Richland County Commencement, 1892

Richland Co., Ohio


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Richland County Commencement, 1892

source:   Richland Shield & Banner:  28 May 1892

Monday.  The first annual commencement of the country schools of Richland County will be held at the Trimble school house on West Fourth Street road on Saturday evening, May 28, at 8 o'clock, under the management of M.D. Miller.  Misses Birda Etzwiler and Laura Jolley will graduate.  W.H. Bowers, of Mansfield, will deliver the address of the evening.  It is the desire of the manager that all the schools of this township be fully represented and that as many others from the county be present as can conveniently attend this the first commencement under the new school law.

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