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Obituaries & Death Notices:  Mi

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Michael, Philip -- Philip Michael, one of the older and well known residents of Mansfield, died Wednesday evening at 9:30 o'clock at his home, 116 North Adams.  He was born in Hessen Darmstadt, Germany, Oct. 15, 1834, and had therefore reached the age of 79 years.  He came to America with his parents when 18 years old and settled in Mansfield in 1853.  He resided in Mansfield during the entire period with the exception of 19 years when he resided in Sandusky Township.  He is survived by three daughters, Miss Elizabeth and Mrs. Mary Corbett of this city, and Mrs. P.C. Keefe, of Toledo, and five sons, Andrew, William, Joseph, Charles and Frank, all of this city.  Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock at St. Peter's Catholic church, conducted by the Rev. Father Schreiber.  After the services at the church the body will be taken to Crestline in a special funeral car and the burial will be in the Michael family lot in the Crestline cemetery.  [Mansfield Shield:  12 February 1914]

Michael, Robert M. -- 58Y; d. 6/29/1954 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; Custodian at Friendly House; WWI; Born 5/29/1896 at Lisbon, OH; h/o Esta [MNJ 6/30/1954]

Michaelfelter, John -- d. 10/26/1868 at Mansfield; 23y; b. Germany; mechanic; white; cause: typhoid fever; res. Mansfield [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Michelfelter, John -- d. 10/25/1868 at Mansfield; 23y, 6m; b. Wyandotte Co., Ohio; white; cause: typhoid fever; res. Mansfield [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths] *see also: John Michaelfelter

Micheli, Vincenzo Sebastian -- 59Y; d. 11/5/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; b. 4/11/1896 at Rome, Italy; bur. Mansfield Mem. Park [MNJ 11/6/1955]

Mickey, Cairns -- Mr. Cairns Mickey, brother of Harrison Mickey, Esq., and Mrs. S.S. Bloom of Shelby -- long a resident of the West, and California, died on January 14th., aged upwards of fifty years. He is the first of the family of thirteen children, the youngest now aged about thirty years that has passed over upon the other side. It is not often families remain so long unbroken. [Shelby Independent News: 07 March 1872, Vol. 4, No. 19]

Mickey, Ezra W. -- d. 3/15/1873 at Shelby;  25y, 4m, 15d;  married;  b. Ohio;  white;  cause = consumption;  res. Shelby [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Mickey, Ezra W. -- Mr. Ezra W. Mickey died on Saturday last. A more extended notice will appear next week. [Shelby Independent News: 20 March 1873, Vol. 5, No. 21]

Mickey, Ezra W. -- As briefly announced last week, Ezra W. Mickey died on Saturday, March 15th., 1873, aged 25 years, 4 months and 15 days. He had been lingering for a long time with a pulmonary complaint making it evident to himself and friends, that in all human probability his days on earth would be few. He was however fully prepared for the change, and those who mourn his loss know that he is lost on earth as a star is lost, only to shine in a brighter world. He was one of our young business men, always so full of interest to community, who having chosen a companion, had settled down in life, like many others, expecting to become one our permanent business men. With bright prospects before them, and buoyant hopes within, they commenced the journey of life together, their happiness only measured by their capacity for its enjoyment, when the Providential hand was seen slowly removing the cup from their lips, and they compelled to taste the bitterness of another, filled with the disappointment of all earthly hopes. But such is life! There is no discharge in this war. All must meet with a similar fate, and sooner or later, death comes to all. He who doeth all things well, hath ordered it thus; and it becomes us, hard as it may seem, to submit with Christian resignation. On Monday, March 17, his remains were followed to their final resting place in Oakland Cemetery, by a large number of sympathizing friends and relatives. [Shelby Independent News: 27 March 1873, Vol. 5, No. 22]

Mickey, Harrison -- Shelby. Harrison Mickey, aged 77 years, died last Friday night and was buried Monday. He was one of the pioneers of Richland County and had served as mayor and postmaster of Shelby, and was a state senator in 1883-84. [Semi-Weekly News: 04 June 1897, Vol. 13, No. 45]

Mickey, Harrison -- Shelby. The remains of Harrison Mickey were buried from the cemetery vault Tuesday, only relatives being present. [Semi-Weekly News: 11 June 1897, Vol. 13, No. 47]

Mickey, Mary -- Shelby. The remains of Mrs. Mary Mickey were brought here from Philadelphia Sunday for interment. Mrs. Mickey was the daughter of M. Turner, of this city, and was a trained nurse in the city hospital at Philadelphia for a number of years. She died of pulmonary trouble. [Semi-Weekly News: 05 October 1897, Vol. 13, No. 80]

Mickey, Polly -- Mrs. Polly Mickey, wife of Jonathan Mickey, Esq., died at Ainsworth, Washington County, Iowa, on May 1st., after a lingering illness. In accordance with the request of the deceased, her remains were taken to Henderson County, Ill., her former place of residence for interment. [Shelby Independent News: 23 May 1872, Vol. 4, No. 30]

Mickey, Rebecca Cummins -- Mrs. Rebecca C. Mickey, wife of Mr. Thomas Mickey, died on Friday last at about noon. Her death was not unexpected, she having been a great sufferer for over a year last past; hence the intelligence of her death came rather as a relief than otherwise to the many sympathizing friends, who for a long time have been deeply moved, knowing that one so highly esteemed was doomed to suffer so much. The fact that she had ministered so long, so frequently and so well, at the bedside of so many others, and by her very presence alleviated the sufferings of others; and that she was now compelled to suffer so much; and that nothing could be done by them to ease her own afflictions, was in itself a source of deep regret to many. They knew there was no reasonable hope for her recovery, and hence they felt relieved to know, that she had finally endured it all, and that too so patiently; and to feel that she had exchanged time for an eternity of bliss, where she forever will enjoy the reward for a life of so much usefulness and love to her neighbors and friends, took away much of that poignancy of grief, that would have been felt, had her death been more sudden and unexpected. Mrs. Mickey was a universal favorite with our people. Coming to Shelby in her youth, one of the pioneers, as it were, of the village, she grew to esteem, as the town increased, and her sphere of usefulness enlarged. She was naturally assigned a leading position in society -- a place she held from first to last, without the least ostentatious effort, but simply of her inherent worth. Revered by all, for her amiability of character; for her constant effort to relieve distress and suffering in others; for her sweet disposition and practical good sense; she never willfully made enemies, but constantly accumulated and made friends. Years ago, when sickness and death invaded our home, she was among the very first to exhibit to us these peculiar traits which always called her to homes of affliction, suffering and mourning, and thus endeared herself to those who in times of trial needed assistance and friends; so that in the many years of her residence in our midst, with the constantly recurring vicissitudes of life, during which time few families have escaped, she was known and loved by all, for in her they always found a sympathizing friend. Her deeds of charity and benevolence were the reverse of many; private and unseen by the public, yet general as the necessities of cases presented opportunities. It was thus that so many learned to love and esteem her. But she is gone to her reward, and her works do follow her! Her memory will sweetly linger in many a home and many a heart! The proudest monument to her memory is already erected in the hearts of her friends. Her loss to the village is great; but only in her family and home can it most deeply be felt. As a wife and mother, she could have had few equals. No words of ours can add to their consolation. Their loss in this world is indeed irreparable. Permit us to say -- parenthetically, that in comparison with the loss of a wife, all other bereavements are trifling. She who fills so large a space in the domestic heaven; she who busies herself so unweariedly for the precious ones around her; bitter are the tears that fall upon her cold and lifeless form! While living the world now seem to have been an amber colored pathway, where the sun shone upon beautiful flowers, or the stars hung glittering overhead. The soul lingers upon the past. No thorns are now remembered. We think of her now only as all gentleness, all beauty, all purity and love. But she is dead! The hands which have ministered so untiringly are folded, white and cold, beneath the gloomy portals of the grave. The heart, whose every beat measured an eternity of love, lies silent beneath our feet. The eyes bent over her with smiles, now close above her in tears. A strange hush is in every room. Oh! it is a sad home when the wife is gone, when the mother is dead! We know it all. We can offer no consolation, but that which religion gives. we must look up in faith. Our treasuries are there! Earth yields only such mortal and perishable treasures. The flowers of earth die; the gems of earth fade, and the very gold corrodes and rusts; but the heavens are permanent. Like the stars, changeless, cheering and loving are the saints of night. Not like the false, fading glare of earthly toys, is their pure, imperishable radiance, for they shine as the brightness of the firmament, and as the stars forever and ever. There are our treasures, our lost ones. There is our only hope. Such was the character of Mrs. Mickey. Such the loss our town sustains; such the loss to her family; such the sad bereavement of our friend who must feel betimes as if all of earth was lost. Our only word of consolation, in this the hour of his deep affliction, must be -- "Look up". Like the stars of the morning that have faded in the light of a brighter heaven, she is not lost -- only gone before. Though the brightness of our lives seem on such occasions to be gone -- though the shadows of night seem to fall around us, and the world itself seems a funeral pall, and we look forward into the coming lonely night, yet we must remember there is a dawn follows every twilight, and the sun still shines beyond -- and will shine forever. Hence we must not give way too much to grief. Though the loss is great, it affords abundant consolation that a life of so much usefulness, in its active duties as well as example to others, has closed without anything to mar its beauty, or to destroy the sweet memory of her, that lingers in the hearts of all her relatives, neighbors and friends. Her funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, attended by a VERY large concourse of people. A funeral sermon will be preached in the Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 18th., at 11 o'clock, A.M.  [Shelby Independent News: 08 October 1874, Vol. 6, No. 50]  *The Richland Shield & Banner of 17 October 1874 also contains a lengthy obituary for Mrs. Mickey.

Mickey, Rebecca Cummins -- Died, on Friday, October 2d., after a protracted and painful illness, Mrs. Rebecca Cummins Mickey entered into rest in the 50th. year of her age. Mrs. Mickey was a sincere Christian. She united with the Shelby Presbyterian Church thirty-two years ago, and was actively engaged in the Sabbath school work for thirty years, only leaving it, when the Master called her to the valley of suffering. She belonged to the whole community, for she was identified with its growth, and spiritual interests from her childhood days. Her birthplace was in the vicinity, and her life-tree grew up amongst us, shading many a weary head and aching heart with her Christian charity. Her patient gentle disposition won for her many friends. She was a tried Christian. She suffered much, but these sufferings only brought her closer to Jesus, and kept her there. She had nothing to fear, but just waited at the door, till the Master should bid her "come up higher". Words are useless, where such a life speaks with its thousand tongues. The community and the cause of Christ has met with a great loss, as the expressions of sympathy at her funeral showed. She leaves a husband, son and daughter, with many friends, to mourn, but not as those who have no hope. The following paper was adopted by the Presbyterian Sabbath school last Sabbath morning, and requested it be put on the permanent records of the school, and also to be published in the Independent News: IN MEMORIAM. About a year ago, as our teachers and scholars remember, we first missed a faithful one among us. Sabbath after Sabbath passed and she came not. This is sadly remembered by those especially whom she faithfully pointed to the Lamb of God. While we, as a school, looked anxiously each returning Sabbath for the faithful one in Israel, our hopes were crushed, as we heard from time to time that fell disease had taken hold of her, and that her coming and going among us was ended. To-day words but mockingly tell our sadness as we remember that on last Friday at midday, the voice ever so pleasant, among us, forever hushed, and today, this quiet day of rest, while her spirit communes in heaven with those gone from our school in years past, to-day we solemnly lay her form away to await the resurrection. But as a school let us feel that -- Inasmuch as God in His infinite wisdom has called Mrs. Rebecca Mickey after her labors of 30 years among us, to His presence and the joys of Heaven, we humbly submit to His will, and bow our heads in sorrow at our loss, and comfort our hearts in knowing that it is her eternal gain. [Shelby Independent News: 08 October 1874, Vol. 6, No. 50]

Mickey, Thomas -- Died, Thursday evening, April 4th., 1878, Thomas Mickey, in the 68th. year of his age.  There are few of our readers who did not know the deceased, if not personally, at least by reputation.  For about forty years he has been the leading business man of Shelby, this county.  He came to Shelby in June, 1838, and commenced his career as a clerk in a dry gods store.  He soon struck out for himself, and for a number of years the deceased and his brother, Robert Mickey, also deceased, conducted business in partnership.  This business connection was dissolved by Robert Mickey going to New York, in the year 1852.  Since then Mr. Thomas Mickey has continued in business, sometimes alone and sometimes in partnership with others, and during his entire mercantile and business career he was regarded wherever known, as a prompt, active, honorable and successful business man.  He was a public spirited citizen, and if not directly interested he at least assisted in promoting most of the business enterprises of Shelby.  To no one man does Shelby and the surrounding country owe so much of its prosperity as to Mr. Thomas Mickey.  Until he was confined to his house, early in December last there was no man in Northern Ohio who had so completely the confidence of the community in which he lived and of business circles the country over.  It was his pride and boast that he never failed to meet an obligation when due, and his promptness and well known business integrity gave him almost unlimited credit.  During his business career he had to encounter many storms and sail through the shoals of many a business panic;  he came through them all with the increased confidence of business men.  We believe, had he been able to attend his business and give it his personal supervision he would never have been compelled to make the assignment he made on the 24th. of January last he would have been able to meet his obligations as they fell due and have paid every creditor dollar for dollar all he owed them.  He had a wonderful business faculty and always gained -- strength and courage when others less gifted became discouraged and disheartened.  Mr. Mickey was a man of broad and liberal views;  generous, frequently aiding others to his own disadvantage, a kind and affectionate husband and parent;  a warm friend, a forgiving enemy, a man whom the community could ill afford to lose.  His disease was cancer of the liver and pyloric orifice of the stomach.  A post mortem revealed the fact that his liver weight fifteen and one half pounds while the weight of a healthy liver is but about four pounds.  We are told that though suffering much during the past two or three months of his life Mr. Mickey never murmured or complained;  he endured patiently to the end, and at last passed peacefully away, crossing the dark river in the hope of a happy immortality beyond.  [Ohio Liberal:  10 April 1878]

