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Richland Co., Ohio

Obituaries & Death Notices:  Hi

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Hice, Ada J. -- d. 6/30/1869 at Mansfield; no age listed; b. Mansfield; cause: consumption [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hick, Matthew D. -- Submitted by Shirley. [Mansfield News Journal: 13 January 1982]

Hickey, ----

Hickman, Adolph -- d. 2/14/1872 of consumption at Mansfield; 41y, 6m; b. Germany; tailor; res. Fourth Ward Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hickman, Leanna -- d. 5/9/1869 at Mansfield; 7m, 2d; b. Ohio [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hickox, S.M. -- Wednesday. S.M. Hickox, aged 71 years, residing 2 years north of the city on the Olivesburg Road, died yesterday afternoon. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon. For a great number of years Mr. Hickox was the agent for the Ohio Farmers' Insurance company and was well known throughout the county. [Richland Shield & Banner: 24 June 1893]

Hickox, Seth C. €

Hickox, Seth C. -- bur. 10/16/1875 at Mansfield Cem.; 43y [Richland Shield & Banner: 15 January 1876]

Hicks, Lewis Dudley -- d. 8/--/1872 at Mansfield; 5y, 21d; b. Mansfield; black; cause - inflammation of the lungs; res. Mansfield - 3rd. Ward [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hicks, Mary -- Mary Hicks, the infant daughter of Mary and M.D. Harter, died on Monday morning last. The funeral, which was largely attended, took place yesterday afternoon. [Ohio Liberal: 02 October 1878]

Hicks, Uel

Hicks, Stella -- 70Y; d. 1/29/1954 at Columbus, OH (cerebral hemorrhage while visiting her brother Manford); Resided with brother, Boyd at Mansfield; bur. Mansfield Cem. [MNJ 2/1/1954]

Hickson, George W. -- d. 3/5/1870 at Jackson Twp.; 22y; b. Bedford Co., Pa.; farm hand; white; cause: brain fever; res. Jackson Twp. [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hide, Helen -- DIED -- Near Shelby, Dec. 19th., Mrs. Helen Hide, aged 70 years, 7 months and 9 days. The funeral services were held at her home near Shelby, Dec. 22d. The sermon was preached by N. MacLeod of the Christian Church. -- [THE MANSFIELD HERALD: 01 January 1885, Vol. 35, No. 7]

Hideley, John -- Died, on Thursday morning last, John Hideley, Esq., of cholora morbus, in this place. [Plymouth Advertiser: 12 August 1854, Vol. 1, No. 43]

Hidinger, Theobald -- d. 1/9/1869 at Mansfield; 1y, 9m, 12d; b. Crestline, Ohio; white; cause of death illegible; res. Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Higgins, Anna -- An Aged Lady Passes Away. Mrs. Anna Higgins passed away Saturday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the home of her son, Albert Higgins, four miles southwest of Plymouth, in Plymouth Township. The cause of her death was pneumonia and old age. Mrs. Higgins had not been in the best of health for the past year, and a few days before her death pneumonia developed, which hastened her death. For the past year she had made her home with her son in Plymouth Township, and prior to that time she had resided with another son at New London, but after his death she came to Plymouth Township where she has since resided. The funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock from the home of her son, Albert Higgins. After short services at the house the body was taken on a special car to North Fairfield, where interment was made in the cemetery in that village. Mrs. Higgins was born in England, May 22, 1820, having attained the age of 93 years, 11 months and 3 days at the time of her death. She was probably the oldest woman in Richland County. At the age of 19 years, she with her husband came to Ohio, and for many years the family resided in Huron County. Her husband died several years ago. She is survived by two sons, Bruce, of Akron and Albert, of Plymouth Township, and two daughters, Mrs. Sophia Sherben, of Lorain, and Mrs. Josephine Hopkins, of Idaho, besides a number of other relatives. -- [Plymouth Advertiser: 02 May 1914, Vol. 61, No. 24]

Higgins, Jemima -- The funeral of Mrs. Jemima Higgins, wife of Albert Higgins, and mother of Dr. H.E. Higgins of Shelby was held Thursday afternoon from the family home four and half miles northwest of Shelby in Plymouth Township.   The death occurred Tuesday afternoon.  She was 65 years of age and is survived by her husband and three sons.  One son, Charles Higgins resides in Cincinnati and the other is Marion Higgins of Marion, O.  [Mansfield Daily Shield:  19 December 1912]

Higgins, W.J. -- W. J. Higgins, one of Shelby's best known business men, died last night at 5:15 at his home on East Main street following an illness of two months, the last three weeks of which he was confined to his bed. Mr. Higgins was taken to the hospital for treatment a short time ago and removed to his home when he failed to show any improvement. W. J. Higgins was born in England March 8, 1862, and was 64 years old. He established in the jewelry business here in 1886 and had been in business continuously forty years. He came from England with his parents at the age of 7 and came to Shelby from Everett, Pa. His first location was in the Opera House block where he remained for ten years. In 1896 he formed a partnership with John Sutter and built the Sutter-Higgins block, the east room of which he has since occupied. By his courteous treatment and his strict attention to business he built up an extensive trade and conducted and managed it until a short time ago. During his forty years of activity as a business man here Mr. Higgins never made an enemy. He had a pleasant way of dealing with the public and was respected and enjoyed the confidence of a host of friends. Fraternally, he was a member of the Knights of Pythias, and in his younger years was an enthusiastic member. He is survived by his wife and a son, Frank Higgins, of Seattle, Wash. He is expected to arrive here Tuesday morning. Mr. Higgins is also survived by two sisters and two brothers, residing at Stockton, Cal. Funeral services will be held at the home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock and will be conducted by Rev. H. C. Hutchison, pastor of the Presbyterian church. The body will be laid to rest in Oakland cemetery. Friends are invited to call at the home at any time. Submitted by Terry W. [DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Saturday, October 30, 1926, page 1]

Higgins, William S. -- bur. 10/20/1878 at Mansfield Cem., pleurisy; 58y [Ohio Liberal: 8 January 1879]

Higgins, William S. -- Bellville. Wm. S. Higgins, for about 30 years prominently connected with the county offices of Richland Co. in various capacities, and a man who has served longer as a public officer than any other resident of the county, died at his residence on East Second Street, yesterday, at 11 o'clock A.M., aged 58 years. [Richland Star: 24 October 1878, Vol. 2, No. 4]

Higgins, William S. -- Died at his home in Mansfield, Ohio, on the 20th. day of October, 1878, William S. Higgins, Deputy Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Richland County, Ohio. He left his post of duty in the office on the evening of the 8th. inst., complaining of a pain in his side and with symptoms of lung fever of pleurisy, and was not able to be in the office afterwards. He was not considered dangerously sick by his friends until a very short time before his death, when he suddenly became worse and died in a few hours. Mr. Higgins was born in England (precise locality not known) on the 4th. day of September, 1820. He served for several years in the British Army, on the Peninsula. After his term of service expired in the army, he came to America, being then quite a young man, and settled in or near Perrysville, then in Richland County, about the year 1844, and engaged in the business of school teaching, and for several years was a member of the family of William Cowan, Esq., with whom he boarded. Subsequently and along about the year 1847 or 1848, he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Richland County under William W. Irwin, who was then Clerk of the Court, since which time he has been a resident of this city and county, with the exception of about six months, during which time he resided in the State of Michigan. He was appointed Clerk of the Court upon the resignation of Calvin A. Croninger, and was elected to the office in the year 1855 or 1856. After serving a portion of his time he resigned and removed to a farm in the vicinity of Ontario. Here he remained a greater portion of the time until the election of Wm. Ritter to the office of Clerk, by whom he was appointed Deputy Clerk, and with whom he remained during his six years' term of office. After the expiration of Mr. Ritter's term, Mr. Higgins removed to Eaton Rapids, Michigan, and engaged in the cigar and tobacco business. He remained here less than a year, when he again returned to Mansfield, and shortly after his return he again entered the Clerk's office, this time as Deputy under Clerk Harmon. He served in the same capacity under Clerk Bradford, and at the time of his death was a Deputy under Clerk Dill. He has thus been connected with the Court, either as Clerk or Deputy, almost continuously since the year 1847, under all the clerks, no matter of what political party, and in which position he was without a rival. He was prompt, efficient, correct, honest and obliging. In his long practice he became a walking, talking index to the files and records of the office, and was always pleasant, kind and obliging with the court, members of the bar and all who had any business transactions with the Clerk's office. He was unassuming and retiring in his disposition, a man of strictly temperate habits, and always to be found at his post of duty. He had at the time of his death, and for many years prior thereto, so far as he knew, no living blood relative outside of his own family. He made an honest living for himself and family, which seemed to be the height of his worldly ambition, and although possessed of a comfortable home, he was not rich in this world's goods. In 1871 he was elected a Justice of the Peace, and served with great credit in that office for a period of three years. At the time of his death he held the office of Register of Virginia Military School Lands by appointment of Governor Bishop. He lived and died "an honest man" regretted by all, and especially by the Court, bar and the officers of the county. He leaves a wife and two sons to mourn his loss. Green be his memory.  [Ohio Liberal: 23 October 1878]

