Obituaries & Death Notices:  Small - Smith

Richland Co., Ohio

Obituaries & Death Notices:  Small - Smith

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Small, ---- -- Monday.  The 5-years-old son of Samuel Small who resides on North Bowman Street, Johns' Addition, died yesterday morning at 6 o'clock.  Some time ago the child had a severe attack of scarlet fever, which resulted in dropsy and finally caused death.  The funeral took place at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  21 November 1891]

Small, ---- -- d. 11/1/1868 at Franklin Twp.;  11y;  white;  no cause of death given;  no parent's names given;  res. Franklin Twp.  [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Small, John W. -- The funeral of John W. Small took place from his late residence in Franklin township Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.  His remains were interred in the burial grounds of Clay church.  Funeral services at the church.  [Mansfield Herald:  13 February 1890, Vol. 40, No. 13]

Small, Margaret

Small, Margaret -- Wednesday.  Margaret Small, wife of J.W. Small, of Franklin Township, died yesterday morning, aged 72 years.  The funeral will take place at 10:30 tomorrow morning;  Interment at Clay Church.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  21 December 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 31]

Small, Mrs. James -- Mrs. James Small died Dec. 16 at her husband's residence, five miles north, at the age of 80 years.  The funeral took place from Clay church at 10:30 a.m., Dec. 18.  [Mansfield Herald:  19 December 1889, Vol. 40, No. 5]

Small, Susannah B. -- Mrs. Susannah B. Small, wife of Abraham Small, died at 11 o'clock Tuesday night at her home corner of Maude avenue and Harker street. The cause of her death was heart trouble with which she has been a sufferer for about ten years. She was about 63 years of age and leaves a husband, two brothers, George Barkdall, of Toledo; Peter W. Barkdall, of West Unity, and one sister, Mrs. M. F. Schambs, of Park avenue west. Funeral services Monday afternoon at her late home, conducted by the Rev. Dr. H. L. Wiles, of the First Lutheran church. Submitted by Faye and Jean. [Mansfield News: 07 March 1902]

Smalley, Isaac W. -- Isaac W. Smalley, formerly of Plymouth, died at Butte City, Montana, June 19th., of an injury to his ankle resulting in gangrene. Buried at Plymouth June 28th.  [Mansfield Herald:  11 July 1889, Vol. 39, Vol. 34]

Smart, ----  -- Died, infant son of James Smart, on Wednesday 14 inst., aged 3 years, 9 days.  [ Mansfield Gazette:  22 April 1824 .  From Abstracts of Richland County , Ohio Taken From Mansfield Gazette, Vol. 1, 1823 - 7/7/1825.  Compiled by Mary Jane Armstrong Henney]

Smart, Charley / Charlie -- Lucas.  Charley Smart, aged 12 years, who died of inflammatory rheumatism, was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Rev. Dr. Wiles, of Mansfield, preached the funeral sermon.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  08 June 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 3]

Smart, Charley / Charlie -- Lucas.  Charlie Smart, son of Leander Smart, died Wednesday of rheumatism and was buried on Decoration Day.  He was aged 10 years, 4 months and 4 days.  The services were held by Rev. H.L. Wiles, D.D.  Leander Smart is still very sick with a complication of diseases.  He was unable to attend the funeral of his son Charlie.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  08 June 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 3]

Smart, Joseph -- Joseph Smart an old pioneer of Richland County, died on Wednesday of last week in the 72nd. year of his age.  [Bellville Star:  11 May 1882, Vol. 5, No. 32]

Smart, Leander -- Lucas.  Leander Smart is no more.  He was buried in the honors of war, Sunday, by P.A. Swigart Post, No. 116, G.A.R.  The large audience room of the Lutheran church was filled to overflowing with sympathizing friends and neighbors.  The Rev. Heibertshausen preached a masterly discourse with the able assistance of the Rev. Grupe, of Oberlin College.  [Mansfield Evening News:  09 April 1890, Vol. 6, No. 29]

Smart, Perry -- Perry Smart, aged 72, residing one mile northeast of Lucas, died at noon yesterday of paralysis.  Mr. Smart was born and raided on the farm on which he died, his father having entered it early during the present century.  The deceased, being one of the pioneers, was well known all over the county and numbered a host of friends.  He has always been an unswerving and uncompromising Democrat and as such was respected by all who knew him.  Several months ago he sustained a stroke of paralysis, since which time he has been unable to be around and on account of his age, gradually failed until yesterday the end came.  He leaves an aged wife and one son, H.F. Smart, beside a number of relatives and friends.  The funeral services will be held from his late residence at 10 o'clock tomorrow forenoon.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  12 September 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 16]

Smedley, Tim -- d. 12/25/1956 at Wilson Mem. Hosp., Sidney, OH;  2-year resident of Mansfield;  bur. Graceland Cem.  [MNJ 12/27/1956]

Smiley, Dollie Johnston -- Died, on Sunday morning last, May 11th., 1873, Mrs. Dollie Johnston Smiley, wife of Jay Smiley, Esq., in the 73d. year of her age.  Mrs. Smiley was born at Thetford, Vt., September 1st, 1800, was married to Mr. Smiley at Champion, Jefferson County, New York, April 10, 1822, and emigrated with her husband to Stark County, Ohio, the same year;  and on December 2d., 1823, moved to Sharon Township.  Erecting their log cabin on the farm on which they have resided ever since, they have cleared it up, and have lived to see the town spring up, and all the improvements made, during their long and happy married life.  It need only be remembered that she was one of those courageous women, who hesitated not with their husbands to plunge into the wilderness in the backwoods of Ohio, and assist in clearing up a farm, and rearing a family, to know the kind of a woman she was.  Her funeral took place on Monday afternoon from the M.E. Church, where a discourse was preached by Rev. Matlock.  Her remains, followed by a large number of friends and acquaintances of the family, were interred in the old burying ground.  She with her husband was one of the oldest members of the M.E. Church, the first one in Shelby having been erected on their land, where the residence of their son J.J. Smiley now stands.  << verse omitted >>  [Shelby Independent News:  15 May 1873, Vol. 5, No. 29]

Smith, ---- -- bur. 7/27/1877 at Mansfield Cem., spams;  1d  *infant*  [Ohio Liberal:  08 August 1877]

Smith, ---- -- bur. 7/6/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  6m;  res. Toledo, OH  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Smith, ---- -- d. 8/15/1867 at Mansfield;  1m, 11d;  b. Mansfield;  c/o W.W. & Emma A. Smith;  white;  cause:  cholera infantum;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, ---- -- Monday.  O.A. Smith, manager of the Wells Fargo Express Co., this morning received a telegram informing him of the death of his father near Albany, N.Y.  He left this afternoon to attend the funeral.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  21 November 1891]

Smith, ---- -- A little child of Mrs. Smith, a German woman, of Mansfield, was drowned in a pool of water, near the house on last Monday.  [Plymouth Advertiser:  20 April 1855, Vol. 2, No. 26]

Smith, ---- -- Ontario.  A young child of Mr. Smith was buried at the U.P. Cemetery last Friday.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  04 May 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 50]

Smith, ---- -- LEXINGTON -- Rev. Smith and family are passing through a severe affliction in the death of a dear wife and mother.  Mrs. Smith breathed her last at 6:20 Monday evening.  She was one of the sweetest and best Christian characters it is one's privilege to meet and her example was one worthy to be followed.  She leaves two dear children and a devoted husband to mourn.  A brother and two sisters were with her during her last hours.  They have the sympathy and prayers of the entire community.  May God's blessing be with them.  – [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT:  11 May 1893, Vol. 5, No. 52]

Smith, ---- -- Wolff Ridge.  The infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Smith died Sunday afternoon.  --  [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  25 January 1898, Vol. 14, No. 7]

Smith, ---- -- Lexington.  The infant child of Rev. Smith died last evening (Monday).  [Bellville Independent:  18 May 1893]

Smith, A.J. -- A.J. Smith, an aged colored man who made his home with George Barker, at 53 Wood Street, died today, aged 83 years.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  16 March 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 44]

Smith, Adam -- d. 4/16/1872 at Mansfield;  married;  59y;  b. Germany;  laborer;  white;  cause - fits;  res. Fourth Ward Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Amanda -- TIMOTHY RIDGE -- Amanda, wife of Geo. Smith, died Oct. 14, 1894, aged 42 years, 5 months and 17 days.  She leaves an aged mother, a husband and 7 children -- 3 sons and 4 daughters, the youngest not one year old.  What a sad experience it is to be left without a wife or mother.  The husband loses a true companion, the children a loving mother, the church a good sister, and the neighbors one of the best and most respectful of friends as she always had a kind word for every one that knew her.  The funeral was conducted by Rev. Barnett, her pastor, Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the Mount Olive church.  The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved husband and orphaned children.  Later in the same paper ... Amanda, wife of Mr. George Smith, died on Sunday, Oct. 14, 1894, having been sick for several weeks with typhoid fever.  She was but a few months past 42 years old, and was the mother of eight children, one having died in infancy, leaving seven to mourn their loss, the last a babe not a year old.  The deceased was a member of the Mt. Olive Lutheran church, received by Dr. G.M. Heindel, some seventeen years ago.  She was faithful unto death, and passed from this world, her soul at peace with God.  She was buried in the cemetery in which the church stands, on Tuesday morning, Oct. 16.  ** see also:  Obituary of Arthur Clyde Smith, second child of George & Amanda Smith.  [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT:  25 October 1894, Vol. 7, No. 24]