Mickison, Jeremiah -- d. 7/27/1871 at County Infirmary;  married;  70y;  b. England;  white;  res. Weller Township  [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Middlesworth, Faye -- A message was received here last night to the effect that Miss Faye Middlesworth, who was terribly injured in the Shelby bridge disaster, died at her home in Shiloh. The deceased was about 16 years of age. She is a niece of Ed S. Moser, of South Main Street. Miss Middlesworth's injuries were believed to be fatal from the first, although her friends and physicians hoped that she might recover. In addition to having both legs broken, Miss Middlesworth suffered internal injuries and the latter probably caused death. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 08 July 1898, Vol. 14, No. 57]

Middough, Maria -- d. 1/23/1869 at Mansfield; 41y; b. Ohio; white; cause: consumption; res. Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Mike, Harry B. – Mansfield. Harry B. Mike, 72, of 17 Lee Lane, died in Mansfield General Hospital, Monday following a heart attack suffered in his home. Mr. Mike was born in Alabama, Feb. 13, 1889 and had lived in this country since 1914 and in Mansfield since 1929. He had been a crane operator at Empire Detroit Steel Corp. for 42 years prior to his retirement six years ago. He attended the Linden Road United Presbyterian Church and was a member of Delano Lodge No. 169 United Steel Workers of America. He was an active worker in the Richland County Democratic Party. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Conklin Mike; four sons, Paul Snyder of Mansfield, Carl Snyder and Charles Snyder of Phoenix, Ariz., and Kenneth Snyder of Galion; five daughters, Mrs. Edward Vrabel and Mrs. James Lynn both of Mansfield, Mrs. Joseph Walker of Scottsdale, Ariz., Mrs. David Scheiber of Crestline and Mrs. Lyle McCoy of Houston, Texas; one sister, Mrs. Haltea Maliq in Albania, 26 grandchildren and 13 great –grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted in the J. H. Finefrock and Sons funeral home Thursday at 2:30 p.m. by Imamie Vebe Ismail of Detroit and Rev. Russell A. Arthur, pastor of the Linden Road United Presbyterian Church. Submitted by Linda & Shirley. Typed by Susie. [Mansfield News Journal: 1 June 1971, Pg. 7]. Note: Obituary incomplete.

Milbourn, Gilbert -- d. 3/1885, membranous croup;  4y, 2m, 6d;  bur. Mansfield Cem.  [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miles, Bella -- bur. 6/24/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  1y  [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Miles, Cassie -- Philip Wappner, of the firm of Wappner Bros., went to Toledo this forenoon after the body of Miss Cassie Miles, formerly of this city, who died last night at the state hospital at Toledo. She was aged about 43 years and has a brother living at Ausdale and one near Lexington. The body will be brought here tonight at midnight and will be taken to the home of the deceased's brother at Ausdale where the funeral services, conducted by the Rev. S.P. Long, of the First Lutheran church, will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in the Mansfield Cemetery. -- [Bellville Messenger: 13 January 1905, Vol. 13, No. 1 as reprinted from the Mansfield Shield & Banner]

Miles, George L. -- 64Y; d. 6/21/1954 at St. Joseph Hospital, Toledo, OH; b. Mansfield; h/o Lora Welker; bur. Mansfield Cem. [Mansfield News Journal: 22 June 1954]

Miles, Milton -- d. 2/1/1871 at Mansfield, lung trouble;  8m, 16d;  b. at Mansfield;  res.  2nd. Ward Mansfield  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miles, Mrs. Amos -- Saturday. Mrs. Amos Miles, aged 30 years, died at her home on Stocking Avenue, yesterday morning, from consumption. She leaves a husband and three children. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 03 March 1894, Vol. LXXVI, No. 42]

Miles, Mrs. J.O. -- Bellville. The remains of Mrs. J.O. Miles, who died in Mansfield on Friday, were interred in the Bellville Cemetery at 1 p.m. on Sunday. Mrs. Miles was born near this place and lived all her life in this neighborhood, with the exception of the last few months, which have been spent in Mansfield. There was a large gathering of her old friends and neighbors at the cemetery to pay a last tribute of respect to her memory. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 26 August 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 14]

Milick, Joseph C. -- 75Y; d. 4/15/1955 at White Cross Hosp., Columbus; b. 1/18/1880 at Yugoslavia [MNJ 4/16/1955]

Miller, ---- -- d. 8/1885, cholera infantum;  2m;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery  [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miller, ---- -- bur. 10/7/1874 at Mansfield Cem.;  infant;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 January 1875]

Miller, ---- -- bur. 8/15/1874 at Mansfield Cem.;  infant;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 January 1875]

Miller, ---- -- bur. 2/27/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  infant;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Miller, ---- -- bur. 8/4/1878 at Mansfield Cem., still born   [Ohio Liberal:  04 September 1878]

Miller ----- -- Thursday. John Miller, who formerly lived on Prospect Street, but now resides north of the city, is having a serious siege of diphtheria in his family. He has 11 children, 10 of whom have been afflicted with the disease and the three youngest, except the baby, died this week. The third one was buried today. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 19 January 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 36]

Miller, ---- -- LEXINGTON -- The infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Andy Miller died Monday morning. -- [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER: 28 March 1896, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 46]

Miller, ---- - 8/1896

Miller, ----- -- bur. 8/13/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  infant   [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Miller, ---- — Friday. Just one month ago today Mrs. Jacob Miller died of consumption and her fourteen-months-old son was placed in the Children’s Home. This morning the child died of lung trouble. [Richland Shield & Banner: 16 April 1892]

Miller, ---- -- Monday. The infant child of Al. Miller, who lives in Johns' Addition, died yesterday morning , aged about six months. The funeral will be held from the residence tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. H.L. Wiles officiating. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 25 October 1890, Vol. LXXIII, No. 23]

Miller, ---- -- Olivesburg. Grandmother Miller, of near Shiloh, who has been ill for the past four months, passed away Friday morning. Mrs. Miller was 84 years old. She leaves an aged husband and six children. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 11 January 1898, Vol. 14, No. 3]

Miller, ---- -- Adario. Mrs. Miller, who has been making her home at Wilson Murry's, died Friday morning, interment at Orange, Sunday morning. [Mansfield News: 21 August 1901, Vol. 17, No. 146]

Miller, ---- -- bur. 10/3/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  1d  (infant)   [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Miller, Abraham -- d. 1/29/1871 at Worthington Twp.;  cause of death unknown;  79y, 11m, 8d;  b. illegible;  blacksmith;  res. Worthington Twp.  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Ada -- Ada, the 6-year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Miller, died Monday morning at one o'clock from a complication of pneumonia and spinal meningitis.  She had resided at Bellville during her entire life.  The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.  [Mansfield Daily Shield:  14 March 1910]

Miller, Adam -- Adam Miller died Saturday evening at 5:45 o’clock at his home, 127 North Benton street, at the age of 74 years and 3 months. The deceased was a painter by trade and was in the employ of the Aultman & Taylor company for a number of years. He sustained a stroke of paralysis several months ago from which he never fully recovered. He is survived by three children, Adam and Anna Miller and Mrs. Charles Whisler, all of this city, also one grandchild and a brother, John Miller, of Chicago. He was a member of the C. K. of O. and St. Peter’s Catholic church. Funeral from that church Tuesday morning at 8:30 o’clock conducted by the Rev. F. A. Schreiber. Submitted by Jean and Faye. [The Mansfield News: Monday, December 16, 1907]

Miller, Adam -- died this morning at 6:30 o'clock at his home, 136 North Walnut street, following an illness of a year and a half. He was born in Ashland County 68 years ago, but had lived in this city many number of years. Mr. Miller is survived by his wife, ten children, four daughters, Miss Laurella Miller, Mrs. William Flaherty, Mrs. Richard Sells, and Mrs. Martin McCaskey, six sons, Byron, John, La Mont, Alvin, Clarence and Avery, 11 grandchildren, four brothers and three sisters. Mr. Miller was a member of the First Lutheran Church. Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Copeland, 142 North Walnut street, conducted by the Rev. H.C. Roehner. (Mansfield News, Thursday, January 12, 1922) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Alvin W. -- 55Y; d. 3/27/1954 at The Coral Gable Veterans' Hosp., FL; former Mansfield resident; h/o Juanita Drayer [MNJ 3/29/1954]

Miller, Annie -- bur. 5/4/1874 at Mansfield Cem.;  27y;  res. Mansfield [Richland Shield & Banner:  09 January 1875]

Miller, Audrey E. Biles – Audrey E. Biles Miller, 75, of Millersburg died unexpectedly Saturday, Sept. 23, 2000, at Castle Nursing Home in Millersburg. Mrs. Miller was born April 23, 1925 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, residing in the Mansfield area most of her life. Audrey was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. On earth she was lost, in heaven God will show her the way. Embrace your new life, Mom, with our love, your children. Surviving are two sons and a daughter-in-law, Donald L. and Shirley Miller and David S. Miller, all of Mansfield; three daughters and sons-in-law, Joyce and Jeffrey Thornton of Johnsville, Diana and Bruce Mathias of Mansfield and Kathy E. Graham of Mansfield; 12 grandchildren; five step grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; and three step great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, Alexander and Aurilla M. Biles; her husband, David F. Miller; one daughter, Judith C. Roberson; eight brothers; two sisters; and one great-grandson, Cody L. Looman. There will be no calling hours or funeral services held at the Diamond Street Home of Wappner Funeral Directors. Memorial contributions may be made to Breast Cancer Research. [Mansfield News Journal, 26 September 2000]

Miller, Augustus H. -- Augustus H. Miller, son of Jacob Miller, aged about 23 years, died at the family residence, No. 327 South Main street, at 1 p.m. Monday. The deceased was afflicted will take place from the Catholic church Thursday morning at 9 o'clock. [Mansfield News: 03 September 1901, Vol. 17, No. 156]

Miller, Avery -- 60, of 516 South Columbus St., Crestline, today at home. Survivors wife, Dorothy; son, Wayne and daughter, Mrs. Carl Hoffer, all of Crestline; four grandchildren, sisters, Mrs. Tracey Miller and Mrs. Alice Flaherty; brothers, Clarence and Alva, all of Mansfield. Services: 2 p.m. Sunday from Garverick Funeral Home, Crestline, with the Rev. Edward Winkler officiating. Burial in Greenlawn Cemetery. Friends may call Saturday evening at the funeral home. (Mansfield News Journal, Friday, December 22, 1961) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Barbara -- d. 11/3/1867 at Lexington; 30y, 1m, 16d; married; res. Lexington [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Barbara -- d. 11/3/1867 at Lexington; 30y, 1m, 15d; b. Pennsylvania; d/o W. & Elizabeth Broshouser; white; cause: bilious fever; res. Lexington [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Bertha M. -- d. 4/1885, diphtheria;  7y, 5m,25d;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miller, Bertie May

Miller, Bessie Groff -- 72Y; d. 6/27/1955 at Pavonia; b. 1/31/1883 at Ashland Co.; wid/o Edward M.; bur. Chestnut Grove Cem., Ashland Co. [MNJ 6/28/1955]

Miller, Callie -- Sunday.  Miss Callie, aged 25 years, daughter of David Miller, of South Main Street, died at the family residence at 11 o'clock last night.  The deceased had been afflicted with consumption for several months and her death was not unexpected.  The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  22 July 1893]  

Miller, Caroline -- Mrs. Caroline Miller, widow of the late Jacob Miller, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Phillip Schmidt, 249 North Adams Street, Thursday morning at 6 o'clock, aged 80 years. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 25 February 1898, Vol. 14, No. 16]

Miller, Catharine (Shaffer)

Miller, Catherine -- Died, at Shelby, December 2d., Catherine Miller, aged 81 years, 7 months and 25 days.  [Ohio Liberal:  15 December 1881]

Miller, Charles -- Charles Miller died at his home in Sandusky Township, on Wednesday, Nov. 8th., at the age of 78 years and 3 months. Mr. Miller was born in Union County, Pa., in 1815, and while still a young man he removed to Ashland County, this state, where he resided about 12 years, after which he removed to Sandusky Township, where he lived for over 40 years. Fifty-two years ago Mr. Miller married Mary M. Riblet. Seven children were born them, four of whom are still living. At the time of his death Mr. Miller had 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Two years ago Mr. and Mrs. Miller, together with their children and grandchildren, celebrated the 50th. anniversary of their wedding. In the death of Mr. Miller, Sandusky Township loses a valuable and respected citizen who for many years was one of the prominent residents of his part of the county. For many years, Mr. Miller was township clerk and so competent and efficient an official did he make that he never had opposition. He was always an uncompromising Democrat and was a subscriber to the SHIELD for nearly two score of years. Mr. Miller was a member of the Lutheran church and he died as he had lived, in the triumphs of a Christian faith. The funeral was held at the Riblet Church near the deceased's late residence, and he was laid away near that church. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 25 November 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 27]

Miller, Charles -- 80Y; d. 5/22/1954 at the Richland County Home (22 year resident); b. Holmes Co., OH; bur. Mansfield Cem. [Mansfield News Journal: 22 May 1954]