High, Jack E. -- Jack E. High, 79, formerly of 50 Edgewood Dr., Shelby, died Monday afternoon in Mercy Hospital in Willard after a short illness. He was born July 4, 1911, in Shelby to Addison and May Garnhart High. He attended Oberlin College and retired from the Fate-Root-Heath Co., Plymouth, as a mechanical engineer. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and a member of the First Lutheran Church. Surviving are two nieces, Mary Hoffman of Plymouth and Margy Elliott of Shelby; and a cousin, Mary Kuhn of Shelby. He was preceded in death by his wife, Fern Benedict High, in 1981.

Friends may call at the Turner Funeral Home prior to the funeral service by the Rev. Dr. Carl Johnson. Burial will be in Oakland Cemetery. Submitted by Mike. [Mansfield News Journal: 27 March 1991]

High, James L. -- The American Lawyers in the November issue, devotes over half a column to the death of James L. High, which occurred Oct. 3, in Chicago. He was born at Bellville, this county, Oct. 6, 1844. Later his father moved to Madison, Wis., and the son graduated from the state university. In 1871 he was United States District Attorney at Salt Lake City and prosecuted the celebrated case against Brigham Young. James L. High was the author of several well known law books among them "Injunctions and Receivers" and "Extraordinary Legal Remedies". At the time of his death he was president of the State Bar Association. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 22 November 1898, Vol. 14, No. 96]

Highwarden, ---- -- An examination of the child of which Minerva Highwarden was the mother and which it was supposed had come to its death violently and by the hands of the maternal relative, was held at the Mayor's office last Thursday, Dr. Race conducting it. It was proven by various means used by physicians that the child had been born alive. The remains were however held to await the inquest by Coroner Erwin, who on Friday performed it at his office. The result of the inquest was the same as that of the examination held by Dr. Race, and the Coroner returned a verdict that there was not sufficient evidence to warrant the arraignment of the mother, no marks of violence being found upon the child, and its death immediately after birth under the circumstances was apt to result from many causes. The mother was therefore discharged from custody. [Ohio Liberal: 12 March 1879]

Hilbert, Jacob -- Jacob Hilbert, the aged man, who met with an unfortunate accident Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock by falling off of a street car, as stated in Tuesday's News, remained in an unconscious condition until 10 o'clock Tuesday night when death relieved him from further suffering. Doctors Nichols and Mecklem were called and found that the skull had been fractured at its base; intra-cranial hemorrhage resulted and was probably the immediate cause of his death. The remains of Mr. Hilbert will be taken Thursday at noon to Haysville for interment. Funeral services will be held from the Methodist church of that place, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Yoder. [Mansfield News: 12 July 1899]

Hilbert, Jacob -- Jacob Helbert [sic], who fell from the street car yesterday, died last evening at 9 o'clock. Drs. Nichols and Mecklem, who were called soon after the accident, made a careful examination and concluded he had sustained a fracture of the base of the skull. A severe hemorrhage continued from his mouth and nose and he never regained consciousness. [Mansfield News: 12 July 1899]

Hilborn, Samuel -- Samuel Hilborn, a well known farmer, residing two and a half miles east of Nevada (OH) in Tod Township, died at 3:15 o'clock Tuesday morning, after a prolonged illness. A complication of disorders culminating in dropsy caused his death. The funeral will be held from the residence at 10 o'clock Thursday morning, services being conducted by Rev. Davis, pastor of the Methodist church at Nevada. Burial in the Nevada cemetery. Samuel Hilborn was born in Richland County in June, 1837, and at death was almost sixty-eight years of age. He located in Tod township in 1860, and for forty-five years was a respected and honored citizen of that township. When a young man he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Reinhart, a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ten children were born to them, all of whom are living and were at home to share their mother's grief to see their father's remains laid to rest. [Mansfield Daily Shield: 10 May 1905 as reprinted from the Bucyrus (OH) Forum]

Hildebrand, Rosena Mae -- 74Y; d. 11/11/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; b. near Butler; Johnsville, OH resident; w/o Sam; sis/o Don Berry [MNJ 11/26/1955]

Hildebrand, Samuel -- b. 9/19/1874; d. 7/3/1964; bur. Shauck Cem. [memorial card on file at the Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]

Hildebrant, Carl -- Word was received in this city Monday of a sad accident which befell Carl Hildebrant, a son of 'Squire Hiram W. Hildebrant of Shelby, and which cost him his life.  Sunday afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Hildebrant returned from a drive about 5 o'clock and their son asked if he could ride the horse a short distance.  His father put on the saddle and the boy started to take a ride.  He rode to the Catholic Church when he turned round to come back.  The horse commenced to run and the boy became frightened.  He called to a neighbor named Frank Ambruster [sic.] to stop the animal, which the latter attempted to do by getting in front of him and waving his hands.  The horse shied and threw young Hildebrant off.  He fell on the base of his spine and dislocated his spinal column.  He was carried home, where he died in an hour and a half.  His mother was not at home when the accident occurred, but had gone to visit a neighbor.  [Mansfield Herald:  21 October 1886]

Hildenbran, ---- -- Butler. The two-year-old son of Howard Hildenbran died Wednesday and was buried at Bunker Hill, Friday. -- [Bellville Messenger: 16 March 1906, Vol. 14, No. 7]

Hildredth, Joseph -- Dr. Joseph Hildredth [Hildreth], an old citizen of Mansfield, died on Friday last, aged about seventy-seven years, and was buried on Monday with Masonic honors by Crestline Commandery. A large number of the Fraternity were present. [Shelby Independent News: 19 February 1874, Vol. 6, No. 17] *click link to see memorial from the Masonic lodge (from the Richland Shield & Banner: 11 July 1874)

Hildreth, Joseph -- bur. 2/14/1874 at Mansfield Cem.; 74y; res. Mansfield [Richland Shield & Banner: 09 January 1875] *see also: Joseph Hildredth

Hildreth, Rose -- B.O. Hildreth received a telegram from Akron last evening telling him to come immediately, as his daughter Rose was in a precarious condition. Mr. H. left at midnight, but before going telegraphed to ascertain whether he should bring Dr. A.E. Keyes. The answer came that he should not. Miss Hildreth had an operation performed a few days ago and probably suffered a relapse. LATER -- Word was received by friends in this city this morning to the effect that Miss Hildreth died at the home of her sister, Mrs. W.A. Pardee, in Akron, last night at 6 o'clock. She will be buried in that city on Sunday at 2:30 p.m. The deceased was about 25 years old and had many warm friends in this city, who will sincerely regret her early death. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 09 March 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 42]  *An additional (similar) death notice appears in the Mansfield Herald:  07 March 1889.