Smith, Ann -- d. 2/1/1873 at Bellville;  68y;  married;  b. Virginia;  white;  cause = lung congestion;  res. Jefferson Township [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Ann -- DIED -- In Bellville, Richland Co., Ohio, February 1st., 1873, Mrs. ANN SMITH, aged 69 years. [BELLVILLE DOLLAR WEEKLY: 07 February 1873, Vol. 1, No. 50]

Smith, Ann C. -- Funeral Notice ... The funeral of Mrs. Ann C. Smith, consort of Hiram R. Smith, will take place at he residence of the deceased today at 4 o'clock P.M.  The relatives and friends of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend.  [Richland Democrat:  08 June 1850]

Smith, Arthur Clyde -- Arthur Clyde, second child of George and Amanda Smith, died on the twelfth day after his mother was buried.  Clyde was an exceptionally bright and energetic boy, very apt in his school work, and for that he was regarded with pride and admiration by his relatives.  The future was so bright.  At the early age of sixteen years, when life in reality was just opening up before him, death cut him down.  He was buried beside his mother, Oct. 28.  Both funerals were largely attended by sorrowing friends and relatives.  Mr. Smith and the remaining children have the hearty sympathy of all in their double bereavement.  -- W.F. Barnett, Pastor.  [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT:  25 October 1894, Vol. 7, No. 24]

Smith, Arthur Jno. -- d. 3/31/1869 at Mansfield;  2y;  b. Mansfield;  cause:  inflammation of lungs;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, B.O. -- Bellville.  B.O. Smith, whose illness was mentioned last week, died Tuesday evening, aged 62 years.  Mr. Smith had suffered several weeks from cancer of the liver which caused death.  The funeral was held from his late residence, Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Canfield.  Interment in Bellville Cemetery.  --  [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News:  15 November 1898, Vol. 14, No. 94]

Smith, Bernice -- The body of Miss Bernice Smith, daughter of Mrs. John Smith, who will be better remembered as Ella Topping, was brought here over the B.&O. at 4:05 Wednesday evening from Toledo and interred in Greenlawn Cemetery, alongside her father, who preceded her in death several years ago.  The younger lady was aged 25 years, and her death was due to Tuberculosis.  [Plymouth Advertiser:  26 June 1915, Vol. 62, No. 31]

Smith, Caroline -- Mrs. Caroline Smith, aged about 78 years, died t her home, No. 218 South Diamond Street, at 4:15 o'clock, Sunday afternoon.  The deceased had been ill about 10 weeks.  Funeral from the residence of her son, Ed. F. Smith, 145 W. Bloom Street, Tuesday, at 2 p.m., conducted by the Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles.  [Semi-Weekly News:  05 January 1897, Vol. 13, No. 2]

Smith, Carrie -- Bellville.  Carrie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Smith, died at their home in Buchanan, Dec. 16th., aged 9 years.  The body was brought to this place for interment.  The funeral service was held in St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Friday at 10:30 a.m. and was conducted by Rev. Kaufman.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  27 December 1890, Vol. LXXIII, No. 32] 

Smith, Catharine -- Miss Catharine Smith was born at Emmettsburg, Md., Oct. 3rd., 1788; was married to John McCune in the year 1710; and died at Lexington, this county, April 18th., aged 94 years, 6 months and 15 days. The funeral services were held at the Lexington M.E. church on Friday and conducted by Rev. P.D. Brush, assisted by Rev. Hoffhines of the U.B. Church. She was a member of the M.E. church 46 years. -- [Bellville Star: 26 April 1883, Vol. 6, No. 30]

Smith, Charles -- bur. 11/20/1878 at Mansfield Cem., typhoid fever;  30y  [Ohio Liberal:  8 January 1879]

Smith, Charles L. -- 38Y;  d. 10/19/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp. (DOA, heart attack);  b. 4/13/1917 at Pikesville, TN;  h/o Julia Miller;  bur. Mansfield Cem.  [MNJ 10/20/1955]

Smith, Charley -- Charley Smith has shot and killed himself!!  Such was the sensational report circulated and which created considerable excitement in the lower part of the city shortly after 9 o'clock Thursday evening.  A SHIELD man proceeded to investigate the matter and found it only too true.  The scene of the suicide was the house of Mrs. Jacob Smith, located just south of the boiler department of the Mansfield Machine Works, at the foot of North Adams Street.  The family consists of a widowed mother and six sons, of whom five reside under the maternal roof.  Smith has been a hard drinker for some time past, but the family claims that he had been sober for several days prior to his rash end.  About 8 o'clock last evening he signified his intention of going to the barbershop to get shaved.  His mother commissioned him at the same time to get some groceries, and, upon returning in half an hour, Smith took off his shoes and ascended to an upper room and undressing, went to bed.  A few minutes after her son retired Mrs. Smith heard three distinct snaps, but thought it was the striking of a match and paid no attention to it.  The next moment a deafening report rang through the house.  Mrs. Smith ran to the foot of the stairway and called to her son, but receiving no answer, surmised that something was wrong and called another son, who was outside of the house.  Upon ascending the stairway mother and son were confronted by a cloud of smoke.  Smith was lying in bed with a hole in the forehead and a 45-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver grasped in the right hand.  It was evident that the revolver had been placed close to the head, as the flesh was badly burned and the skull was split open in three directions from the wound, presenting a sickening sight.  Dr. J.H. Craig was called, but could do nothing, as the man was dead when he arrived, the bullet having entered the frontal bone and came out of the back of the head.  Smith was 33 years of age and a single man, was formerly an employee of the Coldwater railroad, having acted as fireman for four years.  He next worked for the Mansfield Machine Works boiler shop, where he had been employed for three months.  It is supposed that the excessive drinking on the part of the unfortunate man during the past years caused him to become despondent and affected his mind, which is the only cause that can be assigned for the deed.  Coroner Maglott held an inquest over the remains at 10:30 this morning and reserved his decision.  Funeral arrangements will be announced later.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  03 December 1892]

Smith, Clara A. -- bur. 7/26/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  27y   [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Smith, Clarissa -- Mrs. Clarissa Smith, widow of George W. Smith, died Monday morning at 5 o'clock at her home at Ashland, after an illness of a number of weeks.  She was born at Rondout, N.Y., and was 67 years old.  She leaves two sons, James E. Smith and Amasa P. Smith, of Ashland.  Funeral Wednesday at 3 p.m.  [Semi-Weekly News:  14 September 1897, Vol. 13, No. 74]

Smith, Cora E. -- 81Y;  d. 1/15/1952 at home, Plymouth;  Plymouth native;  mem. Plymouth Luth. Ch.  [MNJ: 15 January 1952]

Smith, Rev. Daniel Washington -- Full obituary in the Richland Shield & Banner:  06 May 1893.

Smith, Donald R. - Mansfield - Graveside funeral services for Donald R. Smith, 72, of 139 Lexington-Ontario Road, will be held today at 2:45 p.m. at the Ontario Cemetery by the Rev. Robert Hahn. Mr. Smith died Sunday morning at home. He was born Jan. 3, 1917, in Mansfield and lived here all of his life. He was self-employed as a dairyman. Submitted by Linda and Shirley. [Mansfield News Journal: 2 January 1990]

Smith, E.W. -- d. 9/1885, typhoid pneumonia;  62y;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery  [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Smith, Ebenezer W. -- The funeral of Mr. Ebenezer W. Smith who died Friday afternoon, took place at the Congregational church Sunday morning at half-past 10 o'clock.  It was largely attended by the friends and relatives of the deceased, and the Rev. Frank Russell preached a eulogistic sermon.  The casket was placed in front of the pulpit dais, and the remains were viewed by a large number.  The floral designs were beautiful and tasteful.  Miss Anna Smith's place at the organ was filled by Miss Fannie Day.  The hearse was followed to the cemetery by a long line of carriages.  --  [Mansfield Herald:  17 September 1885, Vol. 35, No. 44]

Smith, Ebenezer W. -- E.W. Smith, an old and highly respected citizen, died at his residence on West Market Street, Friday afternoon, surrounded by his afflicted family and friends.  He was born in Washington Township, this county, May 8, 1822.  After securing a good common school education he entered Oberlin College, from which he graduated in 1845.  Soon after graduating he went to Chicago, where he assisted the Rev. J.B. Walker in publishing "The Herald of the Prairies".  In 1850 he returned to this city, and in company with M. Day, Esq., he established The Mansfield Herald.  In 1851 he was appointed a general agent of the American Bible Society, in which capacity he continued to labor with fidelity and success for twenty years.  He then engaged in the real estate and insurance business, in which he continued till his death.  So long and so intimately has Mr. Smith mingled socially and in business relations with our citizens, that his sudden and unexpected death will cause sincere sorrow.  The entire community will sympathize sincerely with his sorrowing family.  As a citizen, he was highly respected;  as a friend, kind and faithful.  He possessed a cultured mind, refined taste, and was fond of literary, scientific and religious reading, and was one of the most regular attendants and useful members of the Mansfield Lyceum from its first organization down to the time of his death.  As a Christian, he was earnest and faithful.  His faith in the gospel was strong and unwavering, unmoved by the shifting winds of modern novelties, or the subtleties of philosophic skepticism.  He was a devoted and active member of the Congregational Church, yet he was always charitable and fraternal in his feelings towards Christians of every name.  He died as he had lived -- a faithful, consistent Christian.  --  [Mansfield Herald:  17 September 1885, Vol. 35, No. 44]

Smith, Edward -- Edward Smith, of near Lucas, died Saturday of consumption, and was buried Monday.  [Mansfield Herald:  03 July 1890, Vol. 40, No. 33]

Smith, Edward -- Center Hall, Monroe Twp.  We have again to announce the death of two of the members of our school district.  Edward Smith, son of Henry Smith, died at 2 o'clock on the morning of June 29th.  The cause of his death was consumption.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  12 July 1890, Vol. LXXIII, No. 8]