Miller, Christian -- d. 1/14/1873 at Perry Twp.;  84y, 11m;  widowed;  b. Pennsylvania;  farmer;  white;  cause - palsy;  res. Perry Township [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Christian -- DIED -- At his home in Perry Twp., Richland Co., O., January 14th., 1873, CHRISTIAN MILLER, aged 84 years and 11 months. Mr. Miller was born in Dauphin Co., Pa., Feb. 14, 1788, came to Ohio, purchased and settled on his farm on which he died, in April, 1837. In his youth, Mr. Miller was united in marriage with Miss ELIZABETH JUMP, who preceded him to the grave but a few years; the twain raising to maturity fourteen children, eleven of whom survive them. In early life, Mr. Miller made a profession of Christianity, and being educated in the German language, he first associated with the German Reform, then with the United Brethren, and lastly, for over twenty years, he has been a zealous member of the Lutheran Church. His conduct through all his long and busy life was such as to enlist, in his behalf, the friendship and esteem off all who knew him; and, "if coming events cast their shadows before" a happy future is his.  [BELLVILLE DOLLAR WEEKLY: 17 January 1873, Vol. 1, No. 47]

Miller, Christina -- 58Y; wid/o Anton; d. 6/28/1954 at home, Mansfield; found 7/11/1954; b. 1896 at Yugoslavia; Came to Mansfield as a young child; bur. Mansfield Cemetery [MNJ 7/12/1954]

Miller, Christine -- 37Y; d. 2/5/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; b. 6/8/1917 at New London, OH; w/o Harvey R.; bur. Grove St. Cem., New London, OH [MNJ 2/7/1955]

Miller, Clara B. -- bur. 8/1888 at Mansfield Cem., peritonitis;  1y  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Miller, Conrad  -- Conrad Miller, a resident of this city for many years, died Wednesday morning, March 2, after an illness of nearly two years of consumption. He was born in Germany, Feb. 12, 1857, and came to this country in 1881. He was married in 1885 to Miss Christena Hasenzahl, who died Feb. 6, 1887. One son was born to them who survives him. Funeral Friday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the residence of his brother-in-law, J.J. Reinoehl, of 138 Blanch Street, conducted by the Rev. F. Buesser. The pallbearers will be Samuel, Charles, William and Edward Hasenzahl, all brothers-in-law of the deceased. [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 04 March 1898, Vol. 14, No. 18]

Miller, Daniel -- Daniel Miller, an aged inmate of the county infirmary dropped dead Friday afternoon between three and four o'clock at that institution. The cause of his death was heart failure. He was 84 years of age and had been an inmate of the infirmary for about three years. He had been out in the yard Friday afternoon, came into the house, went to his room and stepped out into the hall when he fell to the floor. He expired in a few moments. He has a son residing on Spring Mill Street and a daughter at Loudonville. The body will be taken to Loudonville Sunday for burial. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 26 July 1898, Vol. 14, No. 62]

Miller, David -- In Memoriam, April 13, 1875, near Mansfield, David Miller, aged 83 years, 3 months and 19 days.  Passed away to his home in heaven.  Our kind father has left us, and we are very sorrowful, but we do not sorrow as those who have no hope.  We know that those who die in the Lord, Christ will bring with him.  We expect to see him with immortal glory clothed in white.  During his last years, when the silver cord began to loosen and the golden bowl to break, his eyes grew so dim he could read but little;  but he had treasured up the precious promises of the Master, and lived by faith on Christ.  I have never known a purer, or more childlike spirit, nor seen one who had more patience and resignation in suffering.  <<verse omitted>>  [Richland Shield & Banner:  01 May 1875]

Miller, David -- Shelby. David Miller living near Shenandoah, died Monday at 1 p.m., aged 88 years. The funeral services were held at the house, Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Mr. Miller was the father of Mrs. William Sonnanstine, of this city. [Semi-Weekly News: 03 December 1897, Vol. 13, No. 97]

Miller, Dick -- At 7 o'clock this morning it was reported that "Dick" Miller, he ex-ballplayer, had been found dead in bed. Miller's parents reside on North Adams Street, but for over a year "Dick" has occupied a room above Mason's drug store on North Main Street. At 7 o'clock this morning a sister of Miller's had occasion to go to his room and found him lying in bed apparently dead. She at once gave the alarm and Dr. McMillen was sent for. Before he arrived Miss Miller says that she thought she observed her brother gasp slightly once or twice. Dr. R. Harvey Reed and Dr. Mason were also summoned, but upon their arrival all agreed that he was dead. Subsequently it was ascertained that Miller had been brought to his room by two companions at 2 o'clock this morning and and placed in bed in a badly intoxicated condition. Nothing further in regard to the matter could be learned. The statement is probably correct, as he has been dissipating heavily for the last few months. Prosecuting Attorney H.E. Bell was placed in possession of the facts in the case, but as it was shown that life was not extinct when the man was found, no post mortem was ordered. An undertaker was directed to dress the remains and place them in shape for burial and at the same time make a thorough examination of the body for marks of violence, the examination of the physicians being only superficial. Miller has been subject to apoplectic fits and it is supposed that as he had been on a protracted spree he was attacked with one while in his room alone and death had been the result. On a chair in the room close to the dead man's hand was found a quart bottle nearly filled with whisky with a glass near by. Miller was well known as a ball pitcher and for awhile did great service for the local club, having great speed and some fine curves. Delehanty, the great professional player, who was playing with Mansfield in 1886, gave Miller the name of "Cyclone". In 1887 Miller signed with Jackson, Mich., which had become a member of the Tri-State League, but he was soon released, as his appetite for drink got the better of him. During the last year Miller had braced up somewhat, probably due to his declining health, but still going on protracted sprees occasionally. As soon as the remains have been placed in readiness for burial they will be taken to the home of the father of the deceased on North Adams Street, where the funeral will take place. [Richland Shield & Banner: 19 December 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 30]

Miller, Don Rex -- 47, of 519 Birchlawn Blvd., died unexpectedly this morning at his home following a heart attack. Born Sept. 22, 1916, in Clifton Springs, N. Y. he lived most of his life in Mansfield. He was a machinist at the Mansfield Tire and Rubber Co. He was a member of the First English Lutheran Church, Mansfield Masonic Lodge 35, F. & A.M., and the Order of Owls. He was a veteran of World War II, serving with the U.S. Navy as a warrant officer. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Marcille Poth Miller; one son, Bruce Rowland Miller, at home: and an aunt, Mrs. Fanny Moses, Hayesville Rd. The body was removed to the Wappner Funeral Home where funeral arrangements are incomplete. (Mansfield News Journal, Monday, December 30, 1963) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Dora -- Wednesday. Mrs. Dora Miller, widow of Peter Miller, aged 60 years, died at her home, No. 68 South Adams Street, at 10 o'clock yesterday morning. About seven weeks ago Mrs. Miller received a hard fall from the effects of which she never fully recovered and this, together with a complication of other troubles, is supposed to have caused death. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 25 April 1891, Vol. LXXIII, No. 49]

Miller, Edith E. McBride -- 89, of 1052 Briarwood Rd., retired teacher and widow of Otis U. Miller, died at Mansfield Memorial Homes Sunday. Mrs. Miller was born near Lexington Nov. 22, 1888, and spent her life in the Lexington area. She was a graduate of Lexington High School and attended Kent Normal School, the present state university's first teacher-training facility. Mrs. Miller taught in both Richland County and Mansfield City schools. She was a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and the National Retired Teachers Assn. Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Richard H. (Marguerite) McMullen, feature writer for The News Journal, and one granddaughter. Services will be conducted at Finefrock's Funeral Home Wednesday at 11 a.m. by her pastor, Dr. Wray C. Smith, and the Rev. Carl W. Cunfer, pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church. Burial will be in Mansfield Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home Tuesday from 2 until 7 until 9 p.m. (Mansfield News Journal, Monday, December 12, 1977) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Edward Eugene -- Edward Eugene, aged 3½ years, youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Miller, of North Mulberry Street, died Friday afternoon of scarlet fever. Private funeral at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 03 May 1898, Vol. 14, No. 38]

Miller, Elizabeth -- DIED -- March 17th., 1873, near Bryan, Ohio, Mrs. ELIZABETH MILLER, relict of John Miller, aged 77 years, 9 months and 15 days. The subject of this notice was born near Hagerstown, Maryland, in the year 1795. After her marriage she with her husband lived in the town of Leitersburg, where she with her husband united with the church of the United Brethren in Christ, and lived a worthy member until the year 1833, when with her family and parents came to Ohio, and located near Lexington, where she again united with the church, showing by her daily walk that she had been with Christ and learned of him. Her remains were brought to this place and interred at the Salem Lutheran Church, where an appropriate discourse was delivered by Rev. G. Hisky. - M.P.S. – [BELLVILLE DOLLAR WEEKLY: 28 March 1873, Vol. 2, No. 4]

Miller, Elizabeth -- Elizabeth Miller died Sept. 21 at the age of 48 years, 4 months and 13 days. Funeral today at 2 p.m. from her late residence on North Adams street. [Mansfield Herald: 25 September 1890, Vol. 40, No. 45]

Miller, Ella N. -- 85, Lived In Mansfield 65 Years. Mrs. Ella N. Miller, 87, widow of Josiah Miller, died this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Grace Hollister, 381, West Fifth street after a lingering illness. She was born in Dekalb county, Ind., May 7, 1857, and came to Mansfield 65 years ago. Surviving are her daughter, a son, Otis V. Miller, of Mansfield, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. The body is at the Wappner funeral home where services will be held Tuesday at 1 p.m. in charge of Rev. B.F. Hagelbarger. Burial will be in Mansfield cemetery. (Mansfield News Journal, Friday, December 22, 1944) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Ellsworth M. -- 85Y; d. 5/12/1956 at home, Bellville; b. 4/18/1871 at Bedford, IN; Lexington and Bellville resident; h/o Rose Gerhart [MNJ 5/12/1956]

Miller, Emma

Miller, Emma -- 68Y;  d. 5/13/1954 at home, Mansfield;  B. 8/19/1885 at Athens, OH;  Mansfield resident for 2 years;  w/o William H.;  bur. Clark Chapel Cem., Athens Co., OH  [MNJ 5/14/1954]

Miller, Emma Fray

Miller, Essie May Dickson -- 68Y; d. 4/26/1956 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; b. 5/13/1897 at Mansfield; bur. Mansfield Mem. Park [MNJ 4/27/1956]

Miller, Etta -- bur. 7/25/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  1y, 11m   [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Miller, Floyd -- 60Y; d. 12/23/1955 at University Hosp., Columbus, OH; b. 3/11/1895 at Lancaster, SC; Mansfield resident 1930-1955; No known survivors; bur. Mansfield Cem. [MNJ 12/24/1955]

Miller, Frances -- Mrs. Frances Miller died at 10:45 o'clock Saturday at her home, 589 Spring Mill Street, aged 72 years, 1 month and 19 days. Funeral services Tuesday at 2 p.m. [Semi-Weekly News: 06 April 1897, Vol. 13, No. 28]

Miller, Frank -- Wednesday.  Frank Miller, aged 73 years, died at his home, No. 107 North Diamond Street at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.  The deceased leaves a wife and several grown up children.  The funeral will take place from the family residence Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  25 March 1893]

Miller, G. -- d. 8/1885, lung fever;  4y, 1m;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery  [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miller, Gastin Gale -- Died, Gaston Gale Miller, youngest son of Mrs. Jennie Miller, died the evening of the 19th. inst., at John Kingsboroughs, aged 2 years, 5 months and 17 days. After two days illness the reaper cut down this flower. He was a boy of unusual promise, and Gessie will be missed, but God's ways are not as our ways. The widowed mother has the sympathies of many friends in this second and sadder bereavement. But a few moments before death, that expression of pain all passed. << verse omitted >> [Shelby Independent News: 24 July 1873, Vol. 5, No. 39]

Miller, George -- George Miller (aka:  Snakey), who shot himself Sunday noon, died at his father's house at 7 o'clock Monday morning.  The funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house, No. 62 South Sugar Street.  [Mansfield Herald:  06 May 1886]  *Refer to original newspaper on microfilm for longer article about this suicide.

Miller, George -- Bellville. George Miller, son of Will Miller, who resides east of town was drowned Sunday afternoon, while in bathing. He took cramps and sank in a deep hole and although there were several men present they could not get him out in time to save his life. He has been working for Will Lockhart on the farm. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 08 July 1898, Vol. 14, No. 57]

Miller, George -- Butler. George Miller, the 17-year-old son of William Miller and wife, residing near Forest Hall, was accidentally drowned Sunday afternoon, while bathing in the Clearfork. The young man was accompanied by two companions but he was attacked by cramps and sank beneath the surface. The funeral took place Tuesday at 10:30 at Four Corners, the obsequies being conducted by the Rev. J.S. Fitterer. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 08 July 1898, Vol. 14, No. 57]

Miller, George P. -- bur. 5/1886 at Mansfield Cem., accidental shooting;  23y, 7m, 3d  [Mansfield Herald:  15 July 1886]

Miller, "Grandmother" -- Independence. Grandmother Miller, mother of Henry Miller, died Friday and was buried Saturday. Rev. Walkey conducted the funeral. -- [Bellville Star: 15 September 1887, Vol. 10, No. 51]

Miller, Harriet L. (Beverstock)  -- Mrs. Harriet L. Miller, widow of David P. Miller, died at her home 5½ miles southwest of Mansfield, Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 9:15 p.m. She was 72 years of age and the oldest daughter of the late Allen B. Beverstock, of Lexington. She leaves three children, Mrs. L.M. Campbell, Mrs. J.L. Abernathey and Mrs. S.J. Colwell. She also has one brother, Fred Beverstock, and one sister Mrs. W.W. Cockley, both of Lexington. Burial at Lexington, Friday, at 1 p.m. [Mansfield Daily News: 24 October 1901, No. 17, No. 200]

Miller, Harry

Miller, Harry E. -- bur. 12/19/1879 at Mansfield Cem., 3y, 9m;  croup   [Richland Shield & Banner: 10 January 1880]

Miller, Helen -- Helen, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Miller, aged 4 years, died at the family residence on South Hedges Street at 8 o'clock, Monday morning.  Funeral Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 2 o'clock p.m.  [Semi-Weekly News:  02 November 1897, Vol. 13, No. 88]

Miller, Henry -- Butler.  Henry Miller died at his home, six miles north of this place, at 7:35 a.m., last Saturday from the effects of a cut of a penknife.  He was a great help to this place and the people will miss him very much.  He intended to move here the first of this month, but took sick on the 28th. of last month.  He was 56 years, 6 months and 8 days old.  He was buried at the Four Corners church, one mile north of town, Monday at 11:30 a.m.  It was the largest funeral that has been there for some time.  He was a member of the Samuel Bell Post, No. 536, G.A.R.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  18 March 1893]

Miller, Henry -- Saturday.  Henry Miller, the farmer who accidentally stabbed himself in the leg, died from blood poisoning at his home near Bellville last night.  The deceased, who was well known, was about 50 years of age and leaves a wife and several children.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  18 March 1893]

Miller, Henry F.