Hiles, Richard -- DIED -- Near Nevada, Story Co., Iowa, Mr. RICHARD HILES, in the ninety-second year of his age. The above well known and truly venerable man, for many years amongst us, held the distinction of being literally the "oldest inhabitant". A few items in regard to his history will therefore be interesting to many. He was born in Lincolnshire, England, January 24th., 1780 -- old style, which in our calendar would be January 2d. He married a Miss Ann Faulkner in 1814 and emigrated to this country in 1830 -- arriving on July 4th. of that year. He remained a citizen of this community to within three years, when he went to spend his remaining days with his daughter, Mrs. Mathews, near Nevada, Story County, Iowa. In 1840, he lost his beloved companion, and also his eldest son within a few days of each other. These sudden and terrible visitations of Providence caused him to think, as never before, of Death, and eternity, and shortly afterwards embraced religion. He connected himself with the M.E. Church, living a consistent member thereof up to his decease, having a good hope and trust of meeting those whom he loved on earth in a "better country". [Shelby Independent News: 13 April 1871, Vol. 3, No. 24]

Hill, ---- -- Shelby. The young child of Walter Hill died Saturday morning and was buried Saturday afternoon. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 11 January 1898, Vol. 14, No. 3]

Hill, ---- -- A young lad, aged 14 years, son of John Hill, living near Plymouth, was killed instantly on Saturday last, by a runaway team of horses running over him. [Shelby Chronicle: 24 October 1967, Vol. 1, No. 34]

Hill, Angie Julia -- DIED -- September 10th., 1871, ANGIE JULIA, infant daughter of J.G. & E.J.C. HILL, of this place, aged 10 months. -- [SHELBY INDEPENDENT NEWS: 14 September 1871, Vol. 3, No. 46]

Hill, Barbara -- Bellville. Mrs. Barbara Hill died Saturday, aged nearly eighty-eight years, and was buried Monday, the funeral taking place at 1 o'clock. -- [Bellville Star: 19 February 1885, Vol. 8, No. 21]

Hill, Benjamin C. -- Butler. Funeral services for Benjamin C. Hill, 93, a former resident of Butler, who died in Phoenix, Ariz., recently, will be held at the George funeral home at 2 p.m. Sunday with Rev. R. A. Krisher officiating. Burial will be in the Bunker Hill cemetery. Mr. Hill left Butler 12 years ago to make his home in Phoenix with his son, B. F. Hill, the only survivor. Submitted by Jean [Mansfield News Journal, Nov. 17, 1938, pg. 20]

Hill, Clara Bell -- Clara Bell, wife of C.O. Hill, died at her home near Lexington, July 27, aged 43 years and 8 months. She was born and reared in West Virginia coming to Ohio after her marriage, living for a time southwest of Galion, later moving to Morrow County. By her passing five children are left without a mother's care and love, the youngest, being past two years of age. The remains were taken to the old home in West Virginia for burial, the services being conducted by Rev. Garrison. She is survived by her husband, the children and aged mother, three sisters and two brothers. [Richland County (OH) Leader: 28 June 1923, Vol. 2, No. 25]

Hill, George -- GEORGE HILL, half brother of Andrew Stevenson, died at his home on First Street, this city, of consumption, aged 25 years. The funeral will take place Thursday at 2 p.m. [MANSFIELD HERALD: 28 June 1883, Vol. 33, No. 32]

Hill, George -- Thomas Hill, a brother of George Hill, who died last June of lung trouble, is still quite ill at the residence of his mother, Mrs. Mary Hill, No. 33 E. Second Street.  [Ohio Liberal:  26 September 1883]

Hill, George E. -- George E. Hill, half-brother of Andrew Stevenson, Esq., who has been lying low with consumption for several months, died at the residence of his mother on East Second Street, Tuesday night. Funeral services will take place Thursday at 2 P.M. Thomas B. Hill, another brother, is also in a critical condition with the same disease.  [Ohio Liberal: 27 June 1883]

Hill, Grace B. -- 84, widow of R.C. Hill; died at Mansfield; born 11/3/1873 at West Alexandria, Ohio; burial at Grove Cemetery, West Alexandria, Ohio. [full obituary - Mansfield News Journal: 22 August 1958]

Hill, Jennie Scott -- 81Y; d. 5/2/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp., Mansfield; b. 7/4/1873 at Greensburg, PA; wid/o Harry W.; bur. Mansfield Cem. [MNJ 5/3/1955]

Hill, John A. -- The funeral of John A. Hill, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, was held Sunday at the Evangelical church, conducted by the Rev. J.W. Weltmer. Interment was in the Butler cemetery. Mr. Hill killed himself Thursday evening of last week. He sent bullets from a pistol into his body hear the heart and in the forehead. He came here from Ashtabula county a few months ago, having traded a farm for the hotel property in Butler. He brooded over his belief that he had made a bad bargain and decided to end his life. [Richland County Leader: 25 March 1921, Vol. 2, No. 15]

Hill, Laura -- Mrs. Laura Hill, aged 82 years, 6 months and 2 days, was found dead in her bed at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Josephine E. Crable, No. 134 Benton Avenue, this morning. Mrs. Hill was born at Douglass, New York, and later in life moved to Knox County, this state, where, on March 12th., 1830, she was married to David Hill. Her husband died during May, 1842. Mrs. Hill came to this city with her daughter, Mrs. Crable, in 1867, and has resided here ever since. Her death this morning was the result of heart disease, superinduced by an attack of la grippe two years ago. Three children survive the aged mother: Mrs. Dr. Lemon, Erie, Kansas; Norman N. Hill, Washington, D.C.; and Mrs. Crable, of this city. Mrs. Ira Finfrock, of this city, is a granddaughter. The funeral arrangements are not yet complete, but the interment will be at Mt. Liberty, Knox County, probably on Wednesday morning. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 09 September 1893, Vol. LXXVI, No. 16]

Hill, Lydia A. €€

Hill, Mary (Ruhl) -- The following from the Galion (OH) Inquirer of last evening will be sad news to Mrs. Hill's many friends in this city, the deceased lady having lived here for several years prior to her marriage to Rev. Thomas Hill, and being known as a Christian lady of many accomplishments and good works: Mrs. Rev. Hill, nee Mary Ruhl, died yesterday at Chesterville at 4 p.m., after having suffered an operation for a stricture of the bowels several days previous. On Wednesday night the parsonage caught fire, presumably from spontaneous combustion in some oily rags which had been used in swathing Mrs. Hill's body, and which had been placed in the kitchen. When discovered by Rev. Hill the fire had made such headway that the family had barely time to escape and he was badly burned about the face in an endeavor to fight the fire. Mrs. Hill was removed with difficulty, but her death was due to the stricture and not the result of fright as was rumored. Mrs. Hill is a sister of Mrs. O.T. Hart, of this city, Mrs. Rupp, of Bucyrus and Mrs. S.G. Cummings, of Mansfield. She was born in Galion in 1833, in the old Franklin house, and has many friends here who will regret to hear of her sad death. She was married to Rev. Hill when he resided at Crestline, nearly two years ago. The remains will be brought to Galion on the Big Four 5 p.m. train today and will be taken to the residence of her sister, Mrs. O.T. Hart, on North Columbus Street. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, with services at the English Lutheran church, conducted by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles, of Mansfield, assisted by Rev. J.K. Argo and Rev. E.P. Elcock. The remains will be placed in the vault at Fairview Cemetery. [Richland Shield & Banner: 20 May 1893]

Hill, Mary (Winans)

Hill, Rachel (Wilson) Moffet -- BUTLER -- It again becomes our sad duty to chronicle the death of another pioneer. Rachel (Wilson) Hill was born near Ft. Parmer in the Ligonier Valley, Westmoreland Co., Pa., Feb. 11, 1811. In the year 1833, the Wilson family moved to Worthington Township, this county. The deceased was married to James Moffet, in 1835, and with her husband moved to Hardin County, O., where the husband died shortly after. She then returned to her parents in this locality. In 1838 she was united in marriage to Daniel Hill to whom were born two sons and one daughter. Richard, the elder son lost his life in the late war. The only surviving member of the Hill family is Benjamin C., who resides on the old homestead. The deceased was one of the originators of the old dispensation of the Clearfork Presbyterian church being a member up to the time of her death which occurred Jan. 3rd. Funeral took place on Friday at Bunker Hill, Rev. Caldwell officiating. Her age was 82 years, 10 months and 22 days. – [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 11 January 1894, Vol. 6, No. 35]

