn and Peggy for helping to type up this data (10/10)

X = No certification of this marriage is on file.

January 1863

William Scott and Eliza Freed

John Smith and Susannah Stoner

David S. Beal and Mary A. Gatton

William McDowell and Margaret Landes

Tilghman B. Wiles and Emma Crone

Erene Smith and Malinda Zellner

William F. Boals and Susannah Kendall

James McClure and Mary Brubaker

David Kissel and Esther Baker

Robert M. Tolls and Lucinda A. Shafer

Jacob Mottayan and Jane Osbun

David H. Bell and Catharine Snyder

Reuben Abbott and Mary Phillips

Thomas J. Bigbee and Clementine Brainard

X  Benjamin Shafer and Sarah Hiskey

Joseph A. McKee and Mary P. Clapp

William H. Faulkner and Mary E. Blackman

Daniel Wolf and Lucettta Saltzegaber

Mortimer Cook and Nancy Pollock

Christopher Keller and Margaret Keller

Frederick Smith and Christena Roger

Linus R. North and Emily R. Webb

James C. Ayers and Milla A. Rogers

Allen Long and Susannah Bemiller

Frederick W. Moore and Ruth Newton

David Richards and Rebecca Zolman

Jonathan R. Shearer and Mary E. Edwards

John Bradley and Ellen Winton


February 1863

John Balliett and Ellen Shultz

Thomas Lucas and Annetta B. Lindsey

Joseph C. Craig and Isabel A. Richie

John W. Copus and Margaret Sackman

John C. Kagey and Elizabeth Kohler

Jacob Zigler and Mary Cocklin

William Cline and Amanda Crawford

William Tomlinson and Melissa Turbett

Cyrus Smith and Elizabeth Spohn

George Stilts and Diantha Herron

Jacob Petry and Mary J. Swoverland

X  John Ranshaw and Lavina Russell

X  Paul Daniels and Sarah E. Daniels


March 1863

David V. B. Smith and Mary J. Henry

Benjamin Kunkle and Sarah A. Freehafer

John H. Kling and Eve Pierman

Andrew J. Snyder and Mary Quin

Benjamin F. Culler and Letticia Robinson

John Shearer and Emeline Feighner

John Burgoyne and Elizabeth Cline

X  Jacob McKinney and Lydia A. Wallace

William Switzer and Caroline First

Emmans Baker and Margaret A. Logan

Otho Simmons and Martha J. Simmons

Henry Eurick and Elizabeth Lahman

William M. Anderson and Amanda J. Ritchie

Samuel M. Keister and Basilla J. Paine

George Thrush and Ellen J. Marshall

Gaylord Thomas and Sarah Cox

David Petry and Mary M. Wirth

Daniel Gilger and Cynthia A. Turbett

Thomas J. S. Burns and Sarah J. Henry


April 1863

John Condon and Mary Crooks

Christopher Hornung and Catherine Weidler

John Leech and Mary Dillen

Harrison Brewbaker and Mary Will

X  Henry Faus and Ledema Zent

George S. Bell and Eliza Morrow

John U. Nunnaker and Susan Keiser

X  James Berry and Nellie Hammond

Jesse L. Swigart and Rebecca J. Henry

Frederick Kayler and Rachel Masden

John Preston and Phoebe M. Case

John Stoner and Angeline Lyon

Andrew J. Willoughby and Mary E. Knox

Kingsbury Haines and Virginia A. Coates

George Pask and Martha Spencer

William Garret and Catharine Ohler

David Miller and Susan Hetler

Daniel J. Henry and Eleanor Harrison

Reuben Hall and Emma C. Constance

Cicero T. Gass and Margaret E. Castor


May 1863

Francis Stone and Clara Dale

George W. Lowe and Eleanor Johnston

X  David B. Swett and Sarah J. McCully

Benjamin F. Stambaugh and Barbara Duffner

Thomas E. Douglas and Frank H. Rowland

David D. Hart and Olive Oaks Rogers

Isaac Kirkwood and Martha Schreffler

Samuel Monn and Elizabeth Goodman

Charles Petry and Elizabeth Englehart

X  John Logns (sic) and Julia Sheehy

William Drake and Sidney F. Flora

Lewis Sprow and Artemissa Measle

Levi Kirkin?ber and Catherine Hultz

John H. Leiter and Mary L. Sheppard


June 1863

William A. Rogers and Dora S. Carrothers

James W. McKee and Louise Strain

Jacob C. Stillwill and Emily Wallace

Smith Lafferty and Ann McIntyre

James Copeland and Elizabeth Bowen

Franklin Eddy and Maggie A. Painter

X  Alexander Harley and Sarah J. Tomlinson

Joshua Hines and Evaline Dean

Thomas S. Hoyt and Kate Barlet

Elijah Finney, Jr., and Mary Cook

X  Charles D. Dice and Mary J. King

Otho Glasgo and Mary A. Rex

George A. Foulks and Allie Snapp

Prosser McMillen and Elvina Seibert

Joseph Hite and Sarah Martin


JULY  1863

Henry Wilser and Margaret J. Roe

Martin Fackler and Martha A. Wells

Sinith F. Francis and Sarah M. Kingsbourough

Peter F. Bell and Lucinda Long

William F. Sonnanstine and Minerva E. Miller

James Powell and Jane Kendall

James C. Smith and Mary A. Andrews

Henry J. Secrist and Orilla J. Donaugh

X  Thomas Banone and Mary Brubaker

Irving Sheldon and Margaret Kough

X  Joseph D. Fosnocht and Magdalene Yetzer
(should be Abraham Fasnacht)