Miller, Hettie -- d. 7/1885, diptheria;  4m;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery  [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miller, Hiram -- Bellville. Col. Hiram Miller, of Mansfield, died at a Columbus (OH) Water Cure Saturday Nov. 23rd. He was an active business man and a highly respected citizen. [Richland Star: 05 December 1878, Vol. 2, No. 10]

Miller, Hiram -- bur. 11/24/1878 at Mansfield Cem., brain fever;  50y  [Ohio Liberal:  8 January 1879]

Miller, Hiram -- Col. Hiram Miller, of this city, died on Sunday last, Nov. 24, 1878, at Dr. Shepherd's Water Cure, near Columbus, O., where he had been for several weeks under treatment.  Col. Miller was born March 16, 1829 at Plymouth, O. (then Paris) and shortly afterwards the family removed to Mansfield.  In 1845 when the Mexican war broke out he enlisted at Clyde, O., as a private with Lieut. McPherson (afterwards Gen. McPherson) in Capt. Bradley's Company, and served one year.  He then re-enlisted and served to the end of the war and was with Gen. Scott in the battles around the City of Mexico.  He then returned home and shortly afterwards went to California across the plains.  Subsequently he returned and went into the wholesale boot and shoe business at Detroit, Mich., with Gov. H.P. Baldwin.  In 1869 he came to Mansfield and went into the grocery business with Joshua Davis, and with him commenced the first jobbing house in the city.   In 1861 when the war broke out, he recruited Company C of the 15th. Ohio three months volunteers.  When reorganized as a three years regiment he was captain of Company A, and was with it until after the battle of Shiloh, when he received a sunstroke which so disabled him, that he resigned and came home.  In 1864 when the Hundred Day men were called out he was elected colonel of the 163d. regiment and went to the Army of the Potomac and remained six months.  On his return on the 1st. of November, he went into business with Tracy & Avery, and was with them until the organization of the firm of Bissman, Sealts & Miller on the 1st. of January last.  <<remainder of this obituary was too light to read on my copy>>  [Ohio Liberal:  27 November 1878]

Miller, Isaac -- Isaac Miller, machinist, Mansfield, died in a few hours after a fall on the side-walk, Monday.  [Bellville Star: 14 December 1882, Vol. 6, No. 11]

Miller, J.H. -- The remains of J.H. Miller, of Rochester, Ind., who accidentally shot himself at Bedford, Pa., were transferred here from the P.F. to the Erie en route to his home at Rochester, Ind., this afternoon.  The remains were accompanied by his brother, J.T. Miller.  [Mansfield News:  17 July 1899]

Miller, Jacob -- Monday. Jacob Miller, brother of M.L. Miller of this city, died yesterday morning in Lexington, Ky. The funeral takes place in Cincinnati tomorrow at 2 o'clock. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 09 March 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 42]

Miller, Jacob -- Mifflin.  Jacob Miller died on last Monday morning of consumption.  Funeral on Wednesday, at 10 o'clock;  services were conducted by B.F. Hoover.  Interment in Mt. Zion cemetery.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  01 October 1892]

Miller, Jacob -- Wednesday.  Jacob Miller, aged about 48 years, died at his home in Mifflin township, Monday evening, of consumption.  The deceased was at the time of his death clerk of Mifflin township and was a highly respected citizen.  Mr. Miller leaves a wife and several children to mourn their loss.  The funeral was held today under the auspices of the Lucas lodge, I.O.O.F., of which the deceased was a member.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  01 October 1892]

Miller, Jacob -- Sunday. Jacob, the 10-years-old son of Jacob Miller and wife, died yesterday of typhoid pneumonia. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 24 November 1894, Vol. LXXVII, No. 28]

Miller, Jacob H. -- bur. 5/12/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  5m, 17d;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Miller, James -- James M. Miller, son-in-law of Mr. Jno. & Jane Kinsborough of this place (Shelby) and conductor on the Chicago division of the Pan Handle road died on Thursday, January 25, 1872. Mr. M. was a respected official, brother of Col. John F. Miller, superintendent of the western division of the road for years. He was 26 years of age, and leaves a wife and two children. [Shelby Independent News: 15 February 1872, Vol. 4, No. 16]

Miller, Jennie B. -- d. 5/1885, heart disease;  6y, 10m;  bur. Mansfield Cemetery [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miller, Jennie Dent -- Jennie Dent Miller, 76, of 583 Cline Ave., died in her home Saturday morning. Born March 4, 1906, in Springfield Twp., she lived in this area most of her life. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Jack (Sandra) Burgahiser of Mansfield, a son, Thomas E. of Bethany, Okla; a brother, Kenneth Dent, of Mansfield, and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at Finefrock Funeral Home Monday at 3 p.m. by Dr. Wray C. Smith, pastor of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Burial will be in Ontario Cemetery. Submitted by Mike. [MANSFIELD NEWS JOURNAL: 27 February 1983]

Miller, Jerry -- Jerry Miller, who has been visiting for some tme at the home of Anthony Daily, near Palmyra, died Thursday morning, aged 53 years, 2 months and 8 days, death being caused by a growth of the stomach. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 10:00 from the home of H.E. Weaver, south of town, conducted by Rev. F.J. Marlatte. Burial in Beulah Cemetery. Mr. Miller was reared 2 miles north of Bellville and is well known in this vicinity. He is survived by two brothers, John and William, of near Alta. Four sisters, Mrs. Ella Seaver of Akron, Mrs. Emma Crossman of Toledo, Mrs. Mary Mowery of Mansfield, and Mrs. Ann Oberlin of Bellville, and a host of other relatives. [Richland County Leader: 16 January 1920, Vol. 1, No. 6]

Miller, John

Miller, John -- Mansfield Daily Shield, 24 August 1914, p. 2

Miller, John -- 48Y;  d. 3/25/1954 at home, Cleveland;  former Mansfield resident;  h/o Katherine Schoessler  [MNJ 3/27/1954]

Miller, John -- Lexington.  Mr. & Mrs. John Schindler attended the funeral of the former's nephew, John Miller, Mansfield, Wednesday, of last week.   [Bellville Star:  06 March 1924, Vol. 2, No. 45]

Miller, John -- Lexington.  John Miller, formerly a well known and respected citizen of this place and for many years a V.S., died at the home of his son, Jacob, in Galion (OH) and his remains were interred in Lexington Cemetery on last Saturday.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  01 October 1892]

Miller, John -- bur. 3/1888 at Mansfield Cem., consumption;  18y, 6m, 23d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Miller, John A. -- John A. Miller, of 300 S. Main St., died very suddenly of apoplexy at his home Thursday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock.  He was born in Bedford County, Pa., Oct. 23, 1839 and lived to the age of 68 years and 8 days.  Mr. Miller leaves a wife, one daughter, Mrs. H.T. Manner, and son, Rollie, of this city, two daughters, Rose and Mrs. E.D. Meckley, having preceded him.  Throughout the entire civil war he faithfully serves his country, belonging to Company A. of the 64th. Regiment, O.V.I.  Mr. Miller has resided in Mansfield the past two years, coming here from Butler, where he was a member of the Samuel Bell G.A.R. Post and engaged in the lumber business for 17 years.  He was an active member of the Evangelical Association for over 50 years, serving in the various important offices of the church and was ever devoted and loyal.  The church will keenly feel the loss of this earnest member and his presence iwll be greatly missed.  Funeral services will be held from the Evanglical church, corner Main and Lexington Ave., on Sunday at 2 o'clock.  [Mansfield News:  01 November 1907, p. 1]

Miller, John C.

Miller, John F. -- John F. Miller, Esq., a well-known railroad man, died very unexpectedly Saturday afternoon, at his residence in Crestline, from the effects of an overdose of morphine taken last night, to allay the pain of an acute attack of asthma, from which he was suffering.  Mr. Miller was night dispatcher at this point, and also General Secretary of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Mutual Insurance Association.   [Richland Shield & Banner:  11 September 1875 as reprinted from the (Cleveland, OH) Plain Dealer]

Miller, John G. -- KIN DIES AT 94 - John Miller, Knox County, Was Brother of Mansfielder - John G.. Miller, 94, a retired miller, and a brother of Josiah Miller of Mansfield, died early today at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Chris Keller, Pike township, Knox county. Born in Lancaster county, Pa., Mr. Miller had been a resident of Knox county for the past 42 years. He formerly lived in Richland and Ashland counties. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Keller, at whose home he died; a brother, Josiah Miller of Mansfield, and a sister, Mrs. Elmira Shaub of R.D. 6, Mansfield. Mr. Miller was a member of the Mt. Zion Lutheran church. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of his daughter, with Rev. H.T. Wintermute, pastor of the Methodist church of Bellville, officiating. Burial will be in Mt. View cemetery in Mt. Vernon. (Mansfield News, March 11, 1936) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, John H. -- John H. Miller, a well known attorney of this city, died Saturday afternoon about 3:30 o'clock at his home, 458 Spring Mill street. The immediate cause of death was a stroke of paralysis, which he sustained last Tuesday evening. He had, however, been in ill health for some time past. He was a member of Madison Council, No. 86, M.K.F.L. Funeral services Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at his late home on Spring Mill Street. J.H. Miller was born in 1838, four miles north of Mansfield. He read law with M. May and was admitted and practiced successfully for several years in this city. He was counsel for the Aultman-Taylor company for six years. He resigned this position, abandoned the law, and entered into a manufacturing establishment in this city, which enterprise proved disastrous, financially, when he again entered the law with A.J. Mack as partner. The firm prospered for three years and established a substantial practice, Judge Mack dying two years ago this month of the same affliction. Mr.. Miller continued the business successfully until his recent illness. He leaves a widow and two children to mourn his death, also his aged mother and two sisters who survive him. he was an able attorney and an honest man. No one knew him personally without becoming impressed by his integrity and frankness, and earnest desire to do only what was just and right. He was cut down in the vigor and prime of manhood in the midst of a successful business career. [Semi-Weekly News: 25 May 1897, Vol. 13, No. 42]

Miller, John Henry

Miller, Joseph -- d. 2/29/1869 at Sandusky, Ohio;  24y, 1m;  b. Ashland Co., Ohio;  farmer;  white;  cause:  fever;  res. Richland Co.  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Joseph L. -- Joseph L. Miller died Sunday afternoon of pneumonia at his home in Shelby, his age being 72 years.  He was a member of Harker Post, G.A.R. and of the Methodist church.  Short funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at 3 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edward Steele.  The burial will be in the Good Will cemetery.  [Mansfield Daily Shield:  15 March 1910]

Miller, Josiah -- DIES AT 84 - Josiah Miller Was Former Ohio Brass Employee - Josiah Miller, 84, of 282 Park avenue east, died at his home Saturday following a brief illness. Born in Lancaster County, Pa., March 10, 1852, he came to this vicinity at an early age. Mr. Miller was employed at the Ohio Brass company prior to his retirement 10 years ago. He was a member of the Mt. Zion Lutheran church. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Nancy Stauffer Miller, whom he married in 1884; a son, Otis Miller, and a daughter, Mrs. Burrell Hollister, both of Mansfield. A sister, Mrs. Elmira Shaub, of Ontario, and four grandchildren also survive. Funeral services will be held at the late home at 2 p.m. Tuesday with Rev. Glenn Bishop officiating. Burial will be in the Mansfield cemetery. (Mansfield News Journal, Monday, June 1, 1936) Submitted by Gary

Miller, Katherine J. -- Mansfield Daily Shield, 24 August 1914, p. 2

Miller, Katie Brown -- Shelby. Mrs. Katie Brown Miller, aged 28, died Saturday of pulmonary tuberculosis at her home south of Shelby. The funeral was held Monday at 2 p.m. at the church of the Sacred Heart of Mary. [Semi-Weekly News: 10 September 1897, Vol. 13, No. 73]

Miller, L. -- Mr. L. Miller, father of Mr. M.L. Miller, of this city, and father-in-law of Bloch, the Cincinnati publisher, and Austerlitz, of the Free Presse of that city, died Friday at the advanced age of 92. The clothing store of Miller & Dittenhoefer and the dress-making department of Mook, Miller & Dittenhoefer will be closed to-day on that account. -- [Mansfield Herald: 07 May 1885, Vol. 35, No. 25]

Miller, Lamont -- SUCCUMBS AT AGE 77 - Lamont Miller, 77, died this morning at his home, 82 West Fifth St., following a brief illness. Born Jan. 3, 1881 in Mansfield, he spent his entire life here. He was a former employe of Birch, Inc., at Crestline and a member of the First Lutheran Church. Surviving are three brothers, Clarence and Alva Miller of Mansfield and Avery Miller of Crestline; three sisters, Mrs. Alice Flaharty of Mansfield, Misses Tracy and Laurella Miller of Crestline, two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The body was removed to Wappner Funeral Home where services will be held Thursday at 3 p.m. in charge of Dr. Carveth P. Mitchell. Burial will be in the Mansfield Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home starting this evening. (Mansfield News-Journal, November 4, 1958) Submitted by Gary