Hill, Retta -- bur. 3/1886 at Mansfield Cem., consumption;  28y  [Mansfield Herald:  08 April 1886]

Hill, Sophie C. -- DIED -- On July 14, 1869, at the residence of her mother, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. SOPHIE C. HILL, wife of J.G. Hill of Shelby, O., in the 27th. year of her age. [Shelby Independent News: 05 August 1869, Vol. 1, No. 39 re-printed from the New Lisbon (OH) Journal]

Hill, Thomas B. -- Thos. B. Hill, aged 18, half-brother of Hon. Andrew Stevenson, died at his mother's residence in this city on Monday evening of consumption. The funeral occurred on Wednesday at 2 p.m. -- [THE MANSFIELD HERALD: 20 December 1883, Vol. 34, No. 5]

Hill, W.B. -- Lexington. W.B. Hill, for many years a prominent shoe man and holder of public offices at this place, died at his home Monday, after great suffering. The funeral services Tuesday were conducted by Rev. R.H. Edmonds, of Mansfield. A large number of friends assembled to pay their last token of respect to his memory. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn their great loss. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 23 May 1891, Vol. LXXIV, No. 1]

Hill, Willie -- Lexington. The funeral of Willie Hill, an invalid, aged sixteen years, occurred on Monday from the residence of Mrs. Anna Hill in the village. [Richland Shield & Banner: 03 December 1892]

Hills, Arminda (Freehafer) -- Mrs. E.J. Adams [Sylvia May Simmons] of 433 N. Mulberry st., has received word of the death of her aunt, Mrs. Alton [Arminda] Freehaver Hills, at Laingsberg, Mich., on Saturday morning. Mrs. Hills was formerly a resident of Butler and is survived by a sister, Mrs. Amanda Minnear [Minard] of Butler. Funeral services were held Monday with interment in Michigan. Submitted by Nancy. [Source: Mansfield (OH) News, Monday, 9 September 1929.]

Hills, Daisy (Simmons) -- Funeral services for Mrs. Leon Hills, 51, former resident of Butler, who died at her home in Lain[g]sburg, Mich., Saturday will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Hills left Butler 28 years ago. Surviving besides her husband are two daughters and one son; three sisters, Mrs. William Dickson of Lexington, Mrs. I.B. Ryder of Hastings, and Mrs. E.J. Adams of Mansfield, and a brother, M.L. Simmons of Mansfield. Submitted by Nancy. [Source: Mansfield (OH) Journal, 18 July 1932, p. 3, sect. 3]

Hillyar, Mary Brown -- d. 2/12/1872 of inflammation of the brain at Mansfield; 1y, 1m; b. Mansfield; res. 2nd. Ward Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hillyar, May Bronson -- *see also: May Bronson Hilyar.

Hiltabiddle, John -- bur. 2/11/1876 at Mansfield Cem.; 84y, 1m, 2d; res. Mansfield [Richland Shield & Banner: 13 January 1877] *listed as John Hiltabiddel.

Hiltabiddle, John B. -- John B. Hiltabiddle died Tuesday morning at his home, 147 West Bloom street, of consumption, aged 26 years, 1 month and 19 days. His wife is the daughter of A.C. Lewis, and his sister is Mrs. W.M. Hahn. Funeral today at 2 p.m. with Rev. D.W. Smith officiating. [Mansfield Herald: 27 November 1890, Vol. 41, No. 2]

Hiltabiddle, John B. -- Tuesday. John B. Hiltabidle [sic.] died at 1:25 this morning at his residence, 147 West Bloom Street, aged 26 years, 1 month and 19 days. The deceased was formerly a conductor on the North Main Street car line. About a year ago he was taken down with consumption and has gradually declined until his death, which has been daily expected for some weeks past. Mr. H. was an exemplary young man. He leaves a wife, the daughter of A.C. Lewis, but no children. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. The services will be conducted by Rev. D.W. Smith, of St. Luke's Lutheran church. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 28 November 1890, Vol. LXXIII, No. 29]

Hilton, Bertha -- LEXINGTON -- The remains of Mrs. Bertha Hilton, who died at her home in Mansfield on Thursday of last week after an illness of one month, were brought to Lexington for interment Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Hilton was a nurse and her former home was at Steam Corners. She was well and favorably known in this community, but for the last 20 years he has been engaged as a nurse in Mansfield. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the home, conducted by the Rev. Roehner. Burial was in Lexington cemetery. [Richland County Leader: 10 February 1922, Vol. 3, No. 9, Supplement]

Hilton, Elsie -- Died, Mrs. Elsie Hilton departed this life September 5th., 1876 at her residence near Windsor, aged 71 years, 5 months and 14 days. She was born in the year 1805 at Rodney, Jefferson County, New York. She was married to her late husband, John Hilton, in the year 1825 at New Haven, Huron County, O. She removed soon after to her late residence, where she resided for nearly fifty years. Mrs. Hilton possessed more than an ordinary intellect, a cultivated mind, and an amiable disposition. She was an excellent woman in all the relations of her long, industrious and useful life. She practiced the Christian virtues in life, and enjoyed the consolation and hope of the Gospel of her Redeemer, during her long illness, and at her peaceful death. "Blessed are dead that die in the Lord." [Richland Shield & Banner: 16 September 1876]

Hilyar, May Bronson -- d. 2/12/1872 at Mansfield; 1y, 1m; b. Mansfield; white; cause = whooping cough; res. 1st. Ward - Mansfield [Richland Co. Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Himes, Alferretta -- d. 10/8/1871 at Green Twp.; 23d; single; b. Ashland Co., Ohio; white; bowel inflammation; res. Monroe Township [Richland County Probate Court Record of Deaths]

Hinder, Daisy May

Hinder, Gracie Alice

Hinder, Martin -- Charles’ Mill. Sunday, March 16, after a painful and lingering illness, occurred the death of Martin Hinder, of near this place. His wife died a few weeks before and his only child about one year ago. Mr. Hinder united with the Mt. Zion Lutheran church a short time ago. He was 35 years old. Funeral was conducted by the Rev. S.P. Kiefer, interment at Mansfield.  [Semi-Weekly News: 23 March 1897, Vol. 13, No. 24]

