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Richland Co., Ohio

Obituaries & Death Notices:  Q

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Queen, Donovan Jr. -- d. 6/30/1955;  s/o Donovan Queen Sr.;  bur:  Mansfield Memorial Park  [MNJ 7/1/1955]

Quest, Jacob -- Jacob Quest, night chief of P.F. operators at Allegheny, Pa., and well known here among the railroad men, died Thursday night at his home in Allegheny of consumption.  The funeral will take place Saturday and the P.F. operators between Millbrook and Crestline are arranging to procure a floral offering to send.  [Mansfield News:  19 May 1899]

Quick, Thomas -- Thomas Quick, son of A.N. Quick, of Perrysville, died Saturday at Denver, after a long illness with consumption.  The remains were removed to his father's house from where the funeral took place at 2 o'clock Wednesday.  [Semi-Weekly News:  18 September 1896, Vol. 12, No. 76]

Quick, Wilhelmine. - Services for Mrs. Wilhelmine Quick Set for Thursday. - The body of Mrs. Wilhelmine Quick, who died Monday afternoon at 4:20 o’clock at the home of her son, E. E. Quick, 357 Marion Avenue, will be taken to Galva, Ill., for burial.  Mrs. Quick had been confined to her bed for 14 years.  She was born in Sweden April 8, 1860, and observed her 73rd birthday last Saturday.  When she was eight years old she came to America, locating at Galva, where she spent most of her life.   Three years ago she moved to Evansville, Ill., and a year ago came to Mansfield.  For many years she was a member of the Congregational Mission church at Galva.  Surviving are her son, with whom she made her home; one daughter Mrs. Henry G. Peterson, of Rock Island, Ill.; five grandchildren, two brothers, Frank Meline of Omaha, Neb, and Emil Meline of Peoria, Ill., and three sisters, Mrs. W. C. Carlson, Galva, Ill., Mrs. L. H. Well, McComb, Ill., and Mrs. Ole Johnson, Turlock, Cal.  Funeral services will be held at the Congregational church at Galva at 2:30 Thursday afternoon with Rev. Nystron of that church officiating.  Finefrock funeral directors are in charge of arrangements.  Submitted by Jean and Faye.  [The Mansfield News-Journal:  Tuesday, April 11, 1933]

Quigley, Charles -- Saturday.  The remains of Chas. Quigley, aged 75 years, who died at LaRue, O., were brought to this city at 11:45 today, and were buried from the union depot.  Mr. Q. formerly lived here and was one of the first employees of the Hall & Allen Co., now the Mansfield Machine Works.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  03 December 1892]

Quigley, Mary C. -- bur. 8/12/1874 at Mansfield Cem.;  63y, 1m;  res. Warsaw, Indiana  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 January 1875]

Quigley, Mrs. Charles -- Mrs. Charles Quigley, an aged resident of LaRue, who formerly lived in Mansfield, died Thursday at her home. She was aged 83 years and was a widow. She leaves a family of sons and daughters. The remains were brought here for burial, arriving at 2:10 this afternoon on the Erie. Interment was made in the Mansfield cemetery. Submitted by Faye and Jean. [Mansfield News: 08 March 1902]

Quinn, ----- -- Babe Killed By Big Four Express Train Wednesday Morning -- Wednesday morning about 5:30 o'clock as Frank Stout and Mr. & Mrs. Quinn and their child, aged 2 years, were driving across the Big Four crossing at Shiloh, their rig was struck by a fast express train and the child was instantly killed, as were also the two horses.  Neither of the others were seriously injured.  Mr. Quinn is a brother of Mrs. Allie Devore, of this city.  Mr. & Mrs. Quinn and baby had just returned home and Stout had gone to the depot to meet them.  As they were driving along they failed to notice the approach of the train, which is a fast express not stopping at Shiloh, until it was but a few feet away.  Stout made almost superhuman efforts to pull his horses from the track but without avail and with a sickening crash the big engine was on them.  The baby was hurled from its seat between its parents and thrown against an iron gate post and instantly killed.  The carriage was reduced to kindling and how the three grown people escaped with but slight bruises is a miracle.  --  [Plymouth Advertiser:  13 June 1914, Vol. 61, No. 30]