Smith, Edward -- Edward Smith was born in Bellville, Ohio, March 4, 1868, and departed this life at Waverly, Sept. 11, 1906, aged 38 years, 6 months and 7 days.  He was first married to Anna Cooper, Sept. 17, 1892.  To this union four children were born, two of whom together with their mother have preceded him to the Spirit world.  He was again married to Miss Olive Justice, May 31, 1904.  To them one child was born which but six brief months ago joined the innumerable host of children in our Father's kingdom.  He was an honorable member of the I.O.O.F. at Borneville, O., and also a member of the M.E. church at Buchanan having joined that society two years ago under the pastorate of the writer.  We remember him now as he knelt at the altar with his young wife at his side, and prayed that God would start them right in their married life.  We have always felt a kindly interest in brother Ed Smith.  He was pleasant and courteous with all he met, possessed with that sunny attractiveness that drew to him many, many scores of friends who loved him for his very self's sake.  It was our privilege to visit him in his last illness.  We always found him hopeful and trustful and fully resigned to his Master's will.  Ours was the blessed privilege of being with him the last night of his life.  We read to him the precious words of the 23rd. Psalm.  Hours afterward when he was conscious that he was entering the Dark Valley he took me by the hand and said, "The Lord is my Shepherd".  He leadeth me.  Oh, blessed thought.  E'en Death's cold wave I shall not flee, since God thro Jordan leadeth me.  He leaves a wife, two children and a mother to mourn their loss.  In the gray dawn of the early morning after the storm of the night and while the rain drops rested upon the flowers and grass and with those who loved him most patiently watching by his bed, his spirit took its flight to be forever with the Lord, who is our help.  -- H.L. Vandegriff.  --  [Bellville Messenger:  28 September 1906, Vol. 14, No. 35 reprinted from the Courier Watchman, Waverly, Ohio]

Smith, Elizabeth -- Died, At the residence of her daughter, Sarah McFadden, in Huntington County, Indiana, of congestive chills, on the 27th. of Sept., 1865, Elizabeth Smith, late widow of Elias and mother of Jonas and Enoch Smith, of this city, at the advanced age of seventy five years and five months.  Her remains were brought by her affectionate children to the residence of her son, Jonas Smith, in this city, and on Friday the 29th. of Sept. interred by the side of her late husband, in Mansfield Cemetery.  Mrs. Smith was born in York Co., Pa. on the 12th. day of April, 1790 and while yet a child, removed with her father's family to the State of Virginia, where she resided until her marriage, and in 1815 removed to the State of Ohio, where she resided until her death, with the exception of short intervals she spent with a son and daughter in the State of Indiana.  At the age of 15 years she united with the Lutheran church under the pastoral care of the Rev. Dr. Stough, her maternal uncle, and continued a faithful and consistent member of the same until her death.  She died as she had lived, calm and peaceful, trusting in her Savior to guide her through the dark valley and shadow of death to the bright Canaan beyond.  Peace to her quiet repose, and may our last end by like unto hers.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  11 October 1865, Vol. XXV, No. 20]

Smith, Elizabeth A. -- Alta.  Mrs. Smith, of whom we made mention some time ago being so seriously ill, died last Thursday morning and was laid to rest in the Marlow Cemetery Saturday.  --  [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News:  02 September 1898, Vol. 14, No. 73]

Smith, Elizabeth Wilkison -- d. 3/7/1871 at Mansfield, spasms;  19y, 1m, 2d;  b. at Mansfield;  res.  2nd. Ward Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Ella W. -- 59Y;  d. 6/14/1954 at home, Plymouth;  b. 1/22/1866 at Cleveland, OH;  mem. Methodist Church;  bur. Edwards Grove Cem.  [Mansfield News Journal:  15 June 1954]

Smith, Enoch -- 'Squire Smith today received word of the death of his brother, Enoch, who died in Sherman, Texas, to which place he had removed from this city some fifteen years ago.  Mr. Smith was about 61 years of age, and was a resident, of this city for more than 30 years previous to his removal to Sherman.  The immediate cause of his death was paralysis.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  19 May 1894, Vol. LXXVII, No. 1]

Smith, Ernest S.. -- Mansfield. Ernest S. Smith, 79, of 525 Mulberry St. died Saturday after an extended illness. Mr. Smith was born June 16, 1897 in Livingston, Ala, and had lived in Mansfield since 1918. He was a member of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and was retired from Empire-Detroit Steel. Mr. Smith is survived by his wife, Mrs. Madie W. Smith and one sister Mrs. Corrine Bolar of Mansfield. Services will be held Tuesday at 1 PM at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Burial in Mansfield Cemetery. Friends may call after 3 PM today at the David Gary Funeral Home where the family will receive friends from 7 to 9 PM this evening. Submitted by Linda and Shirley. Typed by Beth Moore.  (Mansfield News Journal 23 May 1977 p.5)

Smith, Esel M. -- bur. 10/1888 at Mansfield Cem., spasms, 19m, 6d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Smith, Etta -- bur. 7/1886 at Mansfield Cem., scrofula;  2m  [Mansfield Herald:  21 October 1886]

Smith, Eva

Smith, Eva -- Mrs. Eva Smith, who resides at No. 22 East First Street, dropped dead Saturday morning at her home.  The police department and coroner were notified of the matter and went down to the house to make an investigation.  The coroner will hold an inquest in the case later.  At 9 o'clock Saturday morning, Mrs. John Mathes, who resides on the opposite side of the street, saw the woman lying on the sidewalk in front of her home.  She summoned assistance and Mrs. Smith was carried into the house.  When Dr. Goodman, the coroner, arrived he made an examination and gave it as his opinion that she died of apoplexy.  Mrs. Smith was about 65 years of age and has no relatives, as far as is known.  It is stated that she washed for a living.  She had been working around the house as usual and did not complain of feeling ill.  Upon going into the house the officials found a baking of bread had been prepared and was ready to put in the oven.  --  [Butler Enterprise:  07 July 1905, Vol. 17, No. 22 -- as re-printed from the Saturday issue of the Mansfield News]

Smith, Florence M. (Gable) -- YOUNG WIFE PASSES AWAY AFTER A BRIEF ILLNESS -- One of the most popular and esteemed young women of this community was summoned to the other world when Florence M. (Gable) Smith, wife of Ralph Smith, passed away last Sunday following an illness of but several days.  The news of her unexpected demise came as a sad shock to her many warm friends.  Mrs. Smith was 22 years of age, having been born October 10, 1918, at Butler.  She was united in marriage to Ralph Smith on Thanksgiving Eve, Nov. 26, 1919 by Rev. James Long of Mt. Vernon.  She is survived by her husband, her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Gable of Butler;  one brother, Floyd of Mansfield;  one uncle, Lewis Gable of Bellville;  and many more distant relatives.  The funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon at the Christian church, conducted by the Rev. James A. Long and Rev. Mr. Lambert, both of whom spoke impressively concerning the young woman's many virtues.  Many attended the obsequies to pay the last tribute of respect.  [Richland County Leader:  18 June 1920, Vol. 1, No. 28]

Smith, Frankie J. -- bur. 3/9/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  9y, 7m, 5d;  res. Toledo, OH  [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Smith, Fred -- Smothered to death.  A distressing accident, which resulted in the death of Fred SMITH, a nineteen year old son of John A. SMITH, of 55 East Fourth street, occurred at Brown’s Flour mill Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock.  Employees of the mill were engaged in loading bran into a freight car.  The plan of loading is well known, the bran being conducted from a large bin at the top of the mill, through a spout or chute to the car.  Young SMITH, who had been helping to arrange the car to receive the bran, after pulling open the slide at the mouth of the spout, and seeing that the bran was coming down all right, walked away and was supposed to be at work elsewhere in the mill.  Shortly after, the men in the car shoveling back the bran noticed that it had ceased to pour from the spout.  A man was sent up to the bin to ascertain the cause of the stoppage, who reported that the obstruction did not exist there.  The lower end of the spout was then examined and the body of young SMITH was found lodged several feet from the end.  The lower end of the spout which was too small to admit the withdrawal of the body, was immediately broken open, but the life of the young man was extinct, he having been suffocated by the accumulation of bran above and around his head, the body coming down feet foremost.  How the accident occurred is not known, as the young man had no occasion to ascend to the bin, and having gone there it cannot be determined in what manner the accident resulted.  The funeral of the deceased took place at 2 P.M. to-day from St. Peter’s Church.   [Ohio Liberal:  31 January 1883]

Smith, G.?. -- d. 3/21/1870 at Mansfield;  45y;  cause:  stomach and bowels  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, George -- The remains of George Smith, who dropped dead yesterday, were taken to his mother's home in Fairview addition to be buried from there tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.  [Semi-Weekly News:  24 August 1897, Vol. 13, No. 68]

Smith, George -- A full article regarding the death of George Smith appears in the Semi-Weekly News:  24 August 1897, Vol. 13, No. 68.