Hine, Jacob -- Jacob Hine was found dead at his home, 235 South Adams Street, about 9 o'clock Wednesday night, having hanged himself. There is no doubt that it was premeditated suicide. Hine's neighbors had missed him Wednesday and they notified the police, who forced an entrance into the house and found Hine hanging in the parlor. He had apparently been dead some time. Drink and trouble with his wife are said to be responsible for Hine's untimely end. The victim of the tragedy was 62 years of age and well known in Mansfield. He has been in the employ of Stoodt & Sons as a butcher for seven or eight years and was reckoned a good worker when sober. Hine would work along for a period of any where from three to six months and then he would get on a drunk and quit work for a week or two. When his supply of money ran out each time he would return to work, according to the story of his employer. These sprees have been getting more numerous of late and it is also stated that Hine had trouble with his wife, who is a daughter of the late George Baker. It is probable that Hine's drinking bouts had something to do with the trouble. To friends, Hine claimed that his wife's mind was getting weak, while Mrs. Hine, it is stated, told her friends that her husband was trying to poison her. Mr. & Mrs. Hine owned a fine property well furnished on South Adams Street. In addition to this Mrs. Hine had investments, the property having come to her from her father's estate. A week or ten days ago Hine started on one of his periodical drunks and quit work with Stoodt & Sons. His employers thought nothing unusual about the matter and supposed he would return to work again when he got ready. About this time Hine and his wife had a disagreement which resulted in Mrs. Hine's going to Crestline to live with a married sister. The neighbors, of course, were cognizant of the state of affairs in the family and when Hine was not seen about all day Wednesday they proceeded to make an investigation. They found the house securely locked and when they were unable to gain admission they notified the police, who entered the house and found Hine as above described. The house was in good order with the exception of an overturned chair and a piece of rope which lay on the floor and had evidently been discarded in favor of a piece of half-inch rope as a means of suicide. It is probable that Hine feared that the manila rope might break so he used a half-inch rope. Hine had very cleverly tied a regular hangman's noose. After the noose was made he tied the other end to the door knob and then passed it up over the top f the door which was quite a tall one. Next he placed a chair beside the door, mounted it, placed his neck in the noose and kicked the chair away. When found Hine's feet were six or eight inches from the floor. The heavy rope had made death by strangling many times longer than would have been the case had the piece of manila rope been used. Coroner Baughman was immediately notified by the police and he paid a visit to the scene of the suicide and cut down the body. In Hine's pocket was found $2.65, but he left no message. It is stated that Hine told a friend on Monday that he placed $75 in money in one of the banks as he did not have any use for it. Coroner Baughman will old an inquest commencing at 3 o'clock this afternoon but he states that unless something unexpected should develop his verdict must be suicide. Mrs. Hine was not notified of her husband's suicide last night, but a message was sent to her at Crestline this morning and it is expected that she will arrive here some time this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Hine had no children and it is stated that Hine's nearest relative in Mansfield is a nephew, but at this writing the coroner has not yet secured the man's name. The suicide created considerable of a sensation in the southeast part of town, although it was not known in the business part of the city to any extent last night. It is stated that Hine is a member of the German lodge of Odd Fellows. -- [Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield): 20 May 1898, Vol. 14, No. 43]

Hine, Valentine N. -- bur. 6/8/1876 at Mansfield Cem.; 45y; res. Mansfield [Richland Shield & Banner: 13 January 1877]

Hines, B.F. -- The remains of B.F. Hines were disinterred and removed to the new family burying lot last Friday. The remains of two children will be removed as soon as the weather will permit. [Bellville Independent: 07 March 1895]

Hines, Benjamin F. -- Bellville, March 24 -- The body of Benjamin F. Hines, father of Mayor Hines, and a prominent resident of this place and well known throughout Richland County, was found in the Clear Fork creek, east of here about 8 o'clock this morning. It could not be told from the position of the body whether the deceased had come to his death by accident or had suicided. The former theory, however, is generally accepted. Mr. Hines has been subject to fits of dizziness and it is supposed that he may have fallen in the water while suffering from one of these attacks. Mr. Hines lives in town, but owns a farm just east of the corporation. Yesterday morning, armed with an ax, he started for his farm for the purpose of planting a number of willows along the bank of the Clear Fork, which runs through his farm. As he frequently ate dinner with his tenant on the farm his absence at noon created no comment, but when he failed to return home last night his relatives and friends became alarmed and organized searching parties. Throughout all last night the country surrounding the village was traversed, but with no success. This morning the hunt was continued and, in following the bank of the creek, the searching party found Mr. Hines ax standing against a tree and four willow shoots that the old gentleman had planted along the bank. Continuing the search they found the deceased's blouse hanging on the fence. A few feet farther on in the stream was found the dead man's body submerged in the water with the exception of the head. The remains were carried back to the village and placed in the hands of an undertaker for preparation for burial. Mr. Hines was about 62 years of age, was raised in the country near this place and lived in Bellville for many years and was a man of considerable means. He leaves a wife and one son, C. Burt Hines, our present Mayor, besides a large circle of friends. For many years he has been a Mason and Odd Fellow and these two bodies will have charge of the funeral, which will take place from the family residence at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. [Richland Shield & Banner: 01 April 1893]

Hines, Benjamin F. -- Wednesday. C. Burt Hines, of Bellville, was in the city today. In conversation with a SHIELD man Mr. Hines, in speaking of his father's sudden death recently, said that it is his opinion that he died of heart disease or apoplexy and not by suicide, from the fact that the deceased's father dropped over dead some years ago and his mother died while sitting in a chair conversing with friends. In fact, Mr. Hines says, sudden deaths seem to be prevalent in the family. [Richland Shield & Banner: 01 April 1893]

Hines, Harry H. -- 68Y; d. 1/10/1954 at Madison Hosp., Mansfield; b. 6/10/1885 at Mifflin Twp.; bur. Mansfield Cem. [MNJ 1/11/1954]

Hines, J. Albert -- J. Albert Hines, a well-known grocer of Sturges Avenue, who was held up and shot on the night of November 23 last, on Riter Street, while on his way home from his grocery store, died this morning about 1:30 o'clock at his home on Sturges Avenue from the effects of the bullet wounds received at that time from the unknown assassin. Mr. Hines has lingered for many months. For awhile he was better. An operation was performed some time ago, but the bullets were not removed and efforts were made recently to locate them by means of the X-rays, though without success. Mr. Hines was about 40 years old, leaves a wife and two sons. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 13 September 1898, Vol. 14, No. 76]

Hines, Lewis. -Lewis Hines, pioneer resident of Shelby, died suddenly Tuesday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Henry Pickings, in Mishawaka, Ind. He was born in Germany May 4, 1831, locating in Shelby in 1849. He was for many years janitor and truant officer of the Shelby public schools. The body will be brought to Shelby and funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Arthur Myers, conducted by the Rev. C. C. Waite and in charge of Shelby lodge, No. 350, F. and A. M. Submitted by Faye and Jean [The Mansfield News: Thursday, February 1, 1917]

Hines, Mary -- Mrs. Mary Hines, aged 35, a pioneer resident of Richland County, died Saturday night at her home in Bellville.  She leaves one son, Atto <<remainder of obit. missing from my copy>>.  [Mansfield Daily Shield:  17 February 1913]

Hines, Mrs. N.  -- Shelby, June 15 -- Mrs. N. Hines, who has been lying so low with dropsy and Bright's disease, died this afternoon about 2 o'clock.  Her death has been daily expected for several weeks and the tenacity with wich she held on was almost miraculous.  Her first husband, Mr. F. Shiffer, died severla years ago.  She is the mother of eight children, four boys and four girls, among whom are Mr. F.C. Shiffer, a popular business man of this place and Prof. J.V. Shiffer of Covington, Ky.  Mrs. Hines was 51 years of age.  [Mansfield Herald:  17 June 1886]

Hines, Regina -- Died, June 22d., Regina, wife of Frederick Hines, aged 76 years, 9 months and 2 days.  [Ohio Liberal:  14 July 1881]

Hines, William -- Civil War veteran; bur. Darlington Cemetery [WPA Cemetery Records]

Hines, William Sr. -- Death has again invaded our neighborhood this time claiming for its victim our old and estimable neighbor, William Hines, Sr., at the advanced age of 73 years, 6 months and 29 days. His remains were laid to rest in the Perry Cemetery services conducted by Rev. Canfield. The Universalist choir of Bellville, deserves much credit for the fine music they discoursed o the occasion. -- [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 11 January 1894, Vol. 6, No. 35]

Hink, Russell Albert -- Russell Albert Hink, a very bright child, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Hink, of 26 North Adams Street, died early Sunday morning after having been ill about 10 days with a complication of troubles which resulted in blood poisoning. He was aged 6 years, 5 months and 26 days. Funeral services Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. S.P. Long, of the First Lutheran Church. -- [Mansfield News: 15 May 1905]

Hinshaw, Cleo Hyman - Mansfield - Mansfield native Cleo Hyman Hishaw, 76, died April 28 at her home in Pleasanton, Calif. She was born and raised in Mansfield and left Mansfield for California in 1959. her father Charles owned the Shady Lawn Diner in downtown Mansfield. Survivors include a son, Richard Hinshaw; a granddaughter, Michelle White; and a great-granddaughter "incomplete". Submitted by Linda and Shirley. Typed by Georgia. [Mansfield News Journal - May 12, 1999 - page 8A]