Gardner Sawyer and Isabella McCaulley

Benjamin Swartz and Margaret Marlow


August 1863

Jacob Stroninger and Mary Christman

Peter W. Mann and Elizabeth A. Vanhorn

Solomon A. Clinesmith and Nancy A. Harris

Patrick Dunevan and Eliza Johnson

Oscar F. Stedman and Mrs. Martha  S. Hiestand

Edgar Bevier and Emily A. Dewitt

Augustus Smith and Cynthia M. Littler

Charles Bennett and Ida Hamilton

John W. Kinsel and Lizzie J. Shupe

William Fisher and Hester Cromer

John W. Carrothers and Margaret Knox

Silas W. Bell and Meivina Mentzer

Patrick Guinan and Bridget Heffernan


September  1863

William Matthes and Elizabeth Schmidt

Hiram Williams and Mary E. Hammet

John Fisher and Elizabeth Fisher

Frederick Brenerd and Rhoda Carter

Joseph Brannon and Margaret Taylor

John Peterson and Emeline Henry

Albert C. Stewart and Leah Stouffer

James W. Vinson and Catherine Laser

William S. Moore and Ann Nimmons

George Snyder and Maggie Fowler

Joseph H. Coleman and Jane Bonar

Amos Backensto and Annetta Miller

David Phelps and Jane Aungst

John Holland and Julia Balger

Francis J. R. Culler and Lydia Crone

James Taylor and Sarah Brannan

George Oldfield and Mary Reeves

James C. Delaney and Elizabeth Meek

Standard Cline and Ester A. Zigler

William Woods and Sarah E. Pyle

John H. McKee and Mary A. Hull

Thomas L. Fowler and Margaret Holland

Christopher Simmerman and Mrs. Elizabeth Valance

X  William Heselton and Jane Dillon

Henry Bosler and Josephine McIlvain

John Fox and Sarah Kyle


October 1863 

John Stremple {Strimple} and Lorena Viers {Loraina}

Henry Biar and Matilda Beal

Henry B. Trucks and Emeline Slaybaugh

Samuel Keiser and Sarah A. Hall

Caleb H. Price and Nancy A. Simmons

Uriah Adams and Eliza Cline

John Brahm and Rebecca Wedrow {Widrow}

John Iler and Mary Sheets

Levi M. Mercer and Christena Groff

Mason J. Merrihew and Amanda McDonald

James Brown and Susan E. Rosen

John F. McCormack and Sebra A. McMillen {Sabra}

Jacob Fessler and Sarah J. Cunning

Henry Lightner and Harriet Grover

Benjamin Coe and Mary J. Henry

X  Vetari Venrari and Terressa Schack {Terresa}

Hoy D. Orton and Mattie P. Meeker

William Walters and Mary E. Young

Jacob Horning and Louisa C. Horning

Goerge F. Corliss {Carliss} and Eliza A. Richey

John Tooker and Elizabeth Springer

Henry Brinksheller and Mary A. Clossen {Closson}

Joshua Davis, Jr. and Julia McComb

Henry C. Pensinger and Amanda S. Foulks

Charles Flack {Fleck/Flock} and Elizabeth Kern


November 1863

William Lyons and Polly Sherman

Joseph H. Munnell {Munnel} and Rosetta Nazor

Frank Tipton and Jane Brown

Tilman H. Wiggins and Alice Wilson

X  John D. Reed and Catherine Gilliland

John M. Ewalt and Sarah E. Ward

Warren P. Wallace and Malinda E. Leiter

John Hoover and Margaret A. Colvin

Alfred Newlon and Mary E. Hoke

Peter Long and Susan Kirkwood

Robert S. McFarland and Mary J. McBride

William Shafer and Adeline Bare {Adaline}

William Taylor and Sarah L. Conklin

Lorin Ferrell and Nancy J. Chew

David Weaver and Lydia Roger

Henry A. Gessels and Mary J. Bnrns {Burns}

Henry J. Judson and Abigail Nye


December 1863

James C. Glenn and Ellen Shepard

Samuel Feighner and Tubitha Rogers {Tabitha Rogers/Rodgers}

Conrad Bloeszer {Bloezer} and Mrs. Louisa Berg

William H. Weldon and Mary H. Purdy

William P. Walters and Lydia A. Walker

John Dunlap and Elizabeth Livensparger

John S. Selby and Elizabeth Hostetter

Cornelius Feaner {Fenner} and Sarah A. Sheely

David B. Hiest and Sarah J. Coleman

Jackson Orwiler and Margaret Madden

William Foglesong and Adeline Herhiser

Lucius F. Harrington and Dorothy Sheets

James Adams and Malvina C. Pumroy {Pumoy}

John B. {H.} Gamble and Maria Kerr

Henry M. Rhorer {Rohrer} and Susan J. Cope

William Richards and Amanda French

William H. Louge {Longe} and Mary E. Swartz

Samuel Henry and Emma C. Barber

Eli Swange {Swanger} and Mary Delancey {Delancy}

James W. McDougle and Margaret J. Riley

William H. Force and Elizabeth A. Whitten

Abraham Hoff and Sarah Beckwith

Robert J. Leech and Matilda F. Hurley

Thomas Scott and Amanda Cassell

Jonas T. Butler and Flora Berry

William F. Creveling and Harriet J. Miller {Harriett}

John Hitabidel and Elizabeth Curtis

Marcius Thompson and Josephine Dufrainoit

Samuel Y. Glessner and Emeline Ward

Warman {Harman} D. Rockwell and Mary E, Starry

George W. Bamks and Abigail Pritchard

John Marshall and Mollie A. Cookston

Oharles {Charles} Turner and Mary Wilson

Lester A. Armentrout and Kate E. McMillen {McMullin}

Caleb Brokaw and Rebecca J. Miller

Martin B. Bushnell and Elverda V. Snyder

John C. Finney and Nancy E. Bowers

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