Smith, George B. -- d. 8/3/1872 at Mansfield;  1y, 2m;  b. Mansfield;  white;  no cause of death listed;   res. Fourth Ward Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Harriet -- bur. 9/25/1878 at Mansfield Cem., heart disease;  46y, 7m, 18d  [Ohio Liberal:  8 January 1879]

Smith, Harry Calvin -- Harry Smith, who has been a great sufferer for nearly a year, passed away at 9 o'clock Thursday evening, at his home on West High Street.  Funeral will be held from the home at 2:30 standard time Sunday afternoon.  --  [Plymouth Advertiser:  25 September 1915, Vol. 62, No. 44]

Smith, Harry Calvin -- Harry Calvin, son of Wm. L. & Mary C. Smith, was born in Hopewell, Bedford Co., Pa., May 20th., 1866, died, Sept. 23rd., 1915, aged 49 years, 4 months and 2 days.  He was educated in the schools of Everett, Pa., and came to Ohio when quite a boy, residing here since, with the exception of a few years in Cuba and Canada.  His father and only sister having preceded him to the World beyond, he leaves to mourn their loss, his aged mother, wife, two daughters, and three grandchildren.  --  [Plymouth Advertiser:  02 October 1915, Vol. 62, No. 45]  CARD OF THANKS:  We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends for their beautiful floral offerings, Rev. Mott for his consoling words, the quartette for their singing, and the Eagles for their beautiful floral offerings and assistance.  -- Mrs. Wm. L. Smith, Mrs. Harry C. Smith, Mrs. Roy Reissig and Mrs. Verda Loach.  --  [Plymouth Advertiser:  02 October 1915, Vol. 62, No. 45]

Smith, Henry

Smith, Henry -- d. 4/28/1868 at Mansfield;  14d;  b. Galion;  s/o Henry Basech & Caroline Smith;  white;  cause:  premature birth;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Henry Jacob -- Independence.  Henry J. Smith, an old German pioneer departed this life in his 83rd. year, Friday morning.  A tumor was the cause.  --  [Bellville Star:  13 August 1885, Vol. 8, No. 46]

Smith, Henry Jacob -- Mr. Henry Jacob Smith died Aug. 7th., aged 83 years and 3 days.  Mr. Smith was born in Germany and came to this country 54 years ago.  He was a faithful member of the Ev. Lutheran church, and served as elder in the Mt. Olive congregation for many years.  Funeral took place on the 8th., conducted by his pastor, Rev. J.F. Sponseller.  --  [Bellville Star:  13 August 1885, Vol. 8, No. 46]

Smith, Hiram R. -- Hiram R. Smith, Mansfield's oldest citizen, died Monday afternoon about 1:30, after a long illness.  He was born Jan. 7, 1813, and had he lived until next January he would have been 100 years old.  It was the wish of the citizens that the grand old man would be permitted to round out the century of life and he had indications of passing the one hundred mark, but about a year ago his health began to fail and the erect figure that had been so familiar to every man, woman and child of the city, was missed from the streets and since last November Mr. Smith had not been out.  Until recently he was able to be out on the porch.  Around the life of Hiram R. Smith one reads much of the history of Mansfield.  He came to this place with his mother when he was a mere child and had always lived here.  He has seen Mansfield grow from a little pioneer village to a large inland town.  Here he attended the schools of the early day where he acquired a good, practical education.  Mr. Smith's business career started with his brother-in-law, Hugh McFall, under whose instruction he received a good mercantile training.  In 1830 Mr. Smith was appointed deputy postmaster and nine years later he entered business for himself.  In 1840 Mr. Smith purchased the property on North Main street and later erected the Smith building which is now occupied by R. B. Maxwell & Co.  He was also interested in the Richland Mutual Insurance company and was one of its first directors.  Mr. Smith was twice married.  One son, Richmond Smith, by the first marriage, and one daughter, Mrs. E. E. Caldwell, by the second marriage, with his wife, survive him.  He was a life long member of the First Congregational church.  The funeral arrangements will be announced later.  Submitted by Steve B.    [-Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) Monday, June 17, 1912 p3, col9]

Smith, Howard

Smith, Ida C. -- 77Y; wid/o Joseph;  b. 5/6/1879 at Huron Co., OH;  came to Mansfield four months before her death;  bur. St. Joseph's Catholic Cem., Monroeville, OH  [MNJ 12/31/1956]

Smith, Ida Dell -- Ida Dell Smith died Oct. 13th., aged 1 year and 1 month.  --  [Bellville Star:  20 October 1881, Vol. 5, No. 3]

Smith, Isa (Sharp) -- Friday.  Mrs. Beech W. Smith, of Bellville, died yesterday after an illness of only a few days.  She was formerly Miss Isa Sharp, daughter of Martin Sharp, and was about 21 years old.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith were married only a short time ago.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 March 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 43]

Smith, Isa (Sharp) -- Isa Sharp, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mart Sharp, was born June 19th., 1872, and after patiently suffering a brief sickness, died February 28th., 1895, at 4 o'clock p.m., at the home of her parents on South Main St., Bellville, Ohio, aged 22 years, 8 months and 9 days.  She was baptized October 1891.  On last New Year's evening she was happily united in marriage to Mr. Beach Wood Smith.  Her married life though of only two months duration, was full of joy and gladness.  But alas, how fleeting are the joys of earth!  How soon was the sacred tie severed, the silver cord loosed and the golden bowl shattered!  Her sudden death lends double emphasis to her favorite funeral text, "Boast not thyself of tomorrow;  for though knowest not what a day many bring forth!"  The funeral took place from the home of her parents, on the 1st. of March, 1895.  The large attendance of sympathizing and sorrowing friends testified that one whom they loved had passed awya.  As a daughter, sister and wife, she was mirthful, kind and loving, and her cheering words and tender ministrations will be sadly missed.  "Leaves have their time to fall, And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath.  And stars to set -- but all, Thou hast all seasons for thine own, O Death."  The funeral services were conducted by the writer assisted by Rev. C.W. Caldwell, of the Presbyterian church.  -- C.S. Cliffe.  [Bellville Independent:  07 March 1895]

Smith, J. Frank -- Tuesday.  The remains of J. Frank Smith, who died in Carthage, Mo., will arrive in the city tomorrow morning.  The funeral will be held from the residence of C.H. Mosey, on West Fourth Street at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, under the auspices of Madison Lodge, K. of P.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  30 January 1892]

Smith, J. Frank -- Friday.  Al. Mosey, of the Erie, received a telegram this morning announcing the death at Carthage, Mo., of J. Frank Smith.  No particulars were given.  Mr. Smith was well known here, having been in the coal business for several years.  Some years ago he moved to Arkansas and thence to Missouri.  Mrs. Smith was a sister of Mr. Mosey, who leaves this evening to join the bereaved family.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  30 January 1892]

Smith, Jacob -- Saturday.  'Squire Jonas Smith received a telegram last night saying that his brother, Jacob Smith, died yesterday at 3:30 p.m., aged 76 years, at his residence in Allen County, Indiana.  He was a native of Wayne County, Ohio, and had lived in Indiana since 1848.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  19 September 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 17]

Smith, Jacob -- bur. 9/13/1878 at Mansfield Cem., dropsy;  52y, 9m, 19d  [Ohio Liberal:  8 January 1879]

Smith, James -- Newville.  Monday afternoon while at work, James Smith, who lived on the old Harter farm about two miles west of town, dropped dead.  He was about 68 years old and was apparently as well as usual the day of his death.  The funeral services were held at his home Wednesday morning and the remains taken to Alta for burial.  He buried his wife one year ago, Aug. 25.  [Mansfield News:  25 August 1899]

Smith, James Albert -- 81Y;  d. 7/24/1954 at Chicago;  former Johnsville resident;  b. Cardington, OH;  bur. Shauck Cemetery  [MNJ 7/26/1954]

Smith, James C.

Smith, Jennie Griffith -- Mrs. Jennie Griffith Smith, wife of Frank L. Smith, former Mansfield woman, died at her home in Cleveland, Saturday, according to word received by friends here.  Death occurred at the Smith residence, 20798 Erie Road, Rocky River, Cleveland.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith left Mansfield some 15 years ago to make their home in Cleveland.  The family has many friends in Mansfield.  Besides her husband, the deceased leaves one son, Gerald Smith, who resides at home.  Funeral services will be held in Cleveland, Tuesday afternoon.  While the exact time of services is not reported, it is believed that the last rites will be held at 2 p.m.  [Mansfield News:  27 January 1930]

Smith, Jennie (Parkison) -- Sympathy for the sorrows of the living and regard for the memory of the dead may cause obituaries and funeral sermons to be filled with extravagant and even morbid laudations of the departed.  The life of Mrs. Smith, however, was so nearly perfect in all its features as to render praise of this kind entirely unnecessary, if not impossible.  All who knew her will readily attest this statement.  In every relation of life she was called to enter -- whether as child, sister, friend, citizen, Christian, wife or mother, she adorned and became a safe example.  Her constant aim was to meet the duties of all these positions.  In the spirit of the golden rule and as done in the sight of that God whose sleepless eye is on us all.  She was in an uncommon degree both meek and conscientious.  Her character, like a diamond, was lovely, however viewed.  A more sincere and intelligent Christian, I think, I never met.  Her piety was of a type where humility, meekness, sincerity, faith and every other Bible Excellency shines out resplendently.  She evidently held close and frequent communion with God.  In her deportment she always seemed to be like Mary of Bethany, whom Jesus loved.  "Being dead she yet speaketh."  And it will be long before she will cease to be remembered.  She was born January 18th., 1852.  She was the sister of Thos. Parkison, Esq., of Mansfield, Ohio, and of Mrs. M.W. McCready, of Hayesville, Ohio, and of Mrs. R.B. Darling, Perrysville, O.  She united with the Presbyterian church at the age of 16;  was married to Rev. Wm. Smith (now of Lexington) Dec. 25th., 1877;  was the mother of two children, both sons, one 14 years and the other only 3 months old at the time of her decease, which occurred after a protracted and painful illness, in the Presbyterian parsonage in Lexington, May 8th., 1893.  Her funeral services were very largely attended at her late home.  Revs. Meese, of Mansfield, and Ferguson, of Plymouth, were present and made remarks on this very sorrowful occurrence.  The latter minister baptized the little infant son beside the coffin of its dead mother, Mrs. McCready and Mrs. Darling standing as sponsors with the father in this touching scene.  We understand the former lady has taken the little motherless one to raise.  The next day after these solemn services at Lexington's comparatively large procession in carriages followed the bier to Perrysville, O., where a short service was held among the numerous friends of the deceased in her early life, and where her parents are buried.  In these services Rev. W.W. Anderson officiated.  Thus was laid to rest this worthy woman, amid sweet flowers, and flowing tears.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  20 May 1893]