Hipp, Gustavus Adolphus "Ed" -- Monday. The funeral of G.A. Hipp, which occurred at 1:30 this afternoon from the First English Lutheran church, was largely attended by friends of the deceased and there was also a large attendance of members of Madison Lodge, No. 26, K.P., of which the deceased was a past chancellor commander. The pall bearers were all selected from Ed's former playmates and associates who are also members of Madison Lodge, namely: George Marks, Wm. Berno, James B. Fair, Charles M. Rowland, Charles W. Fritz, and Arwin McCoy. A very impressive discourse was preached by Dr. H.L. Wiles, who paid a high tribute to the deceased, whose merits won for him the friendship and esteem of all who knew him. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 05 January 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 34]

Hipp, Gustavus Adolphus "Ed" -- The death of "Ed" Hipp, mention of which was made in yesterday's paper, was received by the deceased's many friends with much sorrow, for it took from their midst a young man who has always been industrious and highly respected by all who knew him. Gustavus Adolphus Hipp, or "Ed" as he was called by his acquaintances, was born in Bucyrus July 27th., 1864, and was the son of Sebastian Hipp and wife, of South Adams Street. In 1872 the deceased moved with his parents to this city, where he attended school. In 1884 he went to work in the Aultman-Taylor shop, where he was employed as tool dresser up to the time of his illness. On April 11th., 1886, Mr. Hipp was married to Miss Mary Costello, of Crestline, and two children, a son and a daughter, who are 2 and 3 years old respectively, are the result of the union. On the 6th. of November last the deceased was taken ill, and the physicians announced that he was suffering with dropsy. An operation was performed on him last Wednesday and the physicians came to the conclusion that he was suffering from an unknown ailment. He grew gradually worse, and at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, surrounded by his wife, children, parents and brothers and sisters, he departed this life, remaining conscious to the last. The deceased was powerfully built and a robust young man, and it can hardly be realized that he is numbered with the dead. During Mr. Hipp's illness Rev. H.L. Wiles visited him and by request baptized him. The deceased expressed a desire to join the Lutheran church and would have done so if he had lived. The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. H.L. Wiles will officiate. Madison Lodge, K. of P., of which the deceased was a member, will have charge of the funeral. The deceased was also a member of the A-T Benefit Association. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 05 January 1895, Vol. LXXVII, No. 34]

Hipsher, Dow -- 66Y; d. 7/5/1954 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; b. 1/2/1888 at Tate Spring, TN; Mansfield resident since 1920; h/o Delores Tidd; bur. Mansfield Cem. [Mansfield News Journal: 06 July 1954]

Hisey, Joseph -- Adario. Joseph Hisey died Thursday night after a severe illness of three weeks and was buried Saturday afternoon at 1:30. He was a member of the Foresters of Shelby and eight members of the lodge acted as pall bearers. A beautiful pillow of white lilies and sweet peas were given by the lodge. He leaves a wife, two sons and three sisters. All were present at the funeral, excepting one sister. The cause of his death is not exactly known. He was aged 44 years, 2 months and 7 days. He was a member of the M.E. church of Shelby. Funeral services conducted by the Rev. M. Patterson. [Mansfield News: 27 June 1901, Vol. 17, No. 100]

Hiskey, ---- -- Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Goodman in Des Moines, Iowa, May 14th., Mother Hiskey, wife of Rev. George Hiskey, deceased. Former home near Lexington, O. -- [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 31 May 1894, Vol. 7, No. 3]

Hiskey, ---- -- Lexington. The remains of Mrs. Hiskey, who died at her home, two miles west of Lexington, were interred in the cemetery here Oct. 24. She was the widow of David Hiskey and a daughter, Mrs. Alice Bishop, and three sons, George, Albert and Leroy, survive her. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 01 November 1898, Vol. 14, No. 90]

Hiskey, Albert -- Lexington. Mrs. George Myers and Mrs. Barton and children, attended the funeral recently of Albert Hiskey. Their brother, who died at the county infirmary where he had been an inmate 17 years. His age was 40 years and he was born in Perry Township. -- [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 04 October 1898, Vol. 14, No. 82]

Hiskey, David -- David Hiskey, an old and respected citizen of Troy Township, was buried in Lexington Cemetery last Friday. The funeral was one of the largest ever witnessed in Lexington. [Ohio Liberal: 11 September 1878]

Hiskey, George (Rev.)

Hiskey, Irwin -- WILL BRING BACK BODY OF SOLDIER WHO DIED IN WAR -- Remains of Irwin Hiskey on Way From France -- Soldiers Plan for Funeral -- Word has been received Wednesday from Washington, D.C., that the body of Private Irwin Hiskey, Bellville soldier, who was killed in battle in France, would arrive Friday at Hoboken, N.J., and that arrangements would be made at once for shipment to Bellville. Commander A.C. Millisor, of local soldiers' organization, immediately sent out a call to the soldier boys of this community, many of whom were comrades of Private Hiskey, urging them to meet Sunday afternoon at 2:00 at the community house, when arrangements will be made for the funeral and burial here. The deceased young man, who was very popular among his comrades, was at first a member of the eighty-third division, later in France being transferred to Company K, 16th. Infantry, of the fourth division. It was during the fierce fighting in the Argonne forest that the young man fell in battle. With the many other soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice, he was buried in France, and Wednesday's notification from Washington was the first intimation that the body was on the way to the United States. Irwin was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Hiskey, of Bellville, and had a great number of friends who will no doubt turn out with the soldiers in paying the last tribute of respect. It is likely the body will arrive in Bellville the first of the coming week. [Richland County Leader: 05 August 1921, Vol. 2, No. 34]

Hiskey, LeRoy -- JOHNSVILLE MAN TAKEN BY DEATH -- LeRoy Hiskey, 74, to Be Buried From Church Thursday -- JOHNSVILLE—LeRoy Hiskey, 74, a retired farmer, died at his home here Tuesday noon, following a long illness. The son of David and Eliza (Plasterer) Hiskey, he is survived only by his wife, Lillian. He was the last member of his family. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p. m. Thursday at the United Brethren church here, with Rev. Paul Zimmerman officiating. Burial will be in Lexington cemetery. Submitted by klynn. [Mansfield News Journal: Wednesday, November 11, 1936, pg 7]

Hiskey, Margaret Ann -- Honey Creek. Mrs. Margaret Hiskey, who has been making her home with her sister, Mary Kelso, died last Friday noon, after a lingering illness. -- [Bellville Messenger: 19 October 1906, Vol. 14, No. 38]

Hiskey, Margaret Ann -- Margaret Ann Hiskey, daughter of Enoch and Nancy Hiskey, was born in Perry Twp., Richland County, Ohio, April 9, 1841, and died Oct. 12, 1906, at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Kelso, near Bellville, with whom she has made her home the past four years. Her age was 65 years, 6 months and 3 days. She united with the United Brethren church at Clearfork while yet quite young. About 40 years ago she transferred her membership to the Salem Lutheran church of which she remained a faithful member until her death. Funeral services were held at the Salem Lutheran church Sunday morning and was largely attended. -- [Bellville Messenger: 19 October 1906, Vol. 14, No. 38]

Hiskey, Martin -- Lexington. Rev. J.F. Clymer, of Galion, conducted the funeral services of Martin Hiskey, aged 72 years, in the Presbyterian Church, Dec. 29th., 1878. [Richland Star: 09 January 1879, Vol. 2, No. 15]

Hiskey, Nancy A. -- Bellville. Mrs. Nancy A. Hiskey died Wednesday at her home, two miles west of town, aged 77 years and 3 months. The funeral services were held at the Salem Lutheran church Friday forenoon, at 11 o'clock, conducted by the pastor, the Rev. J.N. Barnett. [Semi-Weekly News: 28 December 1897, Vol. 13, No. 104]

