Richland Co., Ohio





Index to select obituaries appearing in the Mansfield News Journal


Indexed by Amy E. Armstrong


** Note:  The original formatting on this portion of the index was lost -- and so I've had to re-create it from other records.   The list includes the NAME of the deceased, the DATE that the obituary appeared in the newspaper, the CITY listed in the obituary, and the AGE when available.

LaBarge, Arthur J. 9/13/98 Shelby 
Lachinian, James Kenneth 6/19/98 Mansfield 
Laipply, Rita C. Mansfield 
Lambert Grace Ella Hinkel 5/5/98 Mansfield 
Lambert, James Mickel 6/26/98 Mansfield 
Lambert, Louella M. 6/11/98 Mansfield (16) 
Lambert, Mary Etta Cooper 10/24/98 Mansfield 
Lamp, Erika M. Krawutschke 9/27/98 Mansfield 
Lamp, Frederick 'Fred' 9/27/98 Mansfield 
Lander Andrew M., Sr. 5/12/98 Bellville (15) 
Lang, Mary Alice 8/29/98 Mt. Gilead 
Lantz, Dorothy M. 6/12/98 Mansfield 
Lantz, Mabel R. 5/12/98 Mansfield 
Laughery, Bernice Lela 10/18/98 Ashland 
Lauthers, Warren D. Crestline (38) 
Law, Vivian E. 5/10/98 Crestline 
Law, Vivian E. Dick 5/12/98 Mansfield 
Lawrence, Sandra L. Mills 6/8/98 Mansfield (16) 
Layman, Wilma Myers Geise 9/15/98 Willard 
Lee Larentza 'Rennie' F. 5/12/98 Mansfield 
Leech, Edward Eugene 6/25/98 Butler 
Leedy, Clifford R. 10/2/98 Bellville 
Leedy Kenneth R. 5/2/98 Bellville 
Leister Grace E. Brooker 4/2/98 Shelby 
LeMmon, Henry Mt. Gilead 
LeMmon, Henri 'Jack' MANSFIELD 
Lester Rhoda R. Schrader 5/14/98 Mansfield 
Levings, Ronald W. Cardington (2) 
Levingston, LaDonna M. Wofe Mansfield (4) 
Levins, Samuel T. 7/19/98 Mansfield (3) 
Lewis, Donald R. "Doccy" 7/5/98 Bucyrus 
Lewis Joseph L. 4/10/98 Mansfield 
Lewis Joseph L. 4/11/98 Mansfield 
Lewis Lillie 6/2/98 Mansfield 
Lewis Lillie Barnes 6/3/98 Mansfield 
Lindegger Ethel Stortz 6/3/98 Mansfield (33) 
Linham, Marabelle Place 9/1/98 Mansfield 
Lightfoot, Edith E. 6/18/98 Mansfield 
Lightfoot, Edith E. Wood 6/19/98 Mansfield 
Linn, David C. 8/16/98 Mansfield 
Lockshin Samuel D. 6/2/98 Mansfield 
Lohr, Marcia K. 10/24/98 Shelby 
Long, Dorothy Mae Bell 6/19/98 Fredericktown 
Long, Elise Mansfield 
Long, Tracy 7/6/98 Mansfield 
Long, William H. 7/2/98 Mansfield 
Loris Margaret E. 5/16/98 Galion 
Louden, Randy J. 6/24/98 Perrysville (CORRECTION TO OBIT. 6/25/98) 
Love Clarice L. 5/14/98 Willard 
Lozier, Bryan W. 10/31/98 Mansfield 
Luderman, Pearl Beach 9/24/98 Mansfield 
Lufitz, Dorothy S. 6/25/98 + 6/26/98 Bucyrus 
Lust Richard P. 'Dick' 4/1/98 Bucyrus (11) 
Lust Thelma J. Rinehart 3/28/98 Bucyrus 
Lybarger, Helen Swaynger 10/6/98 Shelby 
Lyme Winona L. 4/27/98 Loudonville 
Lynch, Louis, Jr. 10/19/98 Plymouth 
Lynch Sondra Eileen Hawkins 4/1/98 + 4/19/98 Mansfield (30) 

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