Miller, Leah -- Mrs. Leah Miller, widow of Michael Miller, died Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at her home, 413 Bowman street, at the age of 88 years, death having resulted from an attack of grip following seven years' invalidism. It was about seven years ago that Mrs. Miller sustained a fall that broke her hip and she had been unable to walk since that time. She was born in Pennsylvania but came to Ohio with her parents at the age of 13 years. She is survived by two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, both of this city. Funeral from the home Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock conducted by the Rev. B. B. Uhl. Funeral and burial private. [The Mansfield News: Tuesday, September 27, 1910]

Miller, Leonard

Miller, Lewis -- 79Y; d. 6/19/1954 at sister's home (Ida Miller), Tiffin, OH; b. 4/4/1875 at Tiffin, OH; bur. Mansfield Cem. [Mansfield News Journal: 20 June 1954]

Miller, Louis P. -- bur. 12/4/1875 at Mansfield Cem.;  2m, 16d;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  15 January 1876]

Miller, Louisa A. Fish -- DIED -- East of Mansfield, Dec. 7th., Mrs. Louisa A. Miller, aged 37 years, - months and 15 days. Mrs. Louisa A. Miller, wife of George W. Miller, and youngest daughter of Samuel Fish. The burial services were conducted Monday, Dec. 8th., by her pastor Rev. Albert D. Knapp, assisted by Rev. Hoover. She leaves a husband and three children, an aged mother, brothers and sisters. Mrs. Miller became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in youth. In the family she was faithful, affectionate and beloved. Among her neighbors she was known for her readiness to help in their sicknesses. It was clear to a stranger that when they laid her away in the cemetery they did it tenderly and with sad hearts. Her last words spoken while she knew her friends and breathed at intervals, after it was too late to hear or see those about her bed, were in harmony with her Christian life; full of trust in God and bright in her anticipation of heaven. She sleeps in Jesus. -- [THE MANSFIELD HERALD: 18 December 1884, Vol. 35, No. 5]

Miller, Lucinda -- Miss Lucinda Miller, aged about 30 years, died at the residence of J.L. Sawhill and wife, 119 North Walnut Street, at 9 o'clock this forenoon. The immediate cause of Miss Miller's death is not known, but the physicians think that it was paralysis of the brain. The deceased was employed in the cloak department at Maxwell's store and had been ailing for some days. Saturday night she was taken suddenly ill while at the store and was removed to Mr. Sawhill's residence, where she had been making her home. Yesterday morning Mrs. Sawhill went to Miss Miller's room and was startled to find that she was unconscious and frothing at the mouth. Drs. Bottorf and Hall were summoned, but their efforts to resuscitate her were in vain and she remained in an comatose condition until her death this morning. The deceased leaves a brother, John H. Miller, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., and three sisters, Mrs. Hattie Mottinger, of Waterloo, Ind., Mrs. Lodema Palmer, of Topeka, Kas., and Mrs. Sarah Kreider, of Massillon, O. Miss Miller was a faithful member of the United Presbyterian Church and its' societies, and was a teacher in the Sunday School. The deceased came to this city several years ago from Tiro. She was a niece of Samuel Stock, of this city. The funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 15 December 1894, Vol. LXXVII, No. 31]

Miller, Lucinda Herring -- BUTLER -- Mrs. Lucinda Herring Miller was born near Butler, November 14, 1832, died November 7, 1921, at her home in Butler, aged 88 years, 11 months and 23 days. Mrs. Miller was stricken with paralysis a year ago last May and had been an invalid ever since. Her husband, John Miller, died 19 years ago. Eight children were born to this union. Five are still living -- Mary Boyd of Mansfield; Melvin of near Butler; Elizabeth Myers of Detroit, Mich.; Morgan of Butler; Milton of Akron. She is also survived by eight grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, three great-great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the home Thursday at 10:30, conducted by Rev. C.W. Weltmer. Burial was at North Liberty. [Richland County Leader: 11 November 1921, Vol. 2, No. 48]

Miller, M.C. -- bur. 4/12/1879 at Mansfield Cem., paralysis;  78y  [Ohio Liberal:  09 July 1879]

Miller, Margaret -- d. 2/8/1873 at Madison Twp.;  widowed;  77y, 8m, 29d;  b. Washington Co., PA;  house keeper;  white;  cause = lung disease;  res. Madison Township [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Mary -- d. 8/10/1867 at Mansfield; 5m, 4d; b. Mansfield; cause: cholera infantum; res. Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Mary -- Mrs. Mary Miller, widow of the late Peter Miller, died at 5:00 Wednesday afternoon at her home, 27 Velae Ave., after an illness of seven weeks. She was first taken with typhoid fever after which complications ensued, resulting in her death. She was born in Germany, Dec. 2, 1834 and spent the earlier years of her life there, afterward coming to this country. She was married in 1875 and survived her husband some years. She leaves four daughters and three sons. One of the daughters is Mrs. William Arnold and one of the sons is Peter Miller of Vale Ave. Funeral services conducted by the Rev. William Dresel of St. John's German Evangelical Church of which she was a member, Friday afternoon at 4:00. [Mansfield News: 26 September 1901, Vol. 17, No. 176]

Miller, Mary -- Died, On the 27th. ult., Mary, wife of D. Miller, in the 67th. year of her age. After a severe illness of many months, Her hope was in Christ and when the messenger of death came it brought no terrors to her waiting soul she leaves a husband and four children, to mourn her irreparable loss. They mourn not as those without hope. She has gone to the Christian's home. [Richland Shield & Banner: 06 November 1867, Vol. XXVII, No. 24]

Miller, Mary  -- Lexington. The remains of Mrs. Mary Miller, who died at her home near Sandy Hill a few days ago, were interred in the Lexington Cemetery. Her age was 83 years. Her husband died many years ago and she had no children. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 01 March 1898, Vol. 14, No. 17]

Miller, Mary A. -- d. 1/24/1869 at Mansfield; 2m; white; cause: inflammation of the bowels; res. Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Mary Ann -- d. 12/13/1869 at Richland Co.; 30y, 9m, 21d; b. Richland Co.; cause: consumption; res. Richland Co. [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Mary Emma -- bur. 1/1888 at Mansfield Cem., consumption;  27y, 3m, 20d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Miller, Mary (Phillips)  -- Mrs. Mary Miller died at her home on South Foster Street at an early hour Friday. She was the widow of John Miller, who was killed during the war. She came here two years ago from Missouri, where she had been a resident for 13 years. She leaves one son, Frank Miller, a resident of Missouri. She was 67 years of age and her maiden name was Mary Philips. Services were held at the residence at 11 a.m. Sunday, conducted by Rev. McFarlan. Interment will be made at Johnsville. -- [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER: 31 October 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 25]

Miller, Mattie Vance -- Friday -- Mrs. Mattie Vance Miller, wife of W.H. Miller, died yesterday at her home in Wyoming, O. Mrs. Miller was a daughter of the late J.P. Vance of this city and granddaughter of Thomas Robinson who was once treasurer of Richland County. Funeral services were held today and the remains will be brought to Mansfield for interment, arriving here tonight. The remains will be taken to the residence of L.J. Bonar on Park Avenue West, where funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow before the interment in Mansfield Cemetery. -- [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER: 21 December 1895, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 32]

Miller, Merta G. -- bur. 9/28/1876 at Mansfield Cem.;  1y, 8m, 15d;  res. Mansfield  [Richland Shield & Banner:  13 January 1877]

Miller, Michael

Miller, Michael -- Independence. Michael Miller, an aged man, residing two and a half miles southeast of this place, and who has been lying sick for a long time, departed this life between nine and ten Friday night. The remains were interred in the North Liberty cemetery Sunday afternoon and the funeral was preached in the Methodist church of that place by Rev. J.W. Walkey, of the Evangelical church. A large concourse of relatives and friends were present at the funeral for the purpose of paying the deceased their last sad rites on earth. -- [Bellville Star: 04 March 1886, Vol. 9, No. 23]

Miller, Milo -- 72Y; d. 4/17/1954 at home, Mansfield; h/o Norma A.; b. 4/7/1882 near Spencerville, OH; Secretary, Caldwell & Bloor Co.; Moved to Mansfield in 1912; bur. Mansfield Cem. [MNJ 4/17/1954 & 4/18/1954]

Miller, Mrs. -- Lexington. The remains of the venerable Mrs. Miller, who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Fish, north of Lexington, Sunday night, aged 91 years, were interred in Shauck's cemetery, four miles south of here, Tuesday. [Semi-Weekly News: 03 August 1897, Vol. 13, No. 62]

Miller, Mrs. -- Independence. Mrs. Miller died Monday of consumption, and was buried Tuesday at Pleasant Valley. -- [Bellville Star: 23 April 1885, Vol. 8, No. 30]

Miller, Mrs. -- LEXINGTON -- Mrs. Miller, the aged mother of Mrs. H. Maxwell, died Monday. LaGrippe connected with other trouble was the cause of her death. The funeral will take place on Wednesday. -- [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 10 April 1890, Vol. 2, No. 52]

Miller, Mrs. Charles

Miller, Mrs. Charles -- Mrs. Charles Miller, aged about 30 years, died at her home, No. 85 East Johns Street, Saturday evening of typhoid fever. Funeral services Tuesday. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 15 February 1898, Vol. 14, No. 13]

Miller, Mrs. George -- Thursday -- Mrs. George Miller, of McPherson St., died Tuesday night and will be buried at 2 p.m. Friday. -- [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER: 31 October 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 25]

Miller, Mrs. John J. -- Mrs. John J. Miller, a sister of L.S. Koppes, of this city, died Thursday morning at her home at Wadsworth. She was 55 years of age. funeral Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. [Semi-Weekly News: 28 December 1897, Vol. 13, No. 104]

Miller, Mrs. Samuel

Miller, Naomi I. (Mowry) -- [unknown paper:  24 September 1994]

Miller, Nina Lee. -- Mansfield. Mrs. Nina Lee Miller, 67, a native of Cadiz and a resident of Mansfield since 1945, died Sunday evening at Hillcrest Nursing Home. She lived with her son, James W. Miller, 123 Mendota St.; and was a member of First Nazarene Church here. Surviving are the son with whom she lived; one daughter, Mrs. Lenora Kerns, of Spencer W. Va.; two brothers, George Lee and Joseph Lee, both of Mansfield. The body is at Geiger-Herlihy Funeral Home, where services will be conducted Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. by Rev. Elwood Dodge, pastor of First Nazarene Church, with burial in Brooke Cemetery at Wellsburg, W. Va. Friends may call at the funeral home after 4 p.m. today. Submitted by Linda and Shirley. Typed by Terri McGrath. [Mansfield News Journal, April 14, 1958, pg. 2]

Miller, Oliver D. -- d. 11/14/1872 at Mansfield;  7y;  b. Mercer Co., Ohio;  white;  cause - diphtheria;  res. Mansfield - 3rd. Ward  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, Ona M. -- bur. 3/1888 at Mansfield Cem., cancer;  52y, 24d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Miller, Otis V. -- 89, a retired draftsman at the Ohio Brass Co. and the father of Mrs. Richard (Marguerite Miller) McMullen, a reporter for the News Journal, died Thursday in People's Hospital following an extended illness. The Miller home is at 1052 Briarwood Rd. Mr. Miller was born in Ashland County, Jan. 17, 1885, and had been a resident of this area most of his life. He retired from the Ohio Brass Co. following nearly 50 years of service. Mr. Miller was a 50-year member of Venus Lodge 152. Besides his daughter, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Edith E. McBride Miller, and one granddaughter. Funeral services will be conducted at Finefrock's Saturday at 11:30 a.m. by Dr. Wray C. Smith, pastor of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Burial will be in Mansfield Cemetery. Friends may call in the funeral home this evening. The family requests that those wishing to make memorial contributions do so in the Mansfield Cancer Foundation or the Richland County Red Cross. (Mansfield News Journal, Friday, August 23, 1974) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Paul R. - Funeral Services for Paul R. Miller, of 478 South Main St., who died in Elyria Hospital Wednesday following and automobile accident near Elyria, will be held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at Central Methodist Church, with the Rev. Wilbur Meiser, pastor of the church, officiating. Burial will be in Mansfield Memorial Park.   Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Esther Beck Miller; four sons, Dwight Miller, 32 Parkwood Blvd.; Neil Miller, Springfield; Melvin Miller, Elyria, and Delmar Miller, Trenton, N.Y., one daughter, Mrs. Harold Amspoker, Peoria, Ariz.; one sister, Mrs. Edward Scharf, Crestline, and one brother, the Rev. Robert Miller of Brandt, O.   Friends may call at the J. H. Finefrock and Sons Funeral (incomplete).   Submitted by Linda & Shirley. Typed by Shelley Hill.   [Mansfield News Journal: Friday, 11 February 1966, Page 3]

Miller, Peter -- d. 1/1885, dropsy;  67y, 11m, 8d;  bur. Mansfield Cem.   [Mansfield Herald:  07 January 1886]

Miller, Peter -- DIED -- Five miles north of Mansfield, Dec. 6th., Peter Miller, aged 91 years. The funeral took place Sunday at 1 o'clock. -- [THE MANSFIELD HERALD: 11 December 1884, Vol. 35, No. 4]

Miller, Peter -- Peter Miller, a Richland County pioneer, died at his home north of Mansfield, Friday, aged 91 years. -- [Bellville Star: 11 December 1884, Vol. 8, No. 11]

Miller, Robert R.