Smith, John B. -- Died, at his residence, west of Plymouth, Sunday, June 12, of valvula [sic] disease of the heart, Mr. John B. Smith, aged 53 years.  [Ohio Liberal:  23 June 1881]

Smith, John H. -- At about 4:00 Sunday morning Daniel Sweitzer was returning home from a visit to his best girl at Lucas when he noticed a light at the corner of a frame building owned and occupied as a farm implement wareroom by John S. Charles.  Sweitzer thought nothing of the light, as he supposed somebody was building a fire.  A few moments later he passed the place again and this time he found that the building was on fire.    South of the frame was a two story brick block, fronting on the main street sixty feet.  The corner room was occupied by I.C. Charles, son of the owner of the building, and in it was a well stocked country store.  Upstairs was occupied also, by Dr. Culler as an office.  The other part of the building was occupied by John S. Charles and wife, and Rev. Heibertshousen as residences.  Sweitzer accordingly alarmed the owner of the building and the other parties interested.  The church bells were tolled and a large crowd was soon on the spot to see and help extinguish the conflagration.   John S. Charles is the same that was hurt in Mansfield on Orchard street a few days ago and was unable to be about.  I.C. Charles and assistants removed his books and perhaps about $2000 worth of goods from the store, the entire stock being valued at $7000 or $8000.  John Charles went warning out that in the northwest corner of his frame building were powder and dynamite and that an explosion might result.  I.C. Charles and Jerry M. Jones, aged about 58, proceeded to get the books out of the implement room, which they did easily by pulling out the desk.  Marshall John H. Smith, aged 72, marched past the side of the building telling the crowd to keep back lest the dynamite should explode.   Jones commenced to hand out paint and I.C. Charles remonstrated with him, saying that an explosion of the dynamite might take place.  Jones persisted that they must get the paint out.  Young Charles carried two buckets at a time to a place of safety.  When going away with his second or third lot, with Jones inside of the building and Marshall Smith urging the crowd away a thundering explosion was heard.   I.C. Charles had the paint pails knocked out of his hands and was for a moment stunned.  In an instant more a second, but smaller explosion followed.  The crowd was panic stricken.  The frame building crashed to pieces.  A large hole had been made in the rear wall of the brick building and the front was blown into the street.  At the first explosion the tin roof of the brick was elevated all over at least three feet.  When the noise had ceased and the excitement subsided a little, an investigation was made.  Marshal Smith's lifeless form was found twenty feet in the grape arbor.  One side of his face was almost blown away, a gash a foot or more long was across his breast and a like cut was on one arm.  When the fire permitted an investigation of the debris was made for Jerry Jones.  The trunk of his body was found near a large hole in the ground made by the dynamite.  Both arms were missing and the legs below the knee were gone.  No head could be found, and the only thing recognizable as a part of that organ was a mass of matter a medical man declared to be the brain.  His heart was torn out and turned upside down.  Bert Fishack was on a ladder against a barn opposite the burning buildings and was knocked off of it, the ladder breaking in two.  He was more or less injured.    Joseph Hanna was on a barn opposite and was thrown to the ground a distance of at least thirty feet.  He was seriously injured in the back, head, etc.  Thomas Hanna was hurt on the leg, head, between the eyes, etc.  Many others received slight injuries, the most serious being Harlan Smart, Mayor D.B. Jones, son of Jerry Jones, Raymond, Frank and Quinby Russel, John R. Gallagher, Harry Lorow, Isaac Bahney and D.K. Andrews.  E.E. Cunning had a bolt go through the rim of his hat.  The stock that was in the building after the explosion was a complete loss.  The household goods of the two families were nearly all saved.  Dr. Culler lost $75 worth of office furniture, &c.  I.C. Charles' stock was insured in the Phoenix for $2000 and Queen for $1000, which will about cover his loss.  The building was not insured.  It was worth about $3000.  The owner was often urged by his family to have it insured but steadfastly declined.  The two dead men were buried in the Odd Fellows' cemetery at Lucas Monday afternoon at 2:00.  Hundreds of windows, some 400 or 500 feet away, were broken by the explosion, two plate-glass fronts, 200 feet away, being crashed.  The explosion was heart at Mansfield and Loudonville.  [Mansfield Herald:  29 May 1890, Vol. 40, No. 28]

Smith, John H. -- Jersey City. Word was received here today of the death of John H. Smith which occurred at Jersey City, Ohio.   The deceased was born in Richland County Nov. 15, 1817, and the greater part of his life resided in Wyandot County, on a farm in Pitt Township, removing to Jersey City about 15 years ago.  He was well known in this city. He leaves a number of children to mourn his death. Submitted by Anonymous. [Mansfield News 14 Oct 1902]

Smith, John M. -- Bellville.  Dr. J.M. Smith died at nine o'clock Tuesday night, at the age of 71 years, 11 months and 12 days;  and will be buried to-day, Thursday.  Funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian Church, at 2 o'clock to be conducted by Rev. W.W. Anderson.  --  [Bellville Star:  05 March 1885, Vol. 8, No. 23]

Smith, John M. -- Dr. John M. Smith, whose death on the 10th. inst. received a short notice in our last issue deserves a more extended notice.  He was born in Cumberland Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 1813.  He came to Lexington, O., in 1836, and studied medicine under Dr. Baham, of Lexington, whose daughter he married in 1838.  The following year he moved to this place, engaging in the practice of medicine.  For over forty-five years he was a citizen most of that time practicing his chosen profession.  But a few years ago death took away Dr. Lee, a respected citizen.  More recently Dr. Beach was called away, and now the third physician of long standing in our town has fallen in death.  His wife preceded him to the other shore in 1858.  The stroke which brought him down was felt on Monday the 2nd. inst., and affected his brain.  He never rallied.  He had a more than ordinary mind, and at times it would rise to consciousness, but a few days ended his earthly race, at the home of his son.  The funeral service was held in the Presbyterian church of this place on the 12th. inst., conducted by the pastor, W.W. Anderson, assisted by three other ministers.  The subject for the remarks was Jer. 8:22.  "Is there no physician there".  A large and sympathizing audience were present.  May the physician of souls heal every wounded heart.  --  [Bellville Star:  19 March 1885, Vol. 8, No. 25]

Smith, Jonas -- ANOTHER PIONEER GONE - Jonas Smith, one of the pioneers of Richland Co., a life long Democrat, and a familiar figure known well all over the country, died at his home in Mansfield Tuesday morning, He has held many positions of trust and honor, and enjoyed public confidence to a great degree. His funeral was held at his home at 3 p.m. Thursday. Submitted by Terry W. [SHELBY NEWS, Shelby, Ohio, Friday, July 2, 1897]

Smith, Jonas -- 'Squire Jonas Smith died Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock at his home 191 W. Fourth Street.  He was born in Wayne County, June 5, 1827.  He leaves a wife and six children, three sons and three daughters.  They are Frank P. Smith, of Plymouth;  Mrs. P.W. Purtell, of Columbus;  Mrs. F.F. Black and Mrs. J.H. Berry, of this city;  W.B. Smith, of Alpena, Mich., and Albert smith, of Pittsburg.  Funeral services at the house Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles.  Jonas Smith was born near Wooster, in Wayne County, and in April, 1846, when yet a boy, removed with his parents to this city, then a village of 2,500 inhabitants, where he has resided ever since, excepting five years that he was with his parents on their farm four miles east of Mansfield on the Ashland road.  In August following his removal to this city he saw the first railroad engine run into Mansfield over what is now the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.  With an aptitude for clerical work he entered the auditor's office as deputy in 1854 and remained there as such and as auditor until 1866, when he went into the grocery and produce business in which he continued until 1873, when he was appointed a special agent for the United States Life Insurance Company with a district composed of Richland and six adjacent counties, in which capacity he served for six years.  In 1880 he was elected city clerk and continued as such six years, during which he codified and superintended the publication of the first complete code of ordinances the city ever had.  In 1890 Mr. Smith was elected justice of the peace and was re-elected in 1893 and in 1896, in which capacity he has since served.  His long residence in the city and a wonderfully retentive memory, enabled Mr. Smith to be a veritable encyclopedia of information in regard to Mansfield's history during the past 50 years.  In his official capacity, he acquired a fast fund of knowledge in regard to the public affairs of the city and county and was a recognized authority on dates and figures pertaining to municipal affairs.  In politics a Democrat of the strictest sect, he was nevertheless a fair partisan.  His reminiscences of political events were entertaining and he was personally acquainted with many of the old time war horses of the old school Democracy and for many years was the personal friend of Allen G. Thurman.  [Semi-Weekly News:  02 July 1897, Vol. 13, No. 53] << Picture >>

Smith, Julia A. -- bur. 2/5/1874 at Mansfield Cem.;  40y, 6m, 12d;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 January 1875]

Smith, Julia F. -- bur. 9/30/1878 at Mansfield Cem., dropsy;  15y, 8m  [Ohio Liberal:  8 January 1879]

Smith, Kevin D. -- Submitted by Shirley.  [Mansfield News Journal:  15 May 2000, p. 8A]