Hiskey, Oliver -- Oliver H. Hiskey, well known resident of Bellville, died suddenly at his home last Thursday. Death was due to hardening of the arteries. Funeral services were conducted by rev. Joseph O'Morrow Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Shafer funeral home and interment was made in the Bellville Cemetery. Oliver S. HIskey, the son of Enoch and Nancy Schuler Hiskey, was born on a farm 6 miles west of Bellville, September 29, 1858 and died October 19, 1933 at the age of 75 years and 20 days. On September 18, 1890 he was married to Alice M. Howard who died December 23, 1895. To this union were born 3 sons and one daughter -- Irvin, Gaylord and Zimea who have preceeded him in death, and James of Mt. Vernon who survives his passing. On May 22, 1900 he was married to Naomi J. Black who survives his death. In 1907 he united with the Darlington M.E. church. He was of kindly and good natured disposition, consistently agreeable and considerate in his home and to his loved ones by whom he will be greatly missed. He is survived by his widow, one son James, three grandchildren, Oliver, Sally and Robert, and a great many friends, neighbors and acquaintances. <<poetry omitted>> [Bellville Star: 26 October 1933, Vol. 12, No. 31]

Hiskey, Samuel -- Another sacrifice has been added to the many who before have fallen in the defense of our much loved country against the most wicked and terrible rebellion this world has ever witnessed, and which must be calculated to awaken in the hearts of many friends, a deeper hatred toward that institution which is the cause of such an unnatural and bloody war. Samuel Hiskey, son of Rev. Geo. Hiskey of this county, died March 5th., 1863, in Lebanon, Ky., of typhoid pneumonia. He enlisted in Captain R.C. Brown's Company, 64th. Regiment, O.V., with which he went to Kentucky, where he fell a victim to disease, and ____ an illness of nearly seven weeks closed the mortal conflict. Although far from home and principally among strangers, such care and attention, as the circumstances would admit, were bestowed upon him, receiving, also the best medical aid that could be rendered, and from the 3rd. of February until his spirit left its earthly habitation, was kindly and tenderly cared for by his father, who afterward brought his remains home for interment. The deceased was a pious and devoted Christian. During the time of his afflictions he enjoyed a calm and peaceful state of mind, and especially a day or two before his departure, a serene happiness filled his soul, and he appeared, in is mortal measure, "to enter into the joy of his Lord." Thus he passed away to receive, we trust, the Christian victor's crown. His burial occurred on the 10th. inst., when a large congregation assembled to express their esteem for him and to honor his memory. May the consolations of Him who gave his life for the world fill the hearts of the bereaved. -- S.K., Lexington, O., March 22d. [Mansfield Semi-Weekly News: 26 March 1862]

Hissong, ---- -- Butler. Mrs. W.L. Hissong gave birth to still-born infant sons Friday morning. [Mansfield News: 25 May 1899]

Hissong, ---- -- DIED -- On Wednesday, May 15th., 1872, in Worthington township, an infant daughter of Daniel Hissong, aged 11 months. [BELLVILLE DOLLAR WEEKLY: 24 May 1872, Vol. 1, No. 13]

Hissong, Aaron -- Aaron Hissong died Friday, May 20th, aged 39 years and 14 days. He was buried Sunday, in the honors of war. Services at the house conducted by Rev. J. H. Johnson. There was a large number of people in attendance. Submitted by Lynnea. [Richland Star: 26 May 1881, p. 5]

Hissong, Aaron -- Died, in Jefferson Township, May 20th., Aaron Hissong, aged 39 years, 14 days.  [Ohio Liberal:  02 June 1881]

Hissong, B. -- *see Letter from Capt. Hiram Miller, 1862

Hissong, Daniel

Hissong, Daniel -- Independence. The funeral of Daniel Hissong on Monday was largely attended. -- [Richland Shield & Banner: 15 June 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 4]

Hissong, Daniel -- Monday. Daniel Hissong, an old resident of Independence, died Saturday evening at 4 p.m. at his home with disease of the heart. The funeral took place at Mt. Zion church at 2 o'clock today. [Richland Shield & Banner: 15 June 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 4]

Hissong, Edward -- Friday. Edward Hissong, aged 23, a highly respected young man of Butler, died at 10 o'clock last night of brain fever, after being sick only about 24 hours. His sudden death has created a sensation in the little village. [Richland Shield & Banner: 21 November 1891]

Hissong, Henry -- Henry Hissong, an old time resident of Butler, brother of Levi Hissong, died at his home in Reed City, Mich., Dec. 30th., aged 79 years. The funeral was held Saturday. -- [Butler Times: 11 January 1908, Vol. 14, No. 18]

Hissong, Israel -- Hissong -- Israel, aged 81 years veteran of the Civil War died at the home of his son, Ira Hissong, of 168 Wolfe avenue, Sept. 14. Funeral services will be held from the home of his son Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock, with the G. A. R. and Rev. Knell, conducting. Burial in the Mansfield Cemetery. Submitted by Lynnea. [Mansfield News: 15 September 1928, p. 16]

Hissong, J.L. -- J.L. Hissong, a compositor in the Morning News composing rooms, died at his residence, No. 40 Pine Street, Sunday morning at 6 o'clock, aged 36 years and 7 months. He had not been well for some time, having had an attack of la grippe about a month ago, from which he never fully recovered. On Thursday night he was compelled to stop work, and a physician summoned, who pronounced his disease inflammation of the stomach. At 5 o'clock Sunday morning he drank a glass of water, and as he said that he felt better, his wife, who was nursing him, lay down on the couch and fell asleep. When she awoke she discovered that he had passed away apparently without a struggle. Mr. Hissong was born at Independence, Ohio, and 20 years ago came to Michigan with his parents and located at Big Rapids. He began his trade in the Pioneer Magnet office in that city, and afterwards worked on the Big Rapids Current. For six years he was the editor of the Howard City Record. He came to Muskegon last summer, and in August took a case on The News. He was of a genial and obliging disposition. Faithful in his work, and was well liked, both by his fellow employees and employers, and all who knew him. He was a member of the Big Rapids lodge F. and A.M., and held a $1,000 policy in the Masonic Mutual Benefit Association. The funeral will take place this afternoon at 9 o'clock from his late residence under the auspices of the Muskegon Loge No. 140, Rev. Dr. Aldrich officiating. He leaves a wife and one son, a boy 13 years of age, to mourn his untimely death. His father and mother arrived last night from Chase, and a delegation from the Big Rapids lodge is expected on the 10:30 train this morning. -- [Worthington Enterprise: 03 April 1890, Vol. II, No. 18 as reprinted from the Muskegon (Mich.) Morning News of March 18th., 1890]

Hissong, Jacob -- Jacob Hissong, aged 73 years, died Monday afternoon at 1:30 in the home of his step-son, George Hissong, following a sudden attack of apoplexy. He is survived by his sister, Mrs. Carolyn Huffmeyer, of Oklahoma, and his two stepsons, Thomas Beal of Bellville, route 3, and George Hissong, in addition to numerous nieces and nephews. The deceased man resided nearly all of his active life in or near Bellville, being absent only a few years when he lived in the state of Iowa. He saw active service as a private during the civil war, having enlisted in Lousville, Ky., February 14, 1865, with company G, of the 20th. O.V.I. His death reduces the number of the local G.A.R. post to three members. He was also a member of the Mt. Carmel Evangelical church for a number of years. Funeral services were conducted on Wednesday afternoon by Rev. J.R. Frye at the Christian church and interment was in the Bellville cemetery with military honors, conducted by the American Legion. [Richland County Leader: 23 December 1921, Vol. 3, No. 2]

Hissong, John P. -- John P. Hissong died Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at his home, 274 Park avenue east, after a lingering illness. He was 78 years, 10 months and 22 days old. He is survived by his wife and four sons, Jesse, of Coshocton, William and Murray, of Ashland, and Joseph, of Wisconsin. Funeral services will be held at the First Lutheran church Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. S. P. Long. Please omit flowers. Submitted by Lynnea. [Mansfield News: 19 May 1914, p. 3]