Miller, Roger A.

Miller, Rosina Spertzel -- 91Y; d. 11/1/1955 at Mrs. Christ Pataky Sr. home; b. 1/1/1864 at Yugoslavia; wid/o Adam; bur. Mansfield Cem. [MNJ 11/2/1955]

Miller, Rudolph -- Thursday. The funeral of Rudolph Miller, whose death occurred Tuesday afternoon, will be held Friday at 2 o'clock from the residence, on Park Avenue East. Rev. H. Schwier will officiate. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 31 March 1894, Vol. LXXVI, No. 46]

Miller, Sadie C. -- Sadie C., wife of Bert Miller, died at her home, 258 East First Street, Thursday, Dec. 8, aged 23 years, after an illness with lung trouble for about two years. She leaves a husband and three children. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 09 December 1898, Vol. 14, No. 101]

Miller, Samuel -- Lexington. Samuel Miller died Friday night at 11 o'clock, of consumption. [Semi-Weekly News: 13 July 1897]

Miller, Samuel -- Lexington. The Rev. Mr. Thompson officiated at Samuel Miller's obsequies. The deceased was born in West Virginia, July 10, 1835, and had lived here many years and was an industrious and respected citizen. He was twice married and both wives are dead and two daughters and a son survive him.  [Semi-Weekly News: 20 July 1897, Vol. 13, No. 58]

Miller, Samuel -- Bellville. Rev. Samuel Miller, for some years a minister of the M.E. church, died on Tuesday at Lakeside, O., after a lingering illness. He is a brother of Mrs. Dr. Sampsel, of this place. The remains arrived here Wednesday noon and the funeral services in which the ministers of the town took part, were held at Dr. Sampsel's residence at 2 p.m. of Wednesday. He was buried at the Salem Lutheran church. Of him it may be truly said, "He preached Jesus and the resurrection." -- [Bellville Star: 26 July 1883, Vol. 6, No. 43]

Miller, Samuel S. -- 84, formerly of 1499 Lascerne Circle, died at the Hill Crest Nursing Home Wednesday evening following an extended illness. Born in Ashland County April 26, 1878, he was a retired engineer at the Melco plant of the Ohio Edison Co. with 31 years of service and a member of the First Lutheran Church and Sunday School. Surviving are one son, Don Rex Miller, of 519 Birchlawn Blvd., one grandson, one sister, Mrs. Fanny Moses, of Hayesville, RD., and several nieces and nephews. His wife Della Riblet Miller preceded him in death in 1954. The body was removed to the Wappner Funeral Home where services will be conducted Saturday at 10 a.m. by Rev. Fred W. Wechsel. Burial will be in the Mansfield Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home starting this Thursday evening. (Mansfield News Journal, Thursday, August 9, 1962) Submitted by Gary.

Miller, Sarah -- Monday.  Sarah Miller, wife of Michael Miller of Shenandoah, died Sunday afternoon, aged 69 years.  Mrs. Miller has been a resident of the neighborhood in which she died for more than a half century.  She leaves behind a large circle of relatives and friends by whom she will be greatly missed on account of her generous acts and many sterling qualities which endeared her to all who knew her.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  06 May 1893 as reprinted from the Shiloh (OH) Gleaner]

Miller, Sarah A. -- bur. 3/1888 at Mansfield Cem., nervous prostration;  68y, 8m, 14d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Miller, Susan -- Perrysville. Mrs. Susan Miller died recently of paralysis at her home near this place and was interred at St. John's. [Richland Shield & Banner: 19 September 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 17]

Miller, Thomas -- Mrs. Thomas Miller died Monday morning, at her home near Lexington at the age of 73 years. She had been a resident of this county for thirty-eight years loved and respected by all. The remains were interred Wednesday at Lexington. [Mansfield Herald: 10 April 1890, Vol. 40, 21]

Miller, Thomas -- LEXINGTON -- Thomas Miller, aged 79, died last week at the home of his brother-in-law, Wm. Kiner, after a brief illness with typhoid pneumonia, followed by heart failure. Mr. Miller left his home in Akron in his usual health, about a week before he died, to visit friends in Lexington. He became suddenly ill on Tuesday night and rapidly grew worse until death came Wednesday. Mr. Miller is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Grace M. Chaplin of Akron, with whom he made his home.  Mr. Miller for many years made his home with his family in Lexington. Mrs. Miller preceded him in death by a number of years. Mr. Miller was a member of the Congregational church. Funeral services were held at the Kiner home, Friday afternoon, the Rev. W.A. Shedd officiating. Interment was in the Lexington cemetery. [Richland County Leader: 01 October 1920, Vol. 1, No. 43]

Miller, Wilhelmina P. -- Thursday.  Mrs. Wilhelmina P. Miller, aged 48, wife of Fred Miller, died at the family residence on the Newlon farm, one mile southeast of the city, at 6 o'clock last evening of childbirth.  The deceased leaves a husband and ten children to mourn her unexpected death.  The funeral services will be conducted at the house, at 2 o'clock, tomorrow afternoon, Revs. Wiles and Buesser officiating.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  16 July 1892]

Miller, William -- Wm. Miller, living near town, died Wednesday morning, in his 69th. year. He came to this country from Franklin County, Pa., in 1849. In 1851 he married Mary Detwiler, and thirteen children were born to them. The wives of Levi Sell, Samuel Oberlin and Samuel Oberlin and Samuel Mowry belong to the family. -- [Bellville Star: 09 April 1885, Vol. 8, No. 27]

Miller, William -- William Miller, living near town, died Wednesday morning, April the 8th., 1885, aged 68 years, 6 months and 11 days. He leaves a wife and ten children to mourn his loss. <scripture omitted> -- [Bellville Star: 23 April 1885, Vol. 8, No. 30]

Miller, William -- d. 5/25/1870 at Washington Twp., killed by falling off a tree;  single;  35y, 20d;  b. Germany;  farmer;  res. Washington Twp. [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miller, William B. -- Funeral services for the late William B. Miller, aged 66 years, who died last week in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edna Cochran, west of Batemantown, were held Sunday afternoon in the Methodist Episcopal church of that place. Interment was made in the Bellville cemetery. Mr. Miller was practically a life-long resident of Batemantown, having moved from Canton, his birth place, when a young child. The only survivors are: Mrs. Cochran, Mrs. Mildred MaKee and Mrs. Edith Bone of Lock, Ohio, and Lloyd Garber of Bellville. -- [Richland County Leader: 13 July 1922, Vol. 3, No. 29]

Miller, William B. -- DIED, Jan. 1, at his home at Nevada, William B. Miller, aged 80 years. Funeral from the residence Jan. 3 at 10 a.m. The deceased formerly resided in the southern part of Richland County and was well known to many Mansfield people. C.H. Miller, of this city, is a son of the deceased. -- [Mansfield Evening News: 02 January 1890, Vol. 5, No. 256]

Miller, William B. -- Wednesday. Wm. B. Miller, grandfather of Chester Miller, of this city, died at his home in Nevada, O., this morning, aged 80 years. The funeral will take place Friday morning. The deceased formerly lived in the southern part of this county and has many friends here who will be grieved to learn of his demise. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 04 January 1890, Vol. LXXII, No. 33]

Miller, William Fels -- William Fels Miller, the organizer of the old Shelby Tube Company, died suddenly of heart failure at his home in Elyria (OH) at the age of 70 years. [Mansfield (OH) Daily Shield: 30 April 1909]

Miller, William J. -- Former Manufacturer Succumbs In Hospital In Detroit -- Word was received here today of the death early Sunday of William J. Miller, former Mansfield resident and general manager of the Lock Washer Co., of Detroit, Mich. Mr. Miller died in a Detroit hospital following a brief illness. He was identified with the Lock Washer Co. when that firm was located here, moving to Detroit with the company nearly two years ago. Funeral services will be held at Arnold mortuary in Massillon Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.. Burial will be made in the Massillon Cemetery. Submitted by Joanna. [Mansfield News: 01 February 1932, p. 7]

Milligan, Harvey

Milligan, Isaac -- Isaac Newton Milligan, 72, of 415 West 10th Street, Ashland, a former Ontario resident, died Sunday at his home following an illness of several months. Mr. Milligan, who was born in Monroe Township, Sept. 8, 1865, made his home in Ontario a number of years moved to Ashland two years ago. He is survived by his wife, Josephine; two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Heston of Lexington and Mrs. Nora Shrader of Ontario; five sons, Harvey and Nathaniel of near Mansfield, Bryon of Galion, Frederick of Mansfield and Ivan of Lucas; three brothers; Williard of Lucas, Howard of Perrysville and Bert of Ontario; two sisters, Mrs. Cora Krabill of Mansfield and Mrs. Andrew Shafer of Alta, 40 grandchildren and 12 Great grandchildren. Mr. Milligan was a member of the Ontario Community Church. The body was removed to the Finefrock funeral home where services will be held at 2 pm. Wednesday in charge of Rev R. A. Hall of Ontario Community Church. Burial will be in the Ontario Cemetery. Submitted by Joanna. [Mansfield News Journal: 14 February 1938, p. 1]

Milligan, Jonas

Milligan, Maria Swoveland

Milligan, Mother -- Lucas.  Mother Milligan died at her residence in Perrysville, Jan. 2, and the remains were buried in the Mt. Zion graveyard, Jan. 4.  Submitter by Amy.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  17 January 1891, Vol. LXXIII, No. 35]

Milligan, Willard C. -- Lucas- Willard C. Milligan, 81, Monroe Twp farmer, died yesterday  afternoon at his home, Perrysville, R D 1, near Melco.  He was born in  Ashland County and spent the greater part of his life in Richland County  where he operated a threshing rig in addition to his farming.  He was a  member of the Mt. Zion Lutheran church and the Madison Grange for 52  years.  Surviving are his wife, Mable; two sons  Merle and Wayne, both at  home; two brothers Howard of Perrysville, and Bert of Ontario; one sister  Mrs. Henry Krabill of Ashland, RD 1; one grandson, Clarence Merle with  the Armed forces in Korea.  Friends may call at the Byerly Funeral home  in Lucas where services will be held Sunday at 2:30 PM with the pastor  Rev. James Lumadue, officiating. Burial will be in thee Mt. Zion cemetery. Submitted by Joanna   [Mansfield News Journal:  20 March 1953]

Milliken, Roscoe -- Saturday.  Roscoe, the three-years-old son of Thomas B. Milliken and wife, of Burns Street, died this morning of bowel trouble.  The funeral will occur Monday.  --  [Richland Shield & Banner:  31 March 1894, Vol. LXXVI, No. 46]

Milliron, James W. -- Mansfield News Journal, 02 July 1958

Millott, Nancy Jane (Paste) -- Nancy Jane (Paste) Millott was born Oct. 20th., 1869 and died July 31st., 1895, aged 25 years, 9 months and 11 days. She was the only daughter of William and Rebecca Paste.  She united with the Presbyterian church in Bellville in Feb. 1893 of which she remained a member till her death. The last two years of her life brought much pain and suffering. Since last 4th. of July one year ago she was confined to her bed requiring much attention and care. In all of this affliction she was patient and trustful. The life went out soon; yet so slowly as to leave a reflection of light along her passage visible to those who watched by her side; which light appeared brightest in the testimony of victory she left. Mrs. Millott leaves a father, a mother, one brother and a host of friends on this side of the River. Appropriate funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church at 11 o'clock Aug. 2nd., conducted by Rev. J.H. Deeds in the absence of her pastor Rev. C.W. Caldwell. The theme was an appropriate one, "the destructions that wasteth at noonday". The family takes this opportunity of publicly thanking the neighbors and friends for the interest taken and the kindness shown during the long sickness and hour of affliction; also the choir for the excellent music rendered both at the home and at the church. -- [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 08 August 1895, Vol. 8, No. 12]

Mills, ---- -- Saturday.  The infant child of Andrew Mills and wife, of East Fourth Street, died last night.  The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  11 March 1893]

Mills, ---- -- The infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mills died at the home of her parents, corner of East 6th. Street and North Franklin Avenue, Friday night and was buried this morning. [Mansfield News: 31 August 1901, Vol. 17, No. 155]

Mills, Albert -- 43; Died in fire on Wooster Rd., east of Mansfield. [full obituary -- Mansfield News Journal 8/24/1958]

Mills, Amos Calvin -- 79Y; d. 6/26/1955 at home, Mansfield; b. 11/15/1875 at Maryland; Mansfield resident 1895-1955; bur. Greenlawn Cem., Perrysville, OH [MNJ 6/27/1955]

Mills, Anna M. -- Mrs. Anna M. Mills, for many years a resident of Mansfield, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. M. Black in Bucyrus, Tuesday. Mrs. Mills was injured last September in a fall and had never recovered. She was the daughter of one of the early pioneer families in this county and was born near Ontario in 1842. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Black and Mrs. H. Harroun of this city, with whom she had made her home for many years, and a large family connection. Mrs. Mills was a graduate of Baldwin Wallace College and had taught for 36 years in the high schools of this state. She was a member of the First Congregational Church of this city and had been very active in church work. Private funeral services were held in Bucyrus at the home of her sister conducted by her pastor, the Rev. Harry Trust. Burial was made in Mansfield Cemetery. Submitted by Mike. [Mansfield News Journal: 27 May 1926]

Mills, B.J. -- Rev. B.J. Mills, who about ten years ago was pastor of the M.E. Church in this place, dropped dead at his home in McConnellsville Sunday morning. His remains were brought to Norwalk Tuesday, and the burial took place in Woodlawn Cemetery. -- [Plymouth Advertiser: 03 July 1915, Vol. 62, No. 32]