Smith, L.S. -- Saturday.  L.S. Smith, aged 31, died at the home of his father in Logan County, Tuesday, from an attack of la grippe.  Mr. Smith was quite well known in this city, having studied law with Attorney J.C. Laser.  He was admitted to the bar several years ago, since which time he has been living with his father.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 February 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 39]

Smith, Lettie Belle -- 48Y; Died 4/11/1958 at Mansfield; w/o Clifford; Athens, O. resident; Born at Athens Co., O., 4/10/1910  [MNJ 4/11/1958]

Smith, Lilla M. -- d. 8/19/1868 at Mansfield;  10y, 4m, 28d;  b. Mansfield;  white;  cause:  lung inflammation;  res. Mansfield  [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Lottie -- Olivesburg.  Mrs. Allen Castor was called to Auburn, Ind., by a message that her little grand-daughter, Lottie Smith, had cholera infantum and was not expected to live.  Mr. Castor received another telegram Thursday evening that the little one had died Thursday morning.  [Mansfield News:  14 August 1899]

Smith, Louis -- Louis Smith, a young German of Mansfield, was run over and instantly killed by the cars on early Sunday morning as he was stealing a ride home from Crestline. – [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT:  08 March 1894, Vol. 6, No. 43]

Smith, M.W. -- Bellville.  Died:-- In Mt. Clemens, Mich., Oct. 28th., Dr. M.W. Smith, aged 34.  Nephew of Haskell Barrett of this place.  --  [Bellville Star:  11 November 1886, Vol. 10, No. 7]

Smith, Mabel Alice Wolfe -- Mrs. Mabel Alice Wolfe Smith, 65, of Mansfield, died at Mansfield Memorial Homes Sunday at a long illness. Mrs. Smith was born in Celina, on July 8, 1910. She was formerly employed by the Richland County TB Hospital and had been retired five years from the Coney Island Restaurant. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. (Pauline) Goon of Mansfield; two sisters, Mrs. G. W. Brown of Ashland and Mrs. Carl Kolb of Akron; one brother, Gail Wolfe of North Ridgefield; six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Finefrock Funeral Home, Mansfield, with the Rev. John Bailey officiating. Burial will be in Grove Cemetery, New London. Friends may call at the funeral home today from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. [Ashland Times-Gazette, Monday, 3 November 1975]

Smith, Marcia (Powers) -- DIED -- On Saturday, July 21, Mrs. MARCIA SMITH, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edson Powers, aged 22 years, 10 months and 19 days. [MANSFIELD HERALD: 16 August 1883, Vol. 33, No. 39]

Smith, Marion E. -- 74Y;  d. 5/18/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  b. near Perrysville  [MNJ 5/18/1955]

Smith, Martin -- d. 12/1/1871 at Sharon Twp.;  married;  64y;  b. Germany;  farmer;  white;  cause of death = indirect;  res. Sharon Township  [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Smith, Martin -- DIED -- At his residence in Sharon Twp., September 1st., 1871, Mr. MARTIN SMITH, aged 64 years.  Mr. Smith was one of the old settlers of our County, and ranks worthily with those engaged in the arduous work of cutting a valuable farm and beautiful home out of the forest.  His sufferings were protracted and closed in the calm repose of Christian faith.  A very large concourse of neighbors and friends attended his funeral at the Frieden's Church last Sabbath afternoon, where funeral services were held. – [SHELBY INDEPENDENT NEWS:  07 September 1871, Vol. 3, No. 45]

Smith, Mary -- Saturday.  Judge Brucker received a telegram today announcing the death of Mrs. Mary Smith, an inmate of the Toledo Asylum, from this county.  F.B. Ott, of Shelby, the guardian of the deceased, left for Toledo this afternoon to make arrangements for the funeral.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  07 May 1892]

Smith, Mary Elizabeth -- 53Y;  d. 5/21/1956 at Shelby Mem. Hosp.;  b. 5/26/1902 near Stearns, KY;  w/o James H.;  bur. at Kentucky  [MNJ 5/21/1956]

Smith, Mary F. -- Miss Mary F. Smith, daughter of Hiram R. Smith, Esq., died at the residence of her father, in this city, Thursday, the twentieth inst., at 2 o'clock in the morning of that day.  All that medical skill, and the most tender and assiduous care and nursing administered by the most loving hearts could do, were exhausted upon her in vain.  Miss Smith had but just returned from the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia.  She had been, whilst there, a sufferer from the intense heart, and became sick;  she so remained on her way home.  She was unable to rally after reaching home;  she was soon compelled to keep her room and her bed, where in one short week she died, to the inconsolable grief of those who were thus bereaved;  who sank as if stunned by the swift and fatal blow.  Thus, most suddenly and unexpectedly, she departed from among us;  but she was most triumphantly prepared, and ready to go.  She heard the voice of Him who saved her, calling her;  and she saw the Heavens open to receive her;  and her desire was to depart and to be with Christ which is far better;  although she was in the beautiful time of her womanhood.  The universal testimony among all those who knew her (and they were many, for here she spent her whole life), that she as a most beautiful, tender, industrious, loving and devoted Christian.  In all the relations and duties of a member of a happy household;  of a member of the church, where she most devotedly and devoutly taught her class in the Sabbath School;  and where she was among the most faithful in the discharge of every trust and duty that devolved upon her, at all times and under all circumstances.  She performed her part most faithfully and admirably.  She was a Sabbath School teacher when but thirteen years of age;  her class being composed at that time of very young scholars;  many of whom are now young ladies and young gentlemen;  some of them married and with households, and ranking among our first and best citizens;  their earliest and best impulses -- many of them inspired by her.  Thus she continued to labor as a teacher in the Sabbath school, until her death has bereaved her last loving class, of her instructions and admonitions forever.  Thus in all matters connected with the spiritual and material prosperity of the church she was at all times among the foremost, the most hopeful and the best.  Her musical talents as an organist were much sought after.  For years she presided at the organ in the Episcopal church and in the Congregational church and other churches.  When she was taken from us, she was presiding at the organ of the Presbyterian church in this city, with the most marked success and the greatest acceptance.  She was, and had been a member for many years of the Congregational church at the time of her death.  "How can we possibly do without her at home, and in the church and Sabbath School, and in all our social and religious services, interests and matters?"  Said one who best knew her worth.  The large concourse of sympathizing friends and unfeigned mourners, at her funeral, testified to the hold she had on the best affections of all who knew her.  A very long train of carriages followed the bier containing her precious remains to their long resting place.  One of the most beautiful of summer days, together with all the arrangements and appliances and furnishings befitting the occasion, were of the most harmonious order;  so that the day, and all things connected with her death, and the solemn obsequies of the funeral rites and ceremonies and the last journey "to the house appointed for all living," were strangely and lovingly beautiful, as had been her whole life.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  29 July 1876]

Smith, Mary Houston -- Funeral services were held from the Bellville Methodist Church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock for the late Mrs. Mary Houston Smith, aged 86 years, who died last Sunday in the home of her sister, Mrs. Katherine Rinehalt [sic], near Bellville.  Rev. J.R. Frye, pastor of the Evangelical charge, conducted the services, and burial was made in the Bellville Cemetery.  Mrs. Smith was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, February 24, 1836.  She became the wife of James Smith, of Charleston, Ind., in 1876.  At the age of 20 years she was accepted as a member of the Presbyterian church in Jeffersonville, Ind.  The survivors are:  a brother, Abram Houston, Jefferson, Ind., and Mrs. Reinhart, of Bellville, with whom she lived during the last few years.   [Richland County Leader: 22 February 1923, Vol. 4, No. 8]

Smith, Mary L. -- bur. 10/3/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  82y, 8m, 3d;  res. Madison Twp.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Smith, Mary T. -- bur. 7/20/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  34y;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Smith, Mattie Hart -- Mrs. Mattie Smith, widow of the late Ward Smith, died Friday evening about 6:00 at the state hospital for the insane at Toledo.  The remains will arrive here this evening at 8:30 from Toledo and will be taken to her late home on West Second street.  Funeral services conducted by the Rev. Charles Lemoine, of the First Congregational Church, of which the deceased was a member, Monday morning at 10:00.  Interment in the Mansfield Cemetery.   Mrs. Smith lived in this city for some years.  Her maiden name was Miss Mattie Hart and she was married to Ward Smith Nov. 9, 1879.  Her husband died Aug. 30, 1899.  Her two daughters, Clara and Blanche Smith, of West Second street, survive her.  For more than a year she has been an inmate of the state hospital for the insane.   [Mansfield Daily News:  26 October 1901, Vol. 17, No. 202]

Smith, May Ethel -- 57Y;  d. 5/10/1956 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  b. 7/13/1898 at Prescott, AR;  bur. Mansfield Cem.  [MNJ 5/10/1956]

Smith, Mildred L. -- Submitted by Shirley.  [Mansfield News Journal:  14 March 1986, p. 2A]

Smith, Minnie -- 81, of Plymouth, widow of Alfred H. Smith, in Sturges Convalescent Home, Mansfield last night after a long illness.  Survivors, son D.L. Smith of Plymouth; grandson, Donald Eugene Smith, and two great-grandsons, all of Harlingen, Tex.   Services' 2 p.m. Sunday, McQuate Funeral Home, Plymouth, the Rev. Moss Rutan (Presbyterian). Burial in Greenlawn Cemetery. Friends call at funeral home after 7 p.m. Saturday.   Member of Presbyterian Church, Plymouth. (Mansfield-News Journal, Friday, December 12, 1958) Submitted by Gary.