Quinn, Edward -- Edward Quinn, well known in this place, a brother of Mrs. A.E. Devore, of this city, was badly if not fatally injured in a motorcycle accident about four miles north of Mansfield about six o'clock Sunday evening, in which he sustained a fracture at the base of the skull and some bad body bruises, and there seems no possible chance for his recovery.  The Mansfield News of Monday in giving a version of the accident says "It seems that Quinn had gone to his former home in Ganges, Sunday, on his motorcycle to visit with his brother, who is recovering from a severe illness.  He was returning to Mansfield, when he met with the accident that resulted in his death.  He was going along at a fair rate of speed and an automobile was ahead of him.  He overtook the automobile, which was owned by Blaise Munch, and had Mr. Munch and a party of friends in it returning from a ride.  He sounded his horn and attempted to pass the automobile.  Instead of passing on the left side he tried to pass the automobile on the right side.  There was only a slight space between the moving automobile and the side of the road.  As the motorcycle was even with the automobile, either the automobile swerved a little to the right of the front wheel or the motorcycle struck a rut in the road or some other obstruction.  The wheel of the motorcycle turned into the automobile and Quinn was thrown against the fender and then into the the ditch beside the road.  The automobile party stopped and went back to the scene of the accident.  Quinn was found lying in an unconscious condition and seriously injured.  He was made as comfortable as possible and the police ambulance from this city summoned.  He was then removed to the Emergency hospital.  An examination of his injuries at the hospital showed that there was a bad fracture at the base of the skull.  His forehead was badly bruised and his entire face and body was covered with bruises.  He suffered numerous convulsions and never regained consciousness.  Mr. Quinn was a well known and popular young man.  He was 29 years of age, and had been employed as a bar clerk at the Vonhof hotel.  He had been rooming in the May flat on East Second Street.  He has a number of relatives living at Ganges."  Later -- After lying in an unconscious condition, the greater part of the time in convulsions, the young man's sufferings were ended Tuesday evening at 11 o'clock.  A short funeral service was held at the home of W.H. Tipton, with whom the unfortunate young man made his home, in Mansfield, Thursday morning at 8:30, following which the body was brought to this place and taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. A.E. Devore, after which burial was made in Greenlawn Cemetery.  --  [Plymouth Advertiser:  26 June 1915, Vol. 62, No. 31]

Quinn, Edward -- Edward, beloved son of Mr. Ralzy Quinn, was born at Mt. Victory, Hardin County, Ohio, Nov. 22, 1887, and died Tuesday, June 22nd., 1915, at the age of 27 years and 5 months.  He leaves to mourn their loss, his father, three brothers, Elmer A. and Frank F. Quinn of Ganges, Chauncey Quinn, of Lone Pine, Calif., and three sisters, Mrs. Charles C. Reynolds and Mrs. Inez Little of Kansas City, and Mrs. Allen DeVore of Plymouth.  His entire life was spent in this neighborhood with the exception of the last four years, when he lived in Mansfield, Ohio, being employed there at the Vonhof Hotel.  His unselfish, generous character always won him many friends, the flowers today, amid which he lies so peacefully, supplied by sorrowing friends, give silent testimony of the regard in which he was held.  Much as he was loved, if he has missed a life of long suffering and pain he can more easily be given up today, and thank God that the happiness of heaven is his.  The funeral was held at the home of his sister, Mrs. Allen DeVore, and was conducted by Rev. Charles F. Mott, and the Sons of Veterans, of which the deceased was a member, conducted the service at the grave.  Burial in Greenlawn Cemetery.  --  [Plymouth Advertiser:  03 July 1915, Vol. 62, No. 32]

Quinn, George -- DIED -- At his residence in Rome, Richland Co., Mr. Geo. Quinn, aged 50 years. -- [THE MANSFIELD HERALD: 27 December 1883, Vol. 34, No. 6]

Quinn, Mrs. ----- -- Mrs. Quinn, an insane patient at the infirmary, died this morning. Funeral this morning from the Catholic Church at nine o'clock. The remains will be interred in the Catholic cemetery.  --  [MANSFIELD DAILY HERALD: 06 March 1886, No. 295]

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