Richland Co., Ohio

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Woman's Temperance League of Mansfield, 1874


source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  30 May 1874

We, the undersigned, representing the Woman's Temperance League, of Mansfield, in behalf of our mothers, sisters and daughters, who have been for so long a time patient sufferers from the curse of intemperance, are trying to suppress the evil and in the name of God and humanity call upon all, irrespective of party or sect, to assist us in this work.

Mrs. C.S. Reed Mrs. E.D. McVay Mrs. H.C. Hedges Mrs. Dr. Anderson
Mrs. D.H. French Mrs. Dimon Sturges Mrs. Rev. Wilson Mrs. Bair
Mrs. Foreman Mrs. Dr. Bronson Mrs. S.B. Leiter Mrs. W.B. Mercer
Mrs. Judge Brinkerhoff Mrs. G.B. Arnold Mrs. T.G. Bristor Mrs. T.J. Robinson
Mrs. Jno. Rickets Mrs. Rev. Hartupee Mrs. A.L. Grimes Mrs. G.P. Rowley
Mrs. Mary P. Weldon Mrs. G.H. Daugherty Mrs. M.W. Worden Mrs. L. Zimmerman
Miss M. Brinkerhoff Mrs. Judge Geddes Mrs. R.L. Avery Mrs. Edward Sturges
Mrs. Jno. Wise Mrs. Joseph Simmons Mrs. Dr. Patterson Mrs. Joel Myers
Mrs. C.D. Allison Mrs. A.H. Condict Mrs. M. DeCamp Mrs. John Jenner

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