Smith, Minnie (Epperly)

Smith, Mollie (Shenna)

Smith, Mrs. Adam -- Bellville.  Mrs. Adam Smith died at her home in Mansfield Friday, aged about 33 years.  Relatives of the deceased live in this place.  --  [Bellville Star:  21 February 1884, Vol. 7, No. 21]

Smith, Mrs. Bert (nee Ebberly) -- The funeral of Mrs. Burt Smith took place from the family residence, 224 North Diamond Street, at 2 o'clock Tuesday.  Interment was made in the cemetery here (Mansfield) instead of taking the remains to Loudonville as was intended.  [Semi-Weekly News:  11 September 1896, Vol. 12, No. 74]

Smith, Mrs. Bert (nee Ebberly) -- Mrs. Bert Smith, of No. 221 North Diamond Street, died at 2 o'clock Monday morning from the effects of an attack of typhoid fever.  The maiden name of the deceased was Ebberly and she resided at Loudonville, where the funeral will occur tomorrow.  [Semi-Weekly News:  08 September 1896, Vol. 12, No. 73]

Smith, Mrs. David B. -- Mrs. David B. Smith, mother of S. Smith, died at Lebanon Springs, N.Y. at 9 o'clock Sunday morning.  S. Smith and wife left for that place Monday morning.  H.M. Humphrey and wife of New York City will meet them at Albany, N.Y.  [Semi-Weekly News:  02 March 1897, Vol. 13, No. 18]

Smith, Mrs. G.T. -- Mrs. G.T. Smith died at the residence of E. Wilkinson at 11 a.m. Tuesday.  The funeral will take place Thursday, at 4 p.m., conducted by Rev. Bronson.  --  [Mansfield Herald:  30 July 1885, Vol. 35, No. 37]

Smith, Mrs. Henry -- Lucas.  Mrs. Henry Smith, who has been ailing for a long time with consumption, departed this life on Tuesday night, Feb. 26th., at 12 o'clock.  The interment took place at Mt. Zion on Thursday, preaching by Rev. Grau.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 March 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 42]

Smith, Mrs. Isaac -- Independence -- Mrs. Isaac Smith, who has been quite ill for some time, expired on Wednesday morning of last week.  [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT:  23 April 1891, Vol. III, No. 52]

Smith, Mrs. John -- Lucas.  Mrs. John Smith died Monday morning.  She leaves a husband and four children to mourn the los of a loved one.  She had been in poor health for many years.   [Semi-Weekly News:  22 June 1897, Vol. 13, No. 50]

Smith, Mrs. John -- LUCAS.  Grim death paid his respects to our village this week, taking two of our citizens, Mrs. Lizzie Robison on Saturday evening with pluro pneumonia.  Her funeral was Monday at 2 o’clock from the Congregational church.  The other was Mrs. John Smith, who died from general debility, having been sick for a number of years.  Her funeral was Wednesday at 10 o’clock from the Lutheran church.  [Loudonville (OH) Democrat:  24 June 1897]

Smith, Mrs. L.A. -- Mrs. L.A. Smith, widow of the late William Smith, died Tuesday morning.  [Mansfield Herald:  23 October 1890, Vol. 40, No. 49]

Smith, Mrs. S.S. -- Oakland.  Mrs. S.S. Smith died Dec. 19.  Mr. Smith is dangerously ill at this writing.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  23 December 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 31]

Smith, Mrs. Sherman -- Shelby.  Mrs. Sherman Smith died at her home on Whitney Avenue last Monday night aged 22 years, of pneumonia.  Funeral services were held at the residence Tuesday afternoon and the remains were taken to Sullivan, in Ashland County, for interment.  Mrs. Smith leaves a husband and one child four years old.  --  [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  29 April 1898, Vol. 14, No. 37]

Smith, Mrs. Socrates -- Tuesday.  Mrs. Socrates Smith died at her home four miles northeast of the city, at two o'clock this morning.  She leaves a husband.  The funeral will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.  Interment in the Windsor Cemetery.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  23 December 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 31]

Smith, Mrs. William -- Friday.  Mrs. William Smith, aged 58 years, died at her home on Park Avenue West, this morning, after a long illness with dropsy.  Funeral services to be private, and will be conducted by Rev. D.J. Meese, at her late residence, March 31, at 2 p.m.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  06 April 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 47]

Smith, N.O. -- We called into the Marble Shop of Messrs. McKnight & Tyler, to see the monument erected by them for N.O. Smith, who fell in Western Virginia during the three months service, and must say, for beauty of design and finish, we have seen nothing to equal it.  It is of the Corinthian order, a fluted column broken off, over which is thrown the American eagle, bearing a shield in bas relief on the face of the die, the base being surmounted with very rich mouldings.  It is a master piece of workmanship and does great credit to the gentlemanly Proprietors.  We were also shown through their extensive establishment, and was very much surprised to see the many varieties of beautiful monuments these gentlemen have on hand at the present time.  We deem it but justice to say that the Establishment is a great credit to the county, and deserves the patronage of all who wish anything in the Marble line.   Our citizens wishing to see something that is beautiful, should call at Messrs. McKnight & Tyler's Rooms to see the above monument before it is taken away.  [Richland Democrat:  19 April 1862]

Smith, Paul H.

Smith, Pearl May -- Saturday.  Miss Pearl May Smith died at the home of her mother, No. 30 East First Street, at an early hour this morning, after nearly a year's illness.  Funeral services will be held at the residence, Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock p.m., and the interment will take place at Bellville, Monday afternoon.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  28 January 1893]

Smith, Pearl May -- Monday.  The remains of Pearl May Smith were taken to Bellville at 10 o'clock this morning, where they were interred at 3 o'clock this afternoon.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  28 January 1893]

Smith, Richmond -- 92Y;  d. 9/16/1937 at home, Mansfield;  b. 12/14/1844 at N. Walnut St., Mansfield;  s/o Hiram R. & Anna (Lieter) Smith  [MN 9/22/1937]

Smith, Robert Arthur -- Robert Arthur Smith, 62, of 1970 Springmill Rd., died early this morning in Mansfield General Hospital following a five day illness. Mr. Smith was born July 19, 1907, in Mansfield and had lived here all his life. He was a former employee of Dominion Electric Corp. and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Mohican Post No. 9943. A veteran of World War II, he served with the U. S. Army. Survivors are three sisters, Mrs. Helen Reid of Pittsburgh, Pa., Mrs. Laura Middleton of 52 South Diamond St. and Mrs. Aleanor Mowers of 581 West Third St.; one niece and several cousins. The body is at the Wappner Funeral home where services will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. by the Rev. Robert Barr, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Burial will be in Mansfield Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home beginning Tuesday. Submitted by Linda and Shirley. Typed by Georgia. [Mansfield News Journal - Monday, June 29, 1970]

Smith, Robert B. -- bur. 5/28/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  54y  [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Smith, Robert C. -- Robert C. Smith died at his home on West Second Street at 10 o'clock last night.  In January, 1892, while at Zanesville performing his duties at Deputy Revenue Collector for this sub-district.  Mr. Smith sustained a paralytic stroke, which ultimately caused his death.  He was brought to his home in this city and during last summer partially recovered his health, but on Dec. 27th. last, he was taken to his bed, from which he never arose.  Mr. Smith was an old resident of this city and a familiar figure on the streets.  He was born at Harrisburg, Pa., 72 years ago, came to Ohio in 1843, and settled at Mansfield, where he began the study of law with Judge James Stewart, father-in-law of Senator Sherman.  After being admitted to the bar he formed a partnership with Frank Barker, with whom he was associated in legal practice until the later was murdered in 1854.  He then formed a partnership with H.P. Davis, the firm of Davis & Smith doing business until the fall of 1862, when the deceased recruited a part of a company and took them to the front, where they were attached to McMullen's battery, Mr. Smith being made lieutenant.  He remained in the service about a year when he resigned on account of ill-health and returned to this city.  He was several times elected Justice of the Peace of Madison township, and served several years as registrar of the Virginia military school lands.  During President Arthur's administration he was appointed deputy internal revenue collector for this sub-district and was succeeded by J.T. Irvine, of Zanesville, during President Cleveland's first administration.  When Harrison was elected Mr. Smith was reappointed to his old position, which he held until October 1, 1892, when he resigned on account of ill health.  On February 17, 1851, in this city, the deceased was married to Julia A. Miller, daughter of Dr. A.G. Miller.  Nine children were born, seven of whom survive their parents.  They are:  Misses Harriett and Emily and Mrs. George Knofflock, who is now in Florida, of this city;  Mrs. Benj. Bell, of Brooklyn, N.Y.;  Miss Anna, of Georgetown, S.C.;  Miss Addie, of Philadelphia, and Anson, of Chicago.  The funeral, which is to be private, will be held from the family residence at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.  Interment at the Mansfield cemetery.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  08 April 1893] 

Smith, Robert F. - Mansfield - Robert F. Smith, 40, of 523 Woodland Ave., died early this morning in Mansfield General Hospital. Funeral arrangements in charge of Wappner Funeral Directors are incomplete. Submitted by Linda and Shirley. Typed by Georgia. [Mansfield News Journal - Thursday, February, 18, 1982 - page 7A]

Smith, Robert G. -- bur. 10/1888 at Mansfield Cem., consumption, 19y, 6m, 16d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Smith, Robert R. -- DIED, At his residence, 36 East Fourth Street, June 4, at ? a.m., Robert R. Smith, aged 55 years, 7 months and 25 days.  The deceased is a Mason and Knight of Honor.  Funeral at 3 p.m., June 7.  He has been ailing for several years past with painter's colic and other complaints.  On Thursday morning he became so sick that he had to be taken home.  He was in great agony during Thursday, Friday night and up to the hour of his death.  He was born at the eastern edge of the city and has lived here nearly all his life.  A wife and four children, two sons and two daughters, mourn their loss.  --  [Mansfield Weekly News:  09 June 1887, Vol. 3, No. 28]