Mills, Ella Williams -- 78Y; d. 1/14/1954 at home, near Waterford, OH; w/o Charles; bur. Bellville Cem. [MNJ 1/14/1954]

Mills, Esther A. -- Miss Esther A. Mills died Monday at her home, 309 East Second Street, aged 18 years. Funeral Wednesday at 2 p.m. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 23 September 1898, Vol. 14, No. 79]

Mills, Irwin -- Butler. Irwin Mills, the 4-year-old son of Mrs. Bertie Mills, died Tuesday evening of diphtheria at the home of his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Long, north of town. Interment was made at Ankenytown, Wednesday. [Semi-Weekly News: 07 May 1897, Vol. 13, No. 37]

Mills, Mary Ann -- Mrs. Mary Ann Mills, widow of the late Robert Mills, died Sunday morning at the home of her son-in-law, William Woods, 111 West Sixth Street. She had been ill with kidney trouble. She was born Jan. 5, 1822, and was aged 79 years, 9 months and 1 day and has been a resident of Mansfield for the past fifteen years. She leaves a son and daughter. Funeral services Tuesday morning at 9:00, conducted by the Rev. R.H. Edmonds, of the Mayflower Memorial Church. Interment at Lexington. [Mansfield News: 07 October 1901, Vol. 17, No. 185]

Mills, Will Jr. -- Plymouth.  The funeral of Will Mills, Jr. took place from the undertaking rooms of John Beelman, Tuesday afternoon.  Will was a bright young man and inclined toward the legal profession.  He has been absent in Michigan for a year or more and it was a sad surprise when his folks received a telegraph announcing his death from typhoid fever.  Mr. Mills, Sr. formerly lived in Plymouth, but now resides in Shiloh.  He interred the remains of his son in the family plat in Greenlawn cemetery.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  04 February 1893]

Milton, Gloria Shaum - Mansfield - Gloria Shaum Milton, 48, of 942 Gare Ave. died Saturday evening, April 25, 1998, at the home of her brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Phyllis Shaum of Ashland, following an extended illness. Mrs. Milton was born November 14, 1949 in Mansfield living in this area all of her life. She graduated from Malabar High School in 1968, and was a dedicated housewife. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, Tim R. and Christine N. Shaum of Mansfield, two grandchildren, Brittany and Gregory Shaum of Mansfield, two brothers and sister-in-law, Stanley Shaum with two children, Kim and Shelley of Mansfield, Larry and Phyllis Shaum with two children, Jacqueline and Jarrod of Ashland. She was preceded in death by her parents, Ray T. and Donna D. Baney Shaum, husband Wm. Earnest Milton and a brother Ray Thomas Shaum Jr., who was killed in the Vietnam War. Private Memorial graveside services will be held Wednesday April 29, 1998. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of North Central Ohio, 1605 E. County Road 1095 Ashland, Ohio 44805. Werner Funeral Services are in charge of arrangements. Submitted by Linda and Shirley. [Mansfield News Journal: 27 April 1998]

Minard, Amanda (Freehafer) -- BUTLER-- Mrs. Amanda Minard, 88, died Sunday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alice Farst, following an illness of several months. She was a life-long resident of this vicinity and was a member of the Evangelical Church. Surviving besides her daughter are two sons, Emerson and John Kunkel, both of near Butler. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Evangelical Church with the pastor, Rev. M.N. Keck, officiating and burial will be made in the Bunker Hill Cemetery. Submitted by Nancy. [Source: Mansfield (OH) News Journal, Monday, 13 May 1935.]

Minard, Byron

Minard, Clement C. -- Clement [sic] C. Minard, aged 71 years, died at 8:50 Sunday morning after a week's illness with bladder trouble. The funeral took place from his late residence on the west side and services were conducted at the Methodist Protestant Church by Rev. D.C. Wees, Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Interment was made in the Bigelow Chapel Cemetery. He leaves a widow and 3 sons by a former marriage. For many years the deceased had been identified with the Methodist Protestant Church in various capacities and his efforts have always been for the uplifting of his fellow men. Submitted by Nancy. [Source: Mansfield (OH) News, 5 September 1912.]

Minegard, Sophia -- Sophia, wife of William Minegard, died in Independence, June 13th., 1883, aged 70 years, 5 months and 11 days. She was the mother of 9 children, 6 of them having preceded her to the Spirit world. She leaves a deeply afflicted husband and three sons to mourn but not without hope, for she died in peace. The funeral services were held in the Evangelical church, June 14th., conducted by the Rev. S.E. Rife assisted by Revs. Williams and A.S. Copley. Her funeral was largely attended. She was buried in the Zion church cemetery (Four Corners). In her death Father Minegard has lost a loving wife, the children an affectionate mother, the relatives a kind friend, and our village and vicinity a peaceable neighbor. -- [Bellville Star: 21 June 1883, Vol. 6, No. 37]

Miner, ---- -- d. 7/12/1873 at Mansfield;  1d;  b. Mansfield;  c/o M.L. Miner & Laura Rowland;  white;  no cause of death listed;  res. Mansfield - 2nd. Ward  [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Miner, Patrick -- Mansfield. Patrick Miner, an inmate of the infirmary, died this morning at 4 o'clock of consumption. Funeral from Catholic church at 2 p.m. to-morrow. -- [Mansfield Evening News: 01 February 1890, Vol. 5, No. 282]

Miner, Terry L.—Crestline. Terry L. Miner, 31, of 110 Beaver Court died Thursday morning in Crestline Memorial Hospital following a four-year illness. He was born April 11, 1950, in Crestline and lived here his entire life. He worked for the city of Crestline on the Fire Department and rescue squad. He was a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church. Survivors include his father, Bernard of Washington, D C, his mother, Bessie of Idaho, a brother Dennis of Idaho, one son, Jonathon of Bellville, and his grand mother, Mrs. Charles Miner of Shelby. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 8 a.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church by the Rev. Jerome Niedermier. Burial will be in St. Joseph Cemetery. Friends may call today from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Mark A. Schneider Funeral Home. The rosary will be recited today at 7:15 p.m. at the funeral home. Submitted by Linda & Shirley. [Mansfield News Journal, Friday, 31 July 1981]

Minnear, Floyd -- Lexington.  Floyd Minnear, son of Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Minnear, died Friday, aged 12 years, 4 months and 4 days, of convulsions.  The deceased had been a helpless invalid for several years and all that the kindness of kindred and friends could prompt was done to assuage his pain and make happy his blighted life.  [Mansfield News:  07 August 1899]

Minster, Charles

Mishey, John

Mishey, Mina (Leedy) -- Mrs. Mina Mishey, aged 50, passed away at her home in the Center Grove district Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock following an illness of three months.  She was the daughter of Aaron B. and Mary Leedy and was born in Jefferson Township.  With the exception of about ten years she lived her entire life on the farm where she died.  On Nov. 27, 1909 she was united in marriage to Chance Mishey.  The deceased was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary and the Worthington Grange of Butler.  She is survived by her husband;  a sister, Mrs. Elma Stichler of Mansfield;  three brothers, Silas Leedy at the home, Noah Leedy of Ft. Wayne, Ind., and Melvin O. Leedy, of Bellville.  Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. Joseph O'Morrow, pastor of the Lutheran church at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon in the home.  Arrangements are in charge of Ira George and interment will be made in the Bellville Cemetery.  [Bellville Star:  07 April 1938]

Mitchel, Mrs. Dr.

Mitchell, ---- -- Monday. The infant child of Oris Mitchell and wife, of Sturges Avenue, died at an early hour this morning. The funeral was held at 2 o'clock this afternoon. [Richland Shield & Banner: 13 October 1894, Vol. LXXVII, No. 22]

Mitchell, Catherine -- Mrs. Catherine Mitchell, widow of the late Tobias Mitchell, died Sept. 8 of dropsy, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Esther Pressler, 430 Bowman Street. Three daughters and two sons survive, Mrs. O.S. Myers and Mrs. Esther Pressler, of Mansfield, and Mrs. Mary E. White, of Marion, James Mitchell, of Mansfield, and Samuel H. Mitchell, of Barberton. Short funeral services were held at the house Saturday morning at 9:30 o'clock. The remains were taken to Little Washington for interment. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 13 September 1898, Vol. 14, No. 76]

Mitchell, David D. -- The funeral of David D. Mitchell, traveling salesman for the H.L. Bowers Cigar Co., of this city, died suddenly in a Turkish bath house in Akron a week ago, was held this afternoon at Akron. Through the efforts of Akron Council U.C.T., sisters of the deceased were located in Murray, N.Y. Mrs. Philetus Beadle and Mrs. Louise Townsend of Murray, N.Y., were notified by telegraph. Mr. Beadle, a brother-in-law, arrived in Akron, Sunday night, but refused to take charge of the body. The Akron council buried the remains. A lot was purchased in the East Akron Cemetery which will be used in other cases of this kind. [Mansfield News Journal: 08 December 1908, p. 2]

Mitchell, Frances H. -- Died, at Shiloh, March 5th., 1873, Miss Frances H. Mitchell, of spinal meningitis, in the twentieth year of her age. [Shelby Independent News: 13 March 1873, Vol. 5, No. 20]

Mitchell, Frank R. -- Frank R, Mitchell, 78, of 547 Wayne Street was dead on arrival at Mansfield General Hospital this morning after he was found sick in his home. Coroner D.C. Lavender will rule on the cause of death. Born in Ontario June 16, 1881, he had lived in this area all his life. We was a retired painter and paperhanger. He was a member of the Ontario Community Methodist Church. Surviving are two sons, Marion Mitchell, with whom he made his home, and Wesley Mitchell of Mansfield; three daughters, Mrs. Dawn Norris of Mansfield, Mrs. Ilene Wilcox and Mrs. Gloria Wilcox, both of Phoenix, Arizona; 11 grandchildren and one sister. Submitted by Judy. [Mansfield News Journal: 29 January 1960, p. 11]

Mitchell, G.F. -- d. 3/31/1868 at Mansfield; 61y; b. Pennsylvania; white; cause: heart disease; res. Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Mitchell, George -- Near the stock yard Monday morning about 11:25, George Mitchell aged 45, an inmate of the Infirmary, stepped in front of passenger train No 5 Nypano and was instantly killed. His head was mashed into an unrecognizable mass and his body was badly mangled. He had a wife in Springfield township who refused to live with him on account of drunkenness. The remains were taken to Schroer's undertaking rooms. No friends had called Monday evening and the body is in the hands of the Infirmary directors who will bury him this afternoon if friends do not claim the body by 9:00 this morning. [Mansfield Herald: 20 February 1890, Vol. 40, No. 14]

Mitchell, George E. -- George E. Mitchell, of Upper Sandusky, and well known to many residents of this county died Wednesday at his home. He was born and raised in this county. He was 77 years of age. Oris and Oscar Mitchell went to Upper Sandusky today to attend the funeral, which occurs tomorrow. [Semi-Weekly News: 02 March 1897, Vol. 13, No. 18]

Mitchell, George

Mitchell, Grover Cleveland -- Grover Cleveland Mitchell, infant son of Wm. Mitchell, died August 8th., of cholera infantum, aged three months.  The funeral took place at the Children's' Home, on Monday at 2 p.m., attended by relatives and friends, the children of the home marching to the cemetery, led by the superintendent and teachers.  Dr. Wiles conducted the services in a pleasing manner.  His remarks to the children were beautiful and appropriate, reminding them that they ought to be very thankful that God had put it into the hearts of the good people of this county to give them such a pleasant home.  [Mansfield Herald:  12 August 1886]

Mitchell, Grover Cleveland -- bur. 8/1886 at Mansfield Cem., unknown cause of death;  4m  [Mansfield Herald:  21 October 1886]

Mitchell, Ira C.  -- The Rev. Ira C. Mitchell, a former pastor of the Christian church in this city, died at Bellefonte, Pa., July 25, where he was practicing law at the time of this death.  Before entering the ministry he was a lawyer and for a number of years published a newspaper in Iowa where he was also active in politics, being nominated for congress against the famous Congressman Grinnell.  He was a man of marked ability.   [Semi-Weekly News: 06 August 1897, Vol. 13, No. 63]

Mitchell, Isaac

Mitchell, Jackie D. -- 47Y; d. 6/25/1984 at home, Butler; b. 3/5/1937 at Amonate, VA; U.S. Navy; h/o Almedia Willey; bur. Bunker Hill Cem. [MNJ 6/26/1984]

Mitchell, Lewis V. -- Lewis V. Mitchell was found dead at his home in Mansfield on the night of the 29th. of May, having taken his life by hanging himself to a bedpost with a strap. His wife was in the country at the time visiting her parents. No cause of the suicide is known. -- [Bellville Star: 07 June 1883, Vol. 6, No. 36]

Mitchell, M.L. -- bur. 5/1886 at Mansfield Cem., consumption;  39y, 11m  [Mansfield Herald:  15 July 1886]

Mitchell, Mary A. -- Mrs. Mary A. Mitchell, of Amoy, died Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Funeral at the home Monday at 10 a.m. Interment at Windsor. The deceased was the former wife of the eccentric character, Mitchell, who frequented Central park so much some months ago and whose death in a North Main Street boarding house was followed by the discovery that he had a large sum of money upon his person. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 11 October 1898, Vol. 14, No. 84]

Mitchell, Mary A. -- Windsor. The interment of Mrs. Mary Mitchell, of Amoy, took place here Monday, Mrs. Mitchell, though somewhat advanced in years, was born in this village. She was an elder sister of William McCormack, who occupied the ancestral home. The deceased, owing to her many good qualities, leaves a large circle of sorrowing friends here where she was best known and appreciated. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 14 October 1898, Vol. 14, No. 85]

