5 Hurt In Train Crash (1952)

Richland Co., Ohio


Historical Information

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source:  Mansfield News:  20 January 1952, p. 1



Five persons were injured at 1:00 a.m. today when approximately 20 cars of the westbound Pennsylvania freight train, ST-3, jumped the track near the Pennsylvania yard office at the foot of East Second Street crashing into the front cars of the Pennsylvania eastbound for New York.

Railroad workers said one of the freight cars was hurtled across an intervening track and struck the fourth car on the Limited. 

Steel sides of two coaches on the Limited were gashed and ripped.  There were no passengers in the forward car which was about three back from the Diesel locomotive.  All five of the injured were in the other coach about two cars back.  Safety glass in the windows of the coach was punched out.

Five ambulances rushed to the scene to carry the injured to Mansfield General Hospital.

Injured were D.H. Daghlain, Decatur, Ill., Mildred Patterson, Washington, D.C., Mary W. Crapanzano, Bronx, N.Y., Anthony Crapanzano, Bronx, N.Y., Caesar Sonzogni, Chicago, Ill.

All suffered lacerations.  Daghlain remained at Mansfield General Hospital.

Hospital attaches sad the injuries were caused by broken and flying glass.

Railroad officials could not immediately give a cause for the accident.  Yard workers said the freight "just seemed to buckle".  Several yards of track on the west bound line were sprung after the crash.

None of the coaches on the passenger train was derailed.

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