Smith, Rose (Detrick) -- Shortly before noon, Friday morning, Mrs. W.R. Smith, of North Adams Street, became very ill and her husband sent for a physician to attend her.  When the medical man arrived he at once suspected something wrong and accused her of attempting an abortion.  In the presence of her husband the wife acknowledged that she had attempted to destroy her prospective offspring and also that she had succeeded in doing so in the past.  The doctor prescribed for the woman, who asked her medical advisor whether he thought she would recover.  No examination was made by the physician, as nothing could be gained thereby.  Mrs. Smith was very ill all day Friday and had an exceedingly bad night, suffering from a hemorrhage.  About 3 p.m. yesterday Mr. Smith left his home to to to his place of business, his wife apparently being much better.  A few minutes later Mrs. Smith was taken worse.  The five-years-old son, who was in the house at the time, endeavored to rouse his mother, but in vain.  Dr. Maglott was summoned by the neighbors, but before he arrived the woman was dead.  The physician who had had charge of the case reported to the coroner the true condition of matters, but that official decided that an inquest was not necessary.  A SHIELD man talked with Mr. Smith last night and he denied any knowledge of the cause of his wife's death.  Mrs. Smith's maiden name was Rose Detrick and, at the time of her death, she was twenty-five years of age.  Her folks reside at Akron and the news of her death was telegraphed them last night.  The funeral will take place Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  24 June 1893]

Smith, Ross J. -- 25Y;  d. 7/8/1955 at Massillon;  b. 8/12/1929 at Kenton;  former Shelby resident  [MNJ 7/9/1955]

Smith, S.R. -- Independence.  S.R. Smith, living on the old Duncan farm, east of town, dropped dead in the field Monday morning of heart disease, which he was subject to.  He formerly lived at Ashland.  --  [Bellville Star: 21 May 1885, Vol. 8, No. 34]

Smith, Sadie -- [Mansfield News Journal, 13 September 1979]

Smith, Samuel Lyle -- Mr. Samuel Lyle Smith died at his residence in this town, on Tuesday morning, aged about thirty-nine years.  Mr. Smith was a kind and devoted father, a large-hearted citizen, a patriotic solider and enjoyed that friendship which reward such sterling qualities.  Had he been more than human.  His remains were followed to their last resting-place on Thursday, but a large concourse of friends.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  28 November 1874 as reprinted by the Van Wert (OH) Bulletin]  The deceased was born in this city and was a brother of R.R. Smith.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  28 November 1874]

Smith, Sarah A. -- Wednesday.  Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, white, died at her residence, 93 East Third Street, yesterday morning, of paresis, aged about 55 years.  The deceased some ten years ago married Wm. Smith, a colored porter at the Wiler House.  About five years ago she was left a widow.  At his death her husband left her the house in which she lived and died and a few other personal effects.  He would have left her a snug sum to live on, but when he first came to Mansfield, shortly after the war, he gave an honest Republican $500, which he had saved while in the service, to keep for him.  The above h.r. has, so gossip says, continued to keep it.  The remains of Mrs. Smith were interred in the Mansfield Cemetery this afternoon.  -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 01 November 1890, Vol. LXXIII, No. 24]

Smith, Sarah E. -- Mrs. Sarah E. Smith, widow of the Rev. Daniel W. Smith, formerly pastor of the First Lutheran church and later of St. Luke's Lutheran church, died at her home, No. 67 Sturges Avenue, about 8:30 o'clock Saturday night.  The deceased was born Jan. 31, 1841.  Some time ago she suffered a stroke of paralysis.  There are two children, Miss Annette Smith, a teacher in the public schools, and the Rev. A.H. Smith, of Ashland.  [Semi-Weekly News:  05 October 1897, Vol. 13, No. 80]

Smith, Sarah E. -- The funeral services of Mrs. Sarah E. Smith took place at her late home, 67 Sturges Avenue, Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and were conducted by the Rev. George H. Reen, pastor of St. Luke's Lutheran church.  The pall bearers were John Van Atta, Will Remy, James Livingston, C.N. Gaumer, Benjamin Bair and Willis ... (article ends here).  [Semi-Weekly News:  08 October 1897, Vol. 13, No. 81]

Smith, Sarah S. - MRS. SARAH S. SMITH - Funeral Monday for Life Resident of Shelby - SHELBY, Oct. 1 - Funeral services will be held at the First Lutheran church here Monday at 2:30 p. m. for Mrs. Sarah S. Smith, life resident of this community who died at her home, 18 Second street, after a two-year period of failing health.  Rev. D. B. Young will officiate and burial will be in Oakland cemetery.   The body will be moved Sunday morning from the Barkdull funeral home to the residence where friends may call Sunday afternoon and night.  Submitted by Jean and Faye.  [The Mansfield News; Mansfield, Ohio:  Sunday, October 2, 1918]

Smith, Sophia -- Died, at Olivesburg, July 15th., Sophia, wife of Allen Smith, aged 60 years, 9 months and 2 days.  [Ohio Liberal:  28 July 1881]

Smith, Susan -- d. 7/1885, nervous prostration;  60y, 24d;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery  [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Smith, Thomas -- Lexington.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayden, of Elyria, brother-in-law of Prof. E. F. Smith, were called here on account of the sickness and death of Thomas Smith.  Submitted by Linda & Shirley [Richland Shield & Banner: 10 March 1888]

Smith, Verda

Smith, Ward -- After a brief illness Ward Smith, a well-known resident of Mansfield, and a son of Mr. & Mrs. Hiram R. Smith, of Park Avenue West, died this morning about 9 o'clock at his home on West Second Street.  The cause of his death was typhoid fever, with which he had been ill for little more than a week, though he had not been in very good health for some time.  He was born in this city Oct. 1, 1856, and was married to Miss Mattie Hart Nov. 9, 1879.  Mrs. Smith and two daughters, Blanche and Clara, survive him.  He has one sister, Mrs. E.B. Caldwell, and one brother, Richmond Smith.  Mr. Smith was a member of Mansfield Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F., and was also a member of the Knights of Pythias, in which he had filled several offices.  At the time of his death he occupied the position of master of finance and was a member of the U.K., K.P.  Funeral services Thursday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, the knights of Pythias with the City band attending in a body and the Rev. Dr. E.B. Fairfield officiating.  [Mansfield News:  30 August 1899]

Smith, William -- bur. 7/3/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  56y, 10m;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Smith, William -- Wm. Smith, Esq., attorney of Mansfield, died last week of congestion of the lungs.  A number of similar cases existed in Mansfield, but the others have generally recovered.  [Shelby Independent News:  13 July 1876, Vol. 8, No. 38]

Smith, William -- William Smith, a brother of Mrs. J.B. Patterson, of 217 North Diamond Street, and of Mrs. Emma Schisler, also of this city, died Sunday at his home at Ashland.  The cause of death was typhoid pneumonia.  He was known to quite a number of people here and has a host of friends.  Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Patterson and Mrs. Emma Schisler will go to Ashland Tuesday to attend the funeral which will take place at the late home of the deceased Tuesday at 4 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. W.C. Dawson, of the M.E. church.  --  [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  12 April 1898, Vol. 14, No. 29]

Smith, William -- Another of our citizens has departed this life.  Wm. Smith, Esq., who has been a resident of Mansfield since 1842 or 1843, died of congestion of the lungs on Monday last, the 3d. inst.  The deceased followed merchandizing for some years, and was justice of the peace for a number of years, after which he read law under Judge Geddes, was admitted to the Bar, and was a practicing Attorney when he died.  He leaves a wife and one married daughter to mourn their loss.  His funeral took place Wednesday last.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  08 July 1876]

Smith, William "Major" -- William Smith, the colored teamster, familiarly known as "Major", died at his residence, 96 East Third Street, this morning.  --  [Mansfield Weekly News:  09 June 1887, Vol. 3, No. 28]

Smith, William S. -- 83Y;  d. 1/16/1954 at home, Knox Co., OH;  b. at Butler;  bur. Greenlawn Cem., Perrysville, OH   [MNJ 1/18/1954]

Smitley, Wayne C. – Former Mansfield resident Wayne C. Smitley, 75, died Tuesday morning at his home in New Port Richey, Fla. He was born Nov. 28, 1913, in Zanesville to Clyde and Lena Smitley. He lived in Mansfield for many years, moving to Florida in 1978. Mr. Smitley retired from Westinghouse in Mansfield, where he worked as an electrical engineer for many years. He was a member of the West Minster Presbyterian Church in New Port Richey, the Bucyrus Masonic Lodge, and the Shrine. He is survived by his wife, Helen; a stepson, Ronald Spring of Dayton; and four step-grandchildren. Memorial services will be held at a later date at William Thompson and Son Funeral Home in White Cottage, Ohio. [Mansfield News Journal, 22 June 1989]

Smurr, Charles F. -- Charles F. Snurr [sic.], general freight and traffic manager of the Southern Pacific Railroad company, died at his home in San Francisco, Monday afternoon, Nov. 1.  Mr. Smurr is well known in Ohio, having been born in Mansfield and raised at Orange, Ashland County.  His mother, Mrs. S.J. Smurr, of Lexington, and his sister were at his home at the time of his death, which was very sudden.  The interment took place at Los Angeles, Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. Smurr has been identified with the S.P.R.R. Co. for 25 years.  [Semi-Weekly News:  05 November 1897, Vol. 13, No. 89]

Smutzler, William -- Wednesday.  Wm. Smutzler, aged about 28 years, died at the home of his mother on North East Diamond Street at an early hour this morning.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  26 December 1891]

Smyth, Synthia -- d. 6/19/1868 at Mansfield;  24y;  b. Ohio;  white;  cause:  typhoid fever;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

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