Mitchell, Matthew L. -- Matthew L. Mitchell died at Galion (OH), Saturday of consumption, aged 39 years and 11 months.  The remains were brought to this city for interment.  The funeral took place Sunday afternoon at two o'clock from the residence, four miles south-west of Mansfield, on the Lexington road, and the remains were interred in the city burying ground.  The obsequies were conducted by the Rev. A.D. Knapp.  Mr. Mitchell was a brother-in-law of Mr. Courtney, residing at the same place.  He leaves a wife, but no children.  [Mansfield Herald:  13 May 1886]

Mitchell, Milton Burns -- The old adage that "death loves a shining mark" was verified yesterday again when the dread destroyer touched the eyelids down of Milton Burns Mitchell, eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. George Mitchell. The deceased was born in this city, February 28th., 1870, and died April 21st., 1889, at 6:15 a.m. The funeral will take place from the family residence on West Third Street tomorrow at 4 o'clock p.m., Rev. N.S. Albright and Rev. Dr. S.A. Bronson officiating. Milton Mitchell was a young man of particularly sunny disposition, his bright face adding pleasure to many social occasions. He was popular among his associates, who are deeply grieved at his sudden demise. He was a member of the M.E. Church and Sunday School and the church choir. He was a member of the Gounod Club, was an enthusiastic wheelman and a member of the Sons of Veterans Camp of this city and was also a member of the B class in the High School. All of these organizations will take proper action upon his death and will be represented at the funeral with beautiful floral emblems, typical of the bright young life that has gone out. Miss Mary Mitchell, sister of the deceased, who has been at the Boston Conservatory of Music the past winter, arrived home yesterday too late to see her brother before he died. Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell have the sympathy of the community in their affliction. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 27 April 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 49]

Mitchell, Milton Burns -- The funeral of Milton Burns Mitchell took place this afternoon from his late home on West Third Street and was very largely attended. Revs. N.S. Albright and S.A. Bronson officiated, both delivering touching tributes to the memory of the young man. The floral tributes were profuse and elaborate. Among them were a broken column of evergreens, geraniums and white flowers with "F.C.L." at the base, presented by the S. of V., in which order the deceased filled the office of corporal; a large lyre from the Gounod Club and also one from John G. Spencer and Pickering & Jeliff; a large cross of tinted flowers and geranium leaves from the Sunday School class, of which the deceased was a member, were all very handsome. The B class in the High School was represented by thirty-two calla lilies, with one stem broken. Among the other floral tributes were the pieces "The gates ajar", "Broken Wheel", and also a harp. The latter from Miss M.W. Sutherland. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 27 April 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 49] *an additional death notice can be found in the 25 April 1889 edition of the Mansfield Herald.

Mitchell, Mrs. 

Mitchell, Mrs. Boyd -- Mrs. Boyd Mitchell passed away at the home of her mother, Mrs. Mary Metz, 45 1/2 Walnut street this morning at 5:40 p.m. (a.m.) after a lingering illness. She was born in Plymouth township, Richland county, on June 17th, 1890, and has been a lifelong resident of this vicinity. She was one of the charter members of the Daughters of America chapter in Shelby. She is survived by her husband, five daughters, Hazel Mitchell of Shelby, Mrs. Clebert Swineford of Amherst, O., and Cora, Esther, and Agnes, at home; four sons, Howard of Amherst and Dean, Lester, and Raymond at home; her mother, Mrs. Mary Metz, one sister, Mrs. Arthur Remey of Sandusky; and five brothers, Reuben, Otto, and Lester Metz of Shelby and Roy and Clarence Metz of Mansfield. She also leaves five grand-children and a host of other relatives and friends. Services will be at the Dye Funeral home in Shelby at 2 p.m. Monday with Rev. Carl A. Grimm, pastor of the First Reformed church, in charge. Burial will be made in Oakland cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Sunday afternoon and evening." Submitted by Terry W. [Shelby Daily Globe: 09 January 1942, p. 1]

Mitchell, Nancy -- Tuesday. The funeral of Mrs. Nancy Mitchell at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon was largely attended by friends anxious to pay a last tribute to the pioneer lady. The burial was private. To attend the obsequies from abroad were present Newton Charles and wife, of Pavonia, cousins, and Mrs. H.M. Parker, of Elyria, a daughter of the deceased, and Miss Mary Parker, of Elyria, a granddaughter. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 25 November 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 27]

Mitchell, Nancy -- Sunday. Mrs. Nancy Mitchell died at the home of Dr. George F. Mitchell early Saturday morning. She was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, ninety years ago. Her husband, Dr. George L. Mitchell, who died in 1869, was one of the prominent physicians of the city. Mrs. Mitchell was the mother of seven children, but three of whom are living, Dr. George F. and William, of this city, and Mrs. H.M. Parker, of Elyria. The funeral will be held from the residence of Dr. Mitchell on West Third Street, at 2:30 o'clock Monday afternoon, Rev. Dustin Kemble, of whose church the deceased was a member, officiating. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 25 November 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 27]

Mitchell, Paul -- LAID TO REST -- Funeral Services for the Late Paul Mitchell, Sunday afternoon -- The funeral services of Paul Mitchell, who died Sunday, Feb 23, at Tucson, Ariz., and whose remains were brought here last week were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Dr. and Mrs. George Mitchell, parents of the deceased, on West Third street. Over a hundred members of Madison lodge, No. 26, Knights of Pythias, with which the deceased was affiliated for a long time and of which he was past chancellor commander, attended in a body. The house was filled with with relatives and friends who knew the young man so well in life. The floral tributes were many and exquisite, friends at home and abroad sending beautiful designs of loveliest flowers, all testifying to the love and esteem in which Mr. Mitchell was held by all who knew him. The flowers were banked in the parlor on every side. The Knights of Pythias contributed a floral triangle, twenty physicians of the city a rare and lovely lot of American Beauty roses, the Mansfield Sigma Chis a cross, the Columbus members of the Sigma Chi fraternity sending a floral emblem. The Travelers' club tribute was of white carnations, smilax and ferns, the Oar club and the Westbrook Outing club a large wreath of violets. Other floral tributes were of roses, carnations, Easter lilies, etc. There were eighty-eight boxes of floral tributes received. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Dr. F. A. Gould, of the M. E. church and the Rev. Dr. George Mather, a classmate of Dr. Mitchell at the O. W. U., and a life-long friend. The quartet consisted of Mrs. James G__son, Mrs. Roy Antibus, Robert E. Morris, and L. A. Palmer. The services throughout were deeply impressive, the closing hymn being "In the Cross of Christ I Glory," which was Paul's favorite hymn. The acting pallbearers were A. B. Beverstock, E. J. Gilbert, Bert Crawford, W. G. Rebuck, of Chicago; Charles Chew, Glenn Cummings, J. H. Wagenhurst and Henry Weaver. The honorary pallbearers from the Knights of Pythias were Olin Farber, Harry Roberts, Peter Binau, James P. Seward, Harry Zellner and Charles McClellan. At the cemetery the impressive service of the Knights of Pythias was conducted by the prelate William Galbraith and each knight deposited in the grave a sprig of myrtle. Among those present from out of the city for the funeral were Prof. and Mrs. H. M. Parker and daughter, of Elyria; the Rev. Dr. George Mather, Galion; Edward Powell, Columbus, a classmate at O. W. U.; Mr. Bailey, of Zanesville, a classmate at Williams college; and Mrs. W. C. Jaynes, Columbus. Submitted by Faye. [Mansfield News: 03 March 1902]

Mitchell, Rev. David -- Thomas Wilson, of Glessner Avenue, received a telegram this afternoon from Miss Lulu Mitchell, of North Lewisburg, stating that her father, the Rev. David Mitchell, died this morning. The Rev. Mr. Mitchell was for five years pastor of the A.M.E. church of this city and was held in high esteem by all who knew him and his many friends will regret to learn of his death. [Mansfield News: 23 July 1901, Vol. 17, No. 121]

Mitchell, Robert -- Died, July 25, 1889, at his home, three miles southwest of Ontario, Robert Mitchell, aged 78 years, 4 months and 21 days. Mr. M. was born near Lancaster, Fairfield County, O., Nov. 4, 1810, and in 1816 his father came to this county and located upon the farm where W.B. Millikin now resides, but which was then a dense forest. Mr. M. was the youngest of eight children and the last member of the family to die. In 1836 he was united in marriage to Jane Hunter, who still survives him, as do their six children, three sons and three daughters. He was subscriber of the SHIELD for over forty years. July 27th. his remains were followed to Pleasant Hill Cemetery by a large concourse of friends and neighbors. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 24 August 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 14]

Mitchell, Tobias -- Tuesday.  Tobias Mitchell, aged 70 years and six months, died at the residence of F.B. Pressler, corner of North Bowman and Buckingham streets, at an early hour this morning.  The deceased was afflicted with heart trouble and has been unable to lie down for nearly a year past.  A wife and one daughter, Mrs. F.B. Pressler, survive him.  The remains will be interred at Little Washington tomorrow.  [Richland Shield & Banner:  21 January 1893]

Mitchell, Violett -- d. 3/21/1873 at Monroe Twp.;  74y, 2m, 25d;  married;  b. Ohio;  white;  res. Monroe Township [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Mitchell, William -- William McCormick, a brother-in-law of William Mitchell, the old man who died very suddenly at McCahill's boarding house on North Main Street yesterday, is here today looking after the remains of his relative. The body will be taken to Windsor and buried from the McCormick residence. The deceased was of Irish descent and 65 years of age. A News man had an extended talk with Coroner Baughman today and from that official much additional information was gleaned. When the body was taken charge of by the authorities the exact amount of cash found upon it was $919.65. This sum was in peculiar shape, the paper money being very dirty. Of the money, $260 was in gold, all of which was coined before the war. About $130 of the money was in small change such as nickels and dimes and was probably accumulated as the result of paying for his meals at the Tremont House for so long a time with silver dollars. There were also four $100 bills. The money was deposited in the Farmers' National bank by the coroner. Coroner Baughman and Dr. Davis completed the post mortem examination yesterday afternoon and found that death was the direct result of the bursting of a blood vessel in the man's brain. The deceased was also afflicted with fatty degeneration of the heart, which would have caused death in a short time in any event. The story of additional wealth said to be on deposit in an Ashland bank has not yet been verified, according to Probate Judge Brinkerhoff and Coroner Baughman. Among the other things found on Mitchell's body was a deed for a farm of 160 acres of land in Canada. The wife of the deceased lives about one and a half miles west from Amoy. Mrs. Mitchell was formerly married to a man named Robinson, by whom she had several children, it is stated. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell had one child, a daughter, but she died some time ago. Mitchell and his wife have not lived together for more than 20 years. The old man got it into his head that it was his duty to convert the "court house ring" and that was his reason for holding preaching and other services about the band stand in Central park. He had an idea that the band stand and fountain cover had something to do with the "court house ring". Coroner Baughman stated to a News man that some time ago he went into probate court for the purpose of having an inquest of insanity held for William Mitchell, but that the court was busy at the time and he let the matter go. The property left by the deceased will probably go to the widow. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 08 February 1898, Vol. 14, No. 11]

Mittenbuhler, Julia -- d. 12/1/1868 at Plymouth; 3y, 7m; b. Buffalo, NY; white; cause: diphtheria; res. Plymouth [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Mittinger, Catherine -- d. 1/23/1870 at Mifflin; 74y, 28d; b. Germany; white; cause: consumption; res. Mifflin Twp. [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Mix, Belva -- Miss Belva Mix, 19 years old, daughter of Mrs. J. Mix, of 174 Park Avenue, died of typhoid fever, Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock, at the home of friends in Toledo, where she had been visiting. She had been sick about six weeks. The body was brought here on the noon train today and funeral arrangements will be announced later. – as reprinted from Saturday’s (Mansfield) Shield. [Butler Times: 23 April 1904, Vol. XI, No. 37]

Mix, F.E. -- BUTLER -- F.E. Mix died at Mansfield, Sunday, after a long illness with consumption. The remains were brought here Tuesday on No. 4, and the funeral took place from the Evangelical church with Rev. Bone officiating. Deceased was postmaster here several years ago, and was well known. [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 12 April 1894, Vol. 6, No. 48]

Mix, "Grandmother" -- INDEPENDENCE -- Grandmother Mix, who for a long time has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. John Andrews, died May 9th. and was buried at the Independence cemetery, May 11. Services conducted by the Rev. King, of the M.P. Church. [OHIO LIBERAL: 14 May 1884, Vol. 12, No. 5]

Mix, "Grandmother" -- Independence. The funeral of Grandmother Mix, who lived with John E. Andrews, took place last Sunday. She died last Friday, aged 86 years. Rev. King delivered the funeral discourse. -- [Bellville Star: 15 May 1884, Vol. 7, No. 33]

Mix, Nancy -- Independence. Mrs. Nancy Mix died Saturday morning and was buried Sunday afternoon in the village cemetery. She had been a long and patient sufferer from that dread disease consumption. She was universally respected and was a thorough, consistent Christian. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Stull. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 06 April 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 46]

Mix, Nancy -- Saturday. Mrs. Nancy Mix, mother of Postmaster T.E. Mix, at Independence, died at her home at 7:30 o'clock this morning at the advanced age of 65 years. Funeral tomorrow, interment at Independence Cemetery. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 13 April 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 47]

Mix, Newell P. -- Monday. Newell P. Mix died at his home in Columbus Sunday morning. The deceased was the father of M.N. Mix, who was, several years ago, engaged in newspaper work here, but who has since been telegraph editor of the Pittsburg Post. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 26 October 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 23]

Mix, T.E. -- Tuesday. The remains of T.E. Mix, who died Sunday night at his home on East First Street, of consumption, were taken to Butler this morning for interment. The deceased leaves a wife, two sons and three daughters. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 14 April 1894, Vol. LXXVI, No. 48]

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