Hissong, Lavina (Shanabarger) -- Mrs. Lavina Hissong, widow of Levi Hissong, Civil War veteran, died at the home of her brother, Charles C. Shanabarger, in Bellville, Thursday night at the age of 87 years. Mrs. Hissong was born near Newville in 1856. For the past three years she had made her home in Bellville. Besides her brother, she is survived by several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were conducted Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Snyder Funeral home with Rev. M.M. Scott, pastor of the Church of Christ, officiating. Burial was made in Butler Cemetery. [Bellville Star: 05 April 1943]

Hissong, Levi -- Levi Hissong, aged 74 years, 4 months and 7 days, died last night at 9:30 o'clock at his home in Butler, after an illness of several weeks with a complication of diseases. The funeral will be conducted Thursday afternoon by the Rev. T. S. Weaver, with services in the Evangelical church in Butler at 1 o'clock. Burial in the Butler cemetery. Mr. Hissong was born in Knox county October 17, 1837, and was married to Susan Grice Feb. 7, 1864. Of the six children born to them only one survives, William L. Hissong, of Butler. His first wife died a number of years ago and he was later married to Ageline Shaneberger, who survives him. One brother, Israel Hissong, lives south of Mansfield. Mr. Hissong was a veteran of the civil war, having served in Co. E, Third Ohio volunteer cavalry. Submitted by Lynnea. [Mansfield News: 25 February 1913, p. 3]

Hissong, Levi -- Coshocton, O., Aug. 21 -- Levi Hissong died today under peculiar circumstances. One week ago he visited Chautauqua Lake, N.Y., with a party of excursionists. At Jamestown the passengers partook of supper and beef steak that seemed badly tainted. Hissong swallowed a small portion and became deathly sick, but managed to reach home. His agony was terrible. A post-mortem is being held tonight. Others, who partook of the steak, have been seriously ill. The unfortunate victim of the above was a resident of Mansfield until recent years, when he purchased a restaurant at Coshocton. He carried on an oil and gasoline business and was a familiar figure about the city. As an extra man of the fire department he and his oil wagon were present at nearly every fire which occurred while he was out at his regular avocation. The horses knew the fire bell and were always ready for a run at the first sound of its tap and it frequently happened when their driver was away when the bell rang the horses would start at a breakneck gait leaving "Pansy" behind. He was a man of bravery, whole-souled and well liked. [Semi-Weekly News: 24 August 1897, Vol. 13, No. 68]

Hissong, Margaret -- Bellville. Mrs. Margaret Hissong died at her home southwest of town Tuesday afternoon. She was nearly 90 years of age. The funeral occurred from the house Thursday afternoon. [Semi-Weekly News: 02 November 1897, Vol. 13, No. 88]

Hissong, Margaret -- Bangorville. Died -- Oct. 27, Mrs. Margaret Hissong, aged 89 years and six months. Funeral services Thursday at the John Steel church. [Semi-Weekly News: 05 November 1897, Vol. 13, No. 89]

Hissong, Marilla P. -- BUTLER -- William McCready received a telegram Monday morning from Blakeley, Williams County, announcing the death of Marilla P. Hissong, wife of David Hissong, and daughter of the late Thomas B. Andrews. Her sister, Mrs. William McCready, was with her the past two weeks. The Hissongs lived in Butler about 20 years ago and were well known here. [RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER: 08 February 1896, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 39]

Hissong, Mary (Gregg) -- Mrs. Mary Hissong, daughter of William and Phebe Gregg, was born Dec. 28, 1852, and died at her mother's home in this place July 22nd., 1882, aged 29 years, 6 months and 24 days. She married Aaron Hissong, Apr. 18, 1871. He died May 20, 1881, leaving four children to her care. On Feb. 4, 1882, she united with the Presbyterian Church and in her last hours, expressed her faith in Christ as her Savior, and that he would be with her through the valley. Funeral services were held at the Pres. Church, Sabbath, the 23d. inst., conducted by her pastor, Rev. W.W. Anderson, assisted by Rev. McNabb, of the M.E. Church. -- [Bellville Star: 27 July 1882, Vol. V, No. 43]

Hissong, Mrs. Daniel -- DIED -- In Worthington Township, March 26th., 1872, Mrs. Daniel Hissong. She leaves a family to mourn her loss. -- [BELLVILLE DOLLAR WEEKLY: 29 March 1872, Vol. 1, No. 5]

Hissong, Mrs. Daniel -- Independence. Mrs. Daniel Hissong died of dropsy about 10 o'clock Saturday night and was interred in the Independence Cemetery, Monday forenoon. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.O. Scott. -- [Bellville Star: 21 July 1887, Vol. 10, No. 43]

Hissong, Mrs. Levi

Hissong, Mrs. Riley -- Word was received on Saturday of the death of Mrs. Riley Hissong, of Butler, who was making her home at Fostoria with her son, Lime Hissong. -- [ BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 29 October 1891, Vol. IV, No. 27]

Hissong, Sarah Jane (Martin) -- *see entry for Sarah Jane Martin

Hitchman, Alice (Clever) -- Mrs. Alice (Clever) Hitchman died at her home in Independence, O., on the evening of the 21st., aged 22 years, 10 months and one day. The cause of her death was dropsy, from which she suffered for several months prior to her death. Over a year ago, Mrs. Hitchman was attacked by acute articular rheumatism, from which she was an intense sufferer for about three months. This severe affliction left her with pericarditis and some valvular disease of the heart which ultimately resulted in general dropsy and death. She remained conscious till the end and bore her intense suffering with marked patience and Christian fortitude. She was married to Mr. Albert Hitchman about six years ago and was the mother of one daughter. About five years ago she became a member of the Evangelical church of which she was a faithful and consistent member at the time of her death. About a week previous to her death, Mrs. Hitchman selected the hymns and text for her funeral services. In her death, Mr. Hitchman has lost a faithful, loving wife, her little daughter a tender and affectionate mother, and her parents an only daughter. The funeral services were held in the Independence Evangelical Church, conducted by Rev. S.E. Rife, assisted by Revs. Williams and Flemming. Her remains were followed to the Zion cemetery by a large and sorrowing concourse of relatives and friends. -- [Bellville Star: 27 April 1882, Vol. 5, No. 30]

Hitchman, Mary A. -- Independence. Mrs. Mary A. Hitchman died last Friday evening after one year of suffering. She was buried Sabbath at the Mt. Zion church. Funeral services at the Evangelical church in this place, by Rev. S.E. Rife, assisted by Rev. Flemming of the M.P. Church, and Rev. Williams of the Lutheran. The funeral was largely attended. [Bellville Star: 27 April 1882, Vol. 5, No. 30]

Hites, Mary E. -- bur. 7/1888 at Mansfield Cem., puerperal fever, 37y  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Hites, Walter -- bur. 11/1888 at Mansfield Cem., meningitis;  15y, 7m, 21d  [Mansfield Herald:  31 January 1889]

Hively, June A. - b. 6/2/1904; d. 3/2/1966; burial: Bellville Cemetery [memorial card on file at the Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]

Hively, Jacob Len -- d. 2/17/1964; bur. Bellville Cemetery (Rev. William Walters, minister) [memorial card on file at the Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]

Hively, Mrs. George -- BUTLER -- All that was mortal of Mrs. Geo. Hively, was laid to rest in the German Lutheran cemetery, east of town, on last Thursday. Deceased was in the 65th. year of her age, has been ill for a long time. Rev. J.H. Deeds had charge of the funeral. [BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT: 22 February 1894, Vol. 41]

Hix, John -- bur. 4/2/1878 at Mansfield Cem., spasms; 3y [Ohio Liberal: 08 May 1878]

Hix, Rosy -- bur. 8/20/1878 at Mansfield Cem., cholera infantum; 4m [Ohio Liberal: 04 September 1878]

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