Emmer Straugh Arrested For Bigamy, 1892

Richland Co., Ohio


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Emmer Straugh Arrested For Bigamy

source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  13 August 1892

Arrested for bigamy.

Emmer Straugh confesses his guilt to the officer when arrested on the above charge.

Yesterday afternoon an affidavit was filed in Justice Smith's court charging Emmer Straugh, a mounter employed at the Eclipse Stove Works, with bigamy.

Constable Longsdorf, armed with a warrant, proceeded to the works and arrested this man.  When the warrant was read Straugh was dumbfounded.  He requested to be allowed to change his clothes and, the permission being granted, the two started over to Straugh's home on Newman Street.  On the way over Straugh substantially admitted his guilt to the officer, suggesting that he would get five years sojourn at the Ohio penitentiary for his indiscretion.

Upon arrival at the house, Straugh refused to acquaint his wife with the nature of the visit of the officer and when Constable Longsdorf told her the trouble Mrs. Straugh broke down saying her husband had never told her that he had another wife living.  Straugh corroborated this statement, saying that he told wife No. 2 that he was a widower.

Mrs. Straugh No. 2 accompanied her husband to the court, where he seemed to be at a loss to know what to do.  At the suggestion of Attorney Seward, who is representing the prosecution in the matter, the hearing was continued until Wednesday, August 17th., at 9 a.m.  Straugh was required to furnish bond for his appearance in the sum of $300.  In default he was locked in the county jail.

The affidavit alleges the following facts, which are substantiated by the marriage records of Columbiana and Richland counties:  Straugh on April 21, 1890 applied in the Columbiana Probate court for a marriage license for himself and Miss Mary E. Ingledue and the return shows that Rev. W.H. Kellogg married them at New Lisbon on the same day.  He afterward applied for a divorce, but as ne never pushed the case Miss Ingledue is still his wife No. 1.

On Sept. 30th., 1891, he applied in the Richland County court for a license for himself and Miss Rebecca Toomey, of this city, and on the same day they were united in marriage, by Rev. R.T. Stevenson.

A person who was in Canton several days ago saw Mrs. Straugh No. 1.  She was sick in bed, suffering from a severe case of erysipelas.  She said she had already made preliminary arrangements to come here and denounce her husband and have him arrested, but became sick.  She said also that her father lives in Salem, where he is a member of the police force.  It is reported in Canton that Mrs. Straugh No. 1 is conducting a house of ill-repute.

Straugh came here from Salem about two years ago and went to work in the Eclipse.  When the recent lockout and strike occurred Straugh renounced the union and went to "scabbing" it.  He says his father is George Straugh, a Salem tailor.

Mrs. Straugh No. 2 was led into the marriage through misrepresentation.  She was employed before her marriage in the U.S. Baking Co.'s. factory and is known as a hard working woman.  Last evening she tried to persuade W.J. Tappan, secretary of the Eclipse, to go on her husband's bond, but was refused.  Although that gentleman sympathized with her he did not care to jeopardize $300 for Straugh's sake.

Straugh was seen at the jail by a SHIELD man this morning and said that he applied for a divorce from his first wife on the charge of adultery, after he had lived with her about five months.  Afterward he was told by parties in this city that she was dead and he received a letter from home corroborating the report, but his folks could not say where she had died.  No children were born of the first marriage.  The prisoner also stated that he contracted the second marriage to save the honor of Miss Toomey.  He felt downcast while talking of his trouble and suggested to the reporter that he suspected.  It would go hard with him.  When if he learned after his second marriage that wife No. 1 was still living he answered in the negative.

Saturday.  Emmer Straugh, who was arrested several days ago for bigamy and confined in jail on $300 bond for his appearance in Justice Smith's court next Wednesday, upon the advice of his attorney, J.C. Laser, appeared before the 'squire at 10 o'clock this morning and waived examination.  He was bound over to the next term of Common Pleas court, his bond being fixed at $300.  Mrs. Straugh No. 2 was present at the hearing this morning and accompanied him back to the county jail.  He could not give bond.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  20 August